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Laahs K., McKenna E., Veli-Matti Vanamo Ч Microsoft SharePoint 2007 Technologies: Planning, Design and Implementation
Laahs K., McKenna E., Veli-Matti Vanamo Ч Microsoft SharePoint 2007 Technologies: Planning, Design and Implementation

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Ќазвание: Microsoft SharePoint 2007 Technologies: Planning, Design and Implementation

јвторы: Laahs K., McKenna E., Veli-Matti Vanamo


Microsoft SharePoint 2007 Technologies: Planning, Design and Implementation provides an in-depth examination of the tasks involved in planning, designing and deploying SharePoint in your enterprise. SharePoint 2007 significantly extends the breadth of capabilities for end users, administrators, developers, and designers. The cutting-edge technology encompasses some major new functional areas such as Business Intelligence, Information LifeCycle Management, and Enterprise Content Management-all can be leveraged to satisfy many different business scenarios.
SharePoint 2007 Technologies will provide readers with practical knowledge and techniques about integration of other 2007 products such as Office and Exchange Server, and readers will walk away with the ability to easily expose and leverage back-end business data and understand how it all joins together. Readers will further gain a solid appreciation of the architecture, administration, end user features, development, and integration opportunities offered by SharePoint 2007. The expertise of the author team in helping many large corporations deploy Microsoft technologies within their enterprises makes this book an invaluable tool to businesses of any size.
* Complete guide to getting the most out of your SharePoint 2007 deployments
* Critical techniques for system architects to design and deploy SharePoint 2007 Technologies
* Features most important issues for day to day efficient management and usage
* How to customize and extend your SharePoint environment for your own needs

