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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
175683 Maienschein J., Ruse M. Biology and the Foundations of Ethics (Cambridge Studies in Philosophy and Biology) 1999ХХ
49760 Maier C., Calafut T. Polypropylene: The Definitive UserТs Guide and Databook 1998ХХ
9694 Maier D. The theory of relational databases 1983ХХ
197903 Maier E.A. Interlaboratory Studies and Certified Reference Materials for Environmental Analysis: The BCR Approach 1999 ХХХ
50961 Maier J. Physical Chemistry of Materials: Ions and Electrons in Solids 2004 ХХХ
80263 Maier M. Optical switching networks 2008ХХ
122574 Maier R. Bounds on the Density of States of Random Schrodinger Operators 1987ХХ
122133 Maier R., Laidlaw W.G. Invariants for the Critical Points in Network Models of Flow in Porous Media 1991ХХ
121285 Maier R. On Crossing Event Formulas in Critical Two-Dimensional Percolation 2003ХХ
29976 Maier R. Knowledge Management Systems: Information and Communication Technologies for Knowledge Management 2007 ХХХ
28937 Maier R., Hadrich T., Peinl R. Enterprise Knowledge Infrastructures 2005ХХ
121103 Maier R.S., Stein D.L. A Scaling Theory of Bifurcations in the Symmetric Weak-Noise Escape Problem 1996ХХ
55860 Maier S. (ed.), Sedlacek S. (ed.) Spillovers And Innovations: Space, Environment, and the Economy 2005ХХ
140173 Maiese K. Forkhead Transcription Factors: Vital Elements in Biology and Medicine 2009ХХ
108422 Maignan Resolution reelle des systemes algebro-elementaires 2000 ХХХ
104411 Maignan A. Solving exponential-polynomial systems of equations n/aХХ
54691 Mailadil T.S. Dielectric Materials for Wireless Communication 2008ХХ
34973 Mailath G.J., Samuelson L. Repeated Games and Reputations: Long-Run Relationships 2006ХХ
53774 Maillet S.M., Sharaiha, Y.M. Binary Digital Image Processing: A Discrete Approach 2000ХХ
24777 Mailloux R.J. Phased Array Antenna Handbook 2005ХХ
82706 Mailvaganam N.P., Rixom M.R. Chemical admixtures for concrete 1999ХХ
6532 Maimistov A.I., Basharov A.M. Nonlinear optical waves 1999ХХ
126225 Main Joye Absence of Absolutely Continuous Spectrum of Floquet Operators 1993ХХ
136451 Main M., Melton A., Mislove M. Mathematical Foundations of Programming Language Semantics, 3 conf. 1988ХХ
193059 Main M., Melton A., Mislove M. Mathematical Foundations of Programming Semantics: International Conference Proceedings 1990ХХ
151171 Mainardi F. Fractional Calculus and Waves in Linear Viscoelasticity: An Introduction to Mathematical Models 2010ХХ
165500 Maindonald J., Braun J. Data Analysis and Graphics Using R: An Example-based Approach (Cambridge Series in Statistical and Probabilistic Mathematics) 2006 ХХХ
198327 Maindonald J., Braun J. Data Analysis and Graphics Using R - An Example Based Approach 2003 ХХХ
54674 Mainelli M. Clean Business Cuisine: Now and Z/Yen 2000ХХ
193440 Maines R. Asbestos and Fire: Technological Tradeoffs and the Body at Risk 2005ХХ
159439 Maines R. The Technology of Orgasm: ''Hysteria,'' the Vibrator, and Women's Sexual Satisfaction (Johns Hopkins Studies in the History of Technology) 1999ХХ
143678 Maines R. Hedonizing Technologies: Paths to Pleasure in Hobbies and Leisure (Gender Relations in the American Experience) 2009ХХ
189011 Maini A., Agrawal V. Satellite Technology: Principles and Applications 2011 ХХХ
186157 Maini A., Agrawal V. Satellite Technology 2011 ХХХ
58043 Maini A.K., Agrawal V. Satellite Technology: Principles and Applications 2007ХХ
86454 Mainiero L., Sullivan S. The Opt-Out Revolt: Why People Are Leaving Companies to Create Kaleidoscope Careers 2006ХХ
34412 Mainzer K. Symmetry and Complexity: The Spirit and Beauty of Nonlinear Science 2005ХХ
39456 Mainzer K. Thinking in Complexity: The Computational Dynamics of Matter, Mind, and Mankind 2007 ХХХ
120995 Maioli M., Sacchetti A. Two Level Systems Driven by a Stochastic Perturbation 2005ХХ
27036 Mairlot B., Green T. Dreamweaver MX PHP Web Development 2002ХХ
3196 Maisonobe P., Sabbah C. D-modules cohérents et holonomes 1993ХХ
153728 Maiti C., Armstrong G. Technology Computer Aided Design for Si, SiGe and GaAs Integrated Circuits 2007ХХ
83002 Maiti C.K., Armstrong G. A. Applications of silicon-germanium heterostructure devices 2002ХХ
32019 Maiti S.K., Jayeeta C. Physics of Zero- and One-Dimensional Nanoscopic Systems 2007ХХ
181725 Maitland J. Spinal Manipulation Made Simple: A Manual of Soft Tissue Techniques 2001ХХ
27428 Maiwald E. Network security 2001ХХ
27476 Maiwald E., Sieglein W. Security Planning and Disaster Recovery 2002ХХ
23994 Maizlish B., Handler R. IT Portfolio Management Step-by-Step 2005ХХ
156075 Maizlish B., Handler R. IT Portfolio Management: Unlocking the Business Value of Technology 2005ХХ
187406 Maj J., Przegalinski E. Reviews of Physiology, Biochemistry and Pharmacology, Volume 100 1984ХХ

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