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MacVittie L.A. — XAML in a Nutshell
MacVittie L.A. — XAML in a Nutshell

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Название: XAML in a Nutshell

Автор: MacVittie L.A.


When Windows Vista is released in December 2006, the new operating system will support applications that employ graphics now used by computer games — clear, stunning and active. The cornerstone for building these new user interfaces is XAML, the XML-based markup language that works with Windows Presentation Foundation (formerly called "Avalon"), Vista's new graphics subsystem that replaces GDI in previous Windows versions.

The problem is that you don't know XAML. While it is fairly easy to understand, you still need a quick guide to bring you up to speed before Vista's release, and that's where this book's simple, no nonsense approach comes in. "XAML in a Nutshell" takes you through several clear Vista examples so that you can learn, firsthand, how this XML-based markup language is used to implement the new generation of user interface graphics.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

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Год издания: 2006

Количество страниц: 302

Добавлена в каталог: 09.12.2006

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Предметный указатель
formatting, documents      
frame element      
frames (animations)      
frames (animations), key frames      
framework elements, targeting for animation      
FrameworkElement element      
freezables, animation and      
From attribute      2nd
geometric elements      2nd
geometric elements, ArcSegment      
geometric elements, BezierSegment      
geometric elements, CloseSegment      
geometric elements, CombinedGeometry      
geometric elements, defining clipping regions      
geometric elements, EllipseGeometry      
geometric elements, LineGeometry      
geometric elements, LineSegment      
geometric elements, PolyBezierSegment      
geometric elements, PolyLineSegment      
geometric elements, PolyQuadraticBezierSegment      
geometric elements, QuadraticBezierSegment      
geometric elements, RectangleGeometry      
geometric elements, rendering      
geometric elements, simple and path geometries      
Geometry element, Shape versus      
GeometryDrawing element      
GeometryGroup element      
Global resources      2nd
global resources, resource hierarchy and      
GotFocus event      
GradientStop element      
Grid element      2nd 3rd
HeaderContentControl element      
HeaderedItemsControl element      
height attribute      
Height attribute, animating for Rectangle using DoubleAnimation      
Height attribute, Button elements, defined by a style      
Height attribute, modifying with triggers      
Height attribute, precedence over alignment attributes      
hierarchy, XAML elements      
hierarchy, XAML elements, controls      
HorizontalAlignment attribute      
HorizontalAlignment attribute, Height and Width attributes versus      
HorizontalAlignment attribute, StackPanel      
HorizontalAlignment attribute, Stretch value      
HostInBrowser attribute      
HTML, XAML versus      
Hyperlink element      2nd
IE (Internet Explorer), express application file      
if...then logic, implemented with triggers      
Image element      
Image element, assigning as ToolTip for a control      
ImageBrush element      
ImageBrush element, painting a Rectangle      
ImageDrawing element      
import element      
indexing, Row and Column placement in Grid      
inheritance, XAML elements      
Inline element      
inline elements      
inlining code in XAML files      
Install attribute      
installed applications      
Int16KeyFrame class      
Int32KeyFrame element      
Int64KeyFrame element      
InternalChildren property      
interpolation technique, KeyFrame elements      
IsCheckedChanged event      
IsEnabledChanged event      
IsMouseDirectlyOverChanged event      
IsMouseOver attribute (Control)      
IsVisibleChanged event      
Italic element      
item controls      
ItemGroup element      
ItemsControl element      
key name for elements defined as resources      
KeyDown event      
KeyEventArgs class      
KeyFrame animations      
KeyFrame animations, animating a Rectangle      
KeyFrame animations, creating, steps in      
KeyFrame animations, linear, discrete, and spline      
KeyFrame elements      
KeyFrame elements, BooleanKeyFrame      
KeyFrame elements, CharKeyFrame      
KeyFrame elements, ColorKeyFrame      
KeyFrame elements, DecimalKeyFrame      
KeyFrame elements, DoubleKeyFrame      
KeyFrame elements, Int16KeyFrame      
KeyFrame elements, Int32KeyFrame      
KeyFrame elements, Int64KeyFrame      
KeyFrame elements, MatrixKeyFrame      
KeyFrame elements, Point3DKeyFrame      
KeyFrame elements, PointKeyFrame      
KeyFrame elements, Rect3DKeyFrame      
KeyFrame elements, RectKeyFrame      
KeyFrame elements, Rotation3DKeyFrame      
KeyFrame elements, Size3DKeyFrame      
KeyFrame elements, SizeKeyFrame      
KeyFrame elements, StringKeyFrame      
KeyFrame elements, ThicknessKeyFrame      
KeyFrame elements, Vector3DKeyFrame      
KeyFrame elements, VectorKeyFrame      
KeySpline element      
KeyTime attribute      
KeyTime attribute, possible values      
KeyTime value, KeyTime attribute      
KeyUp event      
label element      
Label element, Padding attribute      
layout      2nd
layout, absolute positioning      
layout, Grid element      
layout, margins and padding      
layout, panel elements      
layout, StackPanel and DockPanel      
layout, width and alignment      
LayoutUpdated event      
Left attribute, Canvas element      
Line element      
linear KeyFrame elements      2nd
LinearDoubleKeyFrame elements      
LinearGradientBrush element      
LinearRect3DKeyFrame element      
