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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
145815 Mason L.S. YarnPlay: Colorful Techniques and Projects for the Creative Knitter 2006ХХ
189276 Mason L., Nutku Y. Geometry and Integrability 2003ХХ
188406 Mason L., Nutku Y. Geometry and Integrability 2003ХХ
127337 Mason K.O., Watson M.G., White N.E. The Physics of Accretion onto Compact Objects 1986ХХ
44699 Mason J.W. (ed.) Exoplanets: Detection, Formation, Properties, Habitability 2008ХХ
76831 Mason J.I. Genetics of Steroid Biosynthesis and Function 2002ХХ
34972 Mason J.H., Watson L.R. Mathematics As A Constructive Activity Learners Generating Examples 2005ХХ
2019 Mason J.C., Handscomb D.C. Chebyshev Polynomials 2003ХХ
39658 Mason J. Astrophysics Update 2 2006ХХ
139032 Mason J. Fundamental Constructs in Mathematics Education (Researching Mathematics Learning) 2004ХХ
147289 Mason J., Burton L., Stacey K. Thinking mathematically 1982ХХ
168861 Mason J. Astrophysics Update 2 (Springer Praxis Books Astronomy and Planetary Sciences) 2006ХХ
74413 Mason J., Burton B., Stacey K. Thinking mathematically 1982ХХ
32498 Mason G.W., Griffen D.T., Merrill J. Physical Science Concepts 1989ХХ
41722 Mason G. 2-Dimensional vector-valued modular forms 2008ХХ
129861 Mason G., Griffen D., Merrill J. Physical Science Concepts 1997ХХ
187804 Mason G., Griffen D., Merrill J. Physical Science Concepts 1997ХХ
79639 Mason F.K. The Hawker Hurricane. Described by Francis K. Mason. 1970ХХ
15453 Mason E.A. Configuring Exchange 2000 Server 2001ХХ
77713 Mason D.L. From Buildings and Loans to Bail-Outs: A History of the American Savings and Loan Industry, 1831-1995 n/aХХ
28780 Mason A.G., Newcomb M.J. Cisco Secure Internet Security Solutions 2001ХХ
124987 Masoliver J., Weiss G.H. Some First Passage Time Problems for Shot Noise Processes 1988ХХ
126125 Masoliver J., Garrido L., Llosa J. Geometrical Derivation of the Intrinsic Fokker-Planck Equation and Its Stationary Distribution 1986ХХ
124660 Masoliver J., Marro J. Kinetics of a Finite One-Dimensional Mixture of Hard Rods with Different Masses 1983ХХ
51771 Maso J.C. Interfaces in Cementitious Composites 1993ХХ
35126 Maso G.D. (Ed), Desimone A. (Ed) Variational Problems in Materials Science: Sissa 2004 2006ХХ
33443 Maso G. G-Convergence and Homogenization 2006ХХ
149246 Maslov V.P., Nazaikinskii V.E. Asymptotics of operator and pseudo-differential equations 1988ХХ
53498 Maslov V.P. Mathematical aspects of integral optics 1983ХХ
50228 Maslin N. HF Communications: A Systems Approach 1987ХХ
24272 Maslakowski M. Sams Teach Yourself MySQL in 21 Days 2000ХХ
74411 Maslach C., Leiter M.P. The truth about burnout: how organizations cause personal stress and what to do about it 1997 ХХХ
74494 Maslach C., Leiter M.P. The Truth About Burnout: How Organizations Cause Personal Stress and What to Do About It 1997 ХХХ
161921 Maskus K.E., Reichman J.H. International Public Goods and Transfer of Technology Under a Globalized Intellectual Property Regime 2005ХХ
145627 Maskit B. Kleinian groups 1987ХХ
150406 Maskit B. Kleinian Groups (Grundlehren Der Mathematischen Wissenschaften) 1988ХХ
144904 Maskell D. Salmonella Infections: Clinical, Immunological and Molecular Aspects 2006ХХ
192729 Maskell D. Salmonella Infections: Clinical, Immunological and Molecular Aspects (Advances in Molecular and Cellular Microbiology) 2006ХХ
113914 Masin D. A hypoplastic constitutive model for clays 2005ХХ
185497 Masi S., Ade P., Bernardis P. Astronomy, Cosmology and Fundamental Physics: Proceedings of the ESO/CERN/ESA Symposium Held in Garching, Germany, 4-7 March 2002 2003ХХ
119838 Masi A.D., Ferrari P.A. Flux Fluctuations in the One Dimensional Nearest Neighbors Symmetric Simple Exclusion Process 2002ХХ
122577 Masi A., Ferrari P. Self-Diffusion in One-Dimensional Lattice Gases in the Presence of an External Field 1985ХХ
168927 Mashreghi J. Representation Theorems in Hardy Spaces 2009ХХ
75647 Mashiro N. Black Medicine: The Dark Art of Death 1978 ХХХ
53811 Mashelkar R.A. (ed.) Encyclopedia of Physical Science and Technology: Chemical Engineering 2001 ХХХ
74174 Mashek D.J., Aron A. Handbook of closeness and intimacy 2004ХХ
18616 Maseras F., Lledos A. Computational Modeling of Homogeneous Catalysis 2003ХХ
4807 Mase G.T., Mase G.E. Continuum mechanics for engineers 1999 ХХХ
9969 Mascull B. Business vocabulary in use 2002ХХ
21702 Mascull B. Business Vocabulary in Use Advanced 2004ХХ

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