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Spiegel R. Ч Psychopharmacology: an introduction
Spiegel R. Ч Psychopharmacology: an introduction

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Ќазвание: Psychopharmacology: an introduction

јвтор: Spiegel R.


Describes the latest advances in psychopharmacology - one of the most rapidly developing fields in modern science. This latest edition has been updated to cover new developments in drug therapy and research including newly introduced antipsychotics, antidepressants and antidementia drugs. Sections on the treatment of depression and dementia have been revised to include new developments in treatment strategies. It will be welcomed for its essentially clinical and psychological approach to modern pharmaceuticals, their therapeutic uses and limitations, adverse reactions and future directions for research.

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–убрика: ћедицина и здравоохранение/

—татус предметного указател€: √отов указатель с номерами страниц

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»здание: fouth edition

√од издани€: 2003

 оличество страниц: 400

ƒобавлена в каталог: 11.12.2005

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ѕредметный указатель
$CO_2$      see carbon dioxide
$[^11C]$DASB      Plate 6.2
2-deoxyglucose      209 215
Absorption      see ADME
Accommodation disorders      13
Acetophenazme      5
Acetylcholine (ACh)      37Ч38 54 110Ч111 126 255
Acetylcholine (ACh), breakdown of      53
Acetylcholine (ACh), deficiency hypothesis      53
Acetylcholinesterase (AChE)      126
Acne      17
Action potential      103
ADAS      see Alzheimer's Disease Assessment Scale
Adderall$\textregistered$      25
Addiction Severity Index (ASS)      204
Addiction, detoxification      40
ADHD      see attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
ADME (absorption-distribution-metabolism-elimination)      6 105 156Ч159(157)
Adolept$\textregistered$      5
Adrenaline      37Ч38 292
Adrenergic receptors      52
Adrenoreceptor antagonist      Plate 6.1
Adumbrant      19
Adverse effects      2 7
Affective disorders      55 180 319Ч320
Agedal$\textregistered$      11
Aggression      3 20 29 36 251 256 263
Aging, cognitive changes in      252Ч253
Agitation      10 20 25 41 169 232
Agitation, psychomotor      3
Agonists      108Ч109
Agonists, group II mGluR      117 125
Agonists, muscarinic      88Ч89 96
Agoraphobia      291
Agranulocytosis      17 51 307
Akathisia      8 14
Akinesia      8
Alcohol      1Ч2 10 22 35Ч36 60Ч61 162 291
Alcohol, effect on performance      60
Alcohol, ethanol      219
Alcohol, potentiation      20
Alcohol, psychotropic effects of      59
Alcohol, withdrawal from      19
Alcoholism, risk of      35Ч36
Aldomet$\textregistered$      3
Allergies      38
Allometric scaling      185
Alogia      229 232
Alpha-methyl-par a-ptyrosine (AMPT)      115
Alpha-methyldopa      3
Alprazolam      19 188 294Ч295
Alraun      34
Alzheimer's disease      50 126 173 188Ч189 242 253Ч255
Alzheimer's Disease Assessment Scale (ADAS)      203 254
Alzheimer's disease, and MRI      213
Alzheimer's disease, characteristics of      254
Alzheimer's disease, cholinergic hypothesis of      53 255
Alzheimer's disease, drugs to treat      53Ч56
Alzheimer's disease, markers for      163Ч164
Alzheimer's disease, non-cholinergic approaches to      256Ч259
Alzheimer's disease, risk factors for      254
Alzheimer's disease, treatment approaches      53Ч54
Alzheimer's disease, vitamin E therapy for      302
Ambient      19
Amenorrhea, caused by antipsychotics      7
Amino acids, in functional imaging      209
Amisulpride      176Ч177
Amisulpride, effects of      78Ч79 89
Amitriptyline      10Ч11
Amitriptyline and depression      126 234Ч235
Amitriptyline, action spectra of      12
Amitriptyline, effects of      79Ч82 (80) 95
Amitriptyline, efficacy of      13
Amitriptyline, studies/trials of      275 280Ч284 287 289
Amnesia      23 242Ч245 293
Amnesia, anterograde      244
Amnesia, partial      241
