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Sebesta R.W. Ч Concepts of programming languages
Sebesta R.W. Ч Concepts of programming languages

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Ќазвание: Concepts of programming languages

јвтор: Sebesta R.W.


The fifth edition of Concepts of Programming Languages by Robert Sebesta continues the approach that has made it the undisputed market leader. It describes fundamental concepts of programming languages by presenting design issues of the various language constructs, examining the design choices for these constructs in a few common languages, and critically comparing the design alternatives. This book allows those with the ability to program to learn how to choose appropriate languages for certain tasks, increase their abilities to learn new languages, and understand the significance of implementation. It illustrates various language constructs and design alternatives through Java, JavaScript, C++, C, Ada, and Fortran, and intertwines discussions of object-oriented programming material with the discussions of the non-OO imperative languages. It also provides extensive material on semantics. This new edition is updated to include a new chapter covering parsing, new material on JavaScript, and updated material on Java 1.3. This book is suitable for programmers who want to get into the theory behind programming-language development and utilization.

язык: en

–убрика: Computer science/языки программировани€/

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»здание: 5th edition

√од издани€: 2001

 оличество страниц: 698

ƒобавлена в каталог: 22.11.2005

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ѕредметный указатель
A Programming Language (APL)      73Ч74
Abstract classes      494
Abstract datatype      436Ч437
Abstract datatype, Ada      442Ч445
Abstract datatype, advantages of      438
Abstract datatype, C++      445Ч449
Abstract datatype, definition      437Ч438
Abstract datatype, design issues      439Ч440
Abstract datatype, floating-point types      437
Abstract datatype, Java      449Ч450
Abstract datatype, language support      440Ч450
Abstract datatype, parameterized      450Ч453
Abstract datatype, SIMULA 67      74Ч75 440Ч441
Abstract datatype, user-defined      437Ч438
Abstraction      16 434Ч437
accept clauses (Ada)      527 535
Access to nonlocal variables      388
Access, deep      422Ч425
Access, function for arrays      243
Access, shallow      425Ч426
ACM (Association for Computing Machinery)      55
Activation records      401
Activation records instances      402
Active subprograms      209 351
Actor tasks      536
Actual parameters      353 (see also УParametersФ)
Ad hoc binding      378
Ad hoc polymorphism      381
Ada 95      89Ч91
Ada 95, asynchronous communication      545Ч546
Ada 95, concurrency      543Ч546
Ada 95, design      91Ч92
Ada 95, evaluation      93Ч94
Ada 95, historical background      89Ч90
Ada 95, language overview      92Ч93
Ada 95, object-oriented programming support      498Ч502
Ada 95, tagged types      499
Ada for statement      329Ч330
Ada, abstract data types      442Ч445
Ada, access types      260 264Ч265
Ada, asynchronous messages      545Ч546
Ada, case statements      322
Ada, default parameters      353Ч354
Ada, derived types      197Ч198
Ada, design process      86Ч87
Ada, discrete range      329
Ada, enumeration types      230Ч231
Ada, erroneous programs      370
Ada, evaluation      88Ч89
Ada, exception handling      17Ч18 569Ч575
Ada, generic packages      451
Ada, generic subprograms      381Ч383
Ada, guarded commands      339Ч341
Ada, historical background      86
Ada, infinite loops      334Ч336
Ada, label form      338
Ada, language overview      88
Ada, limited private types      443
Ada, message passing      534Ч539
Ada, parameter-passing methods      365Ч366
Ada, parameterized abstract data types      450Ч453
Ada, pointer types      264Ч265
Ada, pragma priority      542
Ada, private types      443
Ada, selector constructs      322Ч323
Ada, slices      241
Ada, strong typing      195
Ada, tasks      534Ч539
Ada, union types      255Ч257
Addresses, variables      184Ч185
