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Beauchemin B., Sullivan D. — A Developer's Guide to SQL Server 2005
Beauchemin B., Sullivan D. — A Developer's Guide to SQL Server 2005

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Название: A Developer's Guide to SQL Server 2005

Авторы: Beauchemin B., Sullivan D.


Few technologies have been as eagerly anticipated as Microsoft SQL Server 2005. Now, two SQL Server insiders deliver the definitive hands-on guide—accurate, comprehensive, and packed with examples. ADeveloper's Guide to SQL Server 2005 starts where Microsoft's documentation, white papers, and Web articles leave off, showing developers how to take full advantage of SQL Server 2005's key innovations. It draws on exceptional cooperation from Microsoft's SQL Server developers and the authors' extensive access to SQL Server 2005 since its earliest alpha releases.
You'll find practical explanations of the new SQL Server 2005 data model, built-in .NET hosting, improved programmability, SQL: 1999 compliance, and much more. Virtually every key concept is illuminated via sample code that has been fully updated for and tested with the shipping version of the product.
Key coverage includes
• Using SQL Server 2005 as a .NET runtime host: extending the server while enhancing security, reliability, and performance
• Writing procedures, functions, triggers, and types in .NET languages
• Exploiting enhancements to T-SQL for robust error-handling, efficient queries, and improved syntax
• Effectively using the XML data type and XML queries
• Implementing native SQL Server 2005 Web Services
• Writing efficient, robust clients for SQL Server 2005 using ADO.NET, classic ADO, and other APIs
• Taking full advantage of user-defined types (UDTs), query notifications, promotable transactions, and multiple active result sets (MARS)
• Using SQL Management Objects (SMO), SQL Service Broker, and SQL Server Notification Services to build integrated applications

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Рубрика: Руководства по программному обеспечению/

