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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
122968 Borgis D., Moreau M. Two-Cell Stochastic Model of the Schlogl Reaction with Small Diffusional Coupling 1984ХХ
96889 F. T. Lee, E. W. Montroll, Lee-po Yu Two-component ising chain with nearest-neighbor interaction 1973ХХ
126013 Norman H. Packard, Stephen Wolfram Two-Dimensional Cellular Automata 1984ХХ
52480 Noda I., Ozaki Y. Two-Dimensional Correlation Spectroscopy: Applications in Vibrational and Optical Spectroscopy 2004ХХ
125035 Gabriel Téllez Two-dimensional Coulomb Systems in a Disk with Ideal Dielectric Boundaries 2001ХХ
122616 Jancovici B. Two-Dimensional Coulomb Systems on a Surface of Constant Negative Curvature 1998ХХ
154665 Wu-Sheng Lu Two-dimensional Digital Filters 1992 ХХХ
120411 Szalma F., Igloi F. Two-Dimensional Dilute Ising Models: Critical Behavior near Defect Lines 1999ХХ
123694 Deutsch C. Two-Dimensional Electron Fluid at High Temperature 1983ХХ
144938 Sheehan D., Tyther R. Two-Dimensional Electrophoresis Protocols 2009ХХ
38656 del Pino M., Esposito P., Musso M. Two-dimensional Euler flows with concentrated vorticities 2008ХХ
123407 Saleur H., Itzykson C. Two-Dimensional Field Theories Close to Criticality 1987ХХ
122258 Risso D., Cordero P. Two-Dimensional Gas of Disks: Thermal Conductivity 1996ХХ
144045 Hog-Angeloni C., Metzler W., Sieradski A. Two-Dimensional Homotopy and Combinatorial Group Theory (London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series) 1993ХХ
174546 Justesen J., Forchhammer S. Two-Dimensional Information Theory and Coding: With Applications to Graphics Data and High-Density Storage Media 2010ХХ
124023 Wu F.Y. Two-Dimensional Ising Model with Crossing and Four-Spin Interactions and a Magnetic i(pi/2) kT 1986ХХ
125275 Goncalves N.J.A.P. Two-Dimensional Lattice Tree Exponents and Amplitudes: Simulation Algorithms Versus Series 1994ХХ
125052 Francoise Cornu Two-Dimensional Models for an Electrode with Adsorption Sites 1988ХХ
6511 Lotze T. Two-dimensional models of black hole radiation n/aХХ
120028 Jerrum M. Two-Dimensional Monomer-Dimer Systems are Computationally Intractable 1987ХХ
85293 Cho M. Two-Dimensional Optical Spectroscopy 2009ХХ
122227 Barkema G.T., Flesia S. Two-Dimensional Oriented Self-Avoiding Walks with Parallel Contacts 1996ХХ
125273 Barkema G.T., Bastolla U. Two-Dimensional Oriented Self-Avoiding Walks with Parallel Contacts 1998ХХ
123139 King C. Two-Dimensional Potts Model and Annular Partitions 1999ХХ
23610 Sedov L.I. Two-dimensional Problems in Hydrodynamics and Aerodynamics 1965ХХ
6817 Polyakov A. Two-dimensional quantum gravity and superconductivity at high Tc 1988ХХ
122673 Aslangul C., Pottier N. Two-Dimensional Random-Random Walks: Dynamical Exponents in a Quenched Directed Model 1991ХХ
190003 MacDonald P. Two-Hybrid System Methods and Protocols 2001ХХ
177241 MacDonald P. Two-Hybrid Systems: Methods and Protocols 2001ХХ
180253 MacDonald P. Two-Hybrid Systems: Methods and Protocols 2001ХХ
136303 MacDonald P. Two-Hybrid Systems: Methods and Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology) 2001ХХ
147460 Nielson F., Nielson H.R. Two-Level Functional Languages 1992ХХ
177638 Nielson F., Nielson H. Two-Level Functional Languages (Cambridge Tracts in Theoretical Computer Science, Volume 34) 1992ХХ
36245 Imkeller P. Two-Parameter Martingales and Their Quadratic Variation 1988ХХ
123494 Felderhof B. U., Ford G. W., Cohen E. G. D. Two-Particle Cluster Integral in the Expansion of the Dielectric Constant 1982ХХ
124722 Zhizhina E.A. Two-Particle Spectrum of the Generator for Stochastic Model of Planar Rotators at High Temperatures 1998ХХ
66288 Anatol Rapoport Two-Person Game Theory. the Essential Ideas 1969ХХ
121701 Schmittmann B ., Zia R . K . P . Two-Poin t Correlation s an d Critica l Lin e o f th e Drive n Isin g Lattic e Ga s i n a High-Temperatur e Expansio n 1997ХХ
54601 Coster C., Habets P. Two-Point Boundary Value Problems: Lower and Upper Solutions 2006 ХХХ
184747 Coster C., Habets P. Two-point boundary value problems: Lower and upper solutions 2006ХХ
124256 Schlijper A.G., Smit B. Two-Sided Bounds on the Free Energy from Local States in Monte Carlo Simulations 1989ХХ
121598 Hede B., Privman V. Two-Spin-Majority Cellular Automaton as a Model of 2D Cluster and Interface Growth 1991ХХ
60717 Bell A. Two-Stroke Performance Tuning 1999 ХХХ
121116 Johnson E.A. Two-Temperature Hydrodynamics and Multiple Sound Modes in Disparate-Mass Gas Mixtures 1989ХХ
121847 Christian Gruber, Séverine Pache Two-Time-Scale Relaxation Towards Thermal Equilibrium of the Enigmatic Piston 2002ХХ
105891 Mudavanhu B., O'Malley R.E. Two-timing, Averaging, and to Solve Weakly Nonlinear Long Time Renormalization Methods Oscillator Equations on Intervals 2002 ХХХ
156696 Page W. Two-year college mathematics readings 1981ХХ
169918 Page W. Two-Year College Mathematics Readings 1981ХХ
34244 Schneier B. Twofish: A 128-Bit Block Cipher 1998ХХ
78019 Rubin A.L. Type 1 Diabetes for Dummies 2008ХХ

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