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¬се ресурсы

ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
51639 Schaad L.J., Hess B.A. Dewar Resonance Energy 2001ХХ
28898 Talbott S. Devices of the Soul: Battling for Our Selves in an Age of Machines 2007ХХ
132538 S. Serge Barold, Philippe Ritter Devices for Cardiac Resynchronization: Technologic and Clinical Aspects 2007 ХХХ
140038 Chu J., Sher A. Device Physics of Narrow Gap Semiconductors (Microdevices) 2010ХХ
153844 Chu J., Sher A. Device Physics of Narrow Gap Semiconductors (Microdevices) 2010ХХ
20988 Ytterdal T., Cheng Y., Fjeldly T.A. Device Modeling for Analog and RF CMOS Circuit Design 2003ХХ
151037 Nobuyoshi Koshida Device Applications of Silicon Nanocrystals and Nanostructures (Nanostructure Science and Technology) 2008 ХХХ
152693 Koshida N. Device Applications of Silicon Nanocrystals and Nanostructures 2009ХХ
33546 Baglio S. (ed.), Bulsara A. (ed.) Device Applications of Nonlinear Dynamics 2006ХХ
191285 Paddison S., Promislow K. Device and Materials Modeling in PEM Fuel Cells 2009ХХ
40355 Seares F.H. Deviations of the Suns General Magnetic Field from That of a Uniformly Magnetized Sphere n/aХХ
123638 Zurek W.H., Schieve W.C. Deviations from the Poisson Behavior of Equilibrium Fluctuations in a Closed System 1980ХХ
124303 Lowe C.P., Frenkel D., van der Hoef M.A. Deviations from Fick's Law in Lorentz Gases 1997ХХ
124173 Nelkin M., Tremblay A.-M.S. Deviation of 1/f Voltage Fluctuations from Scale-Similar Gaussian Behavior 1981ХХ
55097 Gaughan P.A., Thornton R.J. Devevlopments uin litigation economics 2005ХХ
47632 Lindholm J.M. Devepment and Validation of HPLC Methods for Analytical and Preparative Purpose 2004ХХ
64681 Oda S.H. (ed.) Developments on Experimental Economics: New Approaches to Solving Real-world Problems 2007ХХ
4931 Leslie D.C. Developments in the theory of turbulence 1973ХХ
20880 Tatham M., Morton K. Developments in Speech Synthesis 2005ХХ
84561 Wilding L.P.(Ed.) Developments in soil science 1983ХХ
124661 Charach Ch., Chen C.K., Fife P.C. Developments in Phase-Field Modeling of Thermoelastic and Two-Component Materials 1999ХХ
51451 Dianzuo W., Somasundaran P. Developments in Mineral Processing n/aХХ
160140 Felice C., Restivo A. Developments in Language Theory: 9th International Conference, DLT 2005, Palermo, Italy, July 4-8, 2005, Proceedings 2005ХХ
166280 Esik Z., Fulop Z. Developments in Language Theory: 7th International Conference, DLT 2003, Szeged, Hungary, July 7-11, 2003, Proceedings 2003ХХ
196359 Masami I., Masafumi T. Developments in Language Theory: 6th International Conference, DLT 2002, Kyoto, Japan, September 18-21, 2002, Revised Papers 2003ХХ
153388 Kuich W., Rozenberg G., Salomaa A. Developments in Language Theory: 5th International Conference, DLT 2001, Vienna, Austria, July 16-21, 2001. Revised Papers 2002ХХ
131841 Ito M., Toyama M. Developments in Language Theory: 12th International Conference, DLT 2008, Kyoto, Japan, September 16-19, 2008, Proceedings 2008 ХХХ
142949 Ibarra O., Dang Z. Developments in Language Theory: 10th International Conference, DLT 2006, Santa Barbara, CA, USA, June 26-29, 2006, Proceedings 2006ХХ
84998 Harju T.,Karhumaki J.,Lepisto A. Developments in Language Theory, 11 conf., DLT 2007 2007ХХ
80522 Ito M.(ed.), Toyama M.(ed.) Developments in Language Theory 12th International Conference, DLT 2008 Kyoto, Japan, September 16-19, 2008 Proceedings 2008ХХ
43511 Sarkar D., Datta R., Hannigan R. Developments in Environmental Science, Volume 5 2007ХХ
43519 Barnett M.O., Kent D.B. Developments in Earth & Environmental Sciences, 7 2008ХХ
21740 Hamley I.W. (ed.) Developments in Block Copolymer Science and Technology 2004ХХ
194984 Moonis A., Chung P., Hinde C. Developments in Applied Artificial Intelligence (є2718 2003). Developments in Applied Artificial Intelligence: 16th International Conference on Industrial and Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence 2003ХХ
137758 Hendtlass T., Ali M. Developments in Applied Artificial Intelligence 2002 ХХХ
178636 Neutens T., Maeyer P. Developments in 3D Geo-Information Sciences (Lecture Notes in Geoinformation and Cartography) 2010ХХ
137763 Schatten G. P. Developmental Vascular Biology 2004ХХ
194354 Schatten G. Developmental Vascular Biology 2004ХХ
130393 Schmidt L.A., Segalowitz S.J. Developmental Psychophysiology: Theory, Systems, and Methods 2007ХХ
146715 Stoff D. M., Susman E. J. Developmental Psychobiology of Aggression 2005ХХ
141954 Gallahue D.L. Developmental Physical Education for Today's School Children 1995 ХХХ
127222 Rao M.S., Jacobson M. Developmental Neurobiology 2005 ХХХ
58562 Galbraith C.S., Stiles C.H. Developmental entrepreneurship: Adevsity, Risk and Isolation 2006ХХ
189848 Gilbert S. Developmental Biology: The anatomical tradition n/a ХХХ
160471 Hodge R. Developmental Biology: From a Cell to an Organism (Genetics & Evolution) 2011ХХ
142701 Schatten G. Developmental Biology.Volume 78. 2007ХХ
139028 Tuan R., Lo C. Developmental Biology Protocols.Volume 3. 2000ХХ
16661 Lo C.W., Tuan R.S. Developmental Biology Protocols. Volume III 2000ХХ
16660 Lo C.W., Tuan R.S. Developmental Biology Protocols. Volume II 2000ХХ
160719 Tuan R., Lo C. Developmental Biology Protocols. Volume 2. 2000ХХ

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