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Lander J. Ч Graphics Programming Methods
Lander J. Ч Graphics Programming Methods

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Ќазвание: Graphics Programming Methods

јвтор: Lander J.


Graphics Programming Methods provides a comprehensive resource of application and technique driven articles written by industry experts. The articles provide specific techniques for well-defined problems facing graphics programmers in the production of a variety of projects, including visual effects, real-time graphics, and games. Each article is written by an experienced programmer and provides a ready-to-use solution. The emphasis throughout the book is on the emerging graphics technology that has been enabled by increases in hardware capabilities and computational speed, as well as advances in algorithms and programming techniques. This is a must-have resource for graphics programmers.

язык: en

–убрика: Computer science/

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√од издани€: 2003

 оличество страниц: 406

ƒобавлена в каталог: 16.11.2009

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ѕредметный указатель
AABB (Axis-Aligned Bounding Boxes), AABB trees      51
AABB (Axis-Aligned Bounding Boxes), BucketTree nodes and      59 61
Adaptive integration schemes, implementation of      276
Adaptive integration schemes, Miser algorithm for      275Ч276
Adaptive integration schemes, sample redistribution and      276Ч277
Adaptive integration schemes, VEGAS algorithm for      273Ч275 277
Adaptive step size and error control, panicle systems      8 9
Aerial perspective      347 349
Air molecules, light interaction with      345
Albedo, Alpha channel information and quantization      369 373
Albedo, defined      328
Albedo, global illumination and      245
Albedo, light paths and albedo limits      253
Albedo, pixel shaders and      328 329 331Ч333
Albedo, scattering albedo      348
Animation, articulated structures and IK      93Ч100
Animation, cloth and soft-body models, inverse dynamic constraints      81Ч90
Animation, collision detection of deformable volumetric meshes      51Ч67
Animation, Curved Point-Normal (PN) triangles and soft-skinned animations      160
Animation, deeply-hierarchical bodies, realtime multiresolution of      27Ч36
Animation, facial expression systems      69 79
Animation, jaw motion      51Ч67
Animation, lip-synching      74 77
Animation, LOD and real-time animation      17Ч18 21Ч22
Animation, morphing animation      69 79
Animation, organic tissue simulation      53Ч54
animation, overview      3
Animation, particle systems, simulating and rendering      5 16
Animation, scripted motion      40Ч43
Animation, skeleton node models      19 20
Animation, spline-driven animation and scripted bodies      37Ч49
Animation, spring-mass (SM) particle systems      81 90
Animation, trees, real-time animation of      17Ч26
Antal, Gyoergy, article by      249Ч258
Antal, Gyoergy, bio and contact info      xv
Antialiasing for bump maps      291 297
Antialiasing, reconstruction filters and      292Ч294
Arc length function      40Ч41
Arc length function, reparameterization of      42
Area particle emitters      14
Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) of pixel shader      330 331
Ashdown, bio and contact info      xv
Ashdown, lan article by      279 289
Asynchronous simulation evolution      9 10
Atmospherics, hardware fog equation      347 348
Atmospherics, light atmosphere interactions      337 351
Attenuation      385
Authalic parameterization      106
Axis-Aligned Bounding Boxes (AABB), BucketTree nodes and      59Ч61
Axis-Aligned Bounding Boxes (AABB), trees      51
Background, compressed panoramas      375Ч387
Barrera, Tony, articles by      121Ч131 133Ч138 231Ч235 291Ч298 299-313
Barrera, Tony, bio and contact info      xi
Bcncdck, Baldzs, article by      237 248
Bcncdck, Baldzs, bio and contact info      xvi
Bengtsson, Ewert, articles by      121Ч131 133Ч138 231Ч235 291Ч298 299-313
Bengtsson, Ewert, bio and contact info      xvi
Bezier patches      (see Higher-order surfaces real-time
Bezier triangles      (see higher-older surfaces real-time
Bi-cubic filters, for texture reconstruction      292 294
