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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
123813 Gammaitoni L., Martinelli M. Stochastic Resonance in Paramagnetic Resonance Systems 1993ХХ
123814 Bonato C. A., Fernando Perez J., Abel Klein The Mermin-Wagner Phenomenon and Cluster Properties of One- and Two-Dimensional Systems 1982ХХ
123815 Dmitry Ostrovsky Limit Lognormal Multifractal as an Exponential Functional 2004ХХ
123816 Mazur P. Sedimentation of Homogeneous Suspensions in Finite Vessels 1988ХХ
123817 Kyozi Kawasaki Dynamical van der Waals Model of Glassy Behavior 2002ХХ
123818 Tracy C., Widom H. Correlation Functions, Cluster Functions, and Spacing Distributions for Random Matrices 1998ХХ
123819 Moussa P. Subdominant Critical Singularities in the bcc Ising Model 1982ХХ
123820 Katz S., Lebowitz J.L. Nonequilibrium Steady States of Stochastic Lattice Gas Models of Fast Ionic Conductors 1984ХХ
123821 Whitlock P. A., Kalos M. H., Chester G. V. A Schwinger Variational Method for the Bloch Equation 1983ХХ
123822 Tedeschini-Lalli L. Truncated Navier-Stokes Equations: Continuous Transition from a Five-Mode to a Seven-Mode Model 1982ХХ
123823 Zi-Min Lu, Michel Vallires, Jian-Min Yuan Capture by Stabilized Continuum: Classical and Quantum Aspects 1991ХХ
123824 Runnels L.K., Lebowitz J.L. Circle Theorem for Hard-Core Binary Lattice Gases 1980ХХ
123825 Ta|kner P., Freidkin E. Discrete Dynamics and Metastability: Mean First Passage Times and Escape Rates 1987ХХ
123826 Michio Jimbo, Hitoshi Konno, Satoru Odake Free Field Construction for the ABF Models in Regime II 2000ХХ
123827 Felderhof B.U., Ford G.W. Growth of Resistance with Density of Scatterers in One Dimensional Wave Propagation 1986ХХ
123828 Patrick W. O'Connor, Steven Tomsovic, Eric J. Heiler Accuracy of Semiclassical Dynamics in the Presence of Chaos 1991ХХ
123829 Kandel D., Domany E. Rigorous Derivation of Domain Growth Kinetics without Conservation Laws 1990ХХ
123830 Roumeliotis J., Smith E. R. Partition Function Zeros for the One-Dimensional Ordered Plasma in Dirichlet Boundary Conditions 1991ХХ
123831 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1987ХХ
123832 Keizer J. Response to "Comments on Keizer's Critique on Extended Irreversible Thermodynamics" by B.C. Eu 1984ХХ
123833 Bunde A. Fractals in Science 1995ХХ
123834 Ruben D. Cohen Equilibrium State of Aggregation in Suspensions Comprising Linear Clusters 1988ХХ
123835 Franscini C. Symposium on Classical and Quantum Billiards 1996ХХ
123836 Jancovici B., Joel L. Lebowitz Bounded Fluctuations and Translation Symmetry Breaking: A Solvable Model 2000ХХ
123837 Pini D., Parola A. Fluctuations-Inclusive Approach to Phase Transitions in Binary Mixtures 2000ХХ
123838 James L. Monroe Upper Bounds on T c for One-Dimensional Ising Systems 1994ХХ
123839 Carlen E.A., Carvalho M.C. Entropy Production Estimates for Boltzmann Equations with Physically Realistic Collision Kernels 1994ХХ
123840 Forrester P. J., Morrow T. M. Block Toeplitz Matrices and the Two-Dimensional Coulomb Gas Near a Wall 1990ХХ
123841 Vanderhaegen D., Deutsch C. Linear Radiation Transport in Randomly Distributed Binary Mixtures: A One-Dimensional and Exact Treatment for the Scattering Case 1989ХХ
123842 Kyozi Kawasaki, Bongsoo Kim Out of Equilibrium Dynamics of the Toy Model with Mode Coupling and Trivial Hamiltonian 2002ХХ
123843 Soffer A ., Weinstein M . I . Nonautonomou s Hamiltonians 1998ХХ
123844 Alexander Soshnikov Janossy Densities. II. Pfaffian Ensembles 2003ХХ
123845 Kaufman J. H., Melroy O. R., Dimino G. M. The Effect of Screening on Entropy Production in Pattern Formation 1988ХХ
123846 Joël De Coninck, Christophe Dobrovolny, Salvador Miracle-Solé Wetting of Heterogeneous Surfaces at the Mesoscopic Scale 2003ХХ
123847 Cammarota C. Ising-Like Field Theory 1981ХХ
123848 Gregory L. Eyink Dissipation and Large Thermodynamic Fluctuations 1990ХХ
123849 Kumar S. Errata: Properties of a Three-Dimensional Poisson-Voronoi Tesselation: A Monte Carlo Study 1993ХХ
123850 Frank B., Elofer M. Initial Perpendicular Isothermal Susceptibility Formulas for the Transverse General-Spin Ising and Blume-Capei Models 1987ХХ
123851 Ben Abdallah N., Degond P., Genieys S. An Energy-Transport Model for Semiconductors Derived from the Boltzmann Equation 1995ХХ
123852 Jakob Yngvason Elliott Lieb and the Art of Mathematical Physics 2004ХХ
123853 Langlands R. Universality and Conformal Invariance for the Ising Model in Domains with Boundary 2000ХХ
123854 Timo Seppalainen, Joachim Krug Hydrodynamics and Platoon Formation for a Totally Asymmetric Exclusion Model with Particlewise Disorder 1998ХХ
123855 Charles R. Doering, Martin A. Burschka, Werner Horsthemke Fluctuations and Correlations in a Diffusion-Reaction System: Exact Hydrodynamics 1991ХХ
123856 Meijer P. Master of Modern Physics. The Scientific Contributions of H. A. Kramers 1999ХХ
123857 Brieger L., Bonomi E. A Stochastic Lattice Gas for Burgers' Equation: A Practical Study 1992ХХ
123858 Alexander F. J., Edrei I., Garrido P. L. Phase Transitions in a Probabilistic Cellular Automaton: Growth Kinetics and Critical Properties 1992ХХ
123859 Lebowitz J.L., Spohn H. A Gallavotti-Cohen-Type Symmetry in the Large Deviation Functional for Stochastic Dynamics 1999ХХ
123860 Alberto Frigerio, Vittorio Gorini, Joe V. Pule Open Quasi-Free Systems 1979ХХ
123861 Baierlein R. Thermal Physics 2000ХХ
123862 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1988ХХ

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