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Afifi A.A., Clark V. Ч Computer-Aided Multivariate Analysis
Afifi A.A., Clark V. Ч Computer-Aided Multivariate Analysis

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Ќазвание: Computer-Aided Multivariate Analysis

јвторы: Afifi A.A., Clark V.


Increasingly, researchers need to perform multivariate statisticalanalyses on their data. Unfortunately, a lack of mathematical training prevents many from taking advantage of these advanced techniques, in part, because books focus on the theory and neglect to explain how to perform and interpret multivariate analyses on real-life data.

For years, Afifi and Clark's Computer-Aided Multivariate Analysis has been a welcome exception-helping researchers choose the appropriate analyses for their data, carry them out, and interpret the results. Only a limited knowledge of statistics is assumed, and geometrical and graphical explanations are used to explain what the analyses do. However, the basic model is always given, and assumptions are discussed.

Reflecting the increased emphasis on computers, the Third Edition includes three additional statistical packages written for the personal computer. The authors also discuss data entry, database management, data screening, data transformations, as well as multivariate data analysis. Another new chapter focuses on log-linear analysis of multi-way frequency tables.

Students in a wide range of fields-ranging from psychology, sociology, and physical sciences to public health and biomedical science-will find Computer-Aided Multivariate Analysis especially informative and enlightening.

