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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
124662 Dorfle M. Spectrum and Eigenfunctions of the Frobenius-Perron Operator of the Tent Map 1985ХХ
124697 Wick W.D. A Dynamical Phase Transition in an Infinite Particle System 1985ХХ
124717 Spigler R. Nonlinear Parametric Oscillations in Certain Stochastic Systems: A Random van der Pol Oscillator 1985ХХ
124740 Kadanoff L.P. Simulating Hydrodynamics: a Pedestrian Model 1985ХХ
124754 Gallavotti G., Nicolo F. The "Screening Phase Transitions" in the Two-Dimensional Coulomb Gas 1985ХХ
124755 Risken H., Voigtlaender K. Eigenvalues and Eigenfunetions of the Fokker-Planek Equation for the Extremely Underdamped Brownian Motion in a Double-Well Potential 1985ХХ
124774 Chebotarev L.V. Localization Effects and Dispersion of the Dielectric Response Function in One-Dimensional Metals 1985ХХ
124783 Sergio Caracciolo, Ueli Glaus A New Monte Carlo Simulation for Two Models of Self-Avoiding Lattice Trees in Two Dimensions 1985ХХ
124805 George H. Weiss, Shlomo Havlin, Armin Bunde On the Survival Probability of a Random Walk in a Finite Lattice with a Single Trap 1985ХХ
124818 Aiastuey A., Martin Ph.A. Decay of Correlations in Classical Fluids with Long-Range Forces 1985ХХ
124826 Frobose K., Jackle J. Static Correlations of Higher Order and Diffusion in an Interacting Lattice Gas 1985ХХ
124844 Grosberg A.Yu. On the Theory of the Condensed States of Heteropolymers 1985ХХ
124863 Hogg T., Huberman B. A. Parallel Computing Structures Capable of Flexible Associations and Recognition of Fuzzy Inputs 1985ХХ
124907 Parisi G., Yi-Cheng Z. Field Theories and Growth Models 1985ХХ
124945 Spohn H. Quantum Tunneling with Dissipation and the Ising Model over R 1985ХХ
124975 Ballone P., Pastore G. Asymptotic Density Profile of a Classical Fluid Against a Hard Wall 1985ХХ
125000 Rowlands S. Quantum Mechanical Coherence in Human Red Blood Cells 1985ХХ
125038 Fritz J. On the Stationary Measures of Anharmonic Systems in the Presence of a Small Thermal Noise 1985ХХ
125064 Zabolitzky J. G., Bergman D. J., Stauffer D. Precision Calculation of Elasticity for Percolation 1985ХХ
125071 Andreev A.F., Grishchyuk I.A. Crystal Shape near the Faceting Phase Transition Point 1985ХХ
125139 Delyon F. Appearance of a Purely Singular Continuous Spectrum in a Class of Random Schrodinger Operators 1985ХХ
125165 Rodriguez M.A., Pesquera L., San Miguel M. Master Equation Description of External Poisson White Noise in Finite Systems 1985ХХ
125205 Khantha M., Balakrishnan V. Reflection Principles for Biased Random Walks and Application to Escape Time Distributions 1985ХХ
125217 Roerdink J.B.T.M., Shuler K.E. Asymptotic Properties of Multistate Random Walks. I. Theory 1985ХХ
125291 Evans J.W., Nord R.S. Random Dimer Filling of Lattices: Three-Dimensional Application to Free Radical Recombination Kinetics 1985ХХ
125302 Ladd A. Lorentz Gas Shear Viscosity via Nonequilibrium Molecular Dynamics and Boltzmann's Equation 1985ХХ
125311 Kodama Y. Optical Solitons in a Monomode Fiber 1985ХХ
125333 Berretti A. Some Properties of Random Ising Models 1985ХХ
125340 van Enter A. Bounds on Correlation Decay for Long-Range Vector Spin Glasses 1985ХХ
125372 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1985ХХ
125377 Alphonse Finel, Didier de Fontaine The Two-Dimensional ANNNI Model in the CVM Approximation 1985ХХ
125447 Elkoshi Z., Reiss H., Hammerich A.D. One-Dimensional Rigorous Hole Theory of Fluids: Internally Constrained Ensembles 1985ХХ
125482 Marchetti M.C., Cohen E.G.D., Dorfman J.R. Initial State Dependence of Nonlinear Kinetic Equations: The Classical Electron Gas 1985ХХ
125495 Roerdink J.B.T.M., Shuler K.E. Asymptotic Properties of Multistate Random Walks. II. Applications to Inhomogeneous Periodic and Random Lattices 1985ХХ
125518 Frohlich J., Huckaby D.A. Percolation in Hard-Core Lattice Gases and a Model Ferrofluid 1985ХХ
125544 Kremp D., Schlanges M., Bornath Th. Nonequilibrium Real Time Green's Functions and the Condition of Weakening of Initial Correlation 1985ХХ
125604 Moorad Aiexanian Statistical Entropy of a Schwarzschild Black Hole 1985ХХ
125620 Thomas A. Larsson Migdal-Kadanoff Renormalization Group for the O(n) Model 1985ХХ
125662 Birman J.L., Trebin H.-R. "Statistical" Symmetry with Applications to Phase Transitions 1985ХХ
125663 Wiesenfeld K. Noisy Precursors of Nonlinear Instabilities 1985ХХ
125704 Angelescu N., Zagrebnov V.A. A Generalized Quasiaverage Approach to the Description of the Limit States of the n-Vector Curie-Weiss Ferromagnet 1985ХХ
125796 Lebowitz J.L. Editor's Preface 1985ХХ
125809 Dunlop F. Correlation Inequalities and the Kosterlitz-Thouless Transition for Anisotropic Rotators 1985ХХ
125812 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1985ХХ
125925 Tova Feldmann, Levine R. D., Peter Salamon A Geometrical Measure for Entropy Changes 1985ХХ
125949 Webster Hughes Thermodynamics for Coulomb Systems: A Problem at Vanishing Particle Densities 1985ХХ
125973 Lebowitz J.L. (ed.) Editor's Preface 1985ХХ
125984 Eleventh West Coast Statistical Mechanics Conference 1985ХХ
126003 Steven A. Adelman Some Concepts in Condensed Phase Chemical Kinetics 1985ХХ
126007 Schwabl F. Propagation of Sound at Continuous Structural Phase Transitions 1985ХХ

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