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MacVittie L.A. — XAML in a Nutshell
MacVittie L.A. — XAML in a Nutshell

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Название: XAML in a Nutshell

Автор: MacVittie L.A.


When Windows Vista is released in December 2006, the new operating system will support applications that employ graphics now used by computer games — clear, stunning and active. The cornerstone for building these new user interfaces is XAML, the XML-based markup language that works with Windows Presentation Foundation (formerly called "Avalon"), Vista's new graphics subsystem that replaces GDI in previous Windows versions.

The problem is that you don't know XAML. While it is fairly easy to understand, you still need a quick guide to bring you up to speed before Vista's release, and that's where this book's simple, no nonsense approach comes in. "XAML in a Nutshell" takes you through several clear Vista examples so that you can learn, firsthand, how this XML-based markup language is used to implement the new generation of user interface graphics.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

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Год издания: 2006

Количество страниц: 302

Добавлена в каталог: 09.12.2006

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Предметный указатель
" " (double quotes)
" " (double quotes), attribute values
" " (double quotes), inline attribute declarations
.NET Framework, interfacing with XAML      
.proj file extension      
.xbap file      
2-D vector graphics      
3-D interfaces, Electric Rain ZAM D XAML Tool      
<CDATA[...]]> tag, inlined code in
abbreviated syntax      
abbreviated syntax, in C#      
abbreviated syntax, specifying Margin thickness      
abbreviated syntax, subpath declarations      
Absolute positioning      
absolute positioning, hindering localization efforts      
Affine transformations      
Angle attribute (RotateTransform)      
Animation elements      
Animation elements, attributes      
Animation elements, Duration attribute      
Animation elements, extending      
animation types, matching type of targeted attribute      
animations      2nd
animations, animating multiple element attributes with ParallelTimeline      
animations, animation types      
animations, coordinating multiple animations for a Button      
animations, elements transforming position of other elements      
animations, KeyFrame, using      
animations, mixing and matching using ParallelTimeline      
animations, modifying with AutoReverse and RepeatBehavior      
animations, storyboards      
animations, timing      
AnimationTimeline element      
AnimationTimeline element, elements derived from      
ApplicationDefinition file      
applications, building XAML applications      
applications, defining in XAML      
applications, sample XAML application      
applications, XAML, created in Visual Studio      
ArcSegment element      
arguments (event)      
attached attributes      
attached attributes, Canvas element      2nd
attached attributes, DockPanel element      
attached attributes, DockPanel element, altering position of child elements      
attached attributes, Grid element      
attached attributes, Row and Column (Grid)      
attached properties      
attached properties, DockPanel.Dock      
Attributes      2nd
attributes, animating      
attributes, animating, element belonging to a collection      
attributes, Animation elements      2nd
attributes, assigning      
attributes, common language runtime property      
attributes, declaring      
attributes, dependency properties      
attributes, elements used as      
attributes, modifying with triggers      
attributes, NavigationWindow      
attributes, referencing local resource      
attributes, Shape elements      
attributes, structures and elements used as attribute types      
attributes, typing of      
attributes, XAML elements      
attributes, XAML elements, manipulation in code      
AutoReverse attribute      
Avalon namespace      2nd
Avalon project file, key XML elements      
BackgroundColor attribute (Button), animating      
BAML (Binary Application Markup Language)      
BAML file      
BasedOn attribute (Style)      
Begin attribute      
BezierSegment element      
Binary Application Markup Language (BAML)      
bind declaration      
Block element, Padding attribute      
blocks of text, formatting in documents      
Bold element      
BooleanKeyFrame element      
Border element      2nd
Border element, alignment of TextBlock within      
Border element, Padding attribute      
Brush element      2nd
Brush element, predefined colors      2nd
Brush element, targeting for animation      
bubbling events      
building XAML applications      
Button class      
button element      2nd
Button element, animating BackgroundColor      
Button element, animating width, using DoubleAnimation      
Button element, background color declared as resource      
Button element, conditionally styling, using a Trigger      
Button element, coordinating multiple animations for      
Button element, event handlers, declaration of      
Button element, event handling in XAML application      
Button element, modifying multiple attributes with a trigger      
Button element, Padding attribute      
Button element, style for width and height      
Button element, using alternate elements as content      
Button element, Width attribute      
By attribute      2nd
C#, abbreviated syntax      
C#, button OnClick event handler      
C#, common event code      
C#, default code for XAML application, generated in Visual Studio      
C#, event handler implementation      
C#, event handler syntax      
C#, file generarted by MSBuild      
Canvas element      2nd
Canvas element, absolute positioning of elements on      
CharKeyFrame element      
CheckBox element      
child elements      
child elements, content control with multiple      
child elements, declaration of      
child elements, DockPanel, altering position of      
child elements, event routing      
child elements, placement within Grid cells      
Children property      
class files, Avalon application      
classes, .NET Framework, correspondence to XAML tags      
classes, content control-derived      
