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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
25187 Holzman C. Healthy PC: Preventive Care and Home Remedies for Your Computer 2003ХХ
25186 Stout C.E., Hayes R.A. (eds.) The Evidence-Based Practice: Methods, Models, and Tools for Mental Health Professionals 2004ХХ
25185 Heather N., Stockwell T. The Essential Handbook of Treatment and Prevention of Alcohol Problems 2003ХХ
25184 Raithel M.A. The Complete Guide to SAS Indexes 2006ХХ
25183 Camrass R., Farncombe M. Atomic: Reforming the Business Landscape into the New Structures of Tomorrow 2004ХХ
25182 Gottschalk P. Strategic Knowledge Management Technology 2005ХХ
25181 Kuchana P. Software Architecture Design Patterns in Java 2004ХХ
25180 Godara L.C. Smart Antennas 2003ХХ
25179 Johnson R.S. Singular Perturbation Theory: Mathematical and Analytical Techniques with Applications to Engineering 2005ХХ
25178 Ward R.D. Saving the Corporate Board: Why Boards Fail and How to Fix Them 2003ХХ
25177 Lloyd S.J., Peckham J. Practicing Software Engineering in the 21st Century 2003ХХ
25176 Sutcliffe N., Nakayama M. Managing It Skills Portfolios: Planning, Acquisition and Performance Evaluation 2005ХХ
25175 Fung K.T. Network Security Technologies 2004 ХХХ
25174 Bundy A., Basin D., Hutter D. Rippling: Meta-Level Guidance for Mathematical Reasoning 2005ХХ
25173 Petersen R., Haddad I. Red Hat Linux Pocket Administrator 2003ХХ
25172 Mun J. Real Options Analysis Course: Business Cases and Software Applications 2003ХХ
25171 Belfiore M.E., Defoe T.A., Folinsbee S. Reading Work: Literacies in the New Workplace 2004ХХ
25170 Chen K. Progress on Cryptography: 25 Years of Cryptography in China 2004ХХ
25169 Descartes A., Carty A., Bunce T. Programming the Perl DBI: Database Programming with Perl 2000ХХ
25168 Trappl R. Programming for Peace: Computer-Aided Methods for International Conflict Resolution and Prevention 2006ХХ
25167 Dybå T., Dingsøyr T., Brede Moe N. Process Improvement in Practice: A Handbook for IT Companies 2004ХХ
25166 Davidson L., Kline K., Windisch K. Pro SQL Server 2005 Database Design and Optimization 2006ХХ
25165 Robinson P., Vogt H., Wagealla W. Privacy, Security and Trust within the Context of Pervasive Computing 2005ХХ
25164 Le Bodic G. Multimedia Messaging Service: An Engineering Approach to MMS 2003ХХ
25163 Igoe T., O'Sullivan D. Physical Computing: Sensing and Controlling the Physical World with Computers 2004ХХ
25162 James L. Phishing Exposed 2005ХХ
25161 Cusumano M., Shirky C., Feller J. Perspectives on Free and Open Source Software 2005ХХ
25160 Jue J.P., Vokkarane V.M. Optical Burst Switched Networks 2005ХХ
25159 Guerin R., Shepherd A. Nuendo Power! 2004ХХ
25158 Hunt C. Linux Network Servers 2002ХХ
25157 Tengler N. New Era Value Investing: A Disciplined Approach to Buying Value and Growth Stocks 2003ХХ
25156 Damsgaard J., Henriksen H.Z. Networked Information Technologies: Diffusion and Adoption 2004ХХ
25155 Brown R.T.T. Handbook of Pediatric Psychology in School Settings 2004ХХ
25154 Kaufman A.S., Lichtenberger E.O., Fletcher-Janzen E. Essentials of KABC-II Assessment 2005ХХ
25153 Gaiti D., Galmes S., Puigjaner R. (eds.) Network Control and Engineering for QOS, Security and Mobility, III 2005ХХ
25152 Barth W. Nagios: System and Network Monitoring 2006ХХ
25151 MySQL AB MySQL Language Reference 2005ХХ
25150 Seffah A., Javahery H. (eds.) Multiple User Interfaces: Cross-Platform Applications and Context-Aware Interfaces 2004ХХ
25149 Hayes J.F., Ganesh Babu T.V.J. Modeling and Analysis of Telecommunications Networks 2004ХХ
25148 Lerner M., Vanecek G., Vidovic N. Middleware Networks: Concept, Design and Deployment of Internet Infrastructure 2002ХХ
25147 Lachev T. Microsoft Reporting Services in Action 2005ХХ
25146 Pastre M., Kayal M. Methodology for the Digital Calibration of Analog Circuits and Systems: with Case Studies 2006ХХ
25145 Beeby S.P., Ensel G., Kraft M. MEMS Mechanical Sensors 2004ХХ
25144 Eckert J., Schitka M.J. Linux+ 2005 In Depth 2005ХХ
25143 Steingold F.S. Legal Forms for Starting and Running a Small Business 2004 ХХХ
25142 Hildreth P.M., Kimble C. Knowledge Networks: Innovation Through Communities of Practice 2004ХХ
25141 Danesh A. JavaScript in 10 Steps or Less 2004ХХ
25140 Goodman D., Morrison M. JavaScript Bible 2004 ХХХ
25139 Pugh K. Interface Oriented Design 2006ХХ
25138 Jajodia S., Strous L. (eds.) Integrity and Internal Control in Information Systems VI 2004ХХ

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