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Figgins S., Love R., Robbins A. — Linux in a Nutshell
Figgins S., Love R., Robbins A. — Linux in a Nutshell

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Название: Linux in a Nutshell

Авторы: Figgins S., Love R., Robbins A.


Over the last few years, Linux has grown both as an operating system and a tool for personal and business use. Simultaneously becoming more user friendly and more powerful as a back-end system, Linux has achieved new plateaus: the newer filesystems have solidified, new commands and tools have appeared and become standard, and the desktop — including new desktop environments — have proved to be viable, stable, and readily accessible to even those who don't consider themselves computer gurus.

Whether you're using Linux for personal software projects, for a small office or home office (often termed the SOHO environment), to provide services to a small group of colleagues, or to administer a site responsible for millions of email and web connections each day, you need quick access to information on a wide range of tools. This book covers all aspects of administering and making effective use of Linux systems. Among its topics are booting, package management, and revision control. But foremost in Linux in a Nutshell are the utilities and commands that make Linux one of the most powerful and flexible systems available.

Now in its fifth edition, Linux in a Nutshell brings users up-to-date with the current state of Linux. Considered by many to be the most complete and authoritative command reference for Linux available, the book covers all substantial user, programming, administration, and networking commands for the most common Linux distributions.

Comprehensive but concise, the fifth edition has been updated to cover new features of major Linux distributions. Configuration information for the rapidly growing commercial network services and community update services is one of the subjects covered for the first time.

But that's just the beginning. The book covers editors, shells, and LILO and GRUB boot options. There's also coverage of Apache, Samba, Postfix, sendmail, CVS, Subversion, Emacs, vi, sed, gawk, and much more. Everything that system administrators, developers, and power users need to know about Linux is referenced here, and they will turn to this book again and again.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