Bidirectional Scattering Distribution Functions (BSDFs), Metropolis sampling method      250 252 261 269
Bilinear interpolation, Phong shading and      307 308
Billboards      14 15
Binary space partitioning (BSP) trees      (see k-D trees)
Biquadratic interpolation, bump mapping and      308 309
BSDFs (Bidirectional Scattering Distribution Functions), Metropolis sampling method      250 252 261Ч269
BSP (Binary Space Partitioning) trees      (see k-D trees)
BucketTrees and      61 64
BucketTrees and deformable volumetric meshes and      51Ч67
BucketTrees and step size selection for numerical accuracy      8Ч9
BucketTrees, algorithms described      51 53
BucketTrees, Axis-Aligned Bounding Boxes as nodes      59 61
BucketTrees, colliding      61 64
BucketTrees, creating      54Ч56
BucketTrees, eomputational complexity      63Ч67
BucketTrees, mapping tetrahedral to buckets      57Ч58
BucketTrees, updating      58 59
Bump maps, antialiasing      291 297
Bump maps, last setup for biquadratic interpolation      308 309
C,informal parameterization      106Ч111
Caches, k-D trees and cachc coherence      315Ч318
Caches, surface caches      389 395
Calomeni, Antonio, article by      5Ч16
Calomeni, Antonio, bio and contact info      xvi
Capo, Stephanc, bio and contact info      17 26 xviЧxvii
Castano, Ignacio, article by      115 120
Castano, Ignacio, bio and contact info      xvii
Catmull Ч Rom filters      294Ч295
Celcs, Waldemar, article- by      5Ч16
Celcs, Waldemar, bio and contact info      xvii
Cell lnereine, PVS processes and      208Ч209
Circles, all-interger ellipse discretization algorithm and      129Ч130
City-block distance metric for parametric lines      135
Cloth 3D models      83 84
Collisions and collision detection, algorithms for      51
Color, Lloyd algorithm and color codebook generation      368
Color, quantization of true color, with opacity information      367Ч373
Color, sky colors      350 354
Cordero, Juan M., article by      93 100
Cordero, Juan M., bio and contact info      xvii
Cover image described      xiii
Cracks in terrain, fixing      167 168
Cube maps, automatic parameterization      105 113
Cuberille effect      141 142
Culling geometry, vs. level geometry for portalization      209Ч210
Curved Point-Normal (PN) triangles algorithms for      150 160
Curved Point-Normal (PN), bicubic patches and      155 158Ч159
Curved Point-Normal (PN), custom curvcs      160
Curved Point-Normal (PN), descrihed      148 150
Curved Point-Normal (PN), free-form shape construction and retention      158
Curved Point-Normal (PN), implementation of      150Ч152 160Ч162
Curved Point-Normal (PN), limitations of      152Ч154 162
Curved Point-Normal (PN), PN triangle primitives      154Ч162
Curved Point-Normal (PN), real-time considerations      162
Curved Point-Normal (PN), real-time implementation of higher-order sulfates using      147Ч163
Curved Point-Normal (PN), sharp-edge geometry and      156
Curved Point-Normal (PN), sharp-edge lighting and      158
Curved Point-Normal (PN), soft-skinned animations and      160
Curved Point-Normal (PN), triangle efficiency and PN filtering      154Ч162
De Boer, Willem H., article by      367 373
De Boer, Willem H., bio and contact info      xvii
Dead vector problem      369 370
Deeply-hierarchical bodies, realtime multiresolution of      27Ч36
Deformable volumetric meshes, collision detection and      51Ч67
Deformable volumetric meshes, described      51
Density estimation, histogram estimators      264
Density estimation, kernel estimators      265 266 267
Density estimation, metropolis sampling and      261Ч269
Density estimation, naive estimators      265 266
Density estimation, nearest neighbor estimators      266
Depth peeling, volumetric shadows and      357 358 364
Di Giacomo, Thomas, article by      17 26
Di Giacomo, Thomas, bio and contact info      xix
Dilation filters      116 119
Dirichlet energy, conformal maps and      106Ч107
Dithering, quantization of true-color images and      371
Dynamic surface caching algorithm      389Ч395
Echoes, rendering dynamic      279Ч288
EDT (Euclidean Distance Transform)      115 120
Eigenvalue bounds, determination of      287
Eigenvector solution for      285Ч286
Eigenvector solution for implementation issues      285
