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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
125772 Penrose O., Lebowitz J.L., Marro J. Errata: Growth of Clusters in a First-Order Phase Transition 1981ХХ
124162 Marchetti M.C., Kirkpatrick T.R. Errata: Hydrodynamic Theory of Electron in a Strong Magnetic Field 1987ХХ
107920 Griffiths D. Errata: Introduction to quantum mechanics 2000 ХХХ
125786 Marro J., Valles J.L. Errata: Nonequilibrium Discontinuous Phase Transitions in a Fast Ionic Conductor Model: Coexistence and Spinodal Lines 1988ХХ
120127 Valles J.L., Marro J. Errata: Nonequilibrium Second-Order Phase Transitions in Stochastic Lattice Systems: A Finite-Size Scaling Analysis in Two Dimensions 1988ХХ
125807 Fisher M.E., Li X., Levin Y. Errata: On the Absence of Intermediate Phases in the Two-Dimensional Coulomb Gas 1995ХХ
123022 Erik Aurell Errata: On the Metric Properties of the Feigenbaum Attractor 1987ХХ
123195 Leonenko N.N., Orsingher E., Parkhomenko V.N. Errata: On the Rate of Convergence to the Normal Law for Solutions of the Burgers Equation with Singular Initial Data 1996ХХ
119677 Sehonmann R.H., Tanaka N.I. Errata: One-Dimensional Caricature of Phase Transition Roberto H. Sehonmann and Nelson I. Tanaka 1991ХХ
123849 Kumar S. Errata: Properties of a Three-Dimensional Poisson-Voronoi Tesselation: A Monte Carlo Study 1993ХХ
122967 De Masi A., Ferrari P.A., Lebowitz J.L. Errata: Reaction-Diffusion Equations for Interacting Particle Systems 1987ХХ
119554 Prestipino S., Giaquinta P.V. Errata: Statistical Entropy of a Lattice-Gas Model: Multiparticle Correlation Expansion 2000ХХ
121784 Erratum 1985ХХ
122124 Erratum 1985ХХ
125626 Garcia-Colin L.S., Uribe F.J. Erratum 2003ХХ
38089 Pucci P., Serrin J. Erratum "The strong maximum principle revisited" 2004ХХ
124821 Cutler C. D. Erratum and Addendum: Some Results on the Behavior and Estimation of the Fraetal Dimensions of Distributions on Attractors 1991ХХ
119767 Erratum in the paper "A Variational Derivation of the Velocity Distribution Func- tions for Nonequilibrium, Multispecies, Weakly Interacting, Spherically Symmetric Many-Body Systems" 1983ХХ
125793 Erratum on ССA Strong Law of Large Numbers for Iterated Functions of Independent Random Variables,ТТ Jan Wehr, J. Stat. Phys. 86:1373 (1997) 2001ХХ
125327 Erratum on ССAnalyticity of the d-Dimensional Bond Percolation Probability Around p=1,ТТ J. Stat. Phys. 107:1267 (2002) 2003ХХ
121830 Nouri A., Omrane A. Erratum on ССBoundary Conditions for Scalar Conservation Laws, from a Kinetic Point of ViewТТ 2004ХХ
122117 Bobylev A.V., Carrillo J.A., Gamba I.M. Erratum on ССOn Some Properties of Kinetic and Hydrodynamic Equations for Ineleastic InteractionsТТ 2001ХХ
125612 Akira Sakai Erratum on УMean-field Behavior for the Survival Probability and the Percolation Point-to-Surface ConnectivityФ 2005ХХ
125728 Spohn H. Erratum on УThe Phonon Boltzmann Equation, Properties and Link to Weakly Anharmonic Lattice DynamicsФ 2006ХХ
132347 Fritter D., Knobler C. M., Roux D. Erratum: Computer Simulations of the Growth of Breath Figures 1988ХХ
120571 Alessandra Celletti Erratum: Correlation Dimension for Paired Discrete Time Series 1997ХХ
119367 Rainwater J.C. Erratum: Delta-Function Expansion of Mayer Function with Application to Virial Coefficients 1981ХХ
126234 Kwan-tai Leung, John L. Cardy Erratum: Field Theory of Critical Behavior in a Driven Diffusive System 1986ХХ
120176 Kadanoff L.P. ERRATUM: For Supercritical Behavior of an Ordered Trajectory 1984ХХ
125778 Erratum: Generation and Detection of Propagating Solitons in Shearing Liquid Crystals [J. Stat. Phys. 39, 633 (1985)], Lin Lei, Shu Changqing, and Xu Gang 1986ХХ
124861 Fujimoto M. Erratum: Hard-Hexagon Model: Anisotropy of Correlation Length and Interfaeial Tension 1991ХХ
119817 Ernst M.H., Dufty J.W. Erratum: Hydrodynamics and Time Functions for Cellular Automata 1990ХХ
122380 Forrest B. Erratum: Hypercube Stacking: A Potts-Spin Model for Surface Growth 1991ХХ
119676 Schmidt K.E., Lee M.A. Erratum: Implementing the Fast Multipole Method in Three Dimensions 1997ХХ
120186 Wright J.D., Brydges D. Erratum: Mayer Expansions and the Hamiltonian-Jacobi Equation. II. Fermions, Dimensional Reduction Formulas 1999ХХ
120404 Hara T., Slade G., Sokal A.D. Erratum: New Lower Bounds on the Self-Avoiding-Walk Connective Constant 1995ХХ
119452 Komorowski T., Krupa G. Erratum: On the Existence of Invariant Measure for Lagrangian Velocity in Compressible Environments 2002ХХ
119721 Patrascioiu A., Seiler E. Erratum: Phase Structure of Two-Dimensional Spin Models and Percolation 1993ХХ
124978 Poland D. Erratum: Relaxation in Cooperative Systems: Use of Mixture Virial Coefficients 1991ХХ
124936 Lee B.P., Cardy J. Erratum: Renormalization Group Study of the A + B -> !O Diffusion-Limited Reaction 1997ХХ
122139 Pfeifer P. ERRATUM: Scaling Behavior of Surface Irregularity in the Molecular Domain: From Adsorption Studies to Fractal Catalysts 1985ХХ
124317 Kipnis C., Lebowitz J.L., Presutti E. Erratum: Self-Diffusion for Particles with Stochastic Collisions in One Dimension 1983ХХ
121026 Erratum: Size Dependence of Self-Diffusion in the Hard-Square Lattice Gas 1991ХХ
125175 Cohen E.G.D. Erratum: Symmetric Linear Collision Operators in Kinetic Theory 1987ХХ
120385 Fox R.F., Roy R. Erratum: Tests of Numerical Simulation Algorithms for the Kubo Oscillator 1990ХХ
119780 Delale C.F. Erratum: The Hilbert Expansion to the Boltzmann Equation for Steady Flow 1982ХХ
119927 Goles E., Martinez S. Erratum: The One-Site Distribution of Gibbs States on Bethe Lattice Are Probability Vectors of Period \< 2 for a Nonlinear Transformation 1996ХХ
119563 Jancovici B., Lebowitz J.L., Martin Ph.A. Erratum: Time-Dependent Correlations in an Inhomogeneous One-Component Plasma 1995ХХ
124578 Jerrum M. Erratum: Two-Dimensional Monomer-Dimer Systems are Computationally Intractable 1990ХХ
121207 Marchioro C., Pellegrinotti A., Pulvirenti M. Erratum: Velocity of a Perturbation in Infinite Lattice Systems 1980ХХ

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