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Mangano S. — XSLT Cookbook
Mangano S. — XSLT Cookbook

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Название: XSLT Cookbook

Автор: Mangano S.


The XSLT Cookbook is a collection of hundreds of solutions to problems that Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations (XSLT) developers regularly face. The recipes range from simple string-manipulation and mathematical processing to more complex topics like extending XSLT, testing and debugging XSLT stylesheets, and graphics creation with SVG. Among the variety of XSLT books now available, none has the explicit solution-oriented approach of this Cookbook.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

ed2k: ed2k stats

Год издания: 2002

Количество страниц: 670

Добавлена в каталог: 02.08.2006

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Предметный указатель
$count keyword      
&#A0; (nonbreaking space) characters
@name attribute      
Absolute day numbers      
Absolute day numbers, calculating      
Absolute day numbers, finding kth day before specific absolute days      
Absolute day numbers, Hebrew dates, converting to      
Absolute day numbers, ISO dates, converting to      
Absolute day numbers, Julian day numbers, versus      
absolute hyperlinks      
absolute value, calculating      
adding Java extensions      
addition, batching      
addition, divide and conquer      
algorithms, generic      
algorithms, sorting      
algorithms, Topic Maps      
algorithms, tree diagrams      
aligning labels      
AnsweringMachineState class      
Antenna House XSL Formatter      
API (Application Programing Interface)      
applications, debugging      2nd
applications, Java      
applications, repositories      
applications, reusable SVG generation utilities      
applying stylesheets to templates      
Arabic characters, number formatting      
architecture, service-based enterprise      
architecture, Topic Maps      
arcs, drawing      
associations      [See also relationships]
associations, dependency      
associations, UML      2nd
attributes, @name      
attributes, converting to elements      
attributes, disable-output-escaping      
attributes, extension-element-prefixes      
attributes, processing      
attributes, renaming      
attributes, styling sets with      
attributes, xmi.id      
attributes, xmi.idref      
authoring Topic Maps      
automation, code generation      
automation, debug output      
averages, calculating      
axes, templates      
axes, X and Y      
bar charts, creating      
BarStyle template      
base classes, CkBkTemplParam      
base conversions      
base name models      
baseName stereotype      
Bezier curves      
binary messages, rendering      
Binary trees      
bindings, encoding      
bindings, names      
bindings, ports      
bit masks      
bits, testing      
boilerplate, SVG      
boundary conditions, testing      
building service-based enterprise architecture      
calendars, Hebrew      
calendars, Islamic      
calendars, ISO      
calendars, Julian      
calendars, last day of the month, calculating      2nd 3rd
capturing nodes      
case (of characters), changing      
CGI (Common Gateway Interface)      
CGI, building architecture      
CGI, test data entry      
characters, Arabic number formatting      
characters, case, changing      
characters, counting number of occurrences in a string      
characters, removing from strings      
charts, bar      
charts, pie      
charts, reusable SVG generation utilities      
CkBkTemplParam base class      
classes, AnsweringMachineState      
classes, CkBkTemlParam      
classes, data wrappers      
classes, Graphics2D      
classes, java.awt.FontMetrics      
classes, programming language      
classes, TextLayout      
classes, topics      
classes, UML      
classes, XslForEach      
client-side XSLT processing with frames      
clients, test data entry tools      
code, embedding      
code, generating      
code, generic      
code, inline script      
code, packaging tests      
code, stub      
code, switching      
code, XslText.java      
Cogitative Topic Maps Web Site (CTW)      
colors, customizing      
columnar reports, creating      
columnar reports, creating, column major mappings      
columnar reports, creating, row major mappings      
Columns      2nd [See also Excel]
columns, major mappings      
combinatorial functions      
Comma Separated Values      [See CSV]
comments, debugging      
Common Gateway Interface      [See CGI]
compressing files      
computing sums of polymorphic functions      
concat( ) function      
conditional imports      
conditional includes      
conditions, testing      
constants, generating      
contains( ) function      
context-sensitive variables      
conventions, naming      
conventions, topic mapping in UML      
converting, messages      
converting, VDX into SVG      
converting, XMI      
Converting, XML      
converting, XML to text      [See text output]
cpp file      
CSV (Comma Separated Values) files, creating      