язык: en

–убрика: Computer science/

—татус предметного указател€: √отов указатель с номерами страниц

ed2k: ed2k stats

»здание: Third Edition

√од издани€: 1996

 оличество страниц: 455

ƒобавлена в каталог: 09.12.2009

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ѕредметный указатель
$C_{p}$ criterion      172 184
Accelerated failure time model      317
Adjusted multiple correlation      171 177 181Ч183
Agglomerative clustering      391Ч395
AIC      172Ч173 185
Antilogarithm      53
ASCII files      32
Augmented partial residual plots      190
Bartlett's chi-square test for canonical correlation      233
Bonferroni inequality      139
Calibration      113Ч114
Canonical correlation analysis      6Ч7 227Ч241
Canonical correlation analysis, Bartlett's chi-square test      233
Canonical correlation analysis, canonical, correlation      229 232Ч233
Canonical correlation analysis, canonical, discriminant function      269Ч272
Canonical correlation analysis, canonical, loadings      236
Canonical correlation analysis, canonical, structural coefficients      236
Canonical correlation analysis, canonical, variable loadings      236
Canonical correlation analysis, canonical, variable scores      234
Canonical correlation analysis, canonical, variables      230 232Ч233
Canonical correlation analysis, coefficients      230Ч233
Canonical correlation analysis, computer programs      237Ч240
Canonical correlation analysis, correlation matrix      229
Canonical correlation analysis, first canonical correlation      230Ч232
Canonical correlation analysis, interpretation      230Ч233
Canonical correlation analysis, plots      234Ч235
Canonical correlation analysis, redundancy analysis      237
Canonical correlation analysis, second canonical correlation      232Ч233
Canonical correlation analysis, standardized coefficients      232
Canonical correlation analysis, tests of hypotheses      233Ч234
Canonical correlation analysis, what to watch for      240Ч241
Canonical discriminant function      269Ч272
Canonical variables      230 269Ч270
categorical variables      16
CESD      4 228 341
Classification of variables      13Ч16
Cluster analysis      9 381Ч409
Cluster analysis, agglomerative clustering      391Ч395
Cluster analysis, centroid      392Ч393
Cluster analysis, city-block distance      390
Cluster analysis, computer programs      404Ч406
Cluster analysis, dendrogram      394 399Ч400
Cluster analysis, distance matrix      389
Cluster analysis, distance measures      389Ч391
Cluster analysis, Euclidian distance      390Ч391
Cluster analysis, F test      398 402Ч403
Cluster analysis, graphical techniques      385Ч389
Cluster analysis, hierarchical clustering      391Ч395 398Ч400
Cluster analysis, icicles      394
Cluster analysis, K-means clustering      395Ч8 400Ч403
Cluster analysis, linkage methods      394
Cluster analysis, Mahalanobis distance      390
Cluster analysis, number of clusters      395 397Ч398
Cluster analysis, outliers      389
Cluster analysis, profile diagram      385Ч388
Cluster analysis, profile plot of means      402Ч403
Cluster analysis, scatter diagrams      383 385
Cluster analysis, seeds      397
Cluster analysis, similarity      389
Cluster analysis, standardized distance      390
Cluster analysis, standardized variables      390
Cluster analysis, taxonomic classification      381Ч382
Cluster analysis, tree graph      394 399Ч400
Cluster analysis, what to watch for      406
Code book construction      40Ч42
Coefficient of determination      138
Coefficient of variation      73 75
Combining data sets      35Ч36
Conditional distribution      134
confidence intervals      92Ч93 129 287 289
Continuous variables      16
Cook's distance      107 145
Correlation      94 96Ч99 132Ч137 140Ч143 169 181Ч183 229Ч233 256 338 356
Correlation, adjusted multiple      171 177 181Ч183
Correlation, matrix      132Ч133 140Ч141 169 229 338 356
Correlation, multiple      134Ч135 142Ч143 229 256
correlation, partial      135 143
Correlation, simple      94 96Ч99
Costs of misclassification      261Ч262
Covariance matrix      132Ч133
Cox versus log-linear regression      320Ч322
Cox versus logistic regression      322Ч324
Cox's proportional hazards model      319Ч320
Cumulative distribution      58 312Ч314
Data entry      28Ч32
Data management capabilities      33Ч36
Data screening      36Ч39 54Ч59 62Ч64 64Ч66 102Ч109
Data screening, independence      64Ч66 108
Data screening, normality      54Ч59 62Ч64
Data screening, outliers      104Ч108 347
Data transfer      32
dependent variables      17 85Ч86 125
Depression code book      41Ч42
Depression study      3Ч4 40Ч42 228Ч229 245 341Ч344 372Ч374
Depression study, CESD      3Ч4 228 341
Depression study, code book      42
Depression study, data      43
Depression study, definition of depression      245
Discrete variables      16
Discriminant analysis      7 243Ч279
Discriminant analysis, $D^{2}$      253Ч254 263Ч264
Discriminant analysis, canonical variables      269Ч272
Discriminant analysis, classification      243Ч252
Discriminant analysis, classification function      257
Discriminant analysis, coefficients      257
Discriminant analysis, computer programs      272Ч275
Discriminant analysis, cost of misclassification      261Ч262
Discriminant analysis, cross-validation      263
Discriminant analysis, description      244
Discriminant analysis, dividing point      248 259Ч262
Discriminant analysis, dummy variable      256
Discriminant analysis, Fisher discriminant function      250Ч253
Discriminant analysis, Hotelling $T^{2}$      265
Discriminant analysis, jackknife      263
Discriminant analysis, Mahalanobis distance      253Ч254 256 263Ч264 272
Discriminant analysis, minimizing misclassification      260
Discriminant analysis, more than two groups      267Ч269
Discriminant analysis, pooled variance of discriminant function      253
Discriminant analysis, posterior probabilities      258Ч259
Discriminant analysis, prediction      244
Discriminant analysis, prediction by guessing      264
Discriminant analysis, prior probabilities      259Ч261
Discriminant analysis, quadratic discriminant analysis      274
Discriminant analysis, regression analogy      255Ч256
Discriminant analysis, renaming groups      257
Discriminant analysis, standardized coefficients      258
Discriminant analysis, tests of hypotheses      265Ч266
Discriminant analysis, variable selection      266Ч267
Discriminant analysis, what to watch for      275Ч276
Discriminant analysis, Wilks'lambda      272
Dummy variables      202Ч209 256 269 286
Durbin Ч Watson statistic      108
e as base      52
Eigenvalues      335Ч336 341Ч343 359 365
Ellipse of concentration      96Ч98 234 249Ч250
Event history analysis      307
Exponential function      53
Factor analysis      8 354Ч379
Factor analysis, based on correlation      356 362
Factor analysis, common factors      357
Factor analysis, communality      357Ч358 360 362Ч363
Factor analysis, computer programs      374Ч376
Factor analysis, direct quartimin rotation      369Ч370
Factor analysis, eigenvalues      359 365Ч376
Factor analysis, factor diagram      361
Factor analysis, factor loadings      357Ч358 360 363
