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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
126025 Dorfman J.R. Book Review: An Introduction to Chaos in Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics Cambridge 2001ХХ
126026 Bertini L., Cirillo E.N.M., Olivieri E. A Combinatorial Proof of Tree Decay of Semi-Invariants 2004ХХ
126027 Segel L.A., Perelson A.S. Exploiting the Diversity of Time Scales in the Immune System: A B-Cell Antibody Model 1991ХХ
126028 Pearce L.E. Cuneiform cryptography: numerical substitutions for syllabic and logographic signs: Ph.D. Dissertation. 1982ХХ
126029 Clisby N., McCoy B.M. Negative Virial Coefficients and the Dominance of Loose Packed Diagrams for D-Dimensional Hard Spheres 2004ХХ
126030 Towner R. Improvisation and Performance Techniques for Classical and Acoustic Guitar n/aХХ
126031 Kurzynski M., Chełminiak P. Mean First-Passage Time in the Stochastic Theory of Biochemical Processes. Application to Actomyosin Molecular Motor 2003ХХ
126032 Ziff R.M. Kinetics of Polymerization 1980ХХ
126033 Andrews G.E., Baxter R.J., Forrester P.J. Eight-Vertex SOS Model and Generalized Rogers-Ramanujan-Type Identities 1984ХХ
126035 ƒемонстрационный вариант ≈√Ё 2006 г. ћатематика 2006ХХ
126036 Igloi F. Quantum Ashkin-Teller Model Near the Decoupling Limit 1989ХХ
126037 Chowdhury D., Kumar S. Domain Growth in the Three-Dimensional Dilute Ising Model 1987ХХ
126038 Wu F.Y. Exact Results for a Dilute Potts Model 1980ХХ
126039 Landau L. D., Lifshitz E. M. Course of Theoretical Physics, Quantum Mechanics non-relativistic theory 1991 ХХХ
126040 Myshlyavtsev A.V., Dongak M.D. Statistics of Adsorption on Top and Bridge Sites of a Square Lattice: Transfer-Matrix Approach 1997ХХ
126041 Sengupta A. A Discretized Spectral Approximation in Neutron Transport Theory. Some Numerical Considerations 1988ХХ
126042 ”иттекер Ё. јналитическа€ динамика.“ом 9 1999ХХ
126043 Chandrasekhar S. Some Recent Studies of Liquid Crystals: A Review 1984ХХ
126044 Smith W. A Smaller Classical Dictionary of Biography, Mythology, and Geography n/aХХ
126045 Qian Y.H., Orszag S.A. Scalings in Diffusion-Driven Reaction A + B -> C: Numerical Simulations by Lattice BGK Models 1995ХХ
126046 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1993ХХ
126047 Ledrappier F., Shub M., Simo C. Random Versus Deterministic Exponents in a Rich Family of Diffeomorphisms 2003ХХ
126048 Lebowitz J.L. (ed.) Preface 2001ХХ
126049 Aizenman M., Grimmett G. Strict Monotonicity for Critical Points in Percolation and Ferromagnetic Models 1991ХХ
126050 Schulman L.S. Deterministic Quantum Evolution through Modification of the Hypotheses of Statistical Mechanics 1986ХХ
126051 Weiss G.H., Masoliver J., Shuler K.E. On the Asymmetry of a Random Walk in the Presence of a Field 1990ХХ
126052 ¬олодько ј.¬,  раснов –.ѕ., ёдин ¬.». Ёлектромагнитные волны и колебани€ в волноводах и резонаторах. ”чебное пособие. „асть 2 2008ХХ
126053  оваль ё.ќ., √ринченко Ћ.¬., ћилютченко I.ќ. ќснови теор≥њ к≥л. ѕ≥дручник. „. 1. 2008ХХ
126054 Nelson K., Driebe D.J. Ensemble Dynamics of Intermittency and Power-Law Decay 2003ХХ
126055 Reiterer P., Reitshammer C., Schurrer F. New Discrete Model Boltzmann Equations for Arbitrary Partitions of the Velocity Space 2000ХХ
126056 Buffet E., Hannigan P. Directed Random Walks in Random Environments 1991ХХ
126057 Becklehimer J.L., Pandey R.B. Percolation of Chains and Jamming Coverage in Two Dimensions by Computer Simulation 1994ХХ
126058 Watanabe H. Triviality of Hierarchical O(N) Spin Model in Four Dimensions with Large N 2004ХХ
126059 Mattis D.C. Book Review: Statistical Mechanics Made Simple 2004ХХ
126060 Roux S. Generalized Brownian Motion and Elasticity 1987ХХ
126061 Radin C. The Ground State for Soft Disks 1981ХХ
126062 van Kampen N.G. Chapman-Enskog as an Application of the Method for Eliminating Fast Variables 1987ХХ
126063 Balakrishnan V., Nicolis C., Nicolis G. Extreme Value Distributions in Chaotic Dynamics 1995ХХ
126064 Bonilla L.L., Vicente C.J.P., Rubi J.M. Glassy Synchronization in a Population of Coupled Oscillators 1993ХХ
126065 Pastur L., Shcherbina M., Tirozzi B. The Replica-Symmetric Solution without Replica Trick for the Hopfield Model 1994ХХ
126066 Department of Mathematics Program of the 72nd Statistical Mechanics Meeting 1995ХХ
126067 Moukarzel C., Herrmann H.J. A Vectorizable Random Lattice 1992ХХ
126068 Feng Y., Ruskin H.J. Shell Analysis and Effective Disorder in a 2D Froth 2000ХХ
126069 Third Libliee Conference on the Statistical Mechanics of Liquids 1990ХХ
126070 Goldstein M.S. Limit Theorem for the Distribution of Eigenvalues of the Operator of Energy 1985ХХ
126071 Doyle M.M., Sri Namachchivaya N. Almost-Sure Asymptotic Stability of a General Four-Dimensional System Driven by Real Noise 1994ХХ
126072 Le Doussal P. Diffusion in Layered Random Flows, Polymers, Electrons in Random Potentials, and Spin Depolarization in Random Fields 1992ХХ
126073 ben-Avraham D., Redner S., Cheng Z. Random Walk in a Random Multiplieative Environment 1989ХХ
126074 Gardiner C.W. The Escape Time in Nonpotential Systems 1983ХХ

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