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Pawson D. — XSL-FO
Pawson D. — XSL-FO

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Название: XSL-FO

Автор: Pawson D.


No matter how flexible and convenient digital information has become, we haven't done away with the need to see information in print. Extensible Style Language-Formatting Objects, or XSL-FO, is a set of tools developers and web designers use to describe page printouts of their XML (including XHTML) documents. If you need to produce high quality printed material from your XML documents, then XSL-FO provides the bridge. XSL-FO is one of the few books to go beyond a basic introduction to the technology. While many books touch on XSL-FO in their treatment of XSLT, this book offers in-depth coverage of XSL-FO's features and strengths. Author Dave Pawson is well known in the XSLT and XSL-FO communities, and maintains the XSLT FAQ. An online version of this book has helped many developers master this technology. XSL-FO is the first time this reference is available in print. The first part of the book provides an overview of the technology and introduces the XSL-FO vocabulary. The author discusses how to choose among today's implementations, explains how to describe pages, and shows you what is going on in the processor in terms of layout. You'll learn about the basics of formatting and layout as well as readability. The second part focuses on smaller pieces: blocks, inline structures, graphics, color and character level formatting, concluding by showing how to integrate these parts into a coherent whole. XSL-FO also explores organizational aspects you'll need to consider?how to design your stylesheets strategically rather than letting them evolve on their own. XSL-FO is more than just a guide to the technology; the book teaches you how to think about the formatting of your documents and guides you through the questions you'll need to ask to ensure that your printed documents meet the same high standards as your computer-generated content. Written for experienced XML developers and web designers, no other book contains as much useful information on this practical technology.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

