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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
125975 Addendum: Noise-Induced Order, K. Matsumoto and I. Tsuda, J. Stat. Phys. 31:87 (1983) 1983ХХ
125976 Welford W.T., Winston R. The Ellipsoid Paradox in Thermodynamics 1982ХХ
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125978 Varlamov A.A., Balestrino G., Milani E. The Role of Density of States Fluctuations in the Normal State Properties of Higt Tc Superconductors n/aХХ
125979 Fernando Perez J., Wreszinski W. F. Phase Transitions and Reflection Positivity for a Class of Quantum Lattice Systems 1981ХХ
125980 CECAM Workshop on Applications of the Random Sequential Addition Process, Orsay, France, June 14-25, 1993 1994ХХ
125981 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1990ХХ
125982 Announsement Elliott W. Montroll Memorial Symposium May 3-4, 1984 1984ХХ
125983 Bouchet F., Barre J. Classification of Phase Transitions and Ensemble Inequivalence, in Systems with Long Range Interactions 2004ХХ
125984 Eleventh West Coast Statistical Mechanics Conference 1985ХХ
125985 Brian R. La Cour, William C. Schieve Macroscopic Determinism in Interacting Systems Using Large Deviation Theory 2001ХХ
125986 Carlon E., Igloi F., Selke W. Interfacial Adsorption in Two-Dimensional Potts Models 1999ХХ
125987 van Beijeren H. Fluctuations in the Motions of Mass and of Patterns in One-Dimensional Driven Diffusive Systems 1990ХХ
125988 Rubin R.J. One-Dimensional Non-Nearest-Neighbor Random Walks in the Presence of Traps 1991ХХ
125989 Bolshakov I.A., Gelbukh A. Computational linguistics Models, Resources, Applications 2004ХХ
125990 Collet P., Eckmann J.-P. Dynamics of Triangulations 2005ХХ
125991 Book Review: Stochastic Processes in Physics and Chemhtry 1993ХХ
125992 Garanin D.A. The 1/D Expansion for Low-Dimensional Classical Magnets 1994ХХ
125993 Jonathan C. Mattingly, Toufic M. Suidan The Small Scales of the Stochastic NavierЦStokes Equations Under Rough Forcing 2004ХХ
125994 Book Review: The Quantum Statistics of Dynamic Processes 1991ХХ
125995 Hubner R., Hoye J.S., Olaussen K. A Case Study of the MSA Approach to Quantized Polarizable Media 1986ХХ
125996 Herbert Spohn Fluctuations Around the Boltzmann Equation 1981ХХ
125997 Charles A. H. Introduction To Electromagnetic Fields And Waves 1967 ХХХ
125998 Malek Mansour M., Dethier J., Baras F. Microscopic Simulation of Limit Cycle Behavior in Spatially Extended Systems 2000ХХ
125999 Gallavotti G. Chaotic Principle: Some Applications to Developed Turbulence 1997ХХ
126000 Barkai E., Fleurov V. Stochastic One-Dimensional Lorentz Gas on a Lattice 1999ХХ
126001 Future Contributions to Journal of Statisth:al Physics 1994ХХ
126002 Pierre L., Giamarchi T., Schulz H.J. A New Random-Number Generator for Multispin Monte Carlo Algorithms 1987ХХ
126003 Steven A. Adelman Some Concepts in Condensed Phase Chemical Kinetics 1985ХХ
126004 Hewlett-Packard HP Color LaserJet CM6030, CM6040 MFP Series Service Manual 2008ХХ
126005 Reichl L. E. A Delta-Kicked Brownian Rotor 1993ХХ
126006 Menon G.I., Barma M., Dhar D. Conservation Laws and Integrability of a One-Dimensional Model of Diffusing Dimers 1997ХХ
126007 Schwabl F. Propagation of Sound at Continuous Structural Phase Transitions 1985ХХ
126008 Visscher P. B. Renormalization-Group Derivation of Navier-Stokes Equation 1984ХХ
126009 Brower R.C., Moriarty K.J.M., Orland P. Gauge-Invariant Lattice Gas for the Microcanonical Ising Model 1990ХХ
126010 George H. Weiss, Moshe Gitterman Motion in a Periodic Potential Driven by Rectangular Pulses 1993ХХ
126011 Hideki Takayasu, Misako Takayasu, Astero Provata Statistical Properties of Aggregation with Injection 1991ХХ
126012 Garcia A., Penland C. Fluctuating Hydrodynamics and Principal Oscillation Pattern Analysis 1991ХХ
126013 Norman H. Packard, Stephen Wolfram Two-Dimensional Cellular Automata 1984ХХ
126014 Nagaoka H., Yamazaki M., Kubota N. Relations between load and settlement of circular foundations on or in a dense sand expressed by a function of diameter and depth 2005ХХ
126015 Book Review: SelectedPapersofN.G.vanKampen 2002ХХ
126016 Forrest B.M., Tang L.-H. Hypercube Stacking: A Potts-Spin Model for Surface Growth 1990ХХ
126017 Willaime H., Cardoso O., Tabeling P. Regimes of Oscillation in a Linear Array of Vortices 1991ХХ
126018 Bao J.-D. Alternative Simulating Technique for Periodic Motion in the Presence of Multiplicative White Noise 2001ХХ
126019 Book Review: Scaling Phenomena in Disordered Systems 1988ХХ
126020 Per E. Rosenqvist, Gabor Vattay, Andreas Wirzba Application of the Diffraction Trace Formula to the Three-Disk Scattering System 1995ХХ
126021 Murphy T.J., Cohen E.G.D. Maximum Number of Collisions among Identical Hard Spheres 1993ХХ
126022 Miller D.H. Energy at the Surface of the Earth: An Introduction to the Energetics of Ecosystems (International Geophysics) 1981ХХ
126023 Michael Coopersmith On the Nature of the Nearest Singularities of the Free Energy in the Neighborhood of a Critical Point 1983ХХ
126024 Posters 1984ХХ

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