Eigenvector solution for progressive radiosity      286 287
Eigenvector solution for radiative transfer networks and      280Ч281
Eigenvectors, Lanczos methods for determining dominant      286
Ellipses, all-integer ellipse discretization algorithm      121Ч131
Ellipses, derivation of      124Ч128
Erlebcn, Kenny, articles by      37 50 51Ч68
Erlebcn, Kenny, bio and contact info      xviii
Error vectors, calculation      372
Estimators, density estimation, methods      264 266
Euclidean Distance Transform (EDT)      115Ч120
Euler method      6 7 12 83
Explosions, tree animations and      32
Facial expression systems, alternative techniques      69 70
Faure, Francois, article by      17 26
Faure, Francois, bio and contact info      xviii
Filters and filtering, Catmull Ч Rom filters      294 295
Filters and filtering, dilation filters      116 119
Filters and filtering, push-pull filters      119 120
Filters and filtering, reconstruction filters and antialiasing      292Ч294
Filters and filtering, triangle efficiency and PN filtering      154 162
Fin textures. Euclidean distance maps for filling holes in      115Ч120
FK (Forward Kinematics)      93
Fog, defined      353
Fog, formulas for standard CG fog      353Ч354
Fog, hardware fog equation      347Ч348
Fog, height-based vs. distancc-bascd fog      355
Forests      (see Trees (vegetation))
Forward Kinematics (FK)      93
Frustum, 3D bounding frustum and height clipping plane      188Ч189
Frustum, bounding polygons, clipping to grid      180Ч181
Frustum, bounding polygons, location of      177Ч180
Frustum, corners, location of      177
Frustum, determining visible terrain grids with      175Ч191
Frustum, grid bound by frustum polygon, location of      182 184
Fu, Chi-Wing, article by      375 388
Fu, Chi-Wing, bio and contact info      xviii
Ganea, Alexandre, article by      389 396
Ganea, Alexandre, bio and contact info      xviii
Garcia-Panyella, Oscar, article by      139 146
Garcia-Panyella, Oscar, bio and contact info      xix
General curve discretization, method, derivation of      122Ч124
Geometry, $MAXScript^{TM}$ code generation      210Ч225
Geometry, 3D reconstructed surface, smoothing      139Ч146
Geometry, circles, fast all-interger calculation of      129 130
Geometry, ellipses, fist all-interger calculation of      121 131
Geometry, general curve discretization method      121 131
Geometry, higher-order surfaces, real-time implementation of      147Ч163
Geometry, lines, drawing all-interger parametric lines      133 138
Geometry, overview      103
Geometry, planets      193Ч198
Geometry, portals, k-D face portals with solid geometry      201Ч210
Geometry, real-time generation of      3
Geometry, smoothing algorithms      139Ч146
Geometry, terrain grids, frustum to determine      175Ч191
Geometry, terrains, flexible terrain engines      165Ч174
Geometry, texture mapping, automatic parameterization      105Ч113
Geomipmapping algorithm      166Ч170
Global illumination, directional radiance and view importance      244Ч246
Global illumination, light path mutation strategies      252Ч257
Global illumination, Metropolis sampling methods      249Ч259 261Ч269
Global illumination, mutation strategies      268
Global illumination, radiance gathering method described      243
Global illumination, radiance shooting method described      242 243
Global illumination, radiance source and receiver, connection of      244
Global illumination, stochastic iteration and      237Ч248
Harmonic maps      107
Hast, Anders, articles by      121Ч131 133Ч138 231Ч235 291Ч298 299Ч313
Hast, Anders, bio and contact info      xix
Haze particles, interaction with light      345 347
Hendriksen, bio and contact info      xixЧxx
Hendriksen, Knud article by      37Ч50
Higher-order surfaces, real-time implementation      147 163
Histogram estimators      264
Hofftnan, Naty, article by      337 352
Hofftnan, Naty, bio and contact info      xx
Holes in texture maps, filling      115Ч120
Holes, 3D reconstructed surfaces and smoothing      141
HookeТs Law, spring-mass (SM), Horizon maps      329 334
HookeТs Law, spring-mass (SM), particle systems and      82
IDC (Inverse Dynamics Constraints), for cloth and soft-body animation      81 90
