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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
74248 Reichardt J. Structure in Complex Networks 2008ХХ
36492 Mordeson J.N., Vinograde B. Structure of Arbitrary Purely Inseparable Extension Fields 1970ХХ
100086 Kalos M.H., Percus J.K., Rao M. Structure of a Liquid-Vapor Interface 1977ХХ
87191 Albert A.A. Structure of algebras 1939ХХ
108593 Albert A.A. Structure of algebras, 1939ХХ
32556 Gamow G. Structure of atomic nuclei and nuclear transformations 1937ХХ
22368 Banyaga A. Structure of Classical Diffeomorphism Groups 1997ХХ
34400 Hofmann K., Morris S.A. Structure of Compact Groups: A Primer for Students, a Handbook for the Expert 2006 ХХХ
154158 Adnan Tamime Structure of Dairy Products 2007ХХ
158350 Tamime A. Structure of Dairy Products (Society of Dairy Technology series) 2007ХХ
168123 Brehmer A. Structure of Enteric Neurons 2006ХХ
182298 Brehmer A. Structure of Enteric Neurons 2006ХХ
129949 Takesaki M. Structure of factors and automorphism groups 1983ХХ
174254 Takesaki M. Structure of Factors and Automorphism Groups (Cbms Regional Conference Series in Mathematics) 1983ХХ
33686 Jiang C., Wang Z. Structure of Hilbert Space Operators 2006ХХ
97688 Widom B. Structure of Interfaces from Uniformity of the Chemical Potential 1978ХХ
48885 Charles S.Barrett Structure of Metals 2007ХХ
114868 Mizushima S.-I. Structure of molecules and internal rotation 1954ХХ
49994 Syrkin Y.K., Dyatkina M.E. Structure of Molecules and the Chemical Bond 1950 ХХХ
56526 Harcourt G.C. Structure of Post-Keynesian Economics: The Core Contributions of the Pioneers 2006ХХ
78738 Jacobson N. Structure of rings (American mathematical society colloquium publications. Volume XXXVII) 1964 ХХХ
43416 Structure of the set of solutions of multivalued operator inclusions n/aХХ
119547 Priezzhev V.B. Structure of Two-Dimensional Sandpile. I. Height Probabilities 1994ХХ
60160 Menshikove S. Structure of U.S. Financial Oligarchy: 1969ХХ
60731 Structure Property Relationships in Polimers 1984ХХ
78007 Ёнгель ’. Structure Systems 2007ХХ
62687 Nomura H., Kawaizumi F., Yarwood J. Structure, Fluctuation, and Relaxation in Solutions 1995ХХ
45044 Rapaka R.S., Makriyannis A. Structure-Activity Relationships of the Cannabinoids 1987ХХ
48246 Veerapandian P. Structure-based drug design 1997 ХХХ
146920 Gubernator K., Bohm H.-J., Mannhold R. Structure-based Ligand Design 1998ХХ
48174 Russell A.M., Lee K. Structure-Property Relations in Nonferrous Metals 2005 ХХХ
56875 Stefanovic D. Structured Analog Cmos Design 2008ХХ
55593 Tanenbaum A.S. Structured Computer Organization 2001 ХХХ
166565 Bluhm C., Overbeck L. Structured Credit Portfolio Analysis, Baskets and CDOs (Chapman & Hall Crc Financial Mathematics Series) 2007ХХ
54390 Fasino D., Gemignani L. Structured eigenvalue problems for rational gauss quadrature 2007ХХ
155976 van Staveren A., Verhoeven C.J.M., van Roermund A.H.M. Structured Electronic Design - High-Performance Harmonic Oscillators and Bandgap References (The Kluwer International Series in Engineering and Computer ... Series in Engineering and Computer Science) 2000ХХ
170564 Caselli S., Gatti S. Structured Finance: Techniques, Products and Market 2005ХХ
61180 Cherubini U., Della Lunga G. Structured Finance: The Object-Oriented Approach 2007ХХ
169420 Bauer M., McBride L. Structured Group Psychotherapy for Bipolar Disorder: The Life Goals Program, Second Edition 2003 ХХХ
59361 Andrews D.L. Structured Light and Its Applications: An Introduction to Phase-Structured Beams and Nanoscale Optical Forces 2008ХХ
87149 Pan V.Y. Structured matrices and polynomials 2001ХХ
186340 Li C., Li M., Liu S. Structured Object-Oriented Formal Language and Method: Second International Workshop, SOFL 2012, Kyoto, Japan, November 13, 2012. Revised Selected Papers 2013ХХ
146816 Magal P. Structured Population Models in Biology and Epidemiology 2008ХХ
162867 Magal P., Ruan S. Structured population models in biology and epidemiology 2008ХХ
135144 Dahl O.-J., Dijkstra E.W., Hoare C.A.R. Structured Programming 1972ХХ
164777 Knuth D.E. Structured Programming With Goto Statements 1974ХХ
29645 Din A.I. Structured Query Language 1994ХХ
140346 Baker A., Richter B. Structured Ring Spectra (London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series) 2004ХХ
50022 Hellmut G.Karge, Jens Weitkamp Structures And Structure Determination 1999ХХ
36497 Moulis N. Structures de Fredholm sur les Varietes Hilbertiennes 1972ХХ

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