язык: ru

–убрика: –уководства по программному обеспечению/

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√од издани€: 2007

 оличество страниц: 688

ƒобавлена в каталог: 07.02.2011

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ѕредметный указатель
.ddf files      260
.stp files      445Ч446
.Webpart files      261Ч262
2007 Microsoft Office system      1Ч9
2007 Microsoft Office System, desktop programs      2Ч3
2007 Microsoft Office System, servers      3
3-tier architecture      13Ч15
3-tier architecture, Application tier      14
3-tier architecture, Database tier      14
3-tier architecture, Web Front End (WFE) tier      14
Access 2007      183
Actions      83
ActivateFeature operation      488
Activateformtemplate operation      600Ч601
Activation dependencies      480Ч482
Activation dependencies, cross-scope      482
Activation dependencies, defined      480
Activation dependencies, rules      480Ч482
Activation dependencies, same-scoped      482
ActivationDependencies element      480Ч482
Active Directory (AD), connection settings      146
Active Directory (AD), forest      61
Active Directory (AD), objects      62 63
Active monitoring      231Ч232
ad-hoc workflow      617
Add Web Parts Webpage Dialog      314
AdditionalFilterFields property      see also "Content query Web Part"
AdditionalFilterFields property, defined      328
AdditionalFilterFields property, illustrated      334
AdditionalFilterFields property, using      334
AdditionalGroupAndSortFields property      see also "Content query Web Part"
AdditionalGroupAndSortFields property, defined      328
AdditionalGroupAndSortFields property, illustrated      335
AdditionalGroupAndSortFields property, using      334
Administration Web service      299
Administrator-deployed form templates      586 596Ч603 see
Administrator-deployed form templates, activating      598Ч601
Administrator-deployed form templates, upgrading      601Ч603
Administrator-deployed form templates, uploading to server      596Ч598
Administrators group      42
Advanced versioning      34
Alerts Web service      299
Alerts, limit recommendation      203
AllowPartiallyTrustedCallers security attribute      345
AllowSafeUpdates method      296
AllUsersWebPart element      452Ч453
Anchor text      119
Application definition files (ADFs)      82Ч85
Application definition files (ADFs), actions      83
Application definition files (ADFs), associations      84
Application definition files (ADFs), components      82Ч83
Application definition files (ADFs), contents definition      84
Application definition files (ADFs), defined      82
Application definition files (ADFs), entities      83 86
Application definition files (ADFs), filters      83
Application definition files (ADFs), illustrated      85
Application definition files (ADFs), importing      85Ч86
Application definition files (ADFs), LOBSystemInstance      83
Application definition files (ADFs), methods      83
Application pages      273
Application templates      446Ч447
Application.master      399Ч400
Approval      90
ASPNET 2.0, handler      238
ASPNET 2.0, Master directive      391
ASPNET 2.0, Membership provider interface      240
ASPNET 2.0, pages      11 310
ASPNET 2.0, provider models      240
ASPNET 2.0, test.master master page      392
ASPNET 2.0, Web Part Framework architecture      239
ASPNET 2.0, Web Parts      310
ASPNET 2.0, WSS 3.0 support      12
aspx pages      48 633Ч634
Assembly file      278Ч279
associations      84
Asynchronous events      513 514
audiences      160Ч161
Audiences for rule-based groups      160
Audiences, compiling      160
Audiences, defined      143
Auditing      91Ч93
Auditing, configuring      92
Auditing, events, setting      92
Auditing, levels      91Ч92
Auditing, reports      92Ч93
Authentication      42
Authentication Web service      299
Authentication, embedded SQL      563
Authentication, providers      190Ч191
Authoring workflows      623Ч632 see
Authoring workflows in SharePoint Designer 2007      628Ч631
Authoring workflows in SharePoint Server 2007      631Ч632
Authoring workflows in WSS 3.0      624Ч628
Authoritative pages      131
Authorization      37Ч42 see
Authorization, elements      37Ч38
AutoCopy      34
Backups      218Ч219
Backups, out-of-the-box options      218
Backups, third-party solutions      218Ч219
BDR site definition      432
Best bets      131Ч132
BLANKINTERNET site definition      432
BLANKINTERNETCONTAINER site definition      432
Blog site definition      432
Blogs      51Ч53 154
Blogs on mobile      57
Blogs, comments      52 54
Blogs, content display      52Ч53
blogs, defined      51
Blogs, site illustration      52
Branching      67
Brand Feature      498Ч499
Brand Feature, ChangeBranding class      500 502
Brand Feature, defined      498
Brand Feature, Feature.xml      500
Brand Feature, files and folders      499
Brand Feature, ProvisionFiles.xml      500
branding      383Ч427
Branding with Features      496Ч511
Branding, application.master and      399Ч400
Branding, applications      384
Branding, browser customizations and      422Ч423
Branding, color scheme      407Ч411
Branding, consistency, ensuring      418Ч419
Branding, defined      383
Branding, enterprise content management      388Ч490
Branding, entire site      424Ч427
Branding, exercises      421Ч427
Branding, Feature set      506Ч511
Branding, files, keeping together      420
Branding, identification      417
Branding, inconsistent      416
Branding, master pages      390Ч399
Branding, navigation      402Ч407
Branding, page layouts      400Ч402
Branding, pain points      384Ч388
Branding, publishing page rendering      402 403
Branding, SharePoint 2007 enhancements      388Ч407
Branding, site definition exercise      455Ч462
Branding, site description      420Ч421
Branding, site icon      420Ч421
Branding, site title      420Ч421
Browser customizations      422Ч423
Browser-enabled form templates      573 see
Browser-enabled form templates, controls      582Ч584
Browser-enabled form templates, creating      578Ч585
Browser-enabled form templates, form verification      584Ч585
Browser-enabled form templates, layout      579Ч580
Browser-enabled form templates, secondary data source conversion      582
Browser-enabled form templates, secondary data sources      580Ч581
Browser-enabled form templates, user settings      586
