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Hatrl D.L., Jones E.W. Ч Genetics: Principles and Analysis
Hatrl D.L., Jones E.W. Ч Genetics: Principles and Analysis

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Ќазвание: Genetics: Principles and Analysis

јвторы: Hatrl D.L., Jones E.W.


In recent decades, few disciplines have experienced the explosion of knowledge and research that genetics has. Inspired in part by controversies and the publicity that this new information generates, many of today's students come to a course in genetics with great enthusiasm. Sustaining this enthusiasm while at the same time teaching students about the beauty, logical clarity, and unity of the subject can be a challenge for any teacher. In the fourth edition of Genetics: Principles and Analysis, Dan Hartl and Beth Jones have written a text that will provide you and your students with a clear, comprehensive, rigorous, and balanced introduction to genetics at the college level. It is a guide to learning a critically important and sometimes difficult subject. But the tools for learning extend beyond the confines of the textbook. Your students will have the opportunity to become active participants in the learning process by making full use of today's teaching and learning technology. Developed as an integrated and unified program, no other textbook will engage your students and connect them to the subject of genetics like Hartl/Jones.

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»здание: fourth edition

√од издани€: 1998

 оличество страниц: 1298

ƒобавлена в каталог: 30.11.2005

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ѕредметный указатель
$F_1$ generation      33Ч34 36
$F_2$ generation      36 61Ч64
$P_1$ generation      35
3'-OH, in nucleic acids      175
30-nm fiber      233
5-bromouracil, mutagenicity of      567Ч568
A (aminoacyl) site      431
ABO blood group      60Ч61 68Ч70 71 638Ч639 672
Acentric      260
Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS)      208 213 388
Acridine, misalignment mutagenesis and      571
Acrocentric      260 261
Adaptation      652
Adaptation diversity and      23Ч24
Adaptation sensory      713Ч714
Addition rule, probability and      49
Additive      681
Adenine      9 174 175 177 180
Adenosine triphosphate (ATP), RNA synthesis and      418
Adenyl cyclase      468
Adjacent-1 segregation      289 291 295
Adjacent-2 segregation      290 291 295
African mitochondrial Eve, hypothesis of      620
agreeableness trait      731
Agrobacterium tumefaciens      380Ч381 386
AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome)      208 213 388
Alanine, chemical structure of      413
Albinism      53Ч54 649
Alcohol dehydrogenase      501
Alkylating agents, mutagenicity of      570
Allele frequency      628Ч632
Allele frequency calculation of      628Ч629
Allele frequency enzyme polymorphisms and      629Ч630
Allele frequency Hardy Ч Weinberg principle and      635Ч637
Allele frequency random genetic drift and      660
Alleles      40
Alleles fixed      629
Alleles multiple      60Ч61 638Ч639
Alleles wildtype      61 67
Alleles X-linked      639
Allelic identity by descent      646Ч647
Allelism complementation and      160Ч161
Allelism of mutations      55Ч56
Allopolyploidy      263Ч264 266
Allotetraploidy      263
Allozymes      630
Alpha satellite      247 248
Alternative promoters      500Ч501
Alternative segregation      291 292 295
Alternative splicing      501Ч503
Alu sequences      240
Alzheimer's disease      730
Ames test      586
Amino acid replacement      630
Amino acids      12 15
Amino acids chemical structure of      413
Amino acids DNA and      423
Amino acids proteins and      412Ч415
Amino acids sequence of      181Ч182
Amino acids structure of      412
Amino terminus      412 414
Aminoacyl tRNA synthetases      431 444Ч445
Amniocentesis      274
Amnion      274
Amphiuma, genome of      222
Amylopectin      65 246