Amnesia, retrograde      244
Amoxapine      275
AMPA      117Ч118
Amphetamines      10
Amphetamines and ADHD      247Ч250 296Ч297
Amphetamines and depression      120
Amphetamines and psychoses      24 115 131
Amphetamines, brain metabolism and      217
Amphetamines, dextroamphetamine      25
Amphetamines, discovery/introduction of      36 46
Amphetamines, effects of      85Ч87 (86) 91
Amphetamines, performance criteria of      86
Amphetamines, side effects of      24
Amphetamines, studies/trials of      73 249
Amyline$\textregistered$      11
Anafranil$\textregistered$      11
Analeptics      2
Analgesics      1Ч2 3 28 38
Anemia, aplastic      17
Anesthetics      19 28 37Ч39
Anesthetics, drugs in      242Ч243
Anger      15
Anhedonia      133
Animal and human behavior, analogies and homologies of      129Ч130
Animal models for psychiatric indications      128Ч143
Animal models for psychiatric indications, principles of      129Ч130
Animal models, non-genetically-based      131Ч137
Animal models, using genetically altered subjects      137Ч143
Animal models, using genetically altered subjects, manipulation of genetic background      138Ч142
Animal models, using genetically altered subjects, selective breeding      137Ч138
Animal studies, ethical considerations of      130
Animal studies, individuality of subjects      130
Animal studies, manipulation of genetic background      138Ч142
Animal studies, manipulation of genetic background, possible limitations to      142Ч143
Animal studies, principles of      129Ч130
Animal studies, selective breeding for      137Ч138
Anorexia      14 25 256
Anorgasmia      8
Antagonists      108Ч109 118
Antagonists, administration of      54
Antagonists, AMPA receptor      117
Antagonists, corticotropin-releasing Factor-1 receptor      122
Antagonists, dopamine      109
Antagonists, kainate receptor      117
Antagonists, neurokinin receptor      121Ч122
Anti-inflammatory drugs      3 257Ч258
Anti-inflammatory drugs, non-steroidal (NSAIDs)      257Ч258
Antianxiety drugs      241Ч246
Antianxiety drugs, anxiolytic drugs      245Ч246
Antianxiety drugs, cognitive changes in anxiety disorders      241Ч242
Antianxiety drugs, effects of benzodiazepines      242Ч245
Anticholinergic effects      46
Anticonvulsants      16 19 193
Antidementia drugs      2Ч3 25Ч26 53 55 94 96 149 252Ч259
Antidementia drugs and Alzheimer's disease      253Ч255
Antidementia drugs and Alzheimer's disease, non-cholinergic approaches to      256Ч259
Antidementia drugs on healthy subjects      91
Antidementia drugs, cholinergic agents      255Ч256
Antidementia drugs, cognitive changes of aging and dementia      252Ч253
Antidementia drugs, experiments on      87Ч89
Antidementia drugs, experiments on behavioral effects      88Ч89
Antidementia drugs, experiments on neurophysiology      89 96
Antidementia drugs, experiments on subjective effects      87Ч88
Antidepressant drugs (antidepressants)      1Ч3 (2) 9Ч15 41Ч14 234Ч241 293Ч294 319Ч320
Antidepressant drugs (antidepressants) and anxiety disorders      26
Antidepressant drugs (antidepressants) and depression      18 275Ч291
Antidepressant drugs (antidepressants) and schizophrenia      18
Antidepressant drugs (antidepressants) on healthy subjects      76 80 90 94
Antidepressant drugs (antidepressants), action spectra of      12 73 149
Antidepressant drugs (antidepressants), activating      10
Antidepressant drugs (antidepressants), best known products      10Ч11
Antidepressant drugs (antidepressants), clinical actions and uses      9Ч10
Antidepressant drugs (antidepressants), cognitive changes in depression      234Ч235
Antidepressant drugs (antidepressants), differential therapeutic effects of      72
Antidepressant drugs (antidepressants), drive-neutral      10
Antidepressant drugs (antidepressants), effects of      95 235Ч240
Antidepressant drugs (antidepressants), effects of, described      42
Antidepressant drugs (antidepressants), effects of, lithium and mood stabilizers      240Ч241
Antidepressant drugs (antidepressants), efficacy of      10Ч14A3)