Aggregate values      239
Aho, Al      7
AI (artificial intelligence)      6 49Ч50
AIMACO      61Ч62
ALGOL 58      56Ч58
Algol 60      55Ч56
ALGOL 60 for Statement      327Ч329
ALGOL 60, block structure      58
ALGOL 60, compound statements      313
ALGOL 60, design      58Ч59
ALGOL 60, evaluation      59Ч61
ALGOL 60, historical background      55Ч56
ALGOL 60, parameter-passing methods      365Ч366
ALGOL 68      12 75
ALGOL 68, design      75
ALGOL 68, dynamic arrays      76
ALGOL 68, evaluation      76Ч77
ALGOL 68, language overview      76
ALGOL 68, parameter-passing methods      365Ч366
ALGOL Bulletin      58
ALGOL W      366
Algorithms, marking      273
Algorithms, parsing      161Ч162
Algorithms, shift-reduce      169Ч170
Aliasing, reliability      18
Aliasing, subprogram parameters      362Ч363
Aliasing, variables      184Ч185
ALIGN statement (HPF)      553
allocation      190 467
Ambiguity of grammars      114Ч115
American National Standard Institute (ANSI)      14 63
American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII)      224
Analysis, lexical analysis      155Ч159
AND operation      260
Anonymous variables      260
ANSI (American National Standard Institute)      14 63
Antecedent      633
APL (A Programming Language)      16 73Ч74
append function, Prolog      649
append function, Scheme      611
Applications, business      6
Applications, functional programming languages      623Ч624
Applications, logic programming languages      658Ч660
Applications, scientific      5Ч6
Apply-to-all functional form      595 613Ч614
APT language      8
Architecture      20Ч22 517Ч518
Arithmetic expressions, operand evaluation order      289Ч291
Arithmetic expressions, operator evaluation order      284Ч289
Arrays, access functions      243
arrays, associative      see УAssociative arraysФ
Arrays, Char      226 259
Arrays, design issues      234
Arrays, evaluation      242
Arrays, fixed stack-dynamic      236
Arrays, heap-dynamic      236Ч237
Arrays, implementation      242Ч246
Arrays, indexes      234Ч235
Arrays, initialization      238Ч239
Arrays, number of subscripts      238
Arrays, operations      239Ч241
Arrays, slices      241Ч242
Arrays, stack-dynamic      236
Arrays, static      236
Arrays, subscript bindings      236Ч238
Artificial intelligence (AI)      6 49Ч50 623Ч624
ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange)      224
assertions      132
assignment statements      40Ч41 300Ч304
Assignment statements as expressions      303Ч304
Assignment statements, axiomatic semantics      133Ч135
Assignment statements, denotational semantics      146
Assignment statements, mixed-mode      304Ч305
Assignment statements, multiple targets      301
Assignment statements, Smalltalk      473Ч474
Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)      55
associative arrays      246
Associative arrays, implementation      248
Associative arrays, operations      247
Associativity      117Ч118 285Ч288
Asynchronous messages      545Ч546
Asynchronous select      545
Atomic propositions      631
Attribute grammars      123
Attribute grammars, computing values      127Ч128
Attribute grammars, concepts      124
Attribute grammars, defining      124Ч125
Attribute grammars, evaluation      128Ч129
Attribute grammars, intrinsic attributes      125
Attribute grammars, static semantics      123
Attributes, binding to variables      187
Attributes, Eiffel      503
Attributes, inherited      124
Attributes, intrinsic      125
Attributes, synthesized      124
awk language      7
Axiom      133
Axiomatic semantics, assertions      132
Axiomatic semantics, assignment statements      133Ч135
Axiomatic semantics, evaluation      142
Axiomatic semantics, logic pretest loops      136Ч142
Axiomatic semantics, loop invariants      137Ч139
Axiomatic semantics, selection      136
Axiomatic semantics, sequences      135Ч136
Axiomatic semantics, weakest preconditions      132Ч133
B language      80
Babbage, Charles      87
Backtracking      644
Backus Ч Naur form      see УBNFФ
Backus, John      37 43Ч44 109
Backward chaining      643
BASIC (BeginnerТs All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code)      20