Anacystis nidulans      614
Analog      213
Analog nucleotide      568Ч569
Anaphase      85 86
Anaphase I      89 94
Anaphase II      95
Anchor cell (AC)      526 527
Anemia      17Ч18 20Ч21
Anemia sickle-cell.      17Ч18 388 558
Aneuploid      269
Animal behavior      714Ч724
Animals embryonic development in      514Ч519
Animals germ-line transformation in      377Ч380
Animals random mating in      632Ч639
annealing      see УRenaturationФ
Antennapedia      542
Anterior genes      534
Anthers      266
Antibiotic-resistant mutants      311 348Ч349 608 609Ч610
Antibodies      69Ч70 483Ч487
Antibody variability      485Ч487
Anticodons      431 432Ч433
Antigens      69Ч70
Antimorph      67
Antiparallel      181
Antirrhinum      67
AP endonuclease      566 578
Apoptosis      524Ч525
Aporepressor      462 472Ч473
Apterous      541
Arabadopsis thaliana      389 390 392 544
Arabadopsis thaliana flower development in      545
Archaea      22 613Ч614
Archenteron      517
Arginine      229 413
Artificial selection      683Ч687
Artificial selection for learning ability      724Ч726
Artificial selection long-term      686Ч687
Ascospores      150 151 154 156
Ascus      150 151 158
Asparagine, chemical structure of      413
Aspartic acid, chemical structure of      413
Aspergillus, mitotic recombination in      158
Assortative mating      633
Astyanax      680 681 682
Asymmetrical single-strand break model      590 591
ATP (adenosine triphosphate), RNA synthesis and      418
Atrial septal defect      691
Attached-X chromosome      134Ч137
Attachment sites      341Ч343
Attenuation      473Ч476
Attenuator      473
Attractants      704Ч705
AUG (initiation codon)      432 443
Autogamy      614Ч615 616
Automated DNA sequencing      401Ч405
Autonomous determination      514Ч517
Autopolyploidy      263
Autoradiogram      212 228
Autoregulation      462
Autosomes      97
Auxotroph      312
Avery, Oswald      4
Azacytidine      488
AZT      568Ч569
B form of DNA      177
b-galactosidase      462 463 468
Bacillus amyloliquefaciens      202 383
Bacillus thuringiensis      386
Backcross      41
bacteria      22
Bacteria antibiotic-resistant      311 348Ч349
Bacteria chemotaxis in      704Ч714
Bacteria chromosomes of      225Ч227
Bacteria coordinate regulation in      436 461
Bacteria genetic engineering and      384Ч385
Bacteria genetic organization of      308Ч311
Bacteria mutants of      311Ч312 348Ч349
Bacteria transformed      3Ч6
Bacteria transposable elements in      347
Bacterial attachment sites      341Ч343
Bacterial transformation      312Ч314
Bacteriophage 1vectors      364 365
Bacteriophage P1 vector      364 365
Bacteriophages      222 308
Bacteriophages as organisms      328
Bacteriophages attachment sites      341Ч343
Bacteriophages bacteriophage      1 340Ч345 476Ч479
Bacteriophages genetics of      328Ч340
Bacteriophages life cycle of      309Ч311
Bacteriophages mutants of      330Ч331
Bacteriophages Pl      390
Bacteriophages repressor      344
Bacteriophages specialized transducing      325 345Ч346
Bacteriophages T2      6Ч9
Bacteriophages T4      332Ч340
Bacteriophages temperate      329 340Ч346
Bacteriophages virulent      329 331Ч336
Bamlil (restriction enzyme)      202Ч205
Band, chromosome      206 234
Barnase      383 384
Barnett, Leslie      442
Barr body      227
Barstar      383Ч384
Base composition      175Ч176 177
Base pairing      9Ч10 177Ч181
Base pairing complementary      9Ч10 179Ч181
Base-analog mutagens      567Ч569
Base-substitution mutations      557Ч558
Bases      9 174
Beadle, George W.      322 415 420
behavior      704
Behavior genetics      704Ч739
Behavior genetics animal behavior      714Ч724
Behavior genetics chemotaxis in bacteria      704Ч714
Behavior genetics human behavior, genetic differences in      727Ч734
Behavior genetics learning      724Ч727
Benzer, Seymour      334 336 339 442
Bicoid      534Ч536 538
Bidirectionally      189
Binding site      465
