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MacVittie L.A. — XAML in a Nutshell
MacVittie L.A. — XAML in a Nutshell

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Название: XAML in a Nutshell

Автор: MacVittie L.A.


When Windows Vista is released in December 2006, the new operating system will support applications that employ graphics now used by computer games — clear, stunning and active. The cornerstone for building these new user interfaces is XAML, the XML-based markup language that works with Windows Presentation Foundation (formerly called "Avalon"), Vista's new graphics subsystem that replaces GDI in previous Windows versions.

The problem is that you don't know XAML. While it is fairly easy to understand, you still need a quick guide to bring you up to speed before Vista's release, and that's where this book's simple, no nonsense approach comes in. "XAML in a Nutshell" takes you through several clear Vista examples so that you can learn, firsthand, how this XML-based markup language is used to implement the new generation of user interface graphics.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

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Год издания: 2006

Количество страниц: 302

Добавлена в каталог: 09.12.2006

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Предметный указатель
Rotation3D element      
Rotation3DKeyFrame element      
Rotation3DPointFrame class      
RoutedEventArgs class      
routing events      
routing events, strategies for      
Row attribute (Grid)      
RowDefinition element      
ScaleTransform element      2nd
screen resolutions and sizes      
ScrollChanged event      
ScrollChangedEventArgs class      
ScrollViewer element      
Section element      
SelectionChanged event      
Setter element      
SetterTimeline element      2nd
SetterTimeline element, managing multiple with ParallelTimeline      
SetterTimeline element, mixing and matching animations within      
SetterTimeline element, targeting a freezable      
SetterTimeline element, targeting an element      
SetterTimeline element, targeting element in a collection      
Shape class      2nd
Shape element, Geometry versus      
shapes, attributes common to all Shape elements      
shapes, elements      
shapes, Ellipse element      
shapes, Line element      
shapes, Polygon element      
shapes, Polyline element      
shapes, Rectangle element      
simple attributes, inline definition of      
simple controls      
simple geometry      
simple geometry, EllipseGeometry element      
simple geometry, LineGeometry element      
simple geometry, RectangleGeometry element      
Size3DKeyFrame element      
Size3DPointFrame class      
SizeKeyFrame element      
SkewTransform element      2nd
Slider element      
smart clients      
SolidColorBrush element      
SolidColorBrush element, defined as resource      
SpeedRatio attribute      
spline KeyFrame elements      2nd
spline KeyFrame elements, KeySpline      
SplineRect3DKeyFrame element      
SplineRectKeyFrame element      
SplineRotation3DKeyFrame element      
SplineSize3DKeyFrame element      
SplineSizeKeyFrame element      
SplineThicknessKeyFrame element      
SplineVector3DKeyFrame element      
SplineVectorKeyFrame element      
StackPanel class      2nd
StackPanel class, Orientation property      
StackPanel element      2nd 3rd
StackPanel element, alignment of elements within      
StackPanel element, Margin values, using for layout      
StackPanel element, using to position Canvas elements      
StackPanel element, width of elements in      
StackPanel elements, width and height of buttons defined by a style      
StartSegment element      
StartupUri attribute, NavigationWindow      
StaticResource keyword      
Storyboard attribute      
Storyboard attribute, SetterTimeline element      
Storyboard attribute, setting for root element or a style      
Storyboard element      
Stretch value (HorizontalAlignment)      
Stretch value (HorizontalAlignment), effect of explicitly setting Width      
StringKeyFrame element      
strong typing in XAML      
structures, Matrix      
structures, Point      
structures, Point3D      
structures, Rect      
structures, Rect3D      
structures, used as attribute types      
structures, Vector      
structures, Vector3D      
style element      2nd 3rd
Style element, extending with BasedOn attribute      
Style element, TargetType attribute      
styles, conditionally styling a Button, using a Trigger      
styles, declaring different styles of Pen      
styles, global, using resources to define      
styles, modifying with triggers      
styles, Storyboard attribute, setting      
subpath declarations, abbreviated syntax for      
system requirements for XAML      
System.Windows.Button class      
System.Windows.Controls namespace      
System.Windows.Serialization.Parser class      
TabControl element      
TabItem element      
Table element      
Table element, Grid versus      
TableCell element      
TableColumn element      
TableRow element      
