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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
140925 Bjørner D. Domains as a Prerequisite for Requirements and Software Domain Perspectives and Facets, Requirements Aspects and Software Views 1998ХХ
25116 Roffe D. Domesday: The Inquest and the Book 2000ХХ
64899 Mattoo A. (ed.), Sauvé P. (ed.) Domestic Regulation and Service Trade Liberalization 2003ХХ
151785 Gooday G. Domesticating Electricity: Technology, Uncertainty and Gender 1880 - 1914 2008ХХ
131186 Berker T., Hartmann M., Punie Y. Domestication of Media and Technology 2005ХХ
131665 Adas M. Dominance by Design: Technological Imperatives and America's Civilizing Mission 2006ХХ
130681 Haynes T., Hedetniemi S., Slater P. Domination in graphs 1998 ХХХ
156133 Haynes T., Hedetniemi S., Slater P. Domination in Graphs: Volume 2: Advanced Topics 1998ХХ
78800 Long J. Dominator B-32 Bomber n/aХХ
22372  ирклэнд P. Domino 5 & 6. јдминистрирование сервера 2003ХХ
189737 0 Domino Designer 5 - Programmers guide - Java Script 1999ХХ
23884 Granneman S. Don't Click on the Blue E! 2005ХХ
23332 Wright S. Don't Get Burned on eBay 2006ХХ
28908 Krug S., Black R. Don't Make Me Think! A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability 2000 ХХХ
13261 Johnson L., Learned A. Don't Think Pink: What Really Makes Women Buy: and How to Increase Your Share of This Crucial Market 2004ХХ
156351 Mochizuki T. Donaldson Type Invariants for Algebraic Surfaces: Transition of Moduli Stacks 2009ХХ
148036 Mochizuki T. Donaldson Type Invariants for Algebraic Surfaces: Transition of Moduli Stacks (Lecture Notes in Mathematics, 1972) 2009ХХ
23885 Borba M. (ed.) DonТt Give Me That Attitude! 2004ХХ
23886 Rinke W.J. DonТt Oil the Squeaky Wheel and 19 Other Contrarian Ways to Improve Your Leadership Effectiveness 2004ХХ
141456 Kapur S., Lecrubier Y. Dopamine in the Pathophysiology and Treatment of Schizophrenia: New Findings 2003 ХХХ
184934 Kabbani N. Dopamine: Methods and Protocols 2013ХХ
147864 Ali I., Bonanni P.G. Doppler Applications in LEO Satellite Communication Systems 2001ХХ
62618 Marsh T.R. Doppler Tomography 2001ХХ
155312 Wills D. Dorsality: Thinking Back through Technology and Politics (Posthumanities) 2008ХХ
142956 Lake T. Dosage Calculations for Veterinary Nurses and Technicians 2004ХХ
47600 Krishna R. Dose Optimization in Drug Development, Vol. 161 2006ХХ
148242 Poston J. Dosimetry n/aХХ
143656 Morin R. Dossier,processes,FreeBSD 2002ХХ
27133 Bornstein N.M. DOT NET & XML 2003ХХ
58942 Cassidy J. Dot.Con: The Greatest Story Ever Sold 2002ХХ
25366 Young L., Willhite S., Paterra Ch. DotNetNuke For Dummies 2007ХХ
2177 Cherednik I. Double Affine Hecke Algebras 2004ХХ
166108 Cherednik I. Double affine Hecke algebras 2005ХХ
189964 Cherednik I. Double Affine Hecke Algebras (London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series) 2005ХХ
38072 Barutello V., Terracini S. Double choreographical solutions for n-body type problems 2006ХХ
16102 Blau W. Double Smoothed-Stochastics n/aХХ
38165 Nolasco M., Tarantello G. Double vortex condensates in the Chern-Simons-Higgs theory n/aХХ
56394 Kennedy D. Double Your Income in Real Estate Sales 2004 ХХХ
64949 Dudley G.A. Double Your Learning Power: Master the Techniques of Successful Memory and Recall 1986ХХ
149470 Dudley G. Double Your Learning Power: Master the Techniques of Successful Memory and Recall 1986ХХ
105435 Hull T.E., Fairgrieve T.F., Tang P.T.P. Double-precision evaluation of complex arcsin and arccos 1997ХХ
41274 Gibbs R.C., White H.E. Doublets of Stripped Atoms of the Potassium Type 1926ХХ
34668 Grandell J. Doubly Stochastic Poisson Processes 2008ХХ
189494 HughesK., Dranem W. Douglas A-1 Skyraider. Volume 13 1997ХХ
190726 Johnsen F. Douglas A-26 Invader. Volume 22 1999ХХ
79383 Smith P.C. Douglas AD Skyraider 1999ХХ
190386 Gann H. Douglas DC-6 and DC-7. Volume 4 1999ХХ
155449 Schannep J. Dow Theory for the 21st Century: Technical Indicators for Improving Your Investment Results 2008ХХ
177967 Parker P., Parker J. Down Syndrome - A Bibliography and Dictionary for Physicians, Patients, and Genome Researchers 2007ХХ
50099 Fiechter A. (ed.), Barzana E., Freitag R. Downstream Processing Biosurfactants Carotenoids 1996 ХХХ

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