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Kingslake R. — Optical System Design
Kingslake R. — Optical System Design

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Название: Optical System Design

Автор: Kingslake R.


It often happens in industrial and government laboratories that an electrical or mechanical engineer is required to design an optical system to perform some particular function. He then needs a basic knowledge of optics, especially geometrical, and a clear understanding of the flow of light through an optical system. The purpose of this book is to provide this basic information, enabling a nonoptical engineer to tackle his unfamiliar problem.
Several standard types of optical instrument are described in detail because they are so often used alone or in combination to form more complicated systems. Some degree of familiarity with physical optics, diffraction, and coherence is also required because of the importance of phenomena resulting from the finite wavelength of light. These matters receive consideration wherever they arise in the discussion of a problem.
This book represents an expansion of undergraduate and summer-school courses in geometrical optics and system design given by the author in the Institute of Optics at the University of Rochester...

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Год издания: 1983

Количество страниц: 323

Добавлена в каталог: 24.03.2012

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Предметный указатель
Refraction, law of      10
Refractive index      7
Refractive index, interpolation of      12
Resolving power, eye      172
Resolving power, grating      310
Resolving power, microscope      188
Resolving power, perfect lens      16
Resolving power, prism      298
Resolving power, telescope      206
Rifle scope      215
Rim rays, upper and lower      85
Roof edge, precision needed in      159
Rotators      161
Rotators, mounting a      163
Rowland circle      312
Scanners, mirror      152
Scheimpflug condition      58
Scheimpflug condition in a rectifying enlarger      270
Schlieren system      251
Schwarzschild microscope objective      258
Screen gain      120 138
Screen lumens, measurement of      137
Screen, curved      138
Screen, diffusing      139
Screen, opaque      138
Screen, projection      138
Screen, translucent      139
Selfoc GRIN rods      24
Sextant      234
Shifting an image along axis      158
Siderostat      149
Sine-wave bar chart, made by cylindrical lens      82
Sine-wave bar chart, used for MTF measurement      17
Skew rays      26
Slide viewer, biocular      185
Snell's law      11
Spectacle lenses      176
Spectrograph, grating      312
Spectrograph, prism      300
Spectrophotometers      116
Spectroscopic apparatus      294
Specular density      108
Stadiametric rangefinder      236
Stellar magnitudes      176
Stepped power changer      217
Steradian      95
Stereoscopic, aerial slit camera      283
Stereoscopic, binoculars      167
Stereoscopic, microscope      195
Stereoscopic, periscope      181
Stereoscopic, photographs      181
Stereoscopic, projection      140
Stereoscopic, rangefinder      242
Stereoscopic, viewing in a field lens      187
Stereoscopic, vision      180
Stigmatic image      22
Stilb      93
Stray light in images      128
Surface reflection      98
Surveying instruments      230
Surveyor's level      232
Swinging collimator for focometry      61
Symmetrical systems      21
T-stop system      127
Teinoscope      224
Tele-extender      265
Tele-microscope      227
Telecentric systems      88
Telenegative attachment      265
Telephoto system at finite magnification      69
Telephotometers, photoelectric      113
Telephotometers, visual      113
Telescope      203
Telescope with stepped power changer      218
Telescope, astronomical      227
Telescope, Cassegrain      254
Telescope, coma correction in      256
Telescope, Dall — Kirkham      255
Telescope, declination axis of      228
Telescope, Donders      223
Telescope, erecting      210
Telescope, field stop      204
Telescope, fields, real and apparent      205
Telescope, Galilean      221
Telescope, Galilean, as a power changer      219
Telescope, Galilean, mounted in hotel room door      222
Telescope, Galilean, used in front of camera lens      223
Telescope, Galilean, used in submarine periscope      212
Telescope, Gregorian      254
Telescope, image brightness in      207
Telescope, infrared      227
Telescope, McMath Solar      150
Telescope, Newtonian      254
Telescope, pancratic      211
Telescope, panoramic      168
Telescope, polar axis of      228
Telescope, resolving power of      206
Telescope, Ritchey — Chretien      257
Telescope, siderostatic      150
Telescope, space      207
Telescope, unit-power      213
Telescope, zoom      211
Theodolite      231
Thickness, insertion of      54
Through-the-lens metering      117
Tilted planes      58
Tilted planes, theory of      269
Tilted projection      271
Total internal reflection      11 98
Tracking an image through lenses and mirrors      160
Transit, surveyor's      231
Transmission at normal incidence      103
Transmittance measurement      115
Transparent objects under a microscope      199
Trifocal spectacles      178
Tube length of microscope      187
Tungsten iodine lamps      134
Two-mirror systems      153 253
U.S. aperture designation      127
Unit planes      42
Veiling glare      128
Vertometer      49
Viewfinder, Galilean      222
Vignetting      85
Virtual objects and images      9
Vision, properties of      172
Visual brightness      175
Vuegraph      135
wave number      7
Waveguides, fiber-optic      24
Waves and rays      8
Waxicon      244
Y-nu method for tracing paraxial rays      34
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