Antidepressant drugs (antidepressants), experiments on      79Ч82 263
Antidepressant drugs (antidepressants), experiments on behavioral effects      80Ч81
Antidepressant drugs (antidepressants), experiments on neurophysiology      81Ч82
Antidepressant drugs (antidepressants), experiments on subjective effects      79Ч80
Antidepressant drugs (antidepressants), maintenance therapy      277Ч278
Antidepressant drugs (antidepressants), mood stabilizers      278Ч279
Antidepressant drugs (antidepressants), negative aspects of      121
Antidepressant drugs (antidepressants), new      50 52Ч53 55 271Ч277
Antidepressant drugs (antidepressants), pharmacokinetics of      156 161
Antidepressant drugs (antidepressants), sedative      10 80Ч81
Antidepressant drugs (antidepressants), side effects of      (13Ч14) 14Ч15 261
Antidepressant drugs (antidepressants), symptom improvement by      263
Antidepressant drugs (antidepressants), tetracyclic      13
Antidepressant drugs (antidepressants), the need for      127Ч128
Antidepressant drugs (antidepressants), tricyciic      13 53 83 133 162
Antiepileptic drugs (antiepileptics)      161 241
Antihistamines      2 22 37Ч38 41 118
Antihistamines, effects      46
Antihypertensives      2Ч3
Antipsychotic drugs (antipsychotics)      1Ч9 (2) 42 228Ч234
Antipsychotic drugs (antipsychotics) and depression      18 26
Antipsychotic drugs (antipsychotics) and schizophrenia      18 263Ч274
Antipsychotic drugs (antipsychotics) and schizophrenia, discontinuation trials      267Ч269
Antipsychotic drugs (antipsychotics) and schizophrenia, dosage and duration of treatment      264Ч269
Antipsychotic drugs (antipsychotics) and schizophrenia, drug therapy and psychotherapy      269Ч274
Antipsychotic drugs (antipsychotics) and schizophrenia, proof of efficacy      263Ч264
Antipsychotic drugs (antipsychotics) on healthy subjects      58 76 79 89Ч91 89Ч90 94
Antipsychotic drugs (antipsychotics), action spectra of      12 149
Antipsychotic drugs (antipsychotics), adverse effects of      7Ч8
Antipsychotic drugs (antipsychotics), atypical      6 50Ч52 128
Antipsychotic drugs (antipsychotics), atypical, no studies on      79
Antipsychotic drugs (antipsychotics), best-known products      4Ч5
Antipsychotic drugs (antipsychotics), brain metabolism and      217
Antipsychotic drugs (antipsychotics), clinical actions and uses      3Ч4
Antipsychotic drugs (antipsychotics), clinical actions and uses, three phases of      4
Antipsychotic drugs (antipsychotics), cognitive changes in schizophrenia      228Ч230
Antipsychotic drugs (antipsychotics), depot      267
Antipsychotic drugs (antipsychotics), differential therapeutic effects of      72
Antipsychotic drugs (antipsychotics), dopaminergic mechanism of      115
Antipsychotic drugs (antipsychotics), effects of      95 230Ч233
Antipsychotic drugs (antipsychotics), efficacy of      263Ч264
Antipsychotic drugs (antipsychotics), experiments on      76Ч79 91 263
Antipsychotic drugs (antipsychotics), experiments on behavioral effects      78
Antipsychotic drugs (antipsychotics), experiments on neurophysiology      79 90
Antipsychotic drugs (antipsychotics), experiments on subjective effects      76Ч78 (77)
Antipsychotic drugs (antipsychotics), new      55
Antipsychotic drugs (antipsychotics), pharmacokinetics of      156 161
Antipsychotic drugs (antipsychotics), product differences      6Ч7
Antipsychotic drugs (antipsychotics), sedatives      77
Antipsychotic drugs (antipsychotics), side effects of      7Ч8 261
Antipsychotic drugs (antipsychotics), the need for      127Ч128
Antipsychotic drugs (antipsychotics), typical      6
Antipyretics      3
Anxiety      2Ч3 17Ч21 36 186
Anxiety and stress      124
Anxiety as side effect      14 76
Anxiety in mania      15
Anxiety in psychoses      40
Anxiety, based on conditioned response      134
Anxiety, based on unconditioned response      134Ч137
Anxiety, disorders      23 26 53 128 166 227
Anxiety, disorders, cognitive changes in      241Ч242
Anxiety, disorders, medically induced      291
