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Smith I.M., Griffiths D.V. Ч Programming the finite element method
Smith I.M., Griffiths D.V. Ч Programming the finite element method

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Ќазвание: Programming the finite element method

јвторы: Smith I.M., Griffiths D.V.


This title demonstrates how to develop computer programmes which solve specific engineering problems using the finite element method. It enables students, scientists and engineers to assemble their own computer programmes to produce numerical results to solve these problems. The first three editions of Programming the Finite Element Method established themselves as an authority in this area.† This fully revised 4th edition includes completely rewritten programmes with a unique description and list of parallel versions of programmes in Fortran 90.† The Fortran programmes and subroutines described in the text will be made available on the Internet via anonymous ftp, further adding to the value of this title.†

язык: en

–убрика: Computer science/

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»здание: 4-е издание

√од издани€: 2004

 оличество страниц: 646

ƒобавлена в каталог: 17.11.2013

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ѕредметный указатель
Advection terms      49Ч50
Ahmad, S.      108
Analysis, axially loaded elastic rods ID      110Ч116
Analysis, Biot poro-elastic solid 3D      551Ч555
Analysis, elastic beams      122Ч128
Analysis, elastic pin-jointed frames      116Ч122
Analysis, elastic rigid-jointed frames      128Ч135
Analysis, elastic solid 3D      190Ч195
Analysis, elasto-plastic (Mohr Ч Coulomb) solid      526Ч532
Analysis, plane free-surface flow      332Ч340
Analysis, plane steady state Navier Ч Stokes equation      404Ч411
Analysis, plane steady state Navier Ч Stokes equation (element-by-element solution)      411Ч416
Analysis, plates using 4-node rectangular plate elements      148Ч152
Analysis, steady seepage ID      320Ч324
Applications software      5Ч9
Arrays      9Ч17
Arrays, computation functions      12
arrays, dynamic arrays      9Ч10
Arrays, inspection functions      12
Arrays, intrinsic procedures      12Ч13
Arrays, sections referencing      11
Arrays, whole-array manipulations      11Ч12
Aspect ratio      35
Assembly subroutines      72t 90f 90t
Axisymmetric analysis, non-rectangular elements      331
Axisymmetric elastic solids, non-axisymmetric analysis      184Ч190
Axisymmetric elements (2D)      578 579 580
Axisymmetric foundation analysis      180
Axisymmetric strain      36Ч38
Axisymmetric strain, degrees of freedom      88
Axisymmetric strain, elastic-plastic solid "undrained"      295Ч300
Axisymmetric strain, of elastic solids      77Ч78
Axisymmetric stress      36Ч38
Backward Euler method      263Ч264 265
Bai, Z.      67 68 106
bandred (main library)      71 595
bandwidth (main library)      595
Bandwidth optimisers      173
banmul (main library)      595
bantmul (main library)      595
Bathe, K.J.      43 52 63 72 106 468 507
bcast_inputdata_p??? (parallel library)      609
Beam analysis, nodal loading      124
Beam elements, mass matrix      27
Beam elements, node and freedom numbering      124f
Beam elements, slender      25
Beam elements, stiffness matrix      25Ч27 123
Beam geometric matrix      28
Beam-column elements      27
Beam-rod elements, node and freedom numbering (2D)      131f
Beam-rod elements, node and freedom numbering (3D)      134f
Beam-rod elements, stiffness matrix      129
Beams on elastic foundations      29
Beams with axial forces      28Ч29
Beams, 2-node beams      583
beam_ge (main library)      596
beam_km (main library)      596
beam_mm (main library)      596
bee8 (main library)      60 596
beemat (main library)      173 596
Bending moment      126
Bent plate, strain energy      40
Beowulf PC cluster, performance data      569Ч570
Berg, P.N.      49 52
BiCGStab (Stabilised bi-conjugate gradient)      66
BiCGStab(1) (Stabilised hybrid bi-conjugate gradient)      66 67 98 403 414
Biot poro-elastic solids, 3D analysis      551Ч555
Biot poro-elastic solids, plane strain consolidation analysis (absolute load version)      430Ч434
Biot poro-elastic solids, plane strain consolidation analysis (incremental version)      416Ч423
Biot poro-elastic-plastic materials, plane strain consolidation analysis      424Ч430
Biot's equations for coupled consolidation      67
Biot's theory of coupled solid-fluid interaction      50
Biot, M.A.      52 419 440
biot_cube_bc20 (parallel library)      609
biot_loading (parallel library)      609
bisect (bandred) (main library)      71 596
Bishop, A.W.      253 316
Black box routines      71Ч72 91 595Ч604
BLAS (Basic Linear Algebra) libraries      4Ч5
bmat_nonaxi (main library)      596
Body loads vector      257
Body loads, generation of      230Ч231
boundary conditions      68Ч70
Boundary conditions, fixed potential      328
Boundary conditions, free surface flow      334f
Boundary conditions, problem-specific routines      513Ч516
