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Blunt L., Jiang X. — Advanced Techniques for Assessment Surface Topography: Development of a Basis for 3D Surface Texture Standards "Surfstand"
Blunt L., Jiang X. — Advanced Techniques for Assessment Surface Topography: Development of a Basis for 3D Surface Texture Standards "Surfstand"

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Название: Advanced Techniques for Assessment Surface Topography: Development of a Basis for 3D Surface Texture Standards "Surfstand"

Авторы: Blunt L., Jiang X.


This publication deals with the latest developments in the field of 3D surface metrology and will become a seminal text in this important area.

It has been prepared with the support of the European Community's Directorate General XII and represents the culmination of research conducted by 11 international partners as part of an EU-funded project. The aim of the project is to inform standards bodies of the possibilities that exist for a new international standard covering the field of 3D surface characterisation.

The book covers a description of the proposed 3D surface parameters and advanced filtering techniques using wavelet and robust Gaussian methodologies. The next generation areal surface characterisation theories are discussed and their practical implementation is illustrated. It describes techniques for calibration of 3D instrumentation, including stylus instruments as well as scanning probe instrumentation. Practical verification of the 3D parameters and the filtering is illustrated through a series of case studies which cover bio-implant surfaces, automotive cylinder liner and steel sheet. Finally, future developments of the subject are alluded to and implications for future standardisation and development are discussed.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Технология/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Год издания: 2003

