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Wood D. Ч Programming Internet Email HQ [SMTP,MIME,IMAP,POP3]
Wood D. Ч Programming Internet Email HQ [SMTP,MIME,IMAP,POP3]

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Ќазвание: Programming Internet Email HQ [SMTP,MIME,IMAP,POP3]

јвтор: Wood D.


300 pages, 7 x 10 inches or 18 x 25.5 cm, hard cover, 60 photos (57 color), index. This book, originally published in German, is a recognized classic on the biology of captive reptiles (and selected amphibians). In it, the author carefully summarizes an enormous body of information both his own extensive experience at Tierpark Berlin and a vast literature much of which has been little known outside the German-speaking world. He synthesizes studies from captive and wild animals and discusses and interprets them in terms of contemporary physiology, ethology, and reproductive biology. Petzold reviews papers in biological, herpetological, zoo, and terrarium journals published throughout the world, including eastern Europe, Russia, and China, and he champions the role played by amateur terrarists in making studies of general importance. He shows how data derived from captive reptiles can lead to discoveries of importance to ethology, reproductive biology, systematics, and veterinary management. This book will be of value to academics, zoo personnel, veterinarians, amateur terrarists, and conservationists interested in the maintenance, reproduction, and observation of reptiles in captivity. Hans-G????nter Petzold, late Curator of Reptiles and Deputy Director of the Tierpark Berlin, one of the world s great zoos, was a leading expert on the biology of captive amphibians and reptiles and author of about 350 papers and five books on captive animals. He was trained at the University of Leipzig in systematics, ecology, and animal behavior, where he received his doctorate in 1960, and has conducted field research on reptiles overseas, including Algeria, Cuba, and Vietnam. In this book, Petzold has marshalled this breadth of experience to make insightful connections among diverse studies and to point out fruitful areas for future research. This English edition has been professionally translated by Lucian Heichler, who for more than 30 years served in the foreign service of the U.S. Department of State, and has been thoroughly edited by James B. Murphy, former Curator of Reptiles at the Dallas Zoo and now Research Associate at the Smithsonian Institution s National Zoological Park in Washington, D.C. The German edition was not illustrated, but this edition has been augmented by the staff of Tierpark Berlin with 60 photographs (57 in color). Topics covered include aspects of reproduction (sexual dimorphism, age at maturity, sex recognition and attraction, courtship behavior, copulation, gestation and delayed fertilization, egg-laying, birth, reproductive cycles, parental care, data on eggs and clutches, incubation time, genetic questions), development (growth, coloration and markings, regeneration, skin shedding, longevity), and nutrition (search for and ingestion of food, digestion, excretion, defecation, pellet formation, gastroliths, keratophagy, cannibalism). There are also discussions of the origin and history of zoos, the relevance of terrarium observations, and species conservation programs in zoos and private terraria. The literature cited section includes 1200 titles and there is an index to genera and species.

