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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
44685 Lang A., Hennrich K., Dikau R. Long Term Hillslope and Fluvial System Modelling 2003ХХ
29980 Borghoff U.M., Scheffczyk J., Schmitz L. Long Term Preservation of Digital Documnets: Principles and Practices 2006ХХ
141660 Graffi S., Martinez A. Long Time Behaviour of Classical and Quantum Systems: Proceedings of the Bologna Aptex International Conference, Bologna, Italy 13-17 September 1999 (Series on Concrete and Applicable Mathematics 1) 2001ХХ
121490 Machta J., Ernst M.H. Long Time Tails in Stationary Random Media II: Applications 1984ХХ
125044 Ernst M. H., Machta J., Dorfman J. R. Long Time Tails in Stationary Random Media. I. Theory 1983ХХ
121397 Y. Almirantis, A. Provata Long- and Short-Range Correlations in Genome Organization 1999ХХ
120509 Blanco R., Pesquera L. Long-Distance Transmission at Zero Dispersion: Exact Expressions for One-Time Statistical Properties 2000ХХ
38194 Palma W. Long-Memory Time Series: Theory and Methods 2007ХХ
121791 Nieuwoudt J. C., Kirkpatrick T. R. Long-Range Boundary Effects in Simple Fluids 1983ХХ
119504 Kirkpatrick T.R., Belitz D. Long-Range Correlations and Generic Scale Invariance in Classical Fluids and Disordered Electron Systems 1997ХХ
99541 Chelluri C. A. Sastri Long-range correlations in kinetic theory 1975ХХ
123515 Peter Grassberger Long-Range Effects in an Elementary Cellular Automaton 1986ХХ
193347 Armstrong J. Long-range Forecasting: From Crystal Ball to Computer 1985 ХХХ
119446 Tejero C.F., Cuesta J.A., Brito R. Long-Range Inverse Two-Spin Correlations in One-Dimensional Potts Lattices 1989ХХ
124191 Skrypnik W.I. Long-Range Order in Nonequilibrium Systems of Interacting Brownian Linear Oscillators 2003ХХ
119775 Nishimori H., Kubo K., Ozeki Y. Long-Range Order in the XXZ Model 1989ХХ
121573 Macris N., Piguet C.-A. Long-Range Orders in Models of Itinerant Electrons Interacting with Heavy Quantum Fields 2001ХХ
97851 John M. Blatt, Alex H. Opie Long-range pair correlations in dilute gases 1975ХХ
41085 Dmowska R. (Ed) Long-Range Persistence in Geophysical Time Series (Advances in Geophysics Series, Volume 40) 1999ХХ
120291 van Beijeren H. Long-Range Spatial Correlations in a Simple Diffusion Model 1990ХХ
122725 Garcia A., Sonnino G., Mansour M. Long-Ranged Correlations in Bounded Nonequilibrium Fluids 1998ХХ
57606 Bergheim S. Long-Run Growth Forecasting 2008 ХХХ
52341 Walther L.M., Skousen C.J. Long-Term Assets 2009 ХХХ
121677 Nicolis C. Long-Term Climatic Transitions and Stochastic Resonance 1993ХХ
40422 Paasivirta J. Long-term Effects of Bioaccumulation in Ecosystems n/aХХ
16216 Murphy K.W. Long-Term Fibonacci Support And Resistance n/aХХ
148251 Larson G., Collier R., Buktenica M. Long-term Limnological Research and Monitoring at Crater Lake, Oregon: A benchmark study of a deep and exceptionally clear montane caldera lake (Developments in Hydrobiology) 2007ХХ
80043 Lee J., Baranowski A. Long-Term Pain: A Guide to Practical Management 2007 ХХХ
83530 Ahlhorn F. Long-term Perspective in Coastal Zone Development: Multifunctional Coastal Protection Zones 2009 ХХХ
51846 Albertsson A.-C. Long-Term Properties Of Polyolefins 2008ХХ
16204 Williams L.R. Long-Term Secrets to Short-Term Trading 1999ХХ
120094 Aldea A., Dulea M., Gartner P. Long-Time Asymptotics in the One-Dimensional Trapping Problem with Large Bias 1988ХХ
125206 Farago J., Peyrard M. Long-Time Bath Correlations in the Pollak-Grabert-Hanggi Theory 1998ХХ
121676 Spohn H., Zhizhina E. Long-Time Behavior for the 1-D Stochastic Ising Model with Unbounded Random Couplings 2003ХХ
124519 Price W.G. Long-Time Behavior of Navier-Stokes Flow on a Two-Dimensional Torus Excited by an External Sinusoidal Force 1997ХХ
99975 Subramanian G., Levitt D.G., Davis H.T. Long-Time Behavior of the Angular Velocity Autocorrelation Function for a Fluid of Rough Spheres n/aХХ
100017 J. Piasecki, E. Wajnryb Long-time behavior of the Lorentz electron gas in a constant, uniform electric field 1979ХХ
97659 Baus M., Wallenborn J. Long-time behavior of the nonlocal shear viscosity of a one-component plasma: A microscopic approach 1977ХХ
122779 Freidlin M.I., Wentzell A.D. Long-Time Behavior of Weakly Coupled Oscillators 2006ХХ
100019 Alder B.J., Alley W.E. Long-Time Correlation Effects on Displacement Distributions 1978ХХ
124359 Garnier J. Long-Time Dynamics of KortewegЦde Vries Solitons Driven by Random Perturbations 2001ХХ
125123 Soler J. Long-Time Dynamics of the SchrödingerЦPoissonЦSlater System 2004ХХ
145788 Horton C.W. (ed.), Reichl L.E. (ed.), Szebehely V.G. (ed.) Long-time prediction in dynamics 1983ХХ
124129 den Hollander F., Naudts J. Long-Time Tails in a Random Diffusion Model 1992ХХ
124395 Ernst M.H., van Velzen G.A. Long-Time Tails in Lattice Lorentz Gases 1989ХХ
125201 Wood W.W. Long-Time Tails of the Green-Kubo Integrands for a Binary Mixture 1989ХХ
123367 Kirkpatrick T.R., Belitz D., Sengers J.V. Long-Time Tails, Weak Localization, and Classical and Quantum Critical Behavior 2002ХХ
123414 Cichocki B., Felderhof B.U. Long-Time Translational and Rotational Brownian Motion in Two Dimensions 1997ХХ
120126 Panja D., Dorfman J.R., van Beijeren H. Long-Time-Tail Effects on Lyapunov Exponents of a Random, Two-Dimensional Field-Driven Lorentz Gas 2000ХХ
125412 Sen P., Ray P. Longest Path in Percolating Hierarchical Lattice 1990ХХ

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