target of an animation      
target of an animation, element in a collection      
TargetType attribute (Style)      
text, formatting in documents      
TextBlock element      2nd
TextBlock element, alignment within Border element      
TextBox element      
TextBox element, Padding attribute      
TextChanged event      
TextChangedEventArgs class      
TextDecoration element      
TextDecorationCollection element      
TextEffect element      
Thickness element      2nd
Thickness element, Margin attribute      
Thickness element, Padding attribute      
ThicknessKeyFrame element      
Timeline element      
Timeline element, attributes      
Timeline-derived elements      
Timeline-derived elements, MediaTimeline      
Timeline-derived elements, ParallelTimeline      
Timeline-derived elements, SetterTimeline      
timing animations      
timing animations, AnimationTimeline element      
timing animations, KeyTime attribute      
To attribute      2nd
toolable nature of XAML      
ToolBar element      
ToolBarOverflowPanel element      
ToolBarPanel element      
ToolBarPanel element, with overflow panel      
ToolBarTray element      
tools for XAML development      
ToolTip element      
Top attribute (Canvas)      2nd
Transform element, targeting for animation      
Transformations      2nd
transformations, affine transformations      
transformations, RotateTransform element      
transformations, Rotation3D element      
transformations, ScaleTransform element      
transformations, SkewTransform element      
transformations, TranslateTransform element      
transformations, Vector element      
transformations, Vector3D element      
TranslateTransform element      2nd
Trigger element      2nd
Trigger element, declared local to an element      
Trigger element, modifying appearance of any Control      
Trigger element, modifying styles of specific elements      
tunneling events      
TypeAnimation elements      
TypeAnimationBase elements      
TypeAnimationBase elements, TypeAnimation subclasses      
TypeAnimationUsingKeyFrames elements      
TypeKeyFrame elements      
types, animation type and targeted attribute      
types, animation, determining based on attribute type      
typing in XAML      
UIElement element      2nd
UIElement-derived elements, events common to      
Underline element      
Uniform value, KeyTime attribute      
Unix/Linux make facilities      
User interface      
user interface, login interface (example)      
user interface, separation from application logic      
VB.NET, button OnClick event handler      
Vector element      
Vector3D element      
Vector3DKeyFrame element      
Vector3DPointFrame class      
VectorKeyFrame element      
VectorPointFrame class      
VerticalAlignment attribute      
VerticalAlignment attribute, Height and Width attributes vs.      
VerticalSlider element      
Visual Basic, event handler syntax      
visual editors for XAML      
Visual Studio      
Visual Studio 2005, WinFX Extensions      
Visual Studio, WinFX Extensions      
Visual Studio, XAML applications      
VisualBasic, event handler implementation      
web-based delivery of Windows applications with XAML      
WebBrowser Application (WinFX)      
well-formed XAML elements      
width attribute      
Width attribute, animating for Rectangle using DoubleAnimation      
Width attribute, Button element      
Width attribute, disadvantages of specifying      
Width attribute, modifying with triggers      
Width attribute, precedence over alignment attributes      
Width attribute, StackPanel element, constraining element sizes      
Width attribute, StackPanel elements      
Width property (Button class)      
width, animating for element, using DoubleAnimation      
width, Button elements, defined by a style      
width, interaction of alignment with      
width, targeting for button with animation      
Window element      2nd
Windows Application (WinFX)      
Windows operating systems, availability of XAML on      
Windows Vista      ix
Windows Vista, animations using frames      
WinFX runtime      
WinFX SDK      
WinFX SDK, MSBuild      
WinFX, Extensions to Visual Studio 2005      2nd
WinFX, WebBrowser Application      
WinFX, Windows Application      
WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation)      ix
WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation), property system      
XAML (eXtensible Application Markup Language)      
XAML Converter      
XAML, applications created in Visual Studio      
XAML, benefits of      
XAML, building applications      
XAML, core syntax      
XAML, core syntax, attributes      
XAML, core syntax, elements      
XAML, defining applications      
XAML, development resources      
XAML, HTML versus      
XAML, interfacing with .NET Framework      
XAML, prerequisites      
XAML, what it's not      
Xamlon Pro and XAML Converter      
XamlPad      2nd
XML, elements used in a project file      
XUL (eXtensible User-interface Language)      
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