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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
165467 Loyola-Vargas V.M., Vazquez-Flota F. Plant Cell Culture Protocols 2005ХХ
165466 Loyola-Vargas V.M., Vazquez-Flota F. Plant Cell Culture Protocols 2005ХХ
77267 Loyola-Vargas V.M. (ed.), Vázquez-Flota F. (ed.) Methods in molecular Biology. (є318 2006) Plant сell сulture protocols 2006 ХХХ
29736 Lozano J.A., Larranaga P., Inza I. Towards a New Evolutionary Computation: Advances in the Estimation of Distribution Algorithms 2006ХХ
34022 Lozansky E., Rousseau C. Winning Solutions 1996ХХ
155652 Lozansky E., Rousseau C. Winning solutions (math olympiad problem book) 1996ХХ
106810 Lozier D.W., Olver F.W.J. Numerical evaluation of special functions 2000ХХ
198880 Lozovanu D., Pickl S. Optimization and Multiobjective Control of Time-Discrete Systems: Dynamic Networks and Multilayered Structures 2009 ХХХ
16455 Lozz R.V. Proteoglycan Protocols 2001ХХ
121315 lshii Y. Ising Models, Julia Sets, and Similarity of the Maximal Entropy Measures 1995ХХ
23618 Ltd Mandelbrot Set International (ed.) Advanced Microsoft Visual Basics 6.0 1998 ХХХ
120518 lto H. M. Stochastic Disk Dynamo as a Model of Reversals of the Earth's Magnetic Field 1988ХХ
121470 lto H.M., Mikami T. Poissonian Asymptotics of a Randomly Perturbed Dynamical System: Flip-Flop of the Stochastic Disk Dynamo 1996ХХ
122290 lto H.M., Ogura Y., Tomisaki M. Stretched-Exponential Decay Laws of General Defect Diffusion Models 1992ХХ
120029 Lu B. The Evolution of the Cluster Size Distribution in a Coagulation System 1987ХХ
173025 Lu C., Masuzawa T., Mosbah M. Principles of Distributed Systems 2010ХХ
28256 Lu C.-S. Multimedia Security: : Steganography and Digital Watermarking Techniques for Protection of Intellectual Property 2005ХХ
172613 Lu D., Pan Y. Digital Preservation for Heritages: Technologies and Applications 2010ХХ
171508 Lu H. ELF from the programmer's perspective 1995ХХ
161020 Lu Huang A New Watermarking Technique for Multimedia Protection n/aХХ
194094 Lu J., Zhang G., Ruan D. Multi-objective Group Decision Making: Methods, Software and Applications With Fuzzy Set Techniques 2007ХХ
175486 Lu J., Ruan D., Zhang G. E-Service Intelligence: Methodologies, Technologies and Applications (Studies in Computational Intelligence, Volume 37) 2007ХХ
164985 Lu M. Arithmetic and Logic in Computer Systems (Wiley Series in Microwave and Optical Engineering) 2004ХХ
182949 Lu M. Arithmetic and logic in computer systems 2004ХХ
23761 Lu M. Arithmetic and Logic in Computer Systems 2004ХХ
185720 Lu N., Shen (Sherman) X. Capacity Analysis of Vehicular Communication Networks 2014ХХ
188699 Lu P., Daehne A., Travelletti J. Mountain Risks: From Prediction to Management and Governance 2014ХХ
180172 Lu Q., Sun Y., Mei S. Nonlinear Control Systems and Power System Dynamics (The International Series on Asian Studies in Computer and Information Science) 2001ХХ
127673 Lu Q., Sun Y., Mei S. Nonlinear Control and power system dynamics 2001ХХ
185262 Lu R., Jin Z. Domain Modeling-Based Software Engineering: A Formal Approach 2000ХХ
189206 Lu R., Zhang S. Automatic Generation of Computer Animation 2002ХХ
28787 Lu R. (Ed), Ullrich C. (Ed), Siekmann J.H. (Ed) Cognitive Systems: Joint Chinese-German Workshop, Shanghai, China, March 7-11, 2005: Revised Selected Papers 2007ХХ
164746 Lu S., Ding Y., Yan D. Singular integrals and related topics 2007ХХ
34415 Lu Sh., Ding Y., Yan D. Singular Integrals and Related Topics 2007ХХ
122218 Lu W.T., Wu F.Y. Density of the Fisher Zeroes for the Ising Model 2001ХХ
124944 Lu X. A Modified Boltzmann Equation for Bose-Einstein Particles: Isotropic Solutions and Long-Time Behavior 2000ХХ
121480 Lu X. Conservation of Energy, Entropy Identity, and Local Stability for the Spatially Homogeneous Boltzmann Equation 1999ХХ
123223 Lu X. The Boltzmann Equation for BoseЦEinstein Particles: Velocity Concentration and Convergence to Equilibrium 2005ХХ
122199 Lu X. On Spatially Homogeneous Solutions of a Modified Boltzmann Equation for FermiЦDirac Particles 2001ХХ
146492 Lu X., Zhao W. Networking and Mobile Computing: 3rd International Conference, ICCNMC 2005, Zhangjiajie, China, August 2-4, 2005, Proceedings 2005ХХ
57320 Lu X., Enderle G. Developing Business Ethics in China 2006ХХ
138591 Lu Y. Science & Technology in China: A Roadmap to 2050: Strategic General Report of the Chinese Academy of Sciences 2010ХХ
44788 Lu Z. V -cycle multigrid method for a viscoelastic fluid flow satisfying an Oldroyd-B-type constitutive equation 2008ХХ
134296 Luarila J. Managing Technological Discontinuities: The Case of the Finnish Paper Industry 1998ХХ
120072 Lubachevsky B.D., Stillinger F.H., Pinson E.N. Disks vs. Spheres: Contrasting Properties of Random Packings 1991ХХ
124386 Lubaehevsky B.D., Stillinger F.H. Geometric Properties of Random Disk Packings 1990ХХ
82786 Lubarda V.A. Elastoplasticity theory 2001ХХ
80771 Lubbe K. German uniforms and bayonets 1841-1945 1999ХХ
11974 Lubbe S. Economic and Social Impacts of E-Commerce 2003ХХ
146717 Lubbers P., Albers B., Salim F. Pro HTML5 Programming: Powerful APIs for Richer Internet Application Development 2010 ХХХ

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