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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
54604 Fratianni M. (ed.) Regional Economic Integration, Volume 12 (Research in Global Strategic Management) 2006 ХХХ
193773 Nations U. Regional Action Plan towards the Information Society in Asia and the Pacific 2006ХХ
126017 Willaime H., Cardoso O., Tabeling P. Regimes of Oscillation in a Linear Array of Vortices 1991ХХ
163172 Kingman J.F.C. Regenerative phenomena 1972ХХ
131036 Bhattacharya N., Stubblefield P. Regenerative Medicine Using Pregnancy-Specific Biological Substances 2011ХХ
120211 Nagle J.F. Regarding the Entropy of Distinguishable Particles 2004ХХ
83943 Highfield D., Gorse C. Refurbishment and upgrading of buildings 2009ХХ
84144 Dincer I. Refrigeration systems and applications 2003ХХ
25565 Refrigeration piping and heat transfer components 2001ХХ
49822 Hundy G.H., Trott A.R., Welch T.C. Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning 2008 ХХХ
23630 United States Army Combined Arms Support Command Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 4 (Equipment Cooling) 2001ХХ
21466 Stoecker W.F., Jones J.W. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 1982 ХХХ
21558 Trott A.R., Welch T. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning 2000 ХХХ
173862 Bandler R., Grinder J. Reframing: Neuro-linguistic Programming and The Transformation of Meaning 1982ХХ
61101 Bolman L.G., Deal T.E. Reframing Organizations: Artistry, Choice, and Leadership, 3rd Edition 2003 ХХХ
181007 Isomaki H., Pekkola S. Reframing Humans in Information Systems Development (Computer Supported Cooperative Work) 2011ХХ
157114 Ascott R. Reframing Consciousness : Art, Mind and Technology 2001ХХ
51781 Schacht C.A. Refractories Handbook 2004ХХ
40806 Barus C. Refractivity Determined Irrespective of Form, by Displacement Interferometry 1916ХХ
83857 Fine I.H., Hoffman R.S., Packer M. Refractive Lens Surgery 2005 ХХХ
40805 Richards Th.W. Refractive Index and Solubilities of the Nitrates of Lead Isotopes 1918ХХ
49820 Theisen A., Deacon M.P., Johann C. Refractive Increment Data-book: For Polymer and Biomolecular Scientists 1999 ХХХ
44198 Davis B. Refraction of X-Rays in Pyrites 1924ХХ
119441 Wada K., Kaburagi M., Uchida T. Reformulation of the Path Probability Method and Its Application to Crystal Growth Models 1988ХХ
2723 Hestenes D. Reforming the mathematical language of physics 2002ХХ
136433 Alm J., Martinez-Vazquez J., Indrawati S.M. Reforming Intergovernmental Fiscal Relations And The Rebuilding of Indonesia: The ''Big Bang'' Program And Its Economic Consequences 2005ХХ
64602 Kessides I.N. Reforming Infrastructure. Privatization, Regulation, and Competition 2004ХХ
60727 Clasen Jochen Reforming European Welfare States: Germany and the United Kingdom Compared 2005ХХ
59625 McCalla A.F. (ed.), Nash J. (ed.) Reforming Agricultural Trade for Developing Countries: Quantifying the Impact of Multilateral Trade Reform (vol. 2) 2007ХХ
60231 McCalla A.F., Nash J. Reforming Agricultural Trade for Developing Countries, Volume 1: Key Issues for a Pro-Development Outcome of the Doha Round Negotiations 2007ХХ
147343 Anderson J., Dean J., Lovink G. Reformatting Politics: Information Technology and Global Civil Society 2006ХХ
123262 Ewodo J.N. Refocusing of a Time-Reversed Acoustic Pulse Propagating in Randomly Layered Media 2001ХХ
83517 Nobuhiko Yui (Editor), Mrsny R.J. (Editor), Park K. (Editor) Reflexive Polymers and Hydrogels: Understanding and Designing Fast Responsive Polymeric Systems 2004 ХХХ
83707 Orsucci F., Sala N. (ed.) Reflexing interfaces: the complex coevolution of information technology ecosystems 2008ХХ
84219 Blatter J. (Editor), Ingram H.M. (Editor) Reflections on Water: New Approaches to Transboundary Conflicts and Cooperation 2001 ХХХ
153615 Bennedsen J., Caspersen M., Kolling M. Reflections on the Teaching of Programming: Methods and Implementations (Lecture Notes in Computer Science / Programming and Software Engineering) 2008ХХ
177223 Bennedsen J., Caspersen M., Kolling M. Reflections on the Teaching of Programming: Methods and Implementations (Lecture Notes in Computer Science Programming and Software Engineering) 2008ХХ
147744 Bennedsen J., Caspersen M.E. Reflections on the Teaching of Programming: Methods and Implementations 2008ХХ
187950 Bennedsen J., Caspersen M., Kolling M. Reflections on the teaching of programming: methods and implementations 2008ХХ
58363 Lyons J.S., Cain L.P., Williamson S.H. Reflections on the Cliometrics Revolution: Conversations with Economic Historians (Routledge Explorations in Economic History) 2008ХХ
57916 Llewellyn D.T. Reflections on Money 1989 ХХХ
178628 Sherman I. Reflections on a Century of Malaria Biochemistry (Advances in Parasitology) 2009ХХ
125205 Khantha M., Balakrishnan V. Reflection Principles for Biased Random Walks and Application to Escape Time Distributions 1985ХХ
121467 Biskup M. Reflection Positivity of the Random-Cluster Measure Invalidated for Noninteger q 1998ХХ
43362 Epstein P.S. Reflection of Waves in an Inhomogeneous Absorbing Medium 1930ХХ
43373 Henderson J.E. Reflection of Soft X-Rays 1926ХХ
42016 Davisson C.J. Reflection of Electrons by a Crystal of Nickel 1928ХХ
181099 Humphreys J. Reflection Groups and Coxeter Groups (Cambridge Studies in Advanced Mathematics) 1990ХХ
3555 Humphreys J.E. Reflection groups and Coxeter groups 1990ХХ
129812 Humphreys J. Reflection groups and Coxeter groups 1990ХХ

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