язык: en

–убрика: Computer science/

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»здание: 1st

√од издани€: 1999

 оличество страниц: 379

ƒобавлена в каталог: 08.12.2013

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ѕредметный указатель
/bin/mail utility      18 270Ч271
/bin/mail utility, mbox mailbox format      102
7bit/8bit encoding      44 47
ACAP      177Ч179
ACAP, authentication      186Ч197
ACAP, commands      183 185
ACAP, datasets      179Ч182
ACAP, on corporate networks      338
ACAP, permissions      181
ACAP, server responses      183Ч185
ACAP, session example      198
Access-type parameter      66Ч67
Addresses      36Ч37
Addresses, munging to avoid spam      321
APOP command (POP3)      142Ч143
Apparendy-From header      34
Apparently-To header      34
APPEND command (IMAP)      165
Application Configuration Access Protocol      see ACAP
Applications, email-enabled      338
ARPANet (Advanced Research Projects Agency)      24
ASCII character set      349
Attachments      4 42
Attachments, deleting, Perl script for      295Ч308
Attachments, handling in Perl      276
Attachments, vCard      98Ч100
Attachments, video      335
Audio files      60 90
AUTH command (POP3)      141 143Ч144
AUTHENTICATE command, ACAP      186
AUTHENTICATE command, IMAP      159
Authenticated State, ACAP      188Ч197
Authenticated State, IMAP      154 160
Authentication      72
Authentication, ACAP      186Ч197
Authentication, IMAP      159Ч160
Authentication, on corporate networks      338
authentication, POP3      139Ч144
Authorization State (POP3)      139Ч144
Banner greetings, ACAP      185
Banner greetings, ESMTP      120
Banner greetings, POP3      139
Base64 encoding/decoding      47 52Ч56 203Ч204 274 278 334
BCC header      32
Biff utility      309
big-endian      49
Bigfoot directory      325
Binary data      3 42
binary data, encoding      44 47Ч48 334
Bit streams, encoding      49 52
CAPABILITY command (IMAP)      157Ч158
CC header      32
CHECK command (IMAP)      173
CLOSE command (IMAP)      174
Comment header      32
Comparators (ACAP)      190
Composite media types      42
Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (CPAN)      200
Content Type header      41 110Ч111
Content Type header, parameters to      66 68
Content-Description header      45
Content-Disposition header      45
Content-ID header      45
Content-Transfer-Encoding header      43
COPY command (IMAP)      173
CORBA      336
CP AN (Comprehensive Perl Archive Network)      200
CRAM-MD5 algorithms      187
CREATE command (IMAP)      162Ч163
CRLF      24 51 139
Cryptography      see security
DATA command (ESMTP)      128
Date header      30
DCOM      336
DELE command (POP3)      146
DELETE command (IMAP)      163
DELETEACL command (ACAP)      196
DELETEDSINCE command (ACAP)      195
Directory services, vCards and      83 95
DNS (Domain Name System)      13
DOS, line separators      51
DOS, mailcap files on      116
EHLO command (ESMTP)      122Ч123
Email      see entries at mail
Encrypted header      32
Envelope information      16
ESMTP      117
ESMTP, commands      118Ч130
ESMTP, session example      130Ч134
ETRN command (ESMTP)      125
Eudora, mbox mailbox format and      102 104
EXAMINE command (IMAP)      162
EXPN command (ESMTP)      124
EXPUNGE command (IMAP)      168
Extended Simple Mail Transfer Protocol      see ESMTP
External-body MIME type      45
FETCH command (IMAP)      171Ч173
Fetchmail      22
Formats, Mail      25
Formats, mailbox      101Ч109 211Ч215
FREECONTEXT command (ACAP)      193
From header      28 30
gateways      11 14
GETQUOTA command (ACAP)      197
GNU Object Modeling Environment (GNOME)      336
Headers      23
Headers, dynamic      33Ч34
Headers, long      26Ч27
Headers, mandatory      29Ч32
Headers, optional      32Ч33
Headers, order of      27Ч28
Headers, user-defined      34Ч36
HELO command (ESMTP)      122Ч123
HELP command (ESMTP)      124
IESG (Internet Engineering Steering Group)      7
IETF, security and      74
IMAP      8 20 152 157Ч158
IMAP, authentication      159Ч160
IMAP, commands      153Ч155 158Ч159 165Ч174
IMAP, mailbox utility, creating with Java Mail API      311Ч317
IMAP, mailboxes in      160Ч165
IMAP, mbox variation for      105Ч106
IMAP, MUAs and      334
IMAP, POP3 and, comparisons      137
IMAP, server responses      155Ч158
IMAP, session examples      175Ч176
IMC (Internet Mail Consortium)      71
Inline binary content      39
Inline binary content, vCards and      89
International Standards Organization (ISO)      4
Internet Engineering Steering Group (IESG)      7
Internet engineering task force (IETF)      74
Internet Mail Consortium (IMC)      71
Internet mail system      2 11Ч14
Internet mail system, elements of      3
Internet Message Access Protocol      see IMAP
ISO (International Standards Organization)      4
Java      10
Java Mail API      224Ч226
Java Mail API, creating a mailbox utility with      311Ч317
Java Mail API, MIME-compliant messages      289Ч293
JavaBeans, message handling      224
Javax.mail package      226Ч243
Javax.mail.event package      263Ч269
Javax.mail.internet package      243Ч254
Javax.mail.search package      254Ч263
Keywords header      32
LANG command (ACAP)      185
LDAP      5
LDAP, servers      177 338
Libnet Perl modules      219Ч221
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol      see LDAP
Line separators      24 51
Linebreaks      50
