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Edminister J.A. Ч Schaum's outline of electromagnetics
Edminister J.A. Ч Schaum's outline of electromagnetics

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Ќазвание: Schaum's outline of electromagnetics

јвтор: Edminister J.A.


Schaum's Outline of Electromagnetics is the perfect study aid loaded with solved problems and thorough descriptions of electromagnetics concepts, in plain English. Used along with your textbook, it helps you prepare for classroom exams, broadens your level of comprehension, and develops your intuitive problem-solving ability. Featuring hundreds of completely solved problems worked out step by stepÑthis popular SchaumÕs Outline shows you how to solve the kinds of problems you will find on your tests. So complete it can be used alone as an independent study course, it's also compatible with any course text. For better grades in courses covering electromagneticsÑyou canÕt do better than this SchaumÕs Outline!

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–убрика: “ехнологи€/

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»здание: second edition

√од издани€: 1995

 оличество страниц: 338

ƒобавлена в каталог: 20.08.2005

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ѕредметный указатель
AC resistance, of transmission lines      237
Air gaps, cores with      177
Air-gap line, negative      183 184
Ampere (unit)      76 174
Ampere turns (unit)      174
Ampere's law      135Ч153 137
Ampere's law for magnetic circuits      174 176Ч177
Antenna parameters      294Ч296
Antennas      293Ч313
Antennas, available power of      300
Antennas, directivity of      295Ч296
Antennas, effective area for      300
Antennas, effective length of      297
Antennas, electric dipole      293Ч294
Antennas, linear arrays of      300Ч301
Antennas, monopole      298
Antennas, ohmic loss of      296
Antennas, power gain of      296
Antennas, radiation efficiency of      296
Antennas, receiving      299Ч300
Antennas, self-impedance of      298Ч299
Antennas, small circular-loop      296
Array factor      300
Arrays: endfire      301
Arrays: linear, of antennas      300Ч301
Arrays: uniform      301
Associative law      1
Attenuation factor      280Ч281
Attenuation factor, total      281
Attenuation, per-meter      255
Available power of antennas      300
Avogadro's number      86
Axial components, transverse components from      275
Axial fields      274Ч275
Axial fields, determination of      276Ч277
B      see Magnetic flux density
B-W curve      174 175
Back-voltage in inductor      172
Beam width, half-power      295
Biot Ч Savart law      135Ч137
Boundary conditions: across interface of two dielectrics      207
Boundary conditions: at interface of two dielectrics      100Ч101
Boundary conditions: conductor-dielectric      83Ч85
Boundary reflection coefficient      240
Boundary relations, for magnetic fields      205Ч206
Boundary, current sheet at      106Ч017
Capacitance      95Ч113
Capacitance of transmission lines      237
Capacitance, definition of      96Ч97
Capacitance, equivalent      97
Capacitors: energy stored in      98
Capacitors: multiple-dielectric      97Ч98
Capacitors: parallel-plate, fringing of      43Ч44
Cartesian coordinate system      3Ч4
Cartesian coordinate system: curl in      138Ч139
Cartesian coordinate system: del operator in      49Ч50
Cartesian coordinate system: differential displacement vector in      59
Cartesian coordinate system: divergence in      47Ч49
Cartesian coordinate system: divergence, curl, gradient, and Laplacian in      314
Cartesian coordinate system: electric flux density in      39
Cartesian coordinate system: field vector in      274
Cartesian coordinate system: gradient in      63
Cartesian coordinate system: Laplace's equation in      114Ч115
Cartesian coordinate system: Laplace's equation in, in one variable      116Ч117
Cartesian coordinate system: Laplace's equation in, product solution of      117Ч118
Cartesian coordinate system: Laplacian of vector in      216
Cartesian coordinate system: Maxwell's equations in      217Ч218
Cartesian coordinate system: position vectors in      6
Characteristic impedance      240
Characteristic impedance, good, Maxwell's equation solutions for      220Ч221
Characteristic impedance, in motion: through time-dependent fields      196Ч197