Количество страниц: 355

Добавлена в каталог: 11.04.2010

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Предметный указатель
(ER3), specimen with circular groove      132
16% rule      343
2B finish, characterisation of      239
2B finish, stainless steel flat products on      239
2D and 3D parameters, comparison      206
2D and 3D roughness characterisation, full      249
2D and 3D surface roughness measurements      210
2D and 3D, dispersion in      216
2D profile filtering      65
2D profile filtering, regression filter      65 67
3D approach      7
3D characterisation, uncertainties in      216
3D functional surfaces, extraction      109
3D Gaussian regression form filter, $2^{nd}$ order      77
3D Gaussian regression form filter, $2^{nd}$ order of      77
3D Gaussian regression form filter, parameter study and, application of      85
3D morphological feature surfaces      110
3D parameters, 2D and comparison      206
3D plasticity index      250
3D plasticity index, dominant summits of      298
3D regression filter      72
3D regression filter, n-th order      74
3D relevant surfaces      106
3D roughness characterisation, full 2D and      249
3D surface characterisation      1 et seq
3D surface characterisation techniques, standardised 2D technique      197 et seq
3D surface filtering      72
3D surface metrology, automotive engine bore, performance using      307 et seq
3D techniques, standardised relationship with 2D surface characterisation techniques      197
3D topography, functional performance and      316
Abbott — Firestone curve      19
Amplitude parameters      20
Analysing filters      95
Anodised extruded aluminium      58
Areal characterisation technique, combination      48
Areal characterisation technique, material ratio curve parameters, linear      30
Areal characterisation technique, novel      43 et seq
Areal characterisation technique, segment combination      48
Arithmetic mean summit curvature      25
Atomic force microscopes (AFM’s), calibration, lateral      184
Atomic force microscopes (AFM’s), calibration, procedures      175 et seq
Atomic force microscopes (AFM’s), calibration, vertical      190
Atomic force microscopes (AFM’s), equipment, error sources measured using      175
Auto-correlation length, fastest decay      24
Automotive engine bore performance, 3D surface metrology using      307 et seq
Automotive engine bore performance, industry      11
AUTOSURF      11
Average roughness center line      6
Average roughness center line, surface      6
Ball bearing topography      215
Beamlet concept      304
Bearing ratio curve      19
Bearing surface application      333
Bending-under-tension (BUT) test, forming process      207
Bending-under-tension (BUT) test, friction, correlation to      208
Bi-orthogonal wavelet      95 100
Bi-orthogonal wavelet, first      95
Bi-orthogonal wavelet, second generation      100
Biomedical industry      12
Birmingham 14 parameters      17
Blow-by      201
Brick wall, linear phase      99
Calibration mode, mathematical study of      152
Calibration principle      144
Calibration procedures, atomic force microscopes      175 et seq
Calibration procedures, specimen, ES1, tests of      136
Calibration procedures, stylus, optical instrumentation and      119 et seq
Calibration procedures, three dimensions of the, synthesis of      135
Calibration procedures, type 2 instruments, type 1 and      127
Calibration procedures, vertical, amplitudes      127
Calibration procedures, vertical, atomic force microscope of      190
Calibration, horizontal drives      129
Calibration, lateral, atomic force microscope      184
CALISURF      11
Cantilever relaxation time      180
Centre line average roughness      6
Change tree      48 55 304
Change tree, pruning      55
Change tree, system      304
Circular groove      132 164 166
Circular groove, specimen with (ER3)      132
Class space      44
Closed path, based definitions, local      50
Closed path, separation      51
Cold welding, galling behaviour and      259
Component, functional performance, control of      43
Contact measurement techniques, optical and      203
Continuous data, critical points      50
Contour lines      54
Core, material volume      33
Core, roughness depth      32
Core, void volume      33
Cubic-spline wavelet      102
Curve      19 30 35
Curve parameters, linear areal material ratio      30
Curve related parameters      35
Curve, Abbott — Firestone      19
Curve, bearing ratio      19
Cylinder liner topography      198 213
Cylinder liner topography, functionality and      198
Database information, distribution of in network      330
DBS (draw bead simulator), multi-strip approach      249 302
DBS (draw bead simulator), multi-strip approach, test      272 273 280
DBS (draw bead simulator), multi-strip approach, test, galling      280
DBS (draw bead simulator), multi-strip approach, test, procedure      272
DBS (draw bead simulator), multifrottement      269
DBS (draw bead simulator), multifrottement, test      265
Default rules      342
Developed interfacial area ratio      27
Dominant summits      250
Duality principle      342
Dynamometers, engine tests      307
Electronic surface profile      5
Electronics, MEMS industry and      12
Engine bore performance, automotive, 3D surface metrology      307 et seq
Engine bore performance, automotive, bores, functional testing      314
Engine bore performance, automotive, tests, dynamometers      307
Engineering surfaces, description of      81
ER type standards      164
Error sources, measured using AFM equipment      175
ES standards      166
ES1, calibration specimen, tests of      136
ES1, master      141
Estimators, robust      84
Euler criterion      51
Extraction sampling procedure      341
Fastest decay auto-correlation length      24
Feedback loop scan speed      179
Field parameters      19 43
Filter regression, 2D and 3D      65 67 72
Filter, Gaussian, advanced      63 et seq
Filter, Gaussian, ISO 11562      63
Filter, Gaussian, regression, form of $2^{nd}$ order, 3D      77
Filter, Gaussian, regression, parameter study, application of      85
Filter, Gaussian, regression, zero order of      76
Filtering profile, 2D      65
Filtering profile, robust      70
Filtering techniques, robust      81
Filtering, 3D regression      72
Filters      63 et seq 95
Filters, analysing      95
Filters, Gaussian, advanced      63 et seq
Filtration      221 341
