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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
182759 Wolf E. Nanophysics and Nanotechnology: An Introduction to Modern Concepts in Nanoscience, Second Edition 2006ХХ
183730 Wolf E., Medikonda M. Understanding the Nanotechnology Revolution 2012ХХ
113512 Wolf E. Progress in Optics, Vol. 13 1976ХХ
32305 Wolf E. (Ed), Benisty H., Brosseau C. Progress in Optics, Vol. 49 2006ХХ
114899 Wolf E. (ed.) Progress in Optics, Vol. 12 1974ХХ
84319 Wolf E.L. Nanophysics and nanotechnology: an introduction to modern concepts in nanoscience 2004ХХ
7469 Wolf E.L. Nanophysics and nanotechnology. An introduction to modern concepts in nanoscience 2004Х-
669 Wolf J.P. The Scaled Boundary Finite Element Method 2003ХХ
20092 Wolf K. Digitale Nachrichtensysteme 2000ХХ
79822 Wolf K. (ed.), Franceschinis G. (ed.) Applications and theory of Petri Nets. Lecture notes in computer science 5606 2009ХХ
20127 Wolf K.A. Felder und Wellen 2000ХХ
39368 Wolf K.B. Group Theoretical Methods in Physics: Proceedings 1980ХХ
146227 Wolf L., Hutchison D., Steinmetz R. Quality of Service - IWQoS 2001: 9th International Workshop Karlsruhe, Germany, June 6-8, 2001. Proceedings 2001ХХ
139227 Wolf M., Hardt R. Nonlinear partial differential equations in differential geometry 1996ХХ
192276 Wolf N. Comparative Biology of Aging 2010ХХ
58760 Wolf N. The Beauty Myth How Images of Beauty Are Used Against Women 2008ХХ
130825 Wolf N.S. Comparative Biology of Aging 2010ХХ
193853 Wolf S., Tauber R. Silicon Processing for the VLSI Era. Vol. 4. Deep Submicron Process Technology 1986 ХХХ
106224 Wolf T. Symbolic integration of exact PDEs 2000ХХ
107302 Wolf Th. Harmonic Analysis (lectures) 2002ХХ
174927 Wolf W. Computers as Components, Second Edition: Principles of Embedded Computing System Design (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Computer Architecture and Design) 2008 ХХХ
7327 Wolf-Gladrow D.A. Lattice-gas cellular automata and lattice Boltzmann models 2000ХХ
9907 Wolfe C. Getting started with mathematica 1999ХХ
33587 Wolfe H.E. Introduction to Non-Euclidean Geometry 1945ХХ
186197 Wolfe J. Synthesis of Heterocycles via Metal-Catalyzed Reactions that Generate One or More Carbon-Heteroatom Bonds 2013ХХ
32876 Wolfe K.B. Lie Methods in Optics 1989ХХ
23207 Wolfe P., Scott C., Erwin M. Anti-Spam Toolkit 2004ХХ
40255 Wolfe R. A case study on the choice, interpretation and checking of multilevel models for longitudinal binary outcomes 2001ХХ
163906 Wolfelt A., Duvall K. Healing Your Grieving Body: 100 Physical Practices for Mourners (100 Ideas (Companion Press)) 2009ХХ
70552 Wolff B.G., Fleshman J.W., Beck D.E. The ASCRS Textbook of Colon and Rectal Surgery 2006ХХ
55938 Wolff I. Coplanar Microwave Integrated Circuits 2006ХХ
53027 Wolff J. Why Read Marx Today? 2002ХХ
21975 Wolff J.G. Unifying Computing and Cognition 2006ХХ
136436 Wolff K. Trading on Momentum: Advanced Techniques for High Percentage Day Trading 2001ХХ
171074 Wolff K., Schumacher C., Tappan J. Trading on Momentum: Advanced Techniques for High Percentage Day Trading 2002ХХ
79164 Wolff K.E. (ed.), Pfeiffer H.D. (ed.), Delugach H.S. (ed.) Conceptual Structures at Work. 12th International Conference on Conceptual Structures, ICCS 2004 Huntsville, AL, USA, July 19-23, 2004 Proceedings 2005ХХ
535 Wolff P. Breakthroughs in mathematics 1963ХХ
183141 Wolff P. Breakthroughs in Mathematics 1963ХХ
47296 Wolfgang Braun, Muller T. (ed.) Applied Rheed: Reflection High-Energy Electron Diffraction during Crystal Growth ( Vol. 154) 1999ХХ
154147 Wolfgang De Meuter Advances in Smalltalk: 14th International Smaltalk Conference, ISC 2006, Prague, Czech Republic, September 4-8, 2006, Revised Selected Papers (Lecture Notes in Computer Science) 2007 ХХХ
156196 Wolfgang Demtruder An Introduction to Atomic and Molecular Physics 2005 ХХХ
125362 Wolfgang Dreyer, Frank Duderstadt On the BeckerDoring Theory of Nucleation of Liquid Droplets in Solids 2005ХХ
48416 Wolfgang Gopel, Hesse J., Zemel J.N. Sensors, Chemical and Biochemical Sensors Part II, Vol. 3 1999ХХ
206709 Wolfgang Hardle, Torsten Kleinow, Gerhard Stahl Applied Quantitative Finance 2002ХХ
74491 Wolfgang K. H. Panofsky, Phillips Panofsky, Melba Panofsky Classical Electricity and Magnetism 2005 ХХХ
154737 Wolfgang Kohnel Tight Polyhedral Submanifolds and Tight Triangulations 1995 ХХХ
105694 Wolfgang Konig Elementare Wahrscheinlichkeitstheorie und Statistik n/aХХ
98988 wolfgang kramer Investigation of systems with queues in series 1975ХХ
46910 Wolfgang L. QEX 2002 - 01 2002ХХ
46911 Wolfgang L. (ed.) QEX 2002 - 03 2002ХХ

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