Characteristic impedance, in motion: through time-independent fields      195Ч196
Characteristic impedance, parallel, inductance of      171
Characteristic impedance, perfect, imaging in      307
Conservative fields      60
Conservative property of electrostatic field      60
Constant currents      76
Continuity of current      82Ч83
Continuity of current, equation of      82
Contour, closed      60
Convection current      77
Convection current density (J)      77
Coordinate system, divergence, curl, gradient, and Laplacian in      314
Coordinate systems      3Ч4 (See
coordinates      3
Core lengths      174
Cores, with air gaps      177
Coulomb (unit)      13
Coulomb forces      13Ч31
Coulomb's law      13Ч14 101
Critical wave number      282
Cross product of two vectors      2
Curl      47
Curl in coordinate systems      314
Curl of gradient as zero vector      139
Curl of vector field      137Ч139
Curl, divergence of, as zero scalar      139
Current density      76
Current density, conduction      192
Current density, convection      77
Current density, displacement      192
Current density, magnetic field strength and      139
Current density, total      193
Current elements, magnetic force on      155Ч156
Current filament, vector magnetic potential for      141
Current law, Kirchhoffs      82
Current sheet      81
Current sheet at boundary      106Ч107
Current sheet density      81Ч82
Current source, phasor fields outside      293
Current(s) (I)      79
Current(s) (I), constant      76
Current(s) (I), continuity of      see Continuity of current
Current(s) (I), displacement      see Displacement current
Current(s) (I), time-variable      76
Cutoff frequency      277Ч278
Cutoff wavelength      286
Cylindrical conductors, inductance of      171
Cylindrical coordinate system      see Circular cylindrical coordinate system
Cylindrical guides      284
D      see Electric flux density
D'Arsonval meter movement      161
DC resistance, of transmission lines      237
Decibel (unit)      229
Del operator      49Ч50
Delay time      248
Density: charge      see Charge density
Density: current      see Current density
Density: energy      71
Density: flux      see Flux density
Depth of penetration      220
Determinants      2
dielectric constant      13
Dielectric free-space interface      102Ч103
Dielectric losses      280Ч281
Dielectric-conductor boundary conditions      83Ч85
Dielectrics: boundary conditions across interface of two      207
Dielectrics: boundary conditions at interface of two      100Ч101
Dielectrics: perfect, Maxwell's equation solutions for      219Ч220
Dielectrics: polarization of      see Polarization of dielectric materials
Dielectrics: two, in multiple-dielectric capacitors      97
Differential line element      5
Differential surface element      5
Differential volume      4Ч5
Diffusion      278
Dipole antennas, electric      293Ч294
Dipole moment, electric      95
Dipole: finite-length      296Ч298
Dipole: magnetic      296
Directivity, of antennas      295Ч296
Dispersive medium      219
Displacement current      192Ч204
Displacement current density      192
Displacement current, definition of      192Ч193
Displacement flux      32
Displacement vectors      13
Distributive law      1
Divergence      47Ч58
Divergence in cartesian coordinates      47Ч49
Divergence in coordinate systems      314
Divergence of curl as zero scalar      139
Divergence of electric flux density      49
Divergence of gradient of potential function      114Ч115
Divergence of zero      52
Divergence theorem      50Ч51
Divergence, definition of      47
Divergence, negative      47
Dominant mode of waveguides      278Ч279
Dot product of two vectors      1Ч2
Double-stub matching      245Ч247
Drift velocity      76
e      see Electric field intensity
Effective area for antennas      300
Effective length of antennas      297
Electric component of force      155
Electric current      see Current entries
Electric dipole antennas      293Ч294
electric dipole moment      95
Electric field intensity (E)      13Ч31 114
Electric field intensity (E), definition of      14Ч15
Electric field intensity (E), due to point charges      21
Electric field intensity (E), fixed-charge      99
Electric field intensity (E), fixed-voltage      98Ч99
Electric field intensity (E), flux density and      34Ч35
Electric field intensity (E), motional      195