Anxiety, disorders, substance induced      291
Anxiety, dispellation of      10 34 52
Anxiety, levels      97
Anxiety, models of      134Ч137 143
Anxiety, scales for      199Ч200
Anxiety, syndromes      90
Anxiety, syndromes, alternatives to benzodiazepine      292Ч295
Anxiety, syndromes, indications for anxiolytics      291Ч292
Anxiety, syndromes, nomenclature of      291
Anxiety, syndromes, treatment of      291Ч296
Anxiolytic drugs (anxiolytics)      2Ч3 17Ч23 44 245Ч246 276 294
Anxiolytic drugs (anxiolytics) as antipsychotics      26
Anxiolytic drugs (anxiolytics) as panaceas      20
Anxiolytic drugs (anxiolytics) on healthy subjects      76 84 90Ч91 94 179
Anxiolytic drugs (anxiolytics), action spectra of      12
Anxiolytic drugs (anxiolytics), alternatives to benzodiazepine      292Ч295
Anxiolytic drugs (anxiolytics), antipanic effects of      187
Anxiolytic drugs (anxiolytics), best known products      18 (19)
Anxiolytic drugs (anxiolytics), clinical actions and uses      17Ч18
Anxiolytic drugs (anxiolytics), differential therapeutic effects of      72
Anxiolytic drugs (anxiolytics), effects of      92 95 242
Anxiolytic drugs (anxiolytics), experiments on      82Ч85 263
Anxiolytic drugs (anxiolytics), experiments on behavioral effects      83Ч85 136
Anxiolytic drugs (anxiolytics), experiments on neurophysiology      85
Anxiolytic drugs (anxiolytics), experiments on subjective effects      82Ч83
Anxiolytic drugs (anxiolytics), fields of application for      20
Anxiolytic drugs (anxiolytics), indications for      291Ч292
Anxiolytic drugs (anxiolytics), lack of      149
Anxiolytic drugs (anxiolytics), pharmacokinetics of      156 161
Anxiolytic drugs (anxiolytics), psychotherapy, or      18Ч20
Anxiolytic drugs (anxiolytics), side effects of      20 261
Anxiolytic drugs (anxiolytics), the need for      127Ч128
Anxiolytic drugs (anxiolytics), withdrawal problems of      21
Apathy      151
Apolipoprotein $\varepsilon4$ (APO $\varepsilon4$)      254
Apomorphine      115 131
Appetite, increased      14
Appetite, loss of      21
Appetite, suppressants      2
Aricept$\textregistered$      26 53 255
Arousal, levels of      97
ASI      see Addiction Severity Index
Aspartate      110
Assessment methods in drug experiments      61Ч76
Asthma      293
Astra AB      53
Astrocyies, and neurogenesis      101
Ataxia      17 20 23 45
Ativan$\textregistered$      19
Atropa bellaihnna      34
Atropine      38 221 284
Attenade$\textregistered$      25
Attention and concentration      58 65 185
Attention and concentration, controlled studies      193
Attention and concentration, tests of      66
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)      2 24Ч25 87 180 196
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), amphetamine and      249Ч250
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), cognitive abnormalities in      246Ч247
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), psychosiimulanis and      247Ч248
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), SDL and      250
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), treatment by psychostimulants      296Ч298
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), treatment by psychostimulants, drug therapy and psychotherapy      297Ч298
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), treatment by psychostimulants, long-term medication      296Ч297
Auger scintillation camera      209
Aurorix$\textregistered$      11
Autism      263
Aventyl$\textregistered$      11
Aversive stimulus      137
Avolition      151 229
Bacteria, penicillin-resistant      44
Barbiturates      18 22 38Ч39 73 157 161 294
Basel University Psychiatric Hospital      39
Bech Ч Rafelson Mania Scale      202
Beck Depression Inventory      198
Beck, A.T.      283
Beecham      53
BEHAVE-AD      see Behavioural Pathology in Alzheimer's Disease
Behavior, human      227
Behavior, human, cognition      227
Behavior, human, cognition, types of      227
Behavior, human, emotionality      227
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