classes, dependency properties on CLR classes      
Click event      2nd
clipping regions      
CloseSegment element      
CLR (Common Language Runtime)      
CLR (Common Language Runtime), assemblies, generation with MSBuild      
CLR (Common Language Runtime), classes, representation by XAML elements      
CLR (Common Language Runtime), representation of classes in XAML elements      
code, inlining in XAML files      
codebehind, application logic and event processing      
codebehind, event handlers      2nd 3rd
codebehind, file generated in Visual Studio for XAML application      
collections, PathFigureCollection      
collections, PathSegmentCollection      
collections, PointCollection      
collections, targeting an element for animation      
Color element      2nd
ColorAnimation element      
ColorAnimation element, mixing with DoubleAnimation      
ColorKeyFrame element      
colors, predefined      
Column attribute (Grid)      
ColumnDefinition element      
CombinedGeometry element      
ComboBox element      
common language runtime properties      
compilation of XAML      
complex attributes      
Configuration attribute      
Content attribute      
Content attribute, modifying with triggers      
content controls      
ContentControl element      
ContextMenu element      
Control class      
Control element      
Control element, FontWeight property      
Control element, IsMouseOver attribute      
Control element, Padding attribute      
control elements      
control elements, content controls      
control elements, item controls      
control elements, simple controls      
Controls      2nd
controls ,.g.cs file      
controls, base control reference      
controls, common event reference      
controls, Content attribute      
controls, core control reference      
controls, events raised by      
controls, grouping together to use common event handler      
controls, modifying style with Triggers      
DashStyle element      
database file (.pdb) for program      
DecimalKeyFrame element      
declarations, default namespace      
declarations, explicit declaration of complex attributes      
declarations, inline declaration of simple attribute      
declarations, local trigger      
declarations, resources      
declarations, rules for declaring XAML elements      
declarations, subpath, abbreviated syntax for      
declarations, Table element, full declaration      
declarations, target of an animation      
declarations, XAML, event handlers for Button      
declarative markup languages      
defining XAML applications      
dependency properties      
dependency properties, animated attributes      
dependency properties, searches by WPT system for value of      
DependencyObject class      
DependencyObject element      
DependencyProperty class      
DependencyPropertyChangedEventArgs class      
deployment file for XAML application      
deserializing BAML into CLR objects      
development resources      
direct routing (events)      
discrete KeyFrame elements      2nd
DiscreteRect3DKeyFrame element      
DiscreteRectKeyFrame element      
DiscreteRotation3DKeyFrame element      
DiscreteSize3DKeyFrame element      
DiscreteSizeKeyFrame element      
DiscreteStringKeyFrame element      
DiscreteThicknessKeyFrame element      
DiscreteVector3DKeyFrame element      
DiscreteVectorKeyFrame element      
DockPanel class      2nd
DockPanel class, Dock property, using for element positioning      
DockPanel class, mixing and matching Dock values      
DockPanel element      2nd
document elements      2nd
document elements, FixedDocument      
document elements, FlowDocument      
DocumentViewer element      
DoubleAnimation element      
DoubleAnimation element, animating width of elements      
DoubleAnimation element, definition of      
DoubleAnimation element, mixing with ColorAnimation      
DoubleAnimation element, targeting Height and Width of a rectangle      
DoubleAnimationUsingPath element      
DoubleKeyFrame element      
DragLeave event      
DrawingBrush element      
DrawingGroup element      
Drop event      
Duration attribute      2nd
Duration attribute, coordinating for multiple animations      
Duration attribute, KeyFrame animations      
DynamicResource keyword      
Electric Rain ZAM D XAML Tool      
elements, XAML      2nd
elements, XAML, absolute positioning and      
elements, XAML, as attributes for other elements      
elements, XAML, categories of      
elements, XAML, control      
elements, XAML, dealing with events      
elements, XAML, declaring      
elements, XAML, derived from AnimationTimeline      
elements, XAML, document      
elements, XAML, naming of      
elements, XAML, order of declaration, relative positioning and      
elements, XAML, panel      
elements, XAML, reference      
elements, XAML, resources      
elements, XAML, root      
elements, XAML, shape and geometric      
elements, XAML, used as attribute types      
elements, XAML, using as RadioButton content      
elements, XML, in Avalon project file      
Ellipse element      2nd
Ellipse element, fill attribute defined by a resource      
EllipseGeometry element      2nd
EllipseGeometry element, clipping an image with      
end tag, closing XAML elements      
enumerations, inline declaration of      
environment variables used by MSBuild      
event handlers      2nd
event handlers, adding for button in XAML application      
event handlers, C# implementation      
event handlers, grouping controls together to use common handler      
event handlers, syntax      
event handlers, VisualBasic implementation      
event routing      
Events      2nd
events, argument reference      
events, common event reference      
events, common to all UIElement-derived elements      
events, event reference      
events, non-routed      
events, raised by controls      
events, routing strategies      
executable application      
Expander element      
express applications      2nd
Expression Interactive Designer      
extensible nature of XAML      
eXtensible User-interface Language (XUL)      
Figure element      
FixedDocument element      2nd
Floater element      
FlowDocument element      2nd
FontWeight property (Control)      
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