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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
43367 Hill E.L. Relative Intensities in Nuclear Spin Multiplets 1929ХХ
40813 Sergeant J.C. Relative index of inequality definition, estimation, and inference 2006ХХ
174187 Enochs E., Jenda O. Relative homological algebra 2000ХХ
119526 Chazottes J.-R., Floriani E., Lima R. Relative Entropy and Identification of Gibbs Measures in Dynamical Systems 1998ХХ
105762 Relationships of the SI derived units with special names and symbols and the SI base units n/aХХ
168766 Lundgren J. Relationships of Natural Enemies and Non-prey Foods (Progress in Biological Control) 2009ХХ
50243 Clouthier D.J. Relationships and Mechanisms in the Periodic Table 1989ХХ
57917 Varey R.J. Relationship Marketing: Dialogue and Networks in the E-commerce Era 2002ХХ
59555 Solberg C.A. Relationship Between Exporters and Their Foreign Sales and Marketing Intermediaries (Advances in International Marketing, Volume 16) 2006ХХ
147804 Manning E. Relationscapes: Movement, Art, Philosophy 2009ХХ
42019 Millikan R.A. Relations of Field-Currents to Thermionic-Currents 1927ХХ
142033 Trèves F. Relations de domination entre opérateurs différentiels n/aХХ
125182 di Francesco P., Saleur H., Zuber J.B. Relations between the Coulomb Gas Picture and Conformal Invariance of Two-Dimensional Critical Models 1987ХХ
125159 Shalitin D. Relations Between Site Percolation Thresholds 1982ХХ
126014 Nagaoka H., Yamazaki M., Kubota N. Relations between load and settlement of circular foundations on or in a dense sand expressed by a function of diameter and depth 2005ХХ
43376 Bateman H. Relations between Confluent Hypergeometric Functions 1931ХХ
166427 Berghammer R., Jaoua A., Moller B. Relations and Kleene Algebra in Computer Science: 11th International Conference on Relational Methods in Computer Science, RelMiCS 2009, and 6th ... Computer Science and General Issues) 2009ХХ
129488 Renate A. Schmidt Relations and Kleene Algebra in Computer Science, 9 conf., RelMiCS-AKA 2006 2006 ХХХ
175476 Berghammer R., Moller B., Struth G. Relations and Kleene Algebra in Computer Science, 10 conf., and 5 conf 2008ХХ
36460 Mayer K.H. Relationen zwischen charakteristischen Zahlen 1969ХХ
151085 Michaela Isabel Relational Supply Contracts: Optimal Concessions in Return Policies for Continuous Quality Improvements (Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems) 2009 ХХХ
30137 Codd E.F. Relational Model for Database Management 1990ХХ
149292 Swart H. Relational Methods in Computer Science, 6 conf., RelMICS 2001 2002ХХ
164082 MacCaull W., Winter M., D?ntsch I. Relational Methods in Computer Science, 3 conf., and Workshop of COST Action 274: TARSKI 2006ХХ
108920 Schmidt G. Relational mathematics. An introduction 2009ХХ
137897 Vosselman G. Relational Matching 1992ХХ
83966 Rich D.W. Relational management and display of site environmental data 2002ХХ
32525 Rudolph S. Relational Exploration 2007ХХ
106002 Gambini R. Relational description of the measurement process in quantum field theory 2002ХХ
164619 Alagic S. Relational database technology 1986ХХ
165260 Alagic S. Relational Database Technology 1986ХХ
17204 Lahdenmaki T., Leach M. Relational Database Index Design and the Optimizers 2005ХХ
30277 Harrington J.L. Relational Database Design Clearly Explained 2002 ХХХ
163900 Berghammer R., Moller B., Struth G. Relational and Kleene-algebraic methods in computer science: 7th International Seminar on Relational Methods in Computer Science and 2nd International Workshop on Applications of Kleene AlgebrAuthor: R Berghammer; Bernhard Mo?ller; Georg Struth 2005ХХ
155294 Berghammer R., Moller B., Struth G. Relational and Kleene-Algebraic Methods in Computer Science: 7th International Seminar on Relational Methods in Computer Science and 2nd International ... Papers 2004ХХ
29531 Berghammer R. (Ed), Struth G. (Ed), Miller B. Relational and Kleene-Algebraic Methods in Computer Science 2004ХХ
137650 Robinson H.J. Relation Philosophy of Mathematics, Science, and Mind Ц Perennial Philosophy for Mathematicians and Scientists 2005ХХ
40812 Perrine C.D. Relation of the Apex of Solar Motion to Proper Motion and on the Cause of the Differences of its Position From Radial Velocities and Proper Motions 1916ХХ
40811 Perrine C.D. Relation of Preferential Motion and of the Spectral-Class and Magnitude Velocity Progressions to Proper Motion 1917ХХ
40810 Seares F.H. Relation of Color to Intrinsic Luminosity in Stars of the Same Spectral Type 1919ХХ
124486 Blum L., Rosenfeld Y. Relation Between the Free Energy and the Direct Correlation Function in the Mean Spherical Approximation 1991ХХ
107216 Gerdt V.P. Relation between Pommaret and Janet bases 2000ХХ
179614 Schugerl K. Relation Between Morphology and Process Performances 1998ХХ
161621 Maddux R. Relation Algebras, Volume 150 (Studies in Logic and the Foundations of Mathematics) 2006ХХ
193093 Hirsch R., Hodkinson I. Relation Algebras by Games, 2002ХХ
35825 Maddux R.D. Relation Algebras 2006ХХ
182491 Maddux R. Relation Algebras 2006ХХ
52797 David D.J., Misra A. Relating Materials Properties to Structure with Matprop Software 1999 ХХХ
183531 Aki K., Dmowska R. Relating Geophysical Structures and Processes: The Jeffreys Volume 2000 ХХХ
20466 Bungartz H.-J. Rekursive Verfahren und hierarchische Datenstrukturen in der numerischen Analysis 1999ХХ

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