Binomial distribution      106Ч109
Biochemical pathway      19Ч20
Bithorax      542
Bivalent      92
Blackburn, Elizabeth H.      249
Blastoderm      529 530 531 535
Blastoderm syncytial      529
Blastula      514 515
Blindness, red-green color      283Ч286
Blood diseases      297Ч298
Blood groups ABO      60Ч61 68Ч70 71 638Ч639 672
Blood groups MN      628 635Ч636
Blunt ends      204 362
Bovine spongiform encephalopathy      724
Box, Joan Fisher      713
Brachydactyly      636
Brachystola magna      96
Branch migration      138 139 587
Brassica napus      383
Brenner, Sydney      439 442
Bridges, Calvin      103
Broad-sense heritability      682 683 685Ч686 734
Broad-sense heritability of personality traits      731Ч732
Brookfield, John F.Y.      641
Burke, David T.      393
Caedobacter taeniospiralis      614
Caenorhabditis elegans      222 246 377 389 392 480 513 515Ч517 520Ч522 524
Calico cat, X-chromosome inactivation in      277Ч278
Camera lucida      96
cAMP-CRP complex      468
Campbell, Allan      343
Campbell, Keith, H.S.      380
Cancer Chernobyl disaster and      575Ч577
Cancer chromosome abnormalities and      297Ч299
Cancer hereditary nonpolyposis colon      401
Cancer radiation-induced      572
Candidate gene      732Ч733
Cap, messenger RNA      425
Carbon-source mutants      312
Carboxyl terminus      412 414
Carcinogens, detection of      585Ч586
Carle, Georges F.      393
Carpels      545
Carrier      53
Cascade effect      537
Casein      503Ч504
Cassettes      482
CCG repeats, genetic instability of      279Ч280
cDNA      369Ч370 386 397
Celiac disease      691
Cell cycle      83Ч84
Cell fates      514
Cell lineages      519Ч529
Cellular oncogene      298
Centimorgan      128
Central dogma of molecular genetics      12 13 16
Central limit theorem      674
Centromeres      85 86
Centromeres genetic stability of chromosomes and      260Ч261
Centromeres structure of      246Ч247
Chain elongation      421
Chain initiation      421
Chain termination      421Ч422
Chance, role in evolution      24
Chaperones      414
Chargaff s rules      176Ч177
Chargaff, Erwin      175Ч176 180
Charged tRNA      431
Chase, Martha      6Ч9
Chemoreceptors      709Ч710
Chemoreceptors methylation of      712
Chemosensors      709
Chemotaxis      704
Chemotaxis cellular components      709Ч710
Chemotaxis in bacteria      704Ч714
Chemotaxis molecular mechanisms in      710Ч712
Chemotaxis mutations affecting      706Ч709
Chernobyl nuclear accident, genetic effects of      575Ч577
Chi-square method, genetic prediction and      109Ч114
Chiasma      93 128
Chickens barred features of      103
Chickens ovalbumin synthesis in      493Ч494
Chimeric gene      285
Chimeric vectors, detecting      371Ч372
Chlamydomonas, drug resistance in      608 609Ч610
Chlorophyll      606
Chloroplasts      605 606 608 613
Chorion      274
Chromatid interference      141
Chromatids      85 86
Chromatin      228Ч234
Chromatin arrangement in chromosomes      230Ч234
Chromatin nucleosomes in      228Ч230
Chromocenter      234
Chromomeres      92
Chromosome abnormalities      see УChromosomesФ
Chromosome complements      82Ч83
Chromosome interference      143Ч144
Chromosome map      127
Chromosome painting      264Ч266
Chromosome painting of human chromosomes      270Ч272 273
Chromosomes      81Ч121 221Ч257
Chromosomes abnormality in number      260Ч281
Chromosomes abnormality in spontaneous abortion      280Ч281
Chromosomes abnormality in structure      260 281Ч299
Chromosomes acentric      260
Chromosomes acrocentric      260 261
Chromosomes attached-X (compound-X)      134Ч137
Chromosomes cancer and      297Ч299
Chromosomes centromere and telomere structure      246Ч252
Chromosomes centromeres and genetic stability of      260Ч261
Chromosomes chromatin fibers in      230Ч234
Chromosomes dicentric      260
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
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