Factor analysis, factor model      356Ч357
Factor analysis, factor rotation      365Ч370
Factor analysis, factor score coefficients      371Ч372
Factor analysis, factor scores      371Ч372
Factor analysis, factor structure matrix      359
Factor analysis, initial factor extraction      359Ч365
Factor analysis, iterated principal components      362Ч363
Factor analysis, Kaiser normalization      366
Factor analysis, latent factors      378
Factor analysis, loading of $\imath$th variable      357Ч358 360
Factor analysis, Mahalanobis distance      374
Factor analysis, maximum likelihood      365
Factor analysis, nonorthogonal rotations      368Ч371
Factor analysis, number of factors      364Ч365 374
Factor analysis, oblique rotation      368Ч371 374
Factor analysis, orthogonal rotation      366Ч368
Factor analysis, outliers      376
Factor analysis, pattern matrix      359
Factor analysis, principal axis factoring      362
Factor analysis, principal components      358Ч362
Factor analysis, principal factor analysis      362Ч365
Factor analysis, regression procedure      372
Factor analysis, rotated factors      365Ч371
Factor analysis, scree method      365
Factor analysis, specificity      357 360
Factor analysis, standardized x      356 372
Factor analysis, storing factor scores      372
Factor analysis, unique factors      357
Factor analysis, varimax rotation      366Ч368
Factor analysis, what to watch for      376Ч377
Failure time analysis      307
Fisher discriminant function      250Ч253
Forced expiratory volume 1 sec (FEV1)      8 64 86 125
Forced vital capacity (FVC)      8 64
Forecasting      114
General F test      153Ч154 173Ч174
Geometric mean      75
Harmonic mean      75
Hierarchical clustering      391Ч395 398Ч400
Homoscedasticity      88
Hotelling $T^{2}$      265
Independence, assessing      64Ч67 108 145 415Ч416 421 427Ч428 431Ч432
Independent variables      17 85 125
Indicator variables      203
Influence of observation      107
Interaction      146Ч148 207Ч208 287
Interquartile range      74
Interval variables      15 74
Jackknife procedure      263
Join      35Ч36
JOIN MATCH      35
K-means clustering      395Ч398 400Ч403
Kolmogorov Ч Smirnov D test      63
Least squares method      89Ч91 129
Leverage      105Ч106 144
Likelihood ratio chi-square      418 421 434
Log-linear analysis      9 410Ч442
Log-linear analysis, both explanatory and response variables      432
Log-linear analysis, comparison with logistic      437
Log-linear analysis, computer programs      437Ч439
Log-linear analysis, conditional independence model      423
Log-linear analysis, degrees of freedom      419 440
Log-linear analysis, exploratory model construction      425Ч430
Log-linear analysis, fit of model      430Ч431
Log-linear analysis, hierarchical models      411 418 424
Log-linear analysis, homogenous association model      423Ч424
Log-linear analysis, likelihood ratio chi-square      418 421 434
Log-linear analysis, logit model      435Ч437
Log-linear analysis, marginal association test      428
Log-linear analysis, multiway frequency tables      411Ч414 421Ч437
Log-linear analysis, mutual independence model      422
Log-linear analysis, notation      415
Log-linear analysis, odds ratio      421
Log-linear analysis, one variable jointly independent model      423
Log-linear analysis, partial association test      428
Log-linear analysis, Pearson chi-square      417Ч418 421 433
Log-linear analysis, sample size      432Ч434
Log-linear analysis, sampling      415 431Ч432
Log-linear analysis, saturated model      417 424
Log-linear analysis, standardized deviates      431
Log-linear analysis, stepwise selection      429Ч430
Log-linear analysis, structural zeros      433
Log-linear analysis, tests of hypotheses      415 416 421 427Ч428 431Ч432
Log-linear analysis, what to watch for      439Ч440
Log-linear regression model      317Ч319
Logarithmic transformation      48Ч53 111
Logistic regression      8 281Ч305
Logistic regression, adjust constant      297
Logistic regression, applications      296Ч299
Logistic regression, assumption      284Ч285
Logistic regression, case-control sample      297Ч299
Logistic regression, categorical variables      285Ч287
Logistic regression, coefficients      284Ч289
Logistic regression, computer programs      299Ч301
Logistic regression, confidence intervals categorical data      287
Logistic regression, confidence intervals continuous data      289
Logistic regression, continuous variables      288Ч289
Logistic regression, cross-sectional sample      297
Logistic regression, cutoff point      293Ч294
Logistic regression, dummy variables      285Ч287
Logistic regression, goodness of fit chi-square      292Ч293
Logistic regression, improvement chi-square      291
Logistic regression, interaction      287 293
Logistic regression, logarithm odds      284
Logistic regression, logistic function      283Ч284
Logistic regression, logit      284
Logistic regression, matched samples      297Ч299
Logistic regression, maximum likelihood      285
Logistic regression, model fit      291Ч293
Logistic regression, odds      284
Logistic regression, odds ratio      286Ч287
Logistic regression, prior probabilities      288
Logistic regression, probability population      285 288
Logistic regression, ROC curves      295Ч296
Logistic regression, sensitivity      295
Logistic regression, specificity      295
Logistic regression, standard error      287Ч289
Logistic regression, step wise variable selection      290Ч291
Logistic regression, versus Cox's regression model      322Ч324
Logistic regression, what to watch for      301Ч302
Logit model      435Ч437
Lung cancer code book      310
Lung cancer survival data      448
Lung function code book      444
Lung function data      446
Lung function definition      8 64
Mahalanobis distance      253Ч254 256 261Ч264 390
Median      74
MERGE      35Ч36
Missing at random      198
Missing completely at random      198
Missing values      36Ч38 197Ч202
Missing Values, imputation      199
Missing Values, maximum likelihood substitution      200
Missing Values, mean substitution      199
MODE      73
Multicollinearity      149 212Ч219 331 345Ч347
Multiple regression      6 124Ч224
Multiple regression, $C_{p}$ criterion      172 184
Multiple regression, additive model      137 146
Multiple regression, adjusted multiple correlation      171 177 181Ч183
Multiple regression, AIC      172Ч173 185
Multiple regression, analysis of variance      137Ч138
Multiple regression, augmented partial residual plots      190
Multiple regression, backward elimination      178Ч179
Multiple regression, Bonferroni inequality      139Ч140
Multiple regression, coefficient of determination      139
Multiple regression, comparing regression planes      150Ч153
Multiple regression, computer programs      154Ч157 185Ч187
Multiple regression, conditional distribution      134
Multiple regression, confidence intervals      130
Multiple regression, Cook's distance      145
Multiple regression, correlation matrix      132Ч133 140Ч141
Multiple regression, covariance matrix      132Ч133
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