Integration, adaptive integration and rendering      271 277
Interpolation, bilinear interpolation over triangles      299Ч303 307Ч312
Interpolation, biquadratic interpolation over triangles      303 307
Inverse Dynamics Constraints (IDC) for cloth and soft-body animation      81 90 402
Inverse Dynamics Constraints (IDC), animation and      86 89
Isomctric parameterization      106
Isomctric parameterization in BucketTree algorithm      54
Isomctric parameterization on vegetation      35
Isomctric parameterization, drawing      133 138
Jacobian Matrix, derivation of line algorithm for culation of      99 100
Jacobian Matrix, geometrical cal-articles by      261 269 271 278
Jaw muscles, albedo, scattering albedo      348
Jaw muscles, animation      51 67
Jaw muscles, dead vector problem      369 370
Magnification (OpenGL)      291
Medical applications of graphics      51Ч67 140Ч142
Memory management, dynamic surface caching algorithm      389 395
Memory management, k-D trees and memory usage      315Ч318 324
Methane ice caves of Europa, $MAXScript^{TM}$ example      222Ч224
Metropolis sampling methods vs. local importance sampling      250
Metropolis sampling methods, advantages of      250
Metropolis sampling methods, Bidirectional Scattering Distribution Functions (BSDFs)      250 252 261Ч269
Metropolis sampling methods, described      261 263
Metropolis sampling methods, global illumination and      249Ч259
Metropolis sampling methods, implementing with random walk algorithm      258Ч259
Metropolis-Hastings method      261Ч269
Metropolis-Hastings method, algorithm for      263
Metropolis-Hastings method, compression and      268
Metropolis-Hastings method, density estimation and      263Ч266
Metropolis-Hastings method, implementation of      267
Metropolis-Hastings method, kernel types for density estimators      265 267
Midpoint method      7 83 121
Mie scattering      354
Minilication (OpenGL)      291
Miser algorithm for adaptive integration      275 276
Mitchell, Kenny, article by      327 335
Mitchell, Kenny, bio and contact info      xxi
Monte Carlo methods, global illumination and      237Ч248
Monte Carlo methods, rendering with adaptive integration      271Ч277
Morphing, demos online      79
Morphing, facial expression systems and      69Ч79
Morphing, implementation of smart morphing system      77 78
Morphing, lip-synching      74 77
Morphing, Multiresolution dynamics, tree animation and      33 35
Morphing, smart morphing system described      72
Morphing, system design      72 77
Morphing, techniques compared      70 71
N-Patches      (see Higher-order surfaces real-time
Naive estimators      265 266
Nearest neighbor estimators      266
Netlib Repository, web site address      286
NewtonТs Law, spring-mass (SM), particle systems and      82
Next event estimation      252
Noise, ds max Noise function      223 225
Noise, real-time planet generation and      194Ч198
Non-Uniform Rational B-Splinc (NURBS)      (see Higher-order surfaces real-time
Normalization, fast vector normalization      295Ч296
NURBS (Non-Uniform Rational B-Splines)      (see Higher-order surfaces real-time
Object median, building k-D trees      320
Occlusion culling, illumination-based      279Ч288
ODE (Ordinary Differential Equations), particle physics      6Ч8
Or, Siu-Hang, article by      375 388
Or, Siu-Hang, bio and contact info      xxiЧxxii
Ordinary Differential Equation (ODE), particle physics      6Ч8
Organic tissue simulation      53 54
Palettization      (see Quantization Panoramas)
Palettization, compression of      376 378
Palettization, relighting with directional light source      379Ч383
Palettization, relighting with point light source      383Ч387
Parameterization methods, automatic parameterization      105Ч113
Parameterization methods, boundary conditions and      107
Parameterization methods, charts and subdivision algorithms for      111
Parameterization methods, conformation parameterization      106Ч111
Parameterization methods, harmonic maps      107
Parameterization methods, isometric parameterization      106
Particle emitters      13 14
Particle systems (emit.), particle emitters      13 14
Particle systems (emit.), particle physics      6Ч8
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