Filtration, numerical parameters and      221
Flat-cylindrical tool set-up      251
Flat-cylindrical tool set-up, -flat tool      251
Flat-cylindrical tool set-up, die multifrottement      267
Force detection system      178
Form roughness, waviness and      3
Form surfaces, rough, wavy and      106
Fourier transform      92
Fractal      29
Fractal, dimension      29
Fractal, parameter      29
fretting      226
Friction, surface roughness parameters and      207
Functional diagnostics      43
Functional performance, 3D surface topography and      316
Functional performance, component, of the      43
Functional performance, prediction      43
Functional performance, surfaces, extraction of 3D      109
Functional performance, testing, engine bores      314
Gabor transform      92
Galling severity      249
Galling severity index (GSI)      289 303
Galling test, DBS multi-strip      280
Galling test, device      263
Galling, behaviour, cold welding and      259
Gaussian filter, filters, advanced      63 et seq
Gaussian filter, ISO 11562      63
Gaussian filter, regression      81
Gaussian filter, regression form, $2^{nd}$ order of, 3D      77
Gaussian filter, regression, 3D, parameter study and application of      85
Gaussian filter, regression, zero order of      76
Gaussian filter, robust      82
Geometrical product specifications and verification (GPS) system      339 340
Geometrical product specifications and verification (GPS) system, next generation      340
Grinding wheel      57
Ground surface, evaluation of      87
Hard on hard bearings, wear ranking of      230
Hard on hard bearings, wear ranking of, prosthetic hip joints      230
Height, maximum, topographic surface of the      22
Height, reduced, peak      32
Height, reduced, valley      32
Height, ten point, surface of the      29
Horizontal drives, calibration of      129
Hybrid parameters      25
Image bow      177
Insignificant events      49
Instrument verification      119
Internet/World Wide Web      331
Intersection plane/sphere, specimen      133 134
Intranet      331
ISM surface texture knowledge support      325 et seq
ISM surface texture knowledge support system      327
ISO 11562 Gaussian filter      63
ISO14460-1      1
Java-JDBC      333
Journal bearings, machining assessment of      234
Journal bearings, machining assessment of, wavelet analysis      234
Knowledge-based expert system      328
Knowledge-based expert system, database      329
Knowledge-based expert system, structure (expert)      329
Kurtosis of topography height distribution      21
L12-design      253
Lateral calibration, atomic force microscope      184
Lattice data, critical points      51
Least-squares ellipse      154 158
Least-squares ellipse, robust      158
Light-section microscope      5
Line-wise levelling      189
Linear areal material ratio curve parameters      30
Linear areal material ratio curve parameters, phase, brick wall      99
Local closed path based definitions      50
Located property      99
Lowest valley of the surface      22
Machining assessment, journal bearings of      234
Machining assessment, journal bearings of, wavelet analysis      234
Manufacturing process, control of      43 et seq
Master certification      144
Master ESI      141
Material/void volume parameters      32
Matt finish femoral stems      221
Max rule      343
Measurand      341
Measurement errors      120
Measurement techniques, optical, contact and      203
MEMS industry, electronics and      12
Metrology instrumentation industry      12
Milled surface, evaluation of      86
Mode switching      181
Morphological assessment, multi-scalar wavelets using      245
Morphological feature surfaces, 3D      110
Multi-scalar filtration methodologies      91 et seq
Multi-scalar filtration methodologies, wavelets orthopaedic implants using, in vivo wear      243
Multi-scalar filtration methodologies, wavelets, morphological assessment using      245
Multifrottement flat die      267
Multifrottement test      251 264
Multifrottement test, DBS      265
N-th order, 3D regression filter      74
Named lifting factors      104
Nominal surface      2
Novel areal characterisation techniques      43 et seq
Numerical parameters, characterisation of topography      17
Numerical parameters, filtration and      221 et seq
Observable measurements      44
Ockham’s razor      47
Oil consumption      201
Optical instrumentation, stylus and, calibration procedures      119 et seq
Optical instruments, translation mechanisms driven by      120
Optical interference      178
Optical measurement techniques, contact and      203
Optimol SRV      266 271
Orthogonality      177
Orthopaedic implants, multi-scalar wavelets using      243
Orthopaedic implants, multi-scalar wavelets using, in vivo wear      243
Parallel groove standard, double net of      164 166
Parallel groove standard, two      164 165
Parameter study, 3D Gaussian regression filter, application of      85
Parameter, fractal      29
Parameter, S-, set      19 20
Parameter, V-, set      19 30
Parameters, 2D, 3D and comparison      206
Parameters, amplitude      20
Parameters, Birmingham      14 17
Parameters, curve related      35
Parameters, field      19 43
Parameters, hybrid      25
Parameters, linear areal material ratio curve      30
Parameters, material/void volume      32
Parameters, numerical, characterisation of topography      17
Parameters, numerical, filtration and      221 et seq
Parameters, spacing      23
Parameters, surface roughness, friction and      207
Parameters, surface roughness, relation to functional demands      197
Parameters, valley depth      6
Pattern analysis      44
Pattern analysis, neural      45
Pattern analysis, statistical      45
Pattern analysis, structured surfaces and      343
Pattern analysis, syntactic      45
Pattern generation      44
Pattern recognition      45
Pattern space      44
Peak height      6
Peak height, reduced      32
Peak material, component      32
Peak material, volume      32
Phase correct filter      64
Pit      50
Plane/sphere standard      166 167
Plateau honed surface, evaluation of      87
Profile filtering      70
Profile filtering, 2D      65
Profile filtering, robust      70
Profiles, individual processing of      146
Profilometer      5
Prosthetic hip joints      230
Prosthetic hip joints, hard on hard bearings, wear ranking of      230
Quality coefficient      156
1 2
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