LIST command, IMAP      163Ч164
LIST command, POP3      145Ч146
LISTRIGHTS command (ACAP)      196
little-endian      49
LOGIN command (IMAP)      159
LOGOUT command, ACAP      186
LOGOUT command, IMAP      158
Logout State (IMAP)      154
LSUB command (IMAP)      164
Macintosh, line separators      24 51
Macintosh, mailcap files on      116
Mail Abuse Protection System (MAPS)      330
MAIL command (ESMTP)      126Ч127
Mail Delivery Agents      see MDAs
Mail formats      25
Mail retrieval agents      see MRAs
Mail systems, proprietary      5Ч7
Mail systems, proprietary, Web-based      336Ч337
Mail Transfer Agents      see MTAs
Mail user agents      see MUAs
Mailbox formats      101Ч109
Mailbox formats, MailCclient Perl modules and      211Ч215
Mailbox formats, Maildir      107Ч109
Mailbox formats, mbox      102
Mailbox formats, MH      106Ч107
Mailcap files      110 336
Mailcap files, format of      111Ч113
Mailcap files, implentation      116
Mailcap files, on Unix      114Ч116
MailCclient Perl modules      211Ч213
Maildir mailbox format      107Ч109
Maildrop host      135
MailFolder Perl modules      213Ч215
MailTools Perl modules      215Ч219
MAPS (Mail Abuse Protection System)      330
Mbox mailbox format      102Ч105
Mbox mailbox format, deleting attachments from      295Ч308
Mbox mailbox format, IMAP mailboxes, variation for      105Ч106
MD5 digest      143
MDAs      3 13
MDAs, delivery of mail by      18Ч19
media types      41
Media types, composite      42
Media types, list of      347
Media types, message/external-body      66Ч67
Media types, message/partial      67Ч70
Media types, multipart/encrypted      75
Media types, multipart/mixed      42
Media types, multipart/signed      75
Media types, text/directory      99
Media types, text/x-vcard      98
Message-ID header      34
Message/external-body media type      66Ч67
Message/partial media type      67Ч70
Messages, filtering to avoid spam      322Ч323
Messages, message handling, at MTAs and MUAs      48
Messages, message handling, JavaBeans      224
Messages, parsing with Perl      215Ч219
Messages, pseudo messages      105
Messages, text      23Ч24
MH mailbox format      106Ч107
MIME      3Ч4 39Ч40
MIME, boundaries      43 56Ч57 64 285
MIME, common encoding mistakes      57
MIME, encoding/decoding      46 62
MIME, headers      40Ч46 60
MIME, headers, creating with Perl      283
MIME, media types      see media types
MIME, messages, common creation mistakes      70
MIME, messages, creating from Perl scripts      204Ч211
MIME, messages, minimal      59Ч61
MIME, messages, multipart      61Ч63
MIME, messages, sending with Java      289Ч293
MIME, messages, sending with Perl      273Ч289
MIME, nested body parts      63Ч65
MIME, RFCs      8
MIME, security and      74Ч76
MIME, type descriptors      see media types
MIME-Base64 Perl modules      203Ч204
MIME-Lite Perl module      204Ч206
MIME-tools Perl modules      206Ч211
MIME-Version header      41
MRAs      3 13
MRAs, retrieving mail by      19Ч20
MTAs      3
MTAs, configuration options, eliminating spam by      328Ч330
MTAs, headers and      33
MTAs, receiving MTAs/sending MTAs      4 13
MTAs, SMTP and      117
MTAs, spam and      17
MTAs, transfering mail by      16Ч17
MTAs, types of      17Ч18
MUAs      3 13
MUAs, filtering email at      322
MUAs, MIME and      39 46
MUAs, receiving mail by      20Ч22
MUAs, Sender header and      28
MUAs, sending mail from      15Ч16
MUAs, server access and      335
MUAs, SMTP and      117
MUAs, trends in      334Ч335
MUAs, Web-based email systems as      336
Multipart Internet Mail Extensions      see MIME
Multipart/alternative media type      43
Multipart/encrypted media type      43 75Ч76
Multipart/mixed media type      42Ч43
Multipart/signed media type      43 75Ч76
MYRIGHTS command (ACAP)      196
Netscape Navigator, mbox mailbox format      104
Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP)      107
Network standard byte order      49
News.admin.net-abuse.email (NANAE) newsgroup      321
NNTP (Network News Transfer Protocol)      107
Nonauthenticated State, ACAP      186Ч188
Nonauthenticated State, IMAP      154 159Ч160
NOOP command, IMAP      155 158
NOOP command, POP3      146
octets      49Ч50
OpenPGP      73Ч79
PASS command (POP3)      141
Perl      10
Perl, creating MIME-compliant mail sender with      273Ч289
Perl, deleting attachments with      295Ч308
Perl, email-related modules      201Ч203
Perl, email-related modules, deleting attachments with      296Ч308
Perl, email-related modules, installation      201
Perl, email-related modules, Libnet      219Ч221
Perl, email-related modules, MailCclient      211Ч213
Perl, email-related modules, MailFolder      213Ч215
Perl, email-related modules, MailTools      215Ч219
Perl, email-related modules, MIME-Base64      203Ч204
Perl, email-related modules, MIME-line      204Ч206
Perl, email-related modules, MIME-tools      206Ч211
Perl, email-related modules, POD and      202
Perl, email-related modules, POP3CIient      221Ч223
Pine, mbox mailbox format and      102 104
POD, parsing Perl modules for      202
pop      19 135
POP3      7 135Ч137
POP3, authentication      140Ч144
POP3, commands      139Ч140 145Ч149
POP3, IMAP and, comparisons      137
POP3, Libnet Perl module and      219Ч221
POP3, mailboxes, Perl interface to      221Ч223
POP3, session examples      149Ч151
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