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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
166645 Ryser H. Combinatorial Mathematics 1963ХХ
171183 Ryser H. Combinatorial mathematics 1963ХХ
106796 Ryser H.J. Combinatorial Mathematics 1963ХХ
123534 Ryter D. Noise-Induced Transitions in a Double-Well Potential at Low Friction 1987ХХ
124003 Rytov S.M. Principles of Radiophysics 1989ХХ
123792 Rytov S.M. Principles of Statistical Radiophysics, 4, Elements of Random Fields 1990ХХ
119778 Rytov S.M., Kravtsov Y.A., Tatarski V.I. Book Review: Principles of Statistical Radiophysics, 3, Elements of Random Fields 1990ХХ
175472 Ryu H., Parsons D. Innovative Mobile Learning: Techniques and Technologies 2009ХХ
49584 Ryu J.-H. (ed.) Parallel Manipulators, New Developments 2008ХХ
83674 Ryzhii M. (ed.), Ryzhii V. (ed.) Physics and modeling of tera-and nano-devices 2008ХХ
150567 Rzoska S., Drozd-Rzoska A., Mazur V. Metastable Systems under Pressure (NATO Science for Peace and Security Series A: Chemistry and Biology) 2010ХХ
51791 Rzoska S.J., Zhelezny V. Nonlinear Dielectric Phenomena In Complex Liquids 2009ХХ
194786 S R. Lanza International Business Information on the Web: Searcher Magazine's Guide to Sites & Strategies for Global Business Research 2001 ХХХ
83754 Sánchez G.H., de la Vega D.V.G., Díaz J.L.H. Oscillation-based test in mixed-signal circuits (frontiers in electronic testing) 2006 ХХХ
25090 Säckinger E. Broadband Circuits for Optical Fiber Communication 2005ХХ
78923 Südholt M., Consel C. Object-Oriented Technology.ECOOP 2006 Workshop Reader: ECOOP 2006 Workshops, Nantes, France, July 3-7, 2006, Final Reports 2007ХХ
24905 Süli E., Mayers D.F. An Introduction to Numerical Analysis 2003ХХ
120104 Süto A. Thermodynamic Limit and Proof of Condensation for Trapped Bosons 2003ХХ
123436 Süto A. Exact Eigenstates for Contact Interactions 2002ХХ
97121 Sýkora S. Quantum theory and the bayesian inference problems 1974ХХ
9996 S&C Enterprises Hacking secrets revealed. Information and instructional guide n/aХХ
195832 S. Komiya Synthesis of Organometallic Compounds: A Practical Guide (Inorganic Chemistry: A Textbook Series) 1997ХХ
196204 S. A. Argyros, S. Todorcevic Ramsey Methods in Analysis (Advanced Courses in Mathematics - CRM Barcelona) 2005ХХ
196088 S. A. Brueckner, G.Di M. Serugendo Engineering Self-Organising Systems: Methodologies and Applications 2005ХХ
196943 S. Autexier, J. Calmet Intelligent Computer Mathematics: 10th International Conference, AISC 2010, 17th Symposium, Calculemus 2010, and 9th International Conference, MKM ... Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence) 2010ХХ
134110 S. Barry Cooper Computability Theory (Chapman Hall Crc Mathematics Series) 2003 ХХХ
195446 S. Berhanu, P. D. Cordaro, J. Hounie An Introduction to Involutive Structures 2008 ХХХ
195737 S. Blundell, K. Blundell Concepts in Thermal Physics (Comprehensive Assessment of Water Management in Agriculture) 2006 ХХХ
134146 S. Bobryakov, M. Rosenberg Elsevier's dictionary of technical abbreviations in English and Russian 2005 ХХХ
195094 S. Bonometto Modern Cosmology 2001ХХ
197198 S. Booth Gender Issues in Learning and Working with Information Technology: Social Constructs and Cultural Contexts (Premier Reference Source) 2010 ХХХ
196011 S. Boyd, L. El Ghaoui, E. Feron, V. Balakrishnan Linear Matrix Inequalities in System and Control Theory (Studies in Applied and Numerical Mathematics) 1997ХХ
196470 S. Brandt The Harvest of a Century: Discoveries in Modern Physics in 100 Episodes 2009ХХ
149649 S. Buonchristiano, C. P. Rourke, B. J. Sanderson A geometric approach to homology theory 1976 ХХХ
196191 S. Busenberg, M. Martelli Delay differential equations and dynamical systems: Proceedings of a conference in honor of Kenneth Cooke held in Claremont, California, Jan. 13-16, 1990 (Lecture notes in mathematics) 1991ХХ
196224 S. C. Basu, M.Basu Liposome Methods and Protocols 2002ХХ
195967 S. Canavero, V. Bonicalzi Central Pain Syndrome: Pathophysiology, diagnosis and management 2007ХХ
196299 S. Chandran Advances in Direction-of-Arrival Estimation (Artech House Radar Library) 2005ХХ
100069 S. Chaturvedi, C. W. Gardiner, I. S. Matheson Stochastic analysis of a chemical reaction with spatial and temporal structures 1977ХХ
121778 S. Ciliberto, E. Pampaloni The Role of Defects in the Transition Between Different Symmetries in Convective Patterns 1991ХХ
196709 S. Clark Towards the Edge of the Universe: A Review of Modern Cosmology (Wiley-Praxis Series in Astronomy & Astrophysics) 1997ХХ
197237 S. Clay On Our Own, Together: Peer Programs for People with Mental Illness 2005ХХ
195826 S. D. Antonio de Amescua Experience of Software Process Improvement Applied to Education: The Personal Work Planning Technique n/aХХ
196765 S. D. Brown Fundamentals of Digital Logic with VHDL Design (McGraw-Hill Series in Electrical and Computer Engineering) 2005ХХ
195833 S. Davis Groovy Recipes: Greasing the Wheels of Java (Pragmatic Programmers) 2008ХХ
196431 S. Demeyer, J. Bosch Object-Oriented Technology. ECOOP '98 Workshop Reader: ECOOP'98 Workshop, Demos, and Posters Brussels, Belgium, July 20-24, 1998 Proceedings 1998ХХ
195923 S. Dempe Foundations of Bilevel Programming (Nonconvex Optimization and Its Applications) 2002ХХ
196150 S. E. Nikoletseas Experimental and Efficient Algorithms: 4th International Workshop, WEA 2005, Santorini Island, Greece, May 10-13, 2005, Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer ... / Programming and Software Engineering) 2005ХХ
196446 S. Engelberg A Mathematical Introduction to Control Theory (Series in Electrical and Computer Engineering) 2005ХХ
195920 S. F. Perry, M\. Ekker, Anthony P. Farrell, Colin J. Brauner Zebrafish (Fish Physiology, Volume 29) 2010ХХ

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