Business Data Catalog (BDC)      7 81Ч88 242
Business Data Catalog (BDC), application definition file      82Ч86
Business Data Catalog (BDC), back-end data access      82
Business Data Catalog (BDC), Data Source Library      320
Business Data Catalog (BDC), defined      81
Business Data Catalog (BDC), entities in      86
Business Data Catalog (BDC), illustrated      83
Business Data Catalog (BDC), lists and      87Ч88
Business Data Catalog (BDC), mapping properties to      150
Business Data Catalog (BDC), search results      139
Business Data Catalog (BDC), searching      137Ч140
Business Data Catalog (BDC), targeted results      139
Business Data Catalog (BDC), Web Parts      86Ч87
Business intelligence      9 163Ч173
Business intelligence, dashboards      171Ч173
Business intelligence, Excel Services      164Ч169
Business intelligence, KPIs      169Ч171
Business processes      8
Call volume, support      228Ч229
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)      407Ч409
Cascading style sheets (CSS), class identification      408
Cascading style sheets (CSS), defined      407
Cascading style sheets (CSS), sample code      408
Cascading style sheets (CSS), script applied to master page      409
Cascading style sheets (CSS), URL setting      410Ч411 420
catalogs      118
CENTRALADMIN site definition      432
Certificate authority (CA)      612
Check-in/check-out      90
Check-in/check-out, library support      36
Check-in/check-out, versioning and      35
Child controls, Web Parts      359Ч361
Closed Web Parts gallery      317
code-behind files      277Ч278
Coding Web Parts      354Ч366 see
Coding Web Parts, child controls      359Ч361
Coding Web Parts, custom      347Ч348
Coding Web Parts, editor parts      362Ч366
Coding Web Parts, menu      361Ч362
Coding Web Parts, properties and methods      355Ч359
Coding Web Parts, rendering process      354Ч355
Coding Web Parts, tool panes      362Ч366
Collaboration      5Ч6 45Ч67
Collaboration Application Markup Language (CAML) format      295 332Ч333 455
Collaboration portal      78Ч81 403
Collaboration portal with Tree View      407
Collaboration portal, document center      80
Collaboration portal, home page      79Ч80
Collaboration portal, illustrated      78
Collaboration portal, news      80Ч81
Collaboration portal, report center      81
Collaboration portal, search      81
Collaboration portal, site definition      447
Collaboration portal, sites      81
Collaboration, extranet      191
Collaboration, team lists      24Ч25
Colleague tracker Web Part      156
Color schemes      407Ч411 see
Color schemes, cascading style sheets      407Ч409
Color schemes, custom style sheets      409Ч411
Columns, defined      29
Columns, indexing      32
Columns, limit recommendation      201
CommonViewFields property      see also "Content query Web Part"
CommonViewFields property, custom field listings in      331
CommonViewFields property, defined      328
CommonViewFields property, field listings in      329
CommonViewFields property, internal column name requirement      330
Compliance      90Ч91
Compliance, as core business tenet      90
Compliance, resources      91
Compliance, strategy      94 103
Comprehensive indexing      120
Configuration database, defined      20
Configuration database, SiteMap table      21
Configurations element      450Ч454
connecting web parts      366Ч373
contacts      64Ч66
Contacts in GAL      65
Contacts, attributes      64
Contacts, issues      64Ч66
Content adding to SharePoint      290Ч293
Content approval      35
Content database      20
Content deployment      111Ч113
Content deployment, job definition      112Ч113
Content deployment, path definition      112Ч113
Content deployment, steps      111Ч112
content management      7Ч8
Content Management Server (CMS)      106
content pages      23 394
Content query Web Part      76 110 325Ч341
Content query Web Part, AdditionalFilterFields property      328 334
Content query Web Part, AdditionalGroupAndSortFields property      328 334
Content query Web Part, capabilities      326Ч327
Content query Web Part, CommonViewFields property      328 329Ч332
Content query Web Part, customized      341
Content query Web Part, DataColumnRenames property      328 332
Content query Web Part, default fields display      328
Content query Web Part, defined      325
Content query Web Part, exercise      338Ч341
Content query Web Part, Filter properties      329 334Ч337
Content query Web Part, HeaderXslLink property      337
Content query Web Part, ItemXslLink property      337
Content query Web Part, ListsOverride property      328 333Ч334
Content query Web Part, properties      328Ч329
Content query Web Part, QueryOverride property      328 332Ч333
Content query Web Part, results      327
Content query Web Part, scope      325
Content query Web Part, tool pane      326
Content query Web Part, ViewFieldsOverride property      328 334
Content query Web Part, WebsOverride property      328 333
Content removing from SharePoint      293Ч295
Content sources      122Ч123
Content sources, configuration      122Ч123
Content sources, defined      122
Content sources, limit recommendation      203
Content sources, single      122
content types      90
Content types, defined      30
Content types, element manifest      541
Content types, enabling      31
Content types, Feature.xml      540
Content types, galleries      31
Content types, inheritance and      31
Content types, list      31
Content types, metadata and      30
Content types, page layouts and      400
Content types, registering event handlers with      540Ч542
Content types, site columns      32
Content types, user form template deployment to      592Ч594
Content updating      290
Contributor mode      243Ч244
Controls adding      582Ч583
Controls data-blind      639
Controls mapping to data sources      583Ч584
Copy Web service      300
Core engine      116Ч119
counters, performance      234Ч235
Crawl rules      123
Crawled properties      128
CreateChildControls method      360
CreateEditorParts method      366
Cross-platform migrations      220Ч221
Current navigation      406
Custom actions      475Ч479
Custom masters      see also "Master pages"
Custom masters, content management lifecycle and      414
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