LinearRectKeyFrame element      
LinearRotation3DKeyFrame element      
LinearSize3DKeyFrame element      
LinearSizeKeyFrame element      
LinearThicknessKeyFrame element      
LinearVector3DKeyFrame element      
LinearVectorKeyFrame element      
LineBreak element      
LineGeometry element      
LineSegment element      
list element      
List element, with multiple items      
ListBox element      
ListItem element      
local resources      2nd
local resources, declaring      
local resources, resource hierarchy and      
login interface      
make facilities (Unix/Linux)      
MANIFEST file      
Margin attribute      
markup languages, declarative      
markup-based interfaces      
Matrix element      
MatrixAnimationUsingPath element      
MatrixKeyFrame elements      
MediaElement element      
MediaTimeline element      
menu element      
MenuItem element      
MenuItem element, commands      
Microsoft, Expression Interactive Designer      
Microsoft, Visual Studio 2005 Extensions for WinFX      
Mobiform Aurora XAML Editor      
MouseEnter event      
MouseEventArgs class      
MouseLeftButtonDown event      
MouseMove event      
MouseRightButtonDown event      
MouseRightButtonUp event      
namespace, adding to define resources      
namespace, application namespace, declaring      
namespace, referenced in root element      
namespace, System.Windows      
namespace, System.Windows.Controls      
namespace, System.Windows.Documents      
namespace, System.Windows.Media      
namespace, System.Windows.Shapes      
namespace, XAML elements      
NavigationApplication element      
NavigationWindow element      2nd
objects, DependencyObject      
OnClick event handlers      
Opened event      
operating systems, XAML on      
Orientation property (StackPanel)      
overflow panel for ToolBar      
Paced value, KeyTime attribute      
Padding attribute      
Page class      
Page element      2nd 3rd
PageContent element      
Panel class      
Panel class, StackPanel and DockPanel subclasses      
Panel element      
Panel element, common properties of elements derived from      
panel elements      
Paragraph element      
ParallelTimeline element      
ParallelTimeline element, animating multiple attributes of an element      
ParallelTimeline element, managing multiple SetterTimeline elements      
parent/child elements, event routing      
Parser class      
PasswordBox element      
Path (animations)      
Path (animations), button background color animation      
Path element      
path geometry      
path geometry, DoubleAnimationUsingPath      
path geometry, LineSegment element      
path geometry, MatrixAnimationUsingPath element      
path geometry, PointAnimationUsingPath      
path geometry, PolyLineSegment element      
path geometry, PolyQuadraticBezierSegment element      
path geometry, QuadraticBezierSegment element      
PathFigure element      
PathFigureCollection element      
PathGeometry element      
paths, abbreviated syntax for subpath declarations      
PathSegmentCollection element      
Pen element      2nd
Pen element, DashStyle      
Point element      2nd
Point3D element      
Point3DKeyFrame element      
PointAnimationUsingPath element      
PointCollection element      
PointKeyFrame element      
PolyBezierSegment element      
Polygon element      
Polyline element      
PolyLineSegment element      
PolyQuadraticBezierSegment element      
Popup element      
positioning elements      
positioning elements, absolute positioning      
positioning elements, Grid element, using      
positioning elements, margins and padding      
positioning elements, StackPanel and DockPanel      
positioning elements, width and alignment      
prerequisites for XAML      
procedural code embedded in XAML page      
Project element      
properties, accessibility to XAML developers      
properties, attached      
properties, common language runtime      
properties, of XAML elements      
properties, styles extended with BasedOn attribute      
PropertyGroup element      
PropertyGroup element, attributes, setting      
PropertyGroup element, Configuration property      
QuadraticBezierSegment element      
RadialGradientBrush element      
RadioButton element      
RadioButton element, using elements as content      
RadioButtonList element      
read-only properties, XAML and      
Rect element      
Rect3D element      
Rect3DKeyFrame element      
Rect3DPointFrame class      
Rectangle element      
Rectangle element, animating the RotateTransform      
Rectangle element, animating using key frame animation      
Rectangle element, painting with ImageBrush      
Rectangle element, RotateTransform applied to      
Rectangle element, ScaleTransform applied to      
Rectangle element, SkewTransform applied to      
Rectangle element, TranslateTransform applied to      
RectangleGeometry element      
RectKeyFrame element      
RectPointFrame class      
rendering, elements derived from FrameworkContentElement      
rendering, elements derived from UIElement      
rendering, geometric elements      
RepeatBehavior attribute      
RepeatBehavior attribute (Animation elements)      
RepeatButton element      
Resources attribute      
Resources attribute, defining triggers within      
resources, declarations      
resources, hierarchy of      
resources, key name for elements defined as      
resources, media      
resources, namespace      
resources, static or dynamic access      
resources, styles      
resources, triggers      
root elements      2nd
root elements, global resources      
root elements, panel-derived elements      
root elements, Project      
root elements, Storyboard attribute, setting      
RotateTransform element      2nd
RotateTransform element, animating for a Rectangle      
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