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Lott J., Schall D., Peters K. — ActionScript 3.0 Cookbook
Lott J., Schall D., Peters K. — ActionScript 3.0 Cookbook

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Название: ActionScript 3.0 Cookbook

Авторы: Lott J., Schall D., Peters K.


Well before Ajax and Microsoft's Windows Presentation Foundation hit the scene, Macromedia offered the first method for building web pages with the responsiveness and functionality of desktop programs with its Flash-based "Rich Internet Applications". Now, new owner Adobe is taking Flash and its powerful capabilities beyond the Web and making it a full-fledged development environment.
Rather than focus on theory, the ActionScript 3.0 Cookbook concentrates on the practical application of ActionScript, with more than 300 solutions you can use to solve a wide range of common coding dilemmas. You'll find recipes that show you how to:
Detect the user's Flash Player version or their operating system
Build custom classes
Format dates and currency types
Work with strings
Build user interface components
Work with audio and video
Make remote procedure calls using Flash Remoting and web services
Load, send, and search XML data
And much, much more ...
Each code recipe presents the Problem, Solution, and Discussion of how you can use it in other ways or personalize it for your own needs, and why it works. You can quickly locate the recipe that most closely matches your situation and get the solution without reading the whole book to understand the underlying code. Solutions progress from short recipes for small problems to more complex scripts for thornier riddles, and the discussions offer a deeper analysis for resolving similar issues in the future, along with possible design choices and ramifications. You'll even learn how to link modular ActionScript pieces together to create rock-solid solutions for Flex 2 and Flash applications.
When you're not sure how ActionScript 3.0 works or how to approach a specific programming dilemma, you can simply pick up the book, flip to the relevant recipe(s), and quickly find the solution you're looking for.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Computer science/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