ed2k: ed2k stats

Издание: fifth edition

Год издания: 2005

Количество страниц: 944

Добавлена в каталог: 31.03.2007

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Предметный указатель
! (exclamation mark)      
! (exclamation mark), != inequality operator      2nd
! (exclamation mark), !~ regular expression nonmatch      
! (exclamation mark), ex command      
! (exclamation mark), ftp command      
! (exclamation mark), negating a pipeline, ksh      
! (exclamation mark), negation in sed      
! (exclamation mark), negation operator      
" " (quotation marks, double)
" " (quotation marks, double), metacharacters for pattern matching and filename expansion
" " (quotation marks, double), quoting in bash and ksh
# (hash mark)      
# (hash mark), #! command, in shell scripts      
# (hash mark), .#file.revision      
# (hash mark), comments in awk      
# (hash mark), comments in sed      
# (hash mark), comments in shell scripts      
#define statements (C), generating template file from      
$ (dollar sign)      
$ (dollar sign), execute macro command, ftp      
$ (dollar sign), field reference operator      
$ (dollar sign), metacharacter      
$ (dollar sign), prompt, bash and ksh commands      
$HOME/.profile file      2nd
${ ... } syntax, referencing arrays      
% (percent)      
% (percent), %= assignment operator      2nd
% (percent), diff, format strings for      
% (percent), metacharacter in replacement patterns      
% (percent), modulus operator      2nd
% (percent), prompt      
& (ampersand)      
& (ampersand), && AND operator      2nd
& (ampersand), &= assignment operator
& (ampersand), AND operator
& (ampersand), ex command
& (ampersand), metacharacter in replacement patterns
' ' (quotation marks, single)      
' ' (quotation marks, single), metacharacters for pattern matching and filename expansion      
' ' (quotation marks, single), quoting in bash and ksh      
( ) (parentheses)      
( ) (parentheses), escaped      
( ) (parentheses), grouping in regular expression pattern matching      
( ) (parentheses), in bc expressions      
( ) (parentheses), shell patterns      
* (asterisk)      
* (asterisk), ** exponentiation operator      2nd
* (asterisk), *= assignment operator      2nd
* (asterisk), metacharacter      
* (asterisk), multiplication operator      2nd
+ (plus sign)      
+ (plus sign), ++ auto-increment operator      2nd
+ (plus sign), += assignment operator      2nd
+ (plus sign), addition operator      2nd
+ (plus sign), metacharacter in pattern matching      
+ (plus sign), unary operator      
, (comma) operator      
- (hyphen)      
- (hyphen), - - auto-decrement operator      2nd
- (hyphen), -= assignment operator      2nd
- (hyphen), in character ranges      
- (hyphen), metamail command arguments      
- (hyphen), negation operator      
- (hyphen), subtraction operator      2nd
- (hyphen), tag names      
. (dot) command, bash and ksh      
. (dot) files      
. (dot), metacharacter      
.cvsignore file      
.cvspass file      
.cvsrc file      
.cvswrappers file      
.exrc file (example)      
.rhosts file      
/ (slash)      
/ (slash), /* */, enclosing bc comments      
/ (slash), /= assignment operator      2nd
/ (slash), division operator      2nd
: (colon)      
: (colon), bash and ksh command      
: (colon), ex editor      
: (colon), sed command      
:set command (vi)      
; (semicolon), ;& instead of ;; ending ksh case
< (left angle bracket)      
< (left angle bracket), << bitwise shift operator
< (left angle bracket), <<= assignment operator
< (left angle bracket), <= less than or equal operator      2nd
< (left angle bracket), ex command      
< (left angle bracket), less than operator      2nd
= (equal sign)      
= (equal sign), = = equality operator      2nd
= (equal sign), assignment operator      2nd
= (equal sign), ex command      
= (equal sign), sed command      
> (right angle bracket)      
> (right angle bracket), >= greater than or equal operator      2nd
> (right angle bracket), >> bitwise shift operator
> (right angle bracket), >>= assignment operator
> (right angle bracket), ex command      
> (right angle bracket), greater than operator      2nd
? (question mark)      
? (question mark), ?: inline conditional evaluation      2nd
? (question mark), ??, printed by addr2line      
? (question mark), ftp help command      
? (question mark), metacharacter in pattern matching      
? (question mark), regular expression pattern matching and filename expansion      
@ (at), ex command      
a command (sed)      
abbreviate command (ex)      
abbreviation of words, Emacs      
accept command      
access command      
access mode, changing for files      
account command (ftp)      
acipd daemon      
aclocal command      
aconnect command      
acpi command      
acpi_available command      
Add command      
add command, cvs      
add command, svn      
addresses command      
addresses for ex commands      
addresses for sed commands      
ADF (automatic document feeder), controlling scanners      
admin command (CVS)      
Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI)      
Advanced Package Tool      
agents, ssh      
agetty command      
alias command      
alias command, lftp      
aliases, bash and ksh commands      
aliases, for commands      
aliases, printing current sendmail aliases      
aliases, rebuilding mail aliases database      
alnum character class      
alpha character class      
ALSA (Advanced Linux Sound Architecture)      
ALSA, mixer      
ALSA, playing MIDI files      
ALSA, playing sound files with aplay      
ALSA, raw MIDI files, reading/writing      
ALSA, recording MIDI files      
ALSA, recording sound      
alsactl command      
alsamixer command      
Alt key, used for Emacs Meta      
Alt-F1 through F12      
amidi command      
anacron command      
and function (gawk)      
annotate command (CVS)      
anon command (lftp)      
ANSI/VT100 emulation      
Apache web server      
Apache web server, user authentication files, updating      
aplay command      
aplaymidi command      
APM (Advanced Power Management)      
apm command      
APM, GRUB displayapm command      
apmd command      
append command (ex)      
append command, ftp      
apropos command      
apt command      
apt-cache command (Debian)      
apt-cdrom command (Debian)      
apt-config command (Debian)      
apt-extracttemplates command (Debian)      
apt-ftparchive command (Debian)      
apt-get command (Debian)      2nd
apt-sortpkgs command (Debian)      
aptitude command (Debian)      
ar command      
Arch (source code management system)      
arch command      
archives, copying with cpio      
archives, creating and restoring (tar)      
archives, generating indexes for      
archives, maintenance (ar)      
arecord command      
args command (ex)      
arguments (command), reading from standard input      
arithmetic (arbitrary-precision), with bc      
arithmetic expressions, bash and ksh      2nd
arithmetic operators      
arithmetic operators, bc program      
arithmetic operators, expr command      
ARP (Address Resolution Protocol)      
ARP, arp command      
ARP, ifconfig and      
arrays, assigning in awk      
arrays, in operator (awk)      
arrays, Korn shell      
arrays, RAID device      
as command      
ascii command (ftp)      
asort function (gawk)      
asorti function (gawk)      
ASs (autonomous systems)      
assembly language, generation of object files      
assignment operators      
assignment operators, awk      
assignment operators, bash and ksh shells      
assignment operators, bc program      
associative arrays      2nd
at (@) command (ex)      
at command      
at command, batch command      
at command, lftp      
at.allow file      
at.deny file      
atan2 function (awk)      
atd command      
atomic commits (Subversion)      
atrm command      
attributes, terminal, setting      
audio media commands      
audiosend command      
aumix command      
authentication keys for ssh      
author command (svnlook)      
autoconf command      
autoheader command      
autoload command (ksh)      
automake command      
automatic document feeder (ADF), controlling scanners with      
autoreconf command      
autoscan command      
autoupdate command      
awk programming language      
awk programming language, command-line syntax      
awk programming language, command-line syntax, gawk options      
awk programming language, command-line syntax, standard options      
awk programming language, functions and commands      
awk programming language, functions and commands, group listing      
awk programming language, functions and commands, listed by name      
awk programming language, implementation limits      
awk programming language, operators      
awk programming language, pattern-matching metacharacters      
awk programming language, patterns and procedures      
awk programming language, patterns and procedures, examples      
awk programming language, searching with regular expressions      
awk programming language, source code, URLs for      
awk programming language, variable and array assignment      
awk programming language, variables, built-in      
b command (sed)      
backups, magnetic tape drive      
backups, performing with dump command      
bad blocks      
bad blocks, checking MS-DOS filesystems for      
bad login attempts, displaying      
badblocks command      
banner command      
basename command      
bash (Bourne-Again shell)      2nd 3rd
bash, arithmetic expressions      
bash, built-in commands      
bash, command execution      
bash, command history      
bash, command history, programmable completion      
bash, features      
bash, functions      
bash, invoking      
bash, invoking, arguments      
bash, invoking, common options      
bash, job control      
bash, setting restrictions on      
bash, syntax      
bash, syntax, command forms      
bash, syntax, filename metacharacters      
bash, syntax, quoting      
bash, syntax, redirection      
bash, syntax, startup files      
bash, variables      
bash, variables, arrays      
bash, variables, built-in      
bash, variables, other      
bash, variables, special prompt strings      
batch command      
bc program      
bc program, examples      
bc program, function keywords      
bc program, identifiers      
bc program, input-output keywords      
bc program, math library functions      
bc program, operators and symbols      
bc program, statement keywords      
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