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Год издания: 2006

Количество страниц: 1088

Добавлена в каталог: 23.10.2006

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Предметный указатель
.err extension      
.NET Framework 2nd      
.NET Framework, assemblies in      
.NET Framework, CLR      [See CLR (Common Language Runtime) languages.]
.NET Framework, members in      
.NET Framework, memory management in      
.NET Framework, modules in      
.NET Framework, runtime hosting      
.NET Framework, security for      
.NET Framework, SQL Server affected by      
.NET Framework, UDTs      
.NET Framework, UDTs in ADO.NET      
.NET Framework, UDTs in ODBC, OLE DB, and ADO      
.sqlplan extension 2nd      
1999 Standard      
<Application> section      
<Arguments> node
<ChronicleRule> node
<DeliveryChannels> node
<EventRules> node 2nd
<Generator> node 2nd
<HostedProvider> node
<import> statement
<Interval> element      
<NonHostedProvider> node
<NotificationClass> node
<NotificationClasses> node 2nd
<Parameter> node
<ParameterDefaults> node
<Protocol> node 2nd
<Protocols> node
<Providers> node
<Schedule> node
<StartTime> element
<Version> node
@@ERROR variable 2nd      
Abort method      
AbstractCollectionBase property      
Access control lists (ACLs)      
Access modifiers      
Access, client      
Access, in-process      [See In-process data access.]
Access, security for      
Access, tracing      [See Tracing data access.]
Accessors in XQuery      
Account Lockout Duration setting      
Account Lockout policies      
Account Lockout Threshold setting      
Accumulate method 2nd      
ACID properties in transactions 2nd 3rd      
ACLs (access control lists)      
Activation in service programs      
Active Directory Users and Computers tool      
Activity Monitor      
Add Database Reference dialog box      
Add Reference dialog box      
Add Reference dialog box for SMO projects      
Add Reference dialog box for Visual Studio      
Add Table dialog box      
Add Web Reference wizard      
Add Web Reference wizard for Visual Studio 2nd 3rd      
Add Web Reference wizard for Webmethods      
Add Web Reference wizard for WSDL 2nd 3rd      
Addition in LDim      
Addition in SqlTypes      
ADDRESS data type      
ADDRESS option for routes      
ADDR_TAB data type      
AddSubscriber method      
AddSubscriberDevice method      
AddSubscription method      
AddUser function      
ADFs (application definition files)      
Adjacent Broker Protocol 2nd      
ADO for XDR schemas      
ADO vs. SMO      
ADO, UDTs in      
ADO, XML data type in      
ADO.NET API, best practices      
ADO.NET API, multiple active resultsets in      
ADO.NET API, SqlClient in      [See SqlClient.]
ADO.NET API, UDTs in      
ADO.NET API, XML data type in      
Advanced Data Tablegrams (ADTG)      
after keyword      
Aggregate functions      
Aggregate functions in XQuery      
Aggregate functions user-defined      
Aggregate functions user-defined, best practices      
Aggregate functions user-defined, creating      
Aggregate functions user-defined, implementing      
Aggregate functions with PIVOT      
Aggregate method      
Aggregate partitions      
Alerts provider      
Alias types      
AllowPartiallyTrustedCallers attribute      
ALTER ASSEMBLY statement 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th      
ALTER CERTIFICATE statement      
ALTER DATABASE statement      
ALTER ENDPOINT statement 2nd 3rd 4th      
ALTER LOGIN statement 2nd      
Alter method      
ALTER QUEUE statement 2nd 3rd      
ALTER ROUTE statement      
ALTER TRACE permission      
ALTER TRIGGER statement      
AlterImpl method      
Analysis Services event provider      
Anchors in recursive queries      
ANSI SQL standard compliance for XML      
ANY direction for contracts      
AppDomains, loading      
AppDomains, protection by      
AppDomains, threads in 2nd      
AppDomains, unloading      
AppendToFile option      
Application definition files (ADFs)      
Application roles      
ApplicationDefinitionFilePath entry 2nd      
ApplicationDefinitionFileSchema.xsd schema 2nd      
ApplicationName entry      
Applications, critical      
Applications, hosting      [See Hosting.]
Applications, messaging      
Applications, service-oriented      [See Service-oriented database applications.]
APPLY operators      
Array data type      
ArrayList class      
as first keywords      
AS HTTP clause 2nd 3rd 4th      
as last keywords      
AS TCP clause      
ASIN function      
ASP.NET, for notifications 2nd      
ASP.NET, for streams      
ASP.NET, for Webmethods      
ASP.NET, SqlCacheDependency class in      
Assemblies, altering      
Assemblies, AppDomains for      
Assemblies, code access security for      
Assemblies, dependencies in      
Assemblies, dropping      
Assemblies, loading      
Assemblies, ownership of      
Assemblies, permissions for 2nd      
Assemblies, runtime hosting for      
Assemblies, SGen for      
Assemblies, SMO 2nd      
Assemblies, storing      
Assembly language      
AssemblyInfo.cs module      
AssemblyName property      
Asymmetric keys 2nd 3rd      
Asynchronous messages      
Asynchronous support in ADO.NET      
ATLTRACE macro      
Atomic values in XQuery      
Atomicity in ACID properties 2nd      
Attach to Process dialog box      
Attribute-centric mapping in XML      
Attributes dangerous      
Attributes for stored procedures      
Attributes for UDTs      
Attributes in complex types      
Attributes in Visual Studio      
Attributes in XML 2nd      
Attributes in XQuery 2nd      
Audit object      
AUTHENTICATE privilege      
Authentication for SMO connections      
Authentication for Web services      
Authentication in security process      
AUTHORIZATION parameter      
AUTO mode for XML      
AutoCreatedLocal route      
AutoDisconnectMode property      
Automatic operations      
Automatic operations, SMO connections      
Automatic operations, Visual Studio deployment      
Autonomous transactions      
AVG function 2nd 3rd      
Axes in XQuery      
BackgroundWorker class      
Backup object model      
BadInsert stored procedure      
Base class libraries (BCLs)      
Base class libraries (BCLs) in exceptional handling      
Base class libraries (BCLs), loading      
Base classes in ADO.NET      
BaseDirectoryPath entry      
Basic authentication      
Batch processing      
Batch processing in Service Broker      
Batch processing in SQL      
Batch processing, batch-enabled Web Services      
BatchCommands element      
BCLs (base class libraries)      
BCLs (base class libraries) in exceptional handling      
BCLs (base class libraries), loading      
BCP utility      
before keyword      
BEGIN CATCH statement 2nd      
BEGIN DIALOG CONVERSATION statement for broker instances      
BEGIN DIALOG CONVERSATION statement for conversation groups      
BEGIN DIALOG CONVERSATION statement for endpoints      
BEGIN DIALOG CONVERSATION statement for lifetime      
BEGIN DIALOG CONVERSATION statement, contracts in      
BEGIN DIALOG CONVERSATION statement, formats in      
BEGIN TRANSACTION statement 2nd      
BEGIN TRY phrase      
BeginCriticalRegion method      
BeginExecuteReader method      
BeginTransaction method      
Behaviors for types      
Best practices      
Best practices, service-oriented database applications      
Best practices, transactions      
Best practices, XML DML      
BINARY data type with XML 2nd 3rd      
Binary representation      
Binary representation byte order in      
Binary representation IBinarySerialize      
Binary representation in LDim data type      
Binary representation of dates      
Binding problems      
Bit data type      
BizTalk program      
BLOB data type      
Blocking points in thread scheduling      
Bodies in XQuery      
BOOLEAN data type      
BOOLEAN data type for XQuery functions      
BOOLEAN data type, inclusion of      
Broker instances      
Broker_Queue_Disabled event      
Buffer pools      
Bulk import in SqlClient      
BULK INSERT statement 2nd 3rd 4th      
Bulk load      
Bulk load in SQLXML 2nd      
Bulk load in XML      
BULK Provider      
Business Intelligence Development Studio      
Business transactions      
Business transactions message types in 2nd      
Business transactions service programs      
Business transactions, compensation in      
Business transactions, contracts in      
Business transactions, conversation groups in      
Business transactions, conversations in      
Business transactions, distribution in      
Business transactions, poison messages in      
Business transactions, processing loops in      
Business transactions, send types in      
Byte ordering 2nd      
C# language, null values in      
Cache class 2nd 3rd      
Cached execution plans      
CacheDependency class      
Caches, DataSet      
Caches, dispatching notifications to      
CalculateCipherLen function      
Cancel method      
CapturedSql property      
Cartesian products 2nd      
Case-sensitivity in CLR      
Case-sensitivity in XQuery      
CAST operator      
CAST operator for UDTs      
CAST operator in SqlTypes 2nd      
CAST operator in XML 2nd      
Casting functions in XQuery      
Categories, metadata      
Categories, security      
Ceiling function      
Certificates 2nd      
Certificates in code signing      
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