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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
124377 Ishio H. Quantum Transport and Classical Dynamics in Open Billiards 1996ХХ
124376 den Hollander W.Th.F. Random Walks on Lattices with Points of Two Colors. II. Some Rigorous Inequalities for Symmetric Random Walks 1985ХХ
124375 Bandt C., Hadeler K.P., Kriese F. Particle Systems Acting on Undirected Graphs 1998ХХ
124374 De Fabritiis G., Succi S. Electronic Structure Calculations Using Self-Adaptive Multiscale Voronoi Basis Functions 2002ХХ
124373 Bianchi A., Contucci P. Stochastically Stable Quenched Measures 2004ХХ
124372 Nihat Berker A. Hierarchical Models and Chaotic Spin Glasses 1984ХХ
124371 Issigoni M.E., Papatriantafillou C. The Influence of Fixed Spins on the Thermodynamic Behavior of an Ising Ferromagnet 1986ХХ
124370 Machado F. Branching Exclusion Process on a Strip 1997ХХ
124369 Bouchet F., Dauxois T. Large Deviation Techniques Applied to Systems with Long-Range Interactions 2005ХХ
124368 Benedetto D., Castella F. Some Considerations on the Derivation of the Nonlinear Quantum Boltzmann Equation 2004ХХ
124367 Cercignani C. Global Existence of Solutions for a Model Boltzmann Equation 1987ХХ
124366 van Enter A. Nonperiodic Long-Range Order for Fast-Decaying Interactions at Positive Temperatures 1998ХХ
124365 van Enter A. Pathological Behavior of Renormalization-Group Maps at High Fields and Above the Transition Temperature 1995ХХ
124364 Katsoulakis M., Tsagkarogiannis D. Mesoscopic Modeling for Continuous Spin Lattice Systems: Model Problems and Micromagnetics Applications 2005ХХ
124363 Normand J.-M., Herrmann H.J. Precise Calculation of the Dynamical Exponent of Two-Dimensional Percolation 1988ХХ
124362 Forrester P.J. Finite-Size Corrections to the Free Energy of Coulomb Systems with a Periodic Boundary Condition 1991ХХ
124361 Gu X.-Y., Kalman G. Response Function of the Second Kind in Many-Body Systems 1993ХХ
124360 Schroder M. On the Bose Gas with Local Mean-Field Interaction 1990ХХ
124359 Garnier J. Long-Time Dynamics of KortewegЦde Vries Solitons Driven by Random Perturbations 2001ХХ
124358 Surda A. Incommensurate-Commensurate Phase Transitions in an Anisotropic Antiferromagnetic Model on Triangular Lattice 1994ХХ
124357 Shlosman S.B. Correlation Inequalities for Antiferromagnets 1980ХХ
124356 Erdos L. Linear Boltzmann Equation as the Long Time Dynamics of an Electron Weakly Coupled to a Phonon Field 2002ХХ
124355 Bravo Yuste S., Lindenberg K. Order Statistics for First Passage Times in One-Dimensional Diffusion Processes 1996ХХ
124354 Vicsek T. Fluctuations and Scaling in Biology 2002ХХ
124353 Narnhofer H., Thirring W. On the Relation between Strong Subadditivity and Entanglement 2004ХХ
124352 Phillies G. Upon the Utility of Spherical Harmonic Expansions in the Evaluation of Cluster Integrals 1982ХХ
124351 Boldrighini C., Bunimovich L.A. Ising-Type Transitions in Coupled Map Lattices 1995ХХ
124350 Schiemann J. Infrared Asymptotic Freedom ф Hierarchical Lattice Theory 1986ХХ
124349 Katz A., Duneau M. The Convergence of the One-Dimensional Ground States to an Infinite Lattice 1984ХХ
124348 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1994ХХ
124347 de Gennes P.-G. Brownian Motion with Dry Friction 2005ХХ
124346 Niethammer B., Pego R. The LSW Model for Domain Coarsening: Asymptotic Behavior for Conserved Total Mass 2001ХХ
124345 Orlandini E., Stella A.L. Loose, Flat Knots in Collapsed Polymers 2004ХХ
124344 Pinn K., Rehwald M. On the Stability of the O(N)-Invariant and the Cubic-Invariant Three-Dimensional N-Component Renormalization-Group Fixed Points in the Hierarchical Approximation 1999ХХ
124343 Nieuwenhuizen Th.M. Excess Noise in a Hopping Model for a Resistor with Quenched Disorder 1985ХХ
124342 O'Rourke M.J., Baxter R.J. Numerical Results for the Three-State Critical Potts Model on Finite Rectangular Lattices 1995ХХ
124341 Acedo L., Santos A., Bobylev A.V. On the Derivation of a High-Velocity Tail from the BoltzmannЦFokkerЦPlanck Equation for Shear Flow 2002ХХ
124340 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1981ХХ
124339 Benettin G., Gaigani L. Transition to Stochasticity in a One-Dimensional Model of a Radiant Cavity 1982ХХ
124338 den Hollander F. On Three Conjectures by K. E. Shuler 1994ХХ
124337 Magnen J. Phase Space Analysis and Particle Structure in Field Theory 1987ХХ
124336 Lebowitz J.L. On Potential and Field Fluctuations in Classical Charged Systems 1984ХХ
124335 Sokal A.D. More Inequalities for Critical Exponents 1981ХХ
124334 Penrose O., Buhagiar A. Kinetics of Nucleation in a Lattice Gas Model: Microscopic Theory and Simulation Compared 1983ХХ
124333 Hoye J.S. Correlation Functions in the Cavity Model of Ionic Fluids 1995ХХ
124332 Bobylev A.V. Moment Equations for a Granular Material in a Thermal Bath 2002ХХ
124331 Ueltschi D. Segregation in the Asymmetric Hubbard Model 2004ХХ
124330 Balinsky A., Laptev A. Generalized Hardy Inequality for the Magnetic Dirichlet Forms 2004ХХ
124329 Lebowitz J.L. Program of the 92nd Statistical Mechanics Meeting Rutgers University, December 19Ц21, 2004 2005ХХ
124328 Angelescu N., Pulvirenti M. Derivation and Classical Limit of the Mean-Field Equation for a Quantum Coulomb System: Maxwell-Boltzmann Statistics 1994ХХ

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