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Thompson J.E. — Geometry for the Practical Worker
Thompson J.E. — Geometry for the Practical Worker

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Название: Geometry for the Practical Worker

Автор: Thompson J.E.


The introduction to the main facts of geometry has been put into intuitive form and each new subject is introduced in the same manner or by means of its connection with one which has been previously discussed. A large number of illustrations and applications have been given; these are really more illustrations than applications, however. In order to understand and appreciate applications of mathematics one must have already some technical knowledge of the subject in which the application is made and such knowledge has not been assumed here, although this may be done in the higher branches of mathematics. A short Foreword has been included for readers who here approach the subject for the first time. Although the long and severely formal proofs have been omitted the simpler proofs are given fairly complete, though not in formal style, in order to illustrate and cultivate systematic reasoning and logical processes. The numerical parts of the subject, amounting to applications of some of the principles, are an extension and amplification of the work of arithmetic on measurement.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Математика/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Издание: 4 Sub edition

Год издания: 1982

Количество страниц: 260

Добавлена в каталог: 31.01.2011

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Предметный указатель
Altitudes, properties of      68
angles      32
Angles, drawing of      51
Angles, extension of the meaning of      36
Angles, measurement of      38 115
Angles, plane figures formed by      58
Angles, properties of      50
Angles, relations      35
Angles, right angles      34
Arcs, properties of      107
Bisectors, angle      68
Bisectors, perpendicular, properties of      68
Chords, properties of      107
circle      104
Circle to find from arc      128
Circle, constructions      120
Circle, definitions pertaining to      105
Circle, finding diameter of      152
Circle, laying out a large      129
Circle, properties of      104
Circle, proportions      142
Cone      228
Cylinder      225
Distances, inaccessible, measurement of      148
Figures, plane, dimensions of      161
Figures, similar      137
Figures, similar geometrical      138
Geometry, divisions of      17
Geometry, fundamental definitions      22
Geometry, general postulates of      27
Geometry, illustrations and applications of      76
Geometry, non — Euclidean      234
Groove, to test a semi-circular      128
Heights, inaccessible, measurements of      150
Illustrations and applications of geometry      76
Illustrations and applications of latitude and longitude      126
Illustrations and applications of proportions and similar figures      146
Illustrations and applications of the angle of elevation      125
Illustrations and applications of the protractor      125
Latitude, determination of      127
Latitude, illustrations and applications of      126
Lines in space      203
Lines, drawing of      51
Lines, oblique      40
Lines, parallel      46
Lines, perpendicular      34
Lines, straight      31
Longitude, illustrations and applications of      126
Measurement of a parallelogram      167
Measurement of a rectangle      163
Measurement of a square      166
Measurement of a triangle      167
Measurement of angles      115
Measurement of area      167
Measurement of inaccessible distances      148
Measurement of size of earth      54
Medians, properties of      68
Moon, eclipse, of      130
Non — Euclidean geometry      234
Non — Euclidean geometry, parallel postulate      235
Non — Euclidean geometry, sum of angles in a triangle      238
Non — Euclidean geometry, visual representation      243
Oblique lines      40
Pantograph, the      147
Parallelograms, areas of      163
Perpendicular lines      40 260
Pictures, enlarged      146
Planes, in space      203
Polygons, areas of      174
Polygons, properties of      99
Polygons, regular and circular      182
Postulates      27
prisms      213
Proportion, ratio and      133
Pyramids      213
Pythagorean Theorem      173
Quadrilaterals      85
Quadrilaterals, properties of      87
Ratio and proportion      133
Rectangles, areas of      163
review exercises      245
Right angles      34
right triangles      70
Right Triangles, area of      169
Segments, line, proportional      135
Solids, rectangular      208
Solids, regular      216
Sphere, the      230
Sphere, the with curved surfaces      223
Squares, areas of      166
straight lines      31
Straight lines, plane figures formed by      58
Tangents, properties of      107
Trapezoids, areas of      174
Triangles with equal bases and altitudes      168
Triangles, areas of      167
Triangles, construction of      73
Triangles, descriptions and definitions of      61
Triangles, forms of      59
Triangles, sides, properties of      68
Triangles, similar, properties of      138
Volume and solids      208
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