Electric field intensity (E), potential function and      63Ч64
Electric field intensity (E), tangential component of      100
Electric field intensity (E), units of      15
Electric fields: magnetic fields combined with      155
Electric fields: point charges causing      21
Electric fields: static, energy in      64Ч65
Electric fields: work done against      59
Electric fields: work done by      59
Electric flux      32Ч46
Electric flux density (D)      33Ч34
Electric flux density (D), antisymmetrical      127Ч128
Electric flux density (D), divergence of      49
Electric flux density (D), electric field intensity and      34Ч35
Electric flux density (D), fixed-charge      99
Electric flux density (D), fixed-voltage      98Ч99
Electric flux density (D), normal component of      100
Electric flux, definition of      32Ч33
Electric potential: between two points      60Ч61
Electric potential: definition of      60
Electric potential: of charge distributions      61Ч62
Electric potential: of point charges      61
Electric susceptibility      95
Electromagnetic waves      216Ч236
Electromotive force      172
Electron mobility      85
Electron-gas theory      76
electron-hole pairs      78
Electrostatic field      59Ч75
Electrostatic field, conservative property of      60
Endfire arrays      301
Energy density      71
Energy differences      72
Energy: in static electric fields      64Ч65
Energy: instantaneous rate of, leaving volume      226
Energy: stored in capacitors      98
Equation of continuity for current      82
Equipotential surfaces      63
Equivalent capacitance      97
Farad (unit)      96
Faraday homopolar generator      201
Faraday's law      171Ч172
Faraday's law, integral form of      194
Faraday's law, two-term form of      196
Ferromagnetic materials      174
Field lines      288Ч289
Field vector      274
Fields: axial      see Axial fields
Fields: conservative      60
Fields: electric      see Electric fields
Fields: electrostatic      59Ч75
Fields: magnetic      see Magnetic fields
Fields: radial      148
Fields: time-dependent, conductors in motion through      196Ч197
Fields: time-independent, conductors in motion through      195Ч196
Fields: transverse      274Ч275
Fields: vector      see Vector fields
Finite-length dipole      296Ч298
First nulls      301
Fixed-charge electric field intensity and electric flux density      99
Fixed-voltage electric field intensity and electric flux density      98Ч99
Flux density: electric      see Electric flux density
Flux density: magnetic      see Magnetic flux density
Flux lines      32Ч33
Flux linkage      169
Flux: displacement      32
Flux: electric      see Electric flux
Flux: magnetic      140
Forces: Coulomb      13Ч31
Forces: electromotive      172
Forces: in magnetic fields      154Ч168
Forces: magnetomotive      174
Forces: moment of      157
Fourier sine series      130
Free charge      83
Free space, Maxwell's equation solutions in      220
Free-space interface, dielectric      102Ч103
Free-space permeability      140
Frequency of harmonic wave      217
Fringing of parallel-plate capacitors      43Ч44
Friss transmission formula      300
Gauss' divergence theorem      50
Gauss' law      34
Gaussian surfaces, special      35Ч36
Generator, Faraday homopolar      201
Geometrical factor      237
Gradient      62Ч63
Gradient in coordinate systems      314
Gradient, curt of, as zero vector      139
Gradient, divergence of, of potential function      114Ч115
Guide wavelength      277
H      see Magnetic field strength
Half-power beam width      295
Half-power points      295
Helical motion      155
Henry (unit)      140 169
Hertzian dipole antennas      293Ч294
High-frequency lines      241
Homopolar generator, Faraday      201
i      see Current
Imaging in perfect conductor      307
Impedance matching      243Ч244
Impedance: characteristic      240
Impedance: intrinsic      218 222
Impedance: mutual, of antennas      298Ч299
Impedance: self-impedance, of antennas      298Ч299
Impedance: wave      276
Impendence measurement, transmission line      247Ч248
Incidence: angle of      222
Incidence: normal, interface conditions at      221Ч222
Incidence: oblique      222
Incidence: plane of      222
Induced voltage      172
Inductance      169Ч191
Inductance of transmission lines      237 238
Inductance, definition of      169Ч170
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