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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
123251 Buff F.P., Robert M.A. Some Considerations of Fluid Interfaces in Two Dimensions 1985ХХ
123265 Palmer R.G., Frisch H.L. Low- and High-Dimension Limits of a Phase Separation Model 1985ХХ
123273 Brush S.G. Book Review: Statistical Physics and the Atomic Theory of Matter, from Boyle and Newton to Landau and Onsager 1985ХХ
123294 den Hollander W. Th. F. Comment on a Paper by G. H. Weiss, S. Havlin, and A. Bunde 1985ХХ
123296 Foreword-Gary Doolen 1985ХХ
123301 Gary A. Glatzmaier Magnetic Field Propagation in a Stellar Dynamo 1985ХХ
123302 Shlomo Havlin, James E. Kiefer, George H. Weiss Properties of the Skeleton of Aggregates Grown on a Cayley Tree 1985ХХ
123399 Lima R., Naudts J. Spontaneous Translation Symmetry Breakdown for Quantum Lattice Systems 1985ХХ
123400 Jullien R., Kolb M., Herrmann H. CECAM-Workshop on Kinetic Models for Cluster Formation: Orsay, September 17-28, 1984 1985ХХ
123413 Pearle P. On the Time It Takes a State Vector to Reduce 1985ХХ
123419 Deissler R.J. Noise-Sustained Structure, Intermittency, and the Ginzburg-Landau Equation 1985ХХ
123447 Voorhees P.W. The Theory of Ostwald Ripening 1985ХХ
123466 Philippe Ruelle Brownian Local Time and Quantum Mechanics 1985ХХ
123472 Noam Agmon Diffusion with Random Traps: Transient One-Dimensional Kinetics in a Linear Potential 1985ХХ
123493 David C. Brydges Convergence of Mayer Expansions 1985ХХ
123520 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1985ХХ
123533 Knickerbocker C. J., Alan C. Newell Propagation of Solitary Waves in Channels of Decreasing Depth 1985ХХ
123558 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1985ХХ
123560 Rapaport D.C. The Fractal Nature of Molecular Trajectories in Fluids 1985ХХ
123628 Chudnovsky E.M. Thermodynamics of Natural Selection 1985ХХ
123640 Ramshaw J.D. Augmented Langevin Approach to Fluctuations in Nonlinear Irreversible Processes 1985ХХ
123653 Lebowitz J.L. Nonequilihrium Phenomena I, The Boltzmann Equation 1985ХХ
123692 Gardner E., Derrida B. Zero Temperature Magnetization of a One-Dimensional Spin Glass 1985ХХ
123772 Dee G. Propagation into an Unstable State 1985ХХ
123793 Rudnick J., Guo H. Finite-Size Scaling and the Renormalization Group 1985ХХ
123865 Lifshitz I.M., Gredeskul S.A. Spectral Characteristics of the Impurity Band in the Structural Disorder Model 1985ХХ
123872 Marchetti M.C., Kirkpatrick T.R., Dorfman J.R. Kinetic Equation for a Weakly Interacting Classical Electron Gas 1985ХХ
123917 Coninck J.D., Dunlop F. Fluctuation Susceptibility Relations for Classical Spin Systems 1985ХХ
123965 Levesque D., Weis J.-J. Orientational Structure of Dipolar Hard Spheres near a Hard Neutral Wall 1985ХХ
124002 Dieterich W. Superionic Conductors 1985ХХ
124012 Shklovskii B.I., Spivak B.Z. Effect of Impurity Scattering of a Tunneling Electron on Variable-Range Hopping Conduction 1985ХХ
124021 Riela G. Transitions Tori-Chaos Through Collisions with Hyperbolic Orbits 1985ХХ
124054 Figari R., Orlandi E., Teta S. The Laplacian in Regions with Many Small Obstacles: Fluctuations Around the Limit Operator 1985ХХ
124112 Salinas S.R., Wreszinski W.F. On the Mean-Field Ising Model in a Random External Field 1985ХХ
124124 Simon B. Lifschitz Tails for the Anderson Model 1985ХХ
124148 Vieillefosse P. Sum Rules and Perfect Screening Conditions for the One-Component Plasma 1985ХХ
124170 Artuso R., Benza V. The Stationary State and the Heat Equation for a Variant of Davies' Model of Heat Conduction 1985ХХ
124236 Berretti A., Sokal A. New Monte Carlo Method for the Self-Avoiding Walk 1985ХХ
124243 Kawasaki K., Tombesi P. Domain Growth of First-Order Phase Transitions: An Exactly Solvable Model 1985ХХ
124264 Buffet E., Pule J.V. A Hard Core Bose Gas 1985ХХ
124272 Nieuwenhuizen Th.M. Singular Behavior of the Density of States and the Lyapunov Coefficient in Binary Random Harmonic Chains 1985ХХ
124292 Allcki R., Fannes M. Detailed Balance and Critical Slowing Down for Classical Lattice Systems 1985ХХ
124298 Evans M., Grigolini P. Book Review: Molecular Diffusion and Spectra 1985ХХ
124324 Horsthemke W. Noise Induced Transitions, Theory, and Applications in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology 1985ХХ
124343 Nieuwenhuizen Th.M. Excess Noise in a Hopping Model for a Resistor with Quenched Disorder 1985ХХ
124376 den Hollander W.Th.F. Random Walks on Lattices with Points of Two Colors. II. Some Rigorous Inequalities for Symmetric Random Walks 1985ХХ
124396 Malyshev V.A., Nickolaev I.V., Terlecky Yu.A. Temperature Dynamics of the Locally Perturbed Classical Ideal Gas 1985ХХ
124409 Lawrence A., Kim N. Multifluxon Dynamics in Driven Josephson Junctions 1985ХХ
124413 Ciach A. The Effect of a Constant Number of Particles on the Pair Correlation Function and the Density Profile in a One-Dimensional Lattice Gas 1985ХХ
124417 Yoshitake Yamazaki, Arno Holz, Moyuru Ochiai Static and Dynamic Properties of XY Systems with Extended Defects in Cubic Anisotropic Crystallines 1985ХХ

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