box_bc8 (parallel library)      610
Brick element (20-node), stiffness matrix      83
broadcasting      10
Buckling load      146 147 148f
Butress, domain compositions      518f 519
calc_nels_pp (parallel library)      610
calc_neq_pp (parallel library)      610
Cardoso, J.P.      60 106
Carslaw, H.S.      368 385 402
Cartesian stress tensor      226
Chan, S.H.      67 106
Chang, C.Y.      225 317
Character variables, glossary      436
checon (main library)      335 596
checon_par (parallel library)      610
Cholesky factorisation      92 93
Chopra, A.K.      446 464
Coefficient of consolidation      361
Compilers      5
computer strategies      1Ч19
Conductivity matrix, numerical integration      78
Conjugate gradient method      64Ч65
Consistent mass approximations      93
Consistent tangent matrix      265
Consolidation analysis (ID) 2-node "line" elements      358Ч363
Consolidation equation, general 2-(plane) or 3D analysis      382Ч385
Consolidation equation, plane or axisymmetric analysis      375Ч378
Constant stiffness iterations      223 224f 239 246
Constructors      10
contour (main library)      326 365 383 596
Contour map, excess pore pressure      368 369f
Contour map, nodal potential      328 329f
Convergence criterion      266
Cook, R.D.      21 52 445 464
Cormeau, I.C.      231 232 316 317
Coupled Navier Ч Stokes problems, solution of      96Ч98
Coupled problems      403Ч440
Coupled problems, exercises      439Ч440
Coupled problems, glossary      435Ч439
Coupled problems, programs      404Ч434
Coupled solid-fluid problems (3D), degrees of freedom per node      88
Coupled transient problems, solution of      98Ч100
Crank Ч Nicolson method of time integration      94 104Ч105 362 469 481
cross_product (main library)      71 79 597
cube_bc20 (parallel library)      610
Cuthill, E.      173 222
Dams, embankment free surface analysis configuration and mesh      338f
Dams, flow of water through      334Ч337
Dams, sloping sides      338
Dams, vertical face dam analysis      337f
Dams, vertical-sided      335
Davis, E.H.      176 222
deemat (main library)      597
Demmel, J.      106
determinant (main library)      71 597
Deviator stress      300
Diakoptics      518
Diffusion equation      47
Diffusion-convection equation      47
Diffusion-convection equation, plane analysis (self-adjoint transformation)      386Ч391
Diffusion-convection equation, plane analysis (untransformed solution)      391Ч396
Dijkstra, E.W.      16 18
Dilation angle      293
Direct Newmark method      468
dismsh (main library)      597
Displacement vectors      242Ч243 253 259 260f 282 283f 292f 293
Distributed arrays, _pp appendage      512
Distributed memory systems      4
Dobbins, W.E.      391 402
Domain composition, parallel and serial programs      517Ч519
Dongarra, J.      106
Dongarra, J.J.      5 18
Duncan, J.M.      225 317
Dupuit formula      338
Dynamic character arrays, glossary      505
Dynamic integer arrays, glossary      154 213Ч214 312 349Ч350 397 437 461 504 573
Dynamic real arrays, glossary      154Ч155 214 312Ч313 350 397Ч398 437Ч439 461Ч462 504Ч505 573Ч576
ecmat (main library)      482 597
Effective stress      419
Eigenvalue analysis of an elastic solid, using 4- or 8-node rectangular quadrilaterals      446Ч452
Eigenvalue analysis of an elastic solid, using 4-node rectangular quadrilaterals (consistent mass)      452Ч457
Eigenvalue analysis of an elastic solid, using 4-node rectangular quadrilaterals (lumped mass)      457Ч459
Eigenvalue analysis, 3D elastic solids      556Ч560
Eigenvalue analysis, elastic beams      442Ч446
Eigenvalue equation      25
eigenvalue problems      43 52 64 441Ч464
Eigenvalue problems, exercises      462Ч464
Eigenvalue problems, glossary      459Ч462
Eigenvalue problems, programs      442Ч459
Eigenvalues, evaluation of      91Ч93
Eigenvectors, evaluation of      91Ч93
Elastic beams, analysis      122Ч128
Elastic beams, eigenvalue analysis      442Ч446
Elastic beams, forced vibration analysis      466Ч472
Elastic beams, stability analysis      145Ч148
Elastic cubes, analysis      524
Elastic pin-jointed frames analysis      116Ч122
Elastic rigid-jointed frames analysis      128Ч135
Elastic rod element stiffness matrix      112
Elastic rods, 1D analysis      110Ч116
Elastic solid in plane strain, eigenvalue analysis      446Ч452
Elastic solid in plane strain, eigenvalue analysis (consistent mass)      452Ч457
Elastic solid in plane strain, eigenvalue analysis (lumped mass)      457Ч459
Elastic solid in plane strain, forced vibration analysis      472Ч477 487Ч491
Elastic solid in plane strain, forced vibration analysis (theta method)      478Ч483 492Ч496
Elastic solid in plane strain, forced vibration analysis (Wilson's method)      483Ч487
Elastic solids, 2-(plane strain) or 3D analysis      195Ч204
Elastic solids, 3D analysis      190Ч195
Elastic solids, 3D strain      204Ч209
Elastic solids, axisymmetric strain      77Ч78
Elastic solids, eigenvalue analysis      556Ч560