ed2k: ed2k stats

Год издания: 2002

Количество страниц: 264

Добавлена в каталог: 15.06.2007

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Предметный указатель
.conditionality attribute      
.precedence attribute      
/ forward slash predecessor      
<instream-foreign-object> element
<xsl:preserve-space> (XSLT)
A4 page size      
absolute direction      
absolute-position property      
absolute-position property, correcting content position with      
absolute-position property, offsetting content with      
alignment points      
Antenna House Formatter 2nd      
Apache XML FOP Project      
apply-templates 2nd      
Arabic language      
Arabic language, unicameral alphabet of      
Arabic language, writing mode and      
Arabic numerals      
area traits      
area traits, vs. properties      
area tree 2nd      
area tree, sections about in XSL specification      
areas 2nd      
areas, components of      
areas, dimensions of      
areas, key types of      
areas, positioning on page      
areas, section about in XSL specification      
attribute values, listing with ||      
background-attachment property      
background-color property      
background-color property, images and      
background-image property 2nd      
background-position-horizontal property      
background-position-vertical property      
background-repeat property      
backgrounds, color and      
backmatter 2nd      
backslant font style 2nd      
baseline-shift property      
basic/complete compliance      
Berners-Lee, Tim      
blank pages      
blank pages, in book chapters      
blank space for forms, fo:leader element and      
blank-or-not-blank property 2nd      
blink option      
block-areas [See blocks]      
block-progression-dimension property 2nd      
block-progression-dimension property, images and      
block-progression-dimension property, stacking blocks in      
blocks 2nd [See also entries at fo:block]3rd 4th      
blocks, adding images to as background 2nd      
blocks, as breaks      
blocks, as wrappers      
blocks, centering across page      
blocks, cross-references for      
blocks, decoration for      
blocks, importance of identifying/ understanding      
blocks, indented      
blocks, last line of      
blocks, length specification and      
blocks, line-areas and      
blocks, positioning of      
blocks, separating from one another      
blocks, side floats and      
blocks, special uses of      
blocks, stacking      
blocks, types of      
Body element      
body of document [See main matter]      
body of page      
body-start( ) function      
bold/bolder font weight      
border properties      
border properties, color and      
border rectangle      
border-before property      
border-collapse property, column headings and      
border-start property      
border-{side}-color property      
borders 2nd      
borders, section about in XSL specification      
br element (HTML)      
break-after property      
break-after property, using for special-purpose blocks      
break-before property      
break-before property, using for special-purpose blocks      
breaks, properties for, section about in XSL specification      
breaks, using blocks as      
bullets, numbers as      
C switch block      
capitalization, text-transform property for      
caption-side property      
captions, for images      
captions, for tables      
Cascading Style Sheets [See CSS]      
case sensitivity, text-transform property for      
CCW rotations      
centimeters (cm)      
chapters of book      
chapters of book, titles of, including in header/footer 2nd      
characters 2nd [See also text]      
characters, last on either end of a line      
characters, mapped to glyphs      
characters, non printable      
characters, single, formatting      
characters, styling vs. inline-level styling      
characters, subscript/superscript and 2nd      
characters, uppercase/lowercase      
Clark, James 2nd      
cm (centimeters)      
color keyword      
Color property      
color property, formatting objects applied to      
color-profile-name property      
colors 2nd      
colors, background-color property and      
colors, border      
colors, caution with      
colors, decorating blocks and      
colors, foreground/background      
colors, names of      
colors, properties for (list)      
column headings      
column-count property      
compliance 2nd      
compliance, section about in XSL specification      
compound datatypes      
compound datatypes, section about in XSL specification      
conditionality, section about in XSL specification      
conditions, setting for pages      
conformance, section about in XSL specification      
constraint relaxation      
content flows      
content rectangle      
content, correcting position of      
content, derivative      
content, inline elements and      
content, keeping pieces of together      
content, matching source document to      
content, resizing images and      
content, selecting for processing      
content, static [See static content]      
content-driven layout 2nd      
content-height property      
content-height property, image size and      
content-height property, resizing images and      
content-width property      
content-width property, image size and      
content-width property, resizing images and      
counter-clockwise (CCW) rotations      
countries, page-sequence country property for      
cross-document links      
cross-references, links and      
cross-references, page numbers and      
CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)      
CSS, blink/no-blink options and      
CSS, consulting CSS2 specification for      
CSS, pagination and      
cursive fonts      
datatypes, compound 2nd      
debugging, empty/conflicting master-reference property and      
dedication page, included with sample stylesheet      
default template      
default: statement (C or Java)      
definition lists      
derivative content      
design space (of characters)      
desktop publishing packages 2nd      
direction, absolute vs. relative      
direction, block-progression/inline-progression      
display lists      
display-align property 2nd      
doc wrappers      
DocBook 2nd      
document classes/categories      
document elements      
Document Style Semantics and Specification Language (DSSSL) 2nd      
documents, classes/categories of      
documents, headings for, using blocks for      
documents, XML and      
dot leaders [See leaders]      
DSSSL (Document Style Semantics and Specification Language) 2nd      
elements 2nd 3rd [See also entries at fo:]      
Em space      
emphasis element      
empty-cells property      
en space      
end-indent property 2nd 3rd      
end-indent property, indenting lists with      
end-indent property, offsetting content with end indent property      
end-indent property, offsetting content with end indent property, offsetting content with      
Epic editor 2nd      
extended compliance      
Extensible Stylesheet Language [See XSL]      
fantasy fonts      
figure space      
floats, fo:float element and      
flows 2nd      
flows, in sample stylesheet      
flows, stylesheet organization and      
FO documents [See stylesheets]      
FO formatters [See formatters]      
fo namespace 2nd 3rd 4th      
fo namespace, section about in XSL specification      
fo:basic-link element      
fo:bidi-override element, internationalization and      
fo:block element      
fo:block element, as top-level set of blocks      
fo:block element, vs. fo:inline element      
fo:block-container element      
fo:block-container element, area dimensions and      
fo:block-container element, as top-level set of blocks      
fo:block-container element, content positioning and      
fo:character element 2nd 3rd      
fo:character element, subscript/superscript and 2nd      
fo:character element, vs. fo:inline element      
fo:color-profile element      
fo:conditional-page-master-reference element      
fo:declarations element      
fo:external-graphic element 2nd 3rd      
fo:external-graphic element, area dimensions and      
fo:float element      
fo:flow element 2nd 3rd 4th      
fo:footnote element      
fo:footnote-body element      
fo:inline element 2nd      
fo:inline element, subscript/superscript and 2nd      
fo:inline element, vs. fo:block element      
fo:inline element, vs. fo:character element      
fo:inline-container element      
fo:inline-container element, area dimensions and      
fo:instream-foreign-object element      
fo:instream-foreign-object element, area dimensions and      
fo:instream-foreign-object element, SVG and      
fo:layout-master-set element 2nd 3rd 4th      
fo:leader element      
fo:list, as top-level set of blocks      
fo:list-block element      
fo:list-item element      
fo:list-item-body element      
fo:list-item-body element, display/definition lists and      
fo:list-item-label element      
fo:list-item-label element, display/definition lists and      
fo:marker element 2nd      
fo:page-number element      
fo:page-number-citation element 2nd 3rd      
fo:page-sequence element 2nd      
fo:page-sequence element, content flows and      
fo:page-sequence element, format attribute (XSLT) and      
fo:page-sequence-master element 2nd      
fo:page-sequence-master element, content flows and      
fo:region-after element      
fo:region-after element, area dimensions and      
fo:region-after element, region-name property for      
fo:region-before element 2nd      
fo:region-before element, area dimensions and      
fo:region-before element, region-name property for      
fo:region-body element 2nd 3rd      
fo:region-body element, area dimensions and      
fo:region-body element, multicolumns for      
fo:region-body element, region-name property for      
fo:region-end element      
fo:region-end element, area dimensions and      
fo:region-end element, region-name property for      
fo:region-name property      
fo:region-start element      
fo:region-start element, area dimensions and      
fo:region-start element, region-name property for      
fo:repeatable-page-master-alternatives element      
fo:repeatable-page-master-reference element      
fo:retrieve-marker element      
fo:root element 2nd 3rd 4th      
fo:simple-page-master element 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th      
fo:simple-page-master element, area dimensions and      
fo:simple-page-master element, complex pagination and      
fo:simple-page-master element, content flows and      
fo:simple-page-master element, included with sample stylesheet      
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