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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
187924 Inglett G. Maize: Recent Progress in chemistry and Technology 1982ХХ
184940 Inglett G., Munck L. Cereals for Food and Beverages: Recent Progress in Cereal Chemistry and Technology 1980ХХ
185206 Inglett G., Charalambous G. Tropical Foods: Vol. 1: Chemistry and Nutrition 1979ХХ
40288 Inglezakis V.J., Poulopoulos S.G. Adsorption, Ion Exchange and Catalysis: Design of Operations and Environmental Applications 2006ХХ
188304 Inglis A., Luther A. Satellite Technology - An Introduction 1997 ХХХ
170896 Inglis C. International Sociology. Volume 30. 2015ХХ
163076 Inglis C. International Sociology 2014ХХ
160119 Inglis M. Astrophysics is Easy!: An Introduction for the Amateur Astronomer 2007ХХ
188899 Inglis M. Astrophysics Is Easy - An Introduction For The Amateur Astronomer 2007ХХ
40312 Inglis M. Astrophysics Is Easy! An Introduction for the Amateur Astronomer 2007ХХ
48755 Ingo Dierking Textures of Liquid Crystals 2003ХХ
48536 Ingo Forkel Performance Evaluation of the UMTS Terrestrial Radio Access Modes 2005ХХ
134044 Ingo M. Weber Semantic Methods for Execution-level Business Process Modeling: Modeling Support Through Process Verification and Service Composition (Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing) 2009 ХХХ
178157 Ingogamov N. The role of Rayleigh-Taylor and Richtmyer-Meshkov instabilities in astrophysics 1999ХХ
41799 Ingold L. Associated Types of Linear Connection n/aХХ
188674 Ingold T., Palsson G. Biosocial Becomings: Integrating Social and Biological Anthropology 2013ХХ
133719 Ingolfsdottir A., Mishra B. Transactions on Computational Systems Biology VII 2006ХХ
55327 Ingolic K.J., Klamann G. Organotellurium Compounds, Vol. E12b 1990ХХ
124573 Ingraham R.I. Book Review: A Survey of Nonlinear Dynamics ("Chaos theory") 1992ХХ
169993 Ingram D. Design - Build - Run: Applied Practices and Principles for Production Ready Software Development (Wrox Programmer to Programmer) 2009ХХ
27576 Ingram G. High-Performance Oracle: Proven Methods for Achieving Optimum Performance and Availability 2002 ХХХ
52687 Ingram G. Basic Concepts in Turbomachinery 2009ХХ
160269 Ingram H., Stern P. Research and Networks for Decision Support in the NOAA Sectoral Applications Research Program 2007ХХ
22451 Ingram J. High Performance Oracle Database Automation 1997ХХ
76820 Ingram R.E. The International Encyclopedia of Depression 2009ХХ
61075 Ingram R.W., Baldwin W.A., Albright T.L. Financial Accounting: Information for Decisions 2004ХХ
181249 Ingrassia M. Maya for Games: Modeling and Texturing Techniques with Maya and Mudbox 2009ХХ
107608 Ingrid Daubechies Ten Lectures On Wavelets 1992ХХ
55030 Ingrid Gerdes, Frank Klawonn, Rudolf Kruse Evolutionäre Algorithmen 2004ХХ
128192 Inguscio M., Inguscio M., Ketterle W. Ultra-cold Fermi Gases (Varenna lectures) 2008ХХ
181500 Ingwersen P. Information Retrieval Interaction 1992ХХ
80271 Ingwersen P., Järvelin K. The turn. Integration of information seeking and retrieval in context 2005ХХ
189715 Iniesta J., Alfaro E., Gorgas J. The Many Scales in the Universe: JENAM 2004 Astrophysics Reviews 2006ХХ
40088 Iniesta J.C. Introduction to Spectropolarimetry 2003ХХ
141418 Iniewski K. Internet Networks: Wired, Wireless, and Optical Technologies (Devices, Circuits, and Systems) 2010ХХ
83464 Iniewski Krz. Medical Imaging: Principles, Detectors, and Electronics 2009ХХ
30147 Injey F. (Ed) Introduction to a Service-Oriented Architecture 2003ХХ
40941 Inkpen R. Science, Philosophy and Physical Geography 2004ХХ
84629 Inman D.J. Vibration with control 2006ХХ
60212 Inman D.J., Farrar C.R., Junior V.L. Damage Prognosis: For Aerospace, Civil and Mechanical Systems 2005ХХ
54696 Inman J.A., Sands P., Reed C. Electronic Collaboration in the Humanities: Issues and Options 2004ХХ
23841 Inman J.A. Computers and Writing: The Cyborg Era 2004ХХ
22070 Inmon W.H. Building the Data Warehouse 2002 ХХХ
24567 Inmon W.H. Building the Data Warehouse 2005 ХХХ
13027 Inmon W.H. Data Mining: Exploring the Data (Part 2) 1997ХХ
13025 Inmon W.H. Data Mining: an Architecture (Part 1) 1997ХХ
131013 Inmon W.H., Imhoff C., Sousa R. Corporate Information Factory 2001 ХХХ
36246 Innassaridze H. (ed.) K-theory and Homological Algebra 1990ХХ
154418 Innocenti F. Pharmacogenomics. Methods and Protocols 2005ХХ
24118 Innovative Training Works Microsoft Word Whiz 2002: Official Certification Guide for Microsoft Office Specialist Core Exam 2003ХХ

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