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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
186769 Ramezanianpour A. Cement Replacement Materials: Properties, Durability, Sustainability 2014ХХ
186786 Murray A., Romero L. XIII Mediterranean Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing 2013: MEDICON 2013, 25-28 September 2013, Seville, Spain 2014ХХ
186795 Fu Y. Physical Models of Semiconductor Quantum Devices 2014ХХ
186803 Carmi A., Mihaylova L., Godsill S. Compressed Sensing & Sparse Filtering 2014ХХ
186815 Xu K., Zhong Y., He H. Internet Resource Pricing Models 2014ХХ
186820 Hong Y., Lan P., Kuo C. Signal Processing Approaches to Secure Physical Layer Communications in Multi-Antenna Wireless Systems 2014ХХ
186825 Miessler G., Fischer P., Tarr D. Inorganic Chemistry 2014 ХХХ
186836 Tsinober A. The Essence of Turbulence as a Physical Phenomenon: With Emphasis on Issues of Paradigmatic Nature 2014ХХ
186840 Li Y. In-Phase and Quadrature Imbalance: Modeling, Estimation, and Compensation 2014ХХ
186846 Geronimo D., Lopez A. Vision-based Pedestrian Protection Systems for Intelligent Vehicles 2014ХХ
186848 Bose S., Jex I., Nikolopoulos G. Quantum State Transfer and Network Engineering 2014ХХ
186879 Sota T., Kagata H., Ando Y. Species Diversity and Community Structure: Novel Patterns and Processes in Plants, Insects, and Fungi 2014ХХ
186900 Halt G., Donch J., Fesnak R. Intellectual Property in Consumer Electronics, Software and Technology Startups 2014ХХ
186905 Ricciardi F. Innovation Processes in Business Networks: Managing Inter-Organizational Relationships for Innovational Excellence 2014ХХ
186934 Liu F., Huang G., Fallowfield H. Study on Heterotrophic-Autotrophic Denitrification Permeable Reactive Barriers (HAD PRBs) for In Situ Groundwater Remediation 2014ХХ
186965 Schummer J., Gordijn B., Cutter A. In Pursuit of Nanoethics 2014ХХ
186971 Xhafa F., Bessis N. Inter-cooperative Collective Intelligence: Techniques and Applications 2014ХХ
186981 Culibrk D., Vukobratovic D., Minic V. Sensing Technologies For Precision Irrigation 2014ХХ
186995 Routhier J., Semet F., Gonzalez-Feliu J. Sustainable Urban Logistics: Concepts, Methods and Information Systems 2014ХХ
186997 Kim H., Ao S., Amouzegar M. IAENG Transactions on Engineering Technologies: Special Issue of the World Congress on Engineering and Computer Science 2012 2014ХХ
187071 Kelly IV J. Meniscal Injuries: Management and Surgical Techniques 2014ХХ
187076 Patel H. The Electronic Nose: Artificial Olfaction Technology 2014ХХ
187083 Duffee A., Hewett T., Marx R. Revision ACL Reconstruction: Indications and Technique 2014ХХ
187129 Bunt H., Bos J., Pulman P. Computing Meaning: Volume 4 2014ХХ
187158 Yang X. Conception and Characteristics of Expert Mathematics Teachers in China 2014ХХ
187159 Ching E. Statistics and Scaling in Turbulent Rayleigh-B?nard Convection 2014ХХ
187196 Sanz A., Miret-Artes S. A Trajectory Description of Quantum Processes. II. Applications: A Bohmian Perspective 2014ХХ
187252 Ogiela M., Ogiela U. Secure Information Management Using Linguistic Threshold Approach 2014ХХ
187275 Brils J., Brack W., Mu¨ller-Grabherr D. Risk-Informed Management of European River Basins 2014ХХ
187303 Ghilagaber G., Kandala N. Advanced Techniques for Modelling Maternal and Child Health in Africa 2014ХХ
187338 Olsson P. Transport Phenomena in Newtonian Fluids - A Concise Primer 2014ХХ
187352 Grozin A. Introduction to MathematicaЃ for Physicists 2014ХХ
187366 Schäffer D., Reiners T., Hebbel-Seeger A. Synthetic Worlds: Emerging Technologies in Education and Economics 2014ХХ
187374 Wattchow B., Jeanes R., Alfrey L. The Socioecological Educator: A 21st Century Renewal of Physical, Health,Environment and Outdoor Education 2014ХХ
187393 Palavecino E., Ji Y. Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) Protocols 2014ХХ
187402 Zhang G. Accounting Information and Equity Valuation: Theory, Evidence, and Applications 2014ХХ
187441 Sun G. Exploring Memory Hierarchy Design with Emerging Memory Technologies 2014ХХ
187450 Karlsen K., Chen G., Holden H. Hyperbolic Conservation Laws and Related Analysis with Applications: Edinburgh, September 2011 2014ХХ
187469 Gleich B. Principles and Applications of Magnetic Particle Imaging 2014ХХ
187475 Andreoni G., Barbieri M., Colombo B. Developing Biomedical Devices: Design, Innovation and Protection 2014ХХ
187483 Pimple K. Emerging Pervasive Information and Communication Technologies (PICT): Ethical Challenges, Opportunities and Safeguards 2014ХХ
187502 Schmidt W. Numerical Modelling of Astrophysical Turbulence 2014ХХ
187503 Jaeger G. Quantum Objects: Non-Local Correlation, Causality and Objective Indefiniteness in the Quantum World 2014ХХ
187505 Wellnitz J., Subic A., Trufin R. Sustainable Automotive Technologies 2013: Proceedings of the 5th International Conference ICSAT 2013 2014ХХ
187547 Salvador M., Resmini R., Cervone G. Data Mining for Geoinformatics: Methods and Applications 2014ХХ
187576 Appice A., Ciampi A., Fumarola F. Data Mining Techniques in Sensor Networks: Summarization, Interpolation and Surveillance 2014ХХ
187599 Venot A., Burgun A., Quantin C. Medical Informatics, e-Health: Fundamentals and Applications 2014ХХ
187600 Touzani R., Rappaz J. Mathematical Models for Eddy Currents and Magnetostatics: With Selected Applications 2014ХХ
187611 Wickramasinghe M., Al-Hakim L., Gonzalez C. Lean Thinking for Healthcare 2014ХХ
187667 Covell A. 2013 Coding Workbook for the Physician's Office 2014ХХ

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