ed2k: ed2k stats

Год издания: 2006

Количество страниц: 592

Добавлена в каталог: 03.12.2006

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Предметный указатель
! (exclamation point), escape sequence for      
! logical NOT      
!= (logical inequality operator)      2nd
!== (inequality operator)      
" (double quotes), escape sequence for
"dot down"
"dot down", finding elements
"dot down", text nodes, reading
# (pound sign)      
# (pound sign), escape sequence for      
#include directives      
$ (dollar sign)      
$ (dollar sign), escape sequence for      
$ (dollar sign), regular expression metacharacter      
$$ replacement code      
$& replacement code
$' replacement code      
$n replacement code      
$nn replacement code      
$\Q replacement code      
% (percent sign), escape sequence for      
& (ampersand)      
& (ampersand), concatenating strings and
& (ampersand), escape sequence for
& bitwise operator
&& logical AND
' (apostrophe)      
' (quotes)      
' (quotes), URL-encoded escape sequence for      
( ) (parentheses)      
( ) (parentheses), conditional operators and      
( ) (parentheses), regular expression metacharacters      
( ) (parentheses), URL-encoded escape sequence for      
(semicolon), concatenating strings and      
), concatenating strings and      
* (asterisks)      
* (asterisks), in password input fields      
* (asterisks), loading data from external sources and      
* (asterisks), nongreedy patterns      
* (asterisks), regular expression metacharacters      
* (asterisks), URL-encoded escape sequence for      
*= (compound assignment operator)      
*? expression      
+ (plus sign)      
+ (plus sign), as a regular expression metacharacter      
+ (plus sign), as a regular expression metacharacter, nongreedy patterns and      
+ (plus sign), concatenation operator      
+ (plus sign), URL-encoded escape sequence for      
++ increment operator      
+= operator, appending text      
+=, compound assignment operator      
+=, concatenation-assignment operator      
+? expression      
, (comma)      
, (comma), URL-encoded escape sequence for      
- (dash)      
- (dash), pattern matching      
- (dash), URL-encoded escape sequence for      
-- decrement operator      
-= (compound assignment operator)      
-source-path option (mxmlc)      
. (dot)      
. (dot), regular expression metacharacter      
. (dot), saving class files      
. (dot), XML objects, adding elements      2nd
.as files      
.as files, custom classes, creating      
.as files, detecting Flash Players with      
.as files, placing code      
.cfm files      
.cfm files, gamescores.cfm      
.fla files      2nd
.fla files, class files, saving      
.flas files, detecting Flash Players with      
.flv files      
.gif files      
.html files      
.jpg files      
.png files      
.swf files      
.swf files, detecting Flash Players with .swf files      
.swf files, detecting Flash Players with .swf files, detecting Flash Players with      
/ (forward slash), storing data and      
/* */ comments      
// (comments)      
/= (compound assignment operator)      
32-bit color values      
< (less than)      
< (less than), equality operators and      
<< bitwise operator      
<= operator      
<a> HTML tag      
<a> HTML tag, hyperlinks, adding to text      
<b> HTML tag      
<br> HTML tag      
<font> HTML tag
<font> HTML tag, embedding fonts
<font> HTML tag, setting fonts in text fields
<i> HTML tag      
<img> HTML tag
<li> HTML tag      
<p> HTML tag      
<textformat> HTML tag
<u> HTML tag      
= (equal sign)      
= (equal sign), assignment statements and      
= (equal sign), assignment statements and differences with == and      
= (equal sign), variables, assigning      
=== equality operator      
> (greater than)      
> (greater than), equality operators and      
> (greater than), threshold( ) method, as a parameter      
>= operator      
>> bitwise operator      
>>> bitwise operator      
? (question mark), as a regular expression metacharacter      
? : (ternary conditional operator)      
? character      
?? expression      
@ (at sign)      
@ (at sign), adding attributes to XML elements      
@ (at sign), reading XML attributes      
ab parameter (drawTriangle( ) method)      
About Adobe Flash Player 9 menu item
ac parameter (drawTriangle( ) method)      
acceleration of display objects      
acceleration of display objects, springs      
Access modifiers      
actions (statements)      
ActionScript Interpreter      
ActionScript Project Wizard      
ActionScript Virtual Machine (AVM)      
Active Message Format (AMF)      2nd
ActiveX      2nd
ADCP sounds      
addCallback( ) method      
addChild( ) method      
addChild( ) method, adding item to display lists      
addChild( ) method, text fields, making visible      
addChildAt( ) method      
addChildAt( ) method, adding item to display lists      
addEventListener( ) method      2nd 3rd
addEventListener( ) method, repeating tasks and      
addTo( ) method      
adjacent sides      
Adobe Flash Player Detection Kit      
advanced text layout      
alert( ) function (JavaScript)      
alignment of movies, changing      
allowDomain( ) method      
alpha channel, creating bitmats      
alpha parameter      
alpha parameter, lineStyle( ) method      
alpha parameter, MovieClip.beginFill( ) method      
ALPHA property (BitmapDataChannel class)      
ALPHA property (BitmapDataChannel class), noise( ) method      
ALPHA property (BitmapDataChannel class), perlinNoise( ) method      
alphaMultiplier property      
alphaOffset property (ColorTransform class)      
AMF (Active Message Format)      2nd
ampersand (&)      
ampersand (&), concatenating strings and
ampersand (&), escape sequence for
AND (&&) logical
angle measurements, converting      
angle parameter (drawTriangle( ) method)      
animation (programmatic)      
animation (programmatic), applying techniques to other properties      
animation (programmatic), moving objects      
animation (programmatic), moving objects, specific directions      2nd
antiAliasType property      
apostrophe (')      
appendChild( ) method      
appendText( ) method      
applications, properties, customizing      
applyFilter( ) method (BitmapData class)      
arc parameter (drawArc( ) method)      
arcs, drawing      
ArgumentError      2nd 3rd
arguments, command-line      
Arguments, methods      
Array class      
array of objects      
Array.CASEINSENSITIVE constant      
Array.DESCENDING constant      
Array.NUMERIC constant      
Array.pop( )      
Array.push( ) method      
Array.RETURNINDEXEDARRAY constant      
Array.UNIQUESORT constant      
arrays, associative      
arrays, associative, creating      
arrays, associative, reading elements of      
arrays, comparing      
arrays, copies, creating      
arrays, custom sorts, implementing      
arrays, date and times, retrieving      
arrays, elements, adding to start/end of      
arrays, inserting elements in the middle of      
arrays, looping through      
arrays, matching elements, searching for      
arrays, minimum/maximum elements, getting      
arrays, multidimensional, storing      
arrays, randomizing      
arrays, removing elements      
arrays, reversing/sorting      
arrays, strings, converting      
ArrayUtilities.duplicate( ) method      
ArrayUtilities.equals( ) method      
ArrayUtilities.findLastMatchIndex( ) method      
ArrayUtilities.findMatchIndex( ) method      
ArrayUtilities.findMatchIndices( ) method      
ArrayUtilities.max( )      
ArrayUtilities.min( )      
ascb.drawing.Pen class      
ascb.filters.ColorMatrixArrays.getSaturationArray( ) method      
ascb.play package      
ascb.util package      
ascb.util package, NumberFormat class, using      
ascb.util package, NumberUtiltites class and      
ascb.util.DateFormat class      
ascb.util.DateFormat.formatMilliseconds( ) method      
ascb.util.DateFormat.formatSeconds( ) method      
ascb.util.DisplayObjectUtilities class      
ascb.util.StringUtilities.trim( ) method      
ASCII, converting to Unicode      
ASCII, Socket objects and      
assignment operators      2nd
assignment operators, equality operators, differences and      
associative arrays      
associative arrays, creating      
asterisks (*)      
asterisks (*), in password input fields      
asterisks (*), loading data from external sources and      
asterisks (*), regular expression metacharacters      
asterisks (*), regular expression metacharacters, nongreedy patterns      
asterisks (*), URL-encoded escape sequence for      
at sign (@)      
at sign (@), adding attributes to XML elements      
at sign (@), reading XML attributes      
attachMovie( ) method      2nd
attachNetStream( ) method      
attributes (XML)      
attributes (XML), adding to XML elements      
attributes (XML), nested nodes and      
attributes (XML), reading      
attributes (XML), removing      
attributes( ) method      
audio capabilities, detecting      
AutoSize property      
AVM (ActionScript Virtual Machine)      
backgroundColor property      
backslash (\\)      
backslash (\\), escaping quotes and apostrophes      
backslash (\\), pattern matching      
backslash (\\), regular expressions      
backspace (\\b) character      
bar (|) as a regular expression metacharacter      
bases, representing different      
baseX parameter (perlinNoise( ) method)      
baseY parameter (perlinNoise( ) method)      
beginBitmapFill( ) method      
beginBitmapFill( ) method, solid/translucent colors, filling shapes      
beginFill( ) method      2nd
beginGradientFill( ) method      
beginGradientFill( ) method, lines styles, setting      
beginGradientFill( ) method, solid/translucent colors, filling shapes      
beginGradientFill( ) method, triangles, drawing      
BevelFilter class      
Bezier curves      2nd
bin folder, creating projects and      
binary bases      
Bitmap class      
bitmap parameterj for Graphics.beginBitmapFill( ) method      
BitmapData class      2nd
bitmapData property      
BitmapDataChannel class      2nd
bitmaps, channels, copying      
bitmaps, copying pixels      
bitmaps, dissolving between two      
bitmaps, external images, loading      
bitmaps, filling shapes with      
bitmaps, filters, applying to      
bitmaps, flood fills, creating      
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