Elastic solids, element stiffness      83
Elastic solids, forced vibration analysis      561Ч565
Elastic solids, plane or axisymmetric strain analysis      166Ч183
Elastic stress-strain matrix (3D)      40
Elastic-perfectly plastic stress-strain law      226f
Elastic-plastic (von Mises) solid in plane strain, forced vibration analysis      496Ч502
Elastic-plastic embankments, plane strain construction      276Ч283
Elastic-plastic excavation, plane strain construction      286Ч293
Elastic-plastic materials, plane strain bearing capacity analysis      243Ч247 266Ч271
Elastic-plastic materials, plane strain bearing capacity analysis (no global stiffness matrix assembly)      271Ч275
Elastic-plastic materials, plane strain bearing capacity analysis (viscoplastic strain method)      235Ч243
Elastic-plastic materials, plane strain earth pressure analysis      253Ч260
Elastic-plastic materials, plane strain slope stability analysis      248Ч253
Elastic-plastic slopes, 3D strain analysis      300Ч305
Elastic-plastic slopes, viscoplastic strain method analysis      305Ч309
Elastic-plastic solids, axisymmetric "undrained" strain      295Ч300
Elasto-plastic (Mohr Ч Coulomb) solid 3D analysis      526Ч532
Elasto-plastic rate integration      260Ч264
Elasto-plastic solids (3D), forced vibration analysis      565Ч569
Element assembly technique      266
Element conductivity matrix      319 328 334Ч335
Element local coordinate systems      135f
Element matrix assembly, structure chart      73
Element node numbering, shape functions and      583Ч589
Element stiffness matrix      43 129 150 328
Element stiffness, derivation      30Ч31
Element stiffness, integration and assembly      173
Element strain energy      35
Element-by-element techniques      64Ч68
Element-mass matrix      43 123
Elements, 1D elements      583
Elements, 2D elements      32Ч35 79Ч81 584
Elements, 3D elements      81Ч86 581 587
Elements, 4-node tetrahedron      85 197
Elements, 8-node brick-shaped      39
Elements, assembly of      86Ч91
Elements, cuboidal      81Ч83
Elements, multi-element assemblies      62Ч64
Elements, plate-bending      40Ч43
Elements, plate-bending elements      40Ч43
elmat (subroutines)      448
Embanking process      276Ч283
emb_2d_bc (geom library)      251 605
emb_2d_geom (geom library)      251 605
emb_3d_bc (geom library)      302 605
emb_3d_geom (geom library)      302 606
Energy, elastic plane elements      35
Equation solution subroutines      91t
Equilibrium equations      49
Equilibrium equations, solution of      91
Equivalent nodal loads      577Ч581
Ergatoudis, J.      57 58 106 108
Excavations      283Ч293
Excavations, forces formulation      284f
Excavations, vertical cuts      289
exc_nods (main library)      291 597
Exercises, coupled problems      439Ч440
Exercises, eigenvalue problems      462Ч464
Exercises, forced vibrations      506Ч507
Exercises, material non-linearity      314Ч316
Exercises, static equilibrium of linear elastic solids      214Ч222
Exercises, static equilibrium of structures      155Ч164
Exercises, steady state flow      350Ч355
Exercises, transient problems (uncoupled)      398Ч402
Failure criteria      228Ч230
Failure function, calculation      257
Failure surfaces, corners on      234Ч260
Farraday, R.V.      402
find_g (parallel library)      610
find_g3 (parallel library)      610
find_g4 (parallel library)      610
find_pe_procs (parallel library)      610
Finite element analysis, parallel processing      509Ч576
Finite element computations      55Ч108
Finite element mesh, 8-node quadrilaterals      10 11f
Finite elements, element stiffness matrix      59
Finite elements, spatial discretisation      21Ч53
Finlayson, B.A.      23 52
First order time dependent problems, solution of      93Ч96
Fix, G.J.      21 53
fkdiag (main library)      597
Flexural stiffness      127
Flow equations, simplified      46Ч50
Flow of fluids, Navier Ч Stokes equations      43Ч46
Fluid elements, stiffness/conductivity matrix      78
Fluid flow, mass matrix      83
Fluids, flow of      43Ч46
fmacat (main library)      597
fmcoem (geom library)      280 606
fmdsig (subroutine)      75
fmglem (geom library)      280 606
fmkdke (main library)      433 598
fmplat (main library)      598
fmrmat (main library)      598
Fokkema, D.R.      107
Forced vibration analysis of elastic solids, using 4- or 8-node rectangular quadrilaterals      472Ч477
Forced vibration analysis of elastic solids, using 4-node rectangular quadrilaterals      487Ч491
Forced vibration analysis of elastic solids, using 8-node rectangular quadrilaterals (theta method)      478Ч483 492Ч496
Forced vibration analysis of elastic solids, using 8-node rectangular quadrilaterals (Wilson's method)      483Ч487
Forced vibration analysis, 3D elastic solids      561Ч565
Forced vibration analysis, 3D elasto-plastic solids      565Ч569
Forced vibration analysis, elastic beams      466Ч472
Forced vibration analysis, elastic-plastic solids      496Ч502
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