CSV (Comma Separated Values) files, creating, from arbitrary mappings      
CSV (Comma Separated Values) files, creating, from flat attribute-encoded elements      
CSV (Comma Separated Values) files, creating, from flat element-encoded elements      
CTW (Cogitative Topic Maps Web Site)      
curves, Bezier      
customizing, colors      
customizing, Java extensions      
customizing, line styles      
data wrappers, creating      
data-driven stylesheets      
databases, interacting with      
date-and-time functions      2nd
date-and-time functions, Absolute day numbers, calculating      
date-and-time functions, converting numerical values for days and months to symbolic values      
date-and-time functions, daylight saving time, calculating      
date-and-time functions, days of the week, calculating      
date-and-time functions, finding kth day before specific absolute days      
date-and-time functions, formatting dates and times      
date-and-time functions, Hebrew calendar      
date-and-time functions, Hebrew calendar, converting Hebrew dates to Absolute day numbers      
date-and-time functions, Hebrew calendar, Heshvan and Kislev, determining length      
date-and-time functions, Hebrew calendar, new year, calculating      
date-and-time functions, Hebrew calendar, number of days in year, calculating      
date-and-time functions, holidays, determining      
date-and-time functions, Islamic calendar      
date-and-time functions, Islamic calendar, converting Islamic dates to Absolute day numbers      
date-and-time functions, ISO calendar      
date-and-time functions, Julian calendar      
date-and-time functions, Julian day numbers      
date-and-time functions, Julian day numbers, calculating      
date-and-time functions, Julian day numbers, converting to Absolute days      
date-and-time functions, Julian day numbers, converting to Gregorian date      
date-and-time functions, last day of the month, calculating      2nd 3rd
date-and-time functions, number of days between two dates, calculating      
date-and-time functions, week number, calculating      
daylight saving time, calculating      
days of the week, calculating      
debugging, applications      2nd
debugging, assertions      
debugging, comments      
debugging, stylesheets      
debugging, xsl\:message      
declarations, operations      
deepening XML hierarchies      
defining, constants      
defining, template tags      
delimited data, converting to      
dependency associations      
detecting executed messages      
diagrams, trees      
diagrams, Visio      
disable-output-escaping attribute      
Divide and conquer      2nd 3rd
DocBook      2nd
Documents      [See also XML]
documents, adding structure      
documents, adding structure, based on existing data      
documents, adding structure, correcting poor design      
documents, embedding stylesheets      
documents, hyperlinked      
documents, merging      
documents, merging, into container documents      
documents, merging, merging elements      
documents, merging, more than two documents      
documents, merging, removing duplicate entries      
documents, merging, weaving documents      
documents, merging, with identical schema      
documents, merging, with unlike schema      
documents, SOAP      
documents, splitting      
documents, spreadsheets      [See spreadsheets]
documents, stylesheets      
documents, styling      
documents, traversal      [See traversals]
documents, Visio      2nd
documents, XML      
drawing arcs      
duplicating strings      
elements, converting to attributes      
elements, encoding      
elements, Geom      
elements, Java extensions      
elements, joins      
elements, merging      
elements, renaming      
elements, Saxon extensions      
elements, Saxon StyleElement method      
elements, ss\:Worksheet      
elements, svgElement      
elements, web sites      
elements, Xalan Java 2      
elements, xslx\:templtext      
elements, xsl\:include      
embedding, code      
embedding, unit test data      
emulating loops      
enabling XPaths      
encoding, bindings      
encoding, elements      
endpoints, services      
error conditions, testing      
escapes, disable-output-escaping attribute      
escapes, state machines      
European money format      
evaluating XPath expressions      
events, style      
Excel, exporting data to XML      
Excel, importing      
execution, JavaScript      
execution, templates      
exporting, as delimited data      
exporting, Excel data to XML      
expr%delimit behavior      
expressions, XPath      2nd
EXSLT, set operations on nodes      
EXSLT, string functions      
extension-element-prefixes attribute      
extensions, functions      
extensions, Java      
extensions, Java, customizing      
extensions, Java, elements      
extensions, Saxon      2nd
extensions, scripting      
extensions, Xalan Java 2      
factorial, calculating      
fields, test data entry web client      
files, constants      
files, cpp      
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