BASIC (BeginnerТs All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code), design      66Ч68
BASIC (BeginnerТs All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code), language overview      67
BASIC (BeginnerТs All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code), strings      226
Bauer, Friedrich (Fritz) L.      56 281
BCPL      80
BeginnerТs All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code      see УBASICФ
BINAC computer      42
binary operators      283
Binary semaphores      527 542Ч543
Binding      186Ч187 (see also УException handlingФ)
Binding, ad hoc      378
Binding, attributes to variables      187
Binding, concept of      186
Binding, deep      378
binding, dynamic      187
Binding, inference      190
Binding, object-oriented programming      461Ч462
Binding, shallow      378
Binding, static      187
Binding, storage bindings and lifetime      190Ч193
Binding, type      187Ч190
Bits, active      425
BLISS      7
Block-structured languages      202
BLOCKS      201Ч202 311
Blocks, COMMON (FORTRAN)      389
Blocks, declare      237
Blocks, Smalltalk      474Ч475
Blocks, subprograms      421Ч422
BNF (Backus Ч Naur form) grammars      109Ч110 (see also УExtended BNFФ УGrammarsФ)
Body packages      442
boolean data types      224
Boolean expressions      286Ч298 331
Bottlenecks, von Neumann      29
Bottom-up parsers      161 167Ч174
Bottom-up resolution      643
Bound variables      604
Branching      337Ч339
break statement      321
Brinch Hansen, Per      528
Business applications      6
Byron, Augusta Ada      87
C language      7 79Ч80
C language for statement      330Ч332
C language, conditional expressions      288Ч289
C language, historical background      80Ч81
C language, parameter-passing methods      365Ч366
C language, pointer types      265Ч267
C language, switch construct      322
C language, void * pointers      226Ч267
C++language      94
C++language for statement      330Ч332
C++language, abstract data types      445Ч449
C++language, constructs      508
C++language, design      94Ч95
C++language, evaluation      96
C++language, exception handling      17Ч18 575Ч579
C++language, friend      491
C++language, generic subprograms      383Ч385
C++language, language overview      95Ч96
C++language, logically controlled loops      333
C++language, object-oriented programming support      488Ч496
C++language, parameter-passing methods      365Ч366
C++language, parameterized abstract data types      452Ч453
C++language, pointer types      265Ч267
Calculus, predicate      630Ч636
Calls, chains      407
Calls, graphs      203
Calls, subprograms      351 400
Case constructs      319Ч323
case selector expressions      230
Case statement      78
casts      295
Categories, arrays      236Ч238
Categories, concurrency      518Ч519
Categories, programming languages      23Ч24
Catenation      225Ч226
CBL      62
CDE (Common Desktop Environment)      32
Cells, single-sized      271
Cells, variable-size      274Ч275
central processing unit (CPU)      20
Cfront      95
CGI (Common Gateway Interface)      8
character data types      224Ч225
character strings      225
Character strings, catenation      225Ч226
Character strings, char arrays      226 259
Character strings, design issues      225
Character strings, evaluation      228
Character strings, implementation      228Ч229
Character strings, operations      225Ч226
Checked exceptions (Java)      582
Chomsky, Noam      109
Church, Alonzo      594
CIR (class instance record)      508
Class instance record (CIR)      508
Classes      460
classes, abstract      494
classes, methods      461
Classes, Simula 67      440Ч441
Classes, Smalltalk      478
Classes, subtypes      464
Classes, templated      452
classes, variables      461
Clausal forms      633Ч634
Clauses, creation      503
Clauses, else      136
Clauses, elsif      323
Clauses, export      504
clauses, finally      584Ч585
Clauses, horn      636
Clauses, inherit      503
Clauses, private      446
Clauses, public      446
Clauses, redefine      504
Clauses, rename      504
Clauses, select      545
1 2 3 4 5 6
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