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Goerzen J. Ч Foundations of Python Network Programming
Goerzen J. Ч Foundations of Python Network Programming

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Ќазвание: Foundations of Python Network Programming

јвтор: Goerzen J.


To guide readers through the new scripting language, Python, this book discusses every aspect of client and server programming. And as Python begins to replace Perl as a favorite programming language, this book will benefit scripters and serious application developers who want a feature-rich, yet simple language, for deploying their products.
The text explains multitasking network servers using several models, including forking, threading, and non-blocking sockets. Furthermore, the extensive examples demonstrate important concepts and practices, and provide a cadre of fully-functioning stand alone programs. Readers may even use the provided examples as building blocks to create their own software.

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√од издани€: 2004

 оличество страниц: 512

ƒобавлена в каталог: 14.11.2009

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"Authentication failed" error      209
"Tidy" library      128
& character      383
> character      383
&lt character      383
* folder pattern      238
+= operator      448
./simple.pyfile      357
./simplehttp.pyfile      349
.htaccess files      399
.\Noinferiors flag      238
< character      383
<affiliation> child      153
<broadcast> address (DNS)      95
== self.processing tag      137
> character      383
A DNS records      76
AAAA DNS records      76
accept()      14 40 41 42 43 429 432 475 476
Account FTP authentication token      276
acquire()      448 450 452 461
addBoth()      235
addCallback()      227 230
addClient()      488
addFlags()      252
addGETdata()      120
AddHandler      401
Address_family variable      352
Adns Python library      65
Advanced network operations      87Ч110
Advanced network operations, binding to specific addresses      102Ч103
Advanced network operations, half-open sockets      87Ч88
Advanced network operations, overview      87
Advanced network operations, timeouts      89Ч90
Advanced network operations, transmitting strings      90Ч92
Advanced network operations, transmitting strings, leading size indicator      92
Advanced network operations, transmitting strings, unique end-of-string identifiers      91Ч92
Advanced network operations, understanding network byte order      93Ч94
Advanced network operations, using broadcast data      95Ч97
Advanced network operations, using event notification with poll() or select()      104Ч109
Advanced network operations, working with IPv6      97Ч102
Advanced network operations, working with IPv6, handling family preferences      100Ч102
Advanced network operations, working with IPv6, resolving addresses      98Ч100
AFP (Apple File Sharing) protocol      20
AF_INET protocol      20 99 101
alias directive      396 399
Allow_none variable      360
Allow_reuse_address variable      351
Alternative multiparts (MIME)      180
Alternative subtype (MIME)      186
Answers attribute (PyDNS)      78
ANY query (DNS)      82
Apache API      397
apache.HTTP_FORBIDDEN (403) status code      402
apache.HTTP_MOVED_PERMANENTLY (301) status code      402
apache.HTTP_MOVED_TEMPORARILY (302) status code      402
apache.HTTP_NOT_FOUND (404) status code      402
apache.HTTP_OK (200) status code      402
apache.HTTP_UNAUTHORIZED (401) status code      402
apache.SERVER_RETURN command      402
apache2ctl configtest command      398
apache2ctl restart command      395
apachectl configtest command      398
apachectl restart command      395
APOP      212 213
apop()      214
append()      270
appendChild()      156
Application/octet-stream type (MIME)      183
Arguments parameter, inetd      47
Arraysize attribute      311 312
ASCII characters      92 93
ASCII files, downloading with FTP      278Ч279
Asynchat module      470
Asynchronous communication      469Ч489
Asynchronous communication, advanced server-side use      476Ч480
Asynchronous communication, monitoring multiple master sockets      480Ч485
Asynchronous communication, overview      469Ч470
Asynchronous communication, using      471Ч476
Asynchronous communication, using Twisted for servers      485Ч488
Asynchronous communication, whether to use      470
Asyncore module      470
as_string()      182
Atomic operation      448
attachment()      183
Attacks      323
Authentication, FTP      276Ч277
Authentication, POP (Post Office Protocol)      212Ч214
authentication, SMTP      208Ч209
Authentication, Web client access      115Ч118
Base-64 encoding      181
base64 module      92
basehttp.py file      342
BaseHTTPRequestHandler class      341Ч342
BaseHTTPServer      341Ч348
BaseHTTPServer, handling multiple requests simultaneously      346Ч348
BaseHTTPServer, handling requests for specific documents      343Ч346
BaseHTTPServer, overview      341Ч343
BEGIN CERTIFICATE block      332
Binary files, downloading with FTP      279Ч281
Binary word      93
Binary()      317
Bind package (Linux)      68
bind()      39 43
Blocking call      437
Body of e-mail messages      169Ч170
Broadcast data      95Ч97
BSD Unix      19 46
Buffers structure      474
Buflen option      37
build_opener()      117
Built-in SSL      326Ч330
Byte order, network      93Ч94
C connect()      21
C language      10 11 12 25 53 55 93 159
callback function      225
catch statement      121
Cc Header (MIME)      171
certfiles.crt file      332
certificate authorities (CAs)      325
CGI (Common Gateway Interface)      369Ч392
CGI (Common Gateway Interface), escaping special characters      383Ч385
CGI (Common Gateway Interface), getting input      375Ч383
CGI (Common Gateway Interface), getting input, extra URL components      375Ч378
CGI (Common Gateway Interface), getting input, GET method      378Ч380
CGI (Common Gateway Interface), getting input, overview      375
CGI (Common Gateway Interface), getting input, POST method      380Ч383
CGI (Common Gateway Interface), handling multiple inputs per field      385Ч386
CGI (Common Gateway Interface), overview      369
CGI (Common Gateway Interface), retrieving environment information      373Ч375
CGI (Common Gateway Interface), scripts      349Ч350 365 367 393 397 405 415
CGI (Common Gateway Interface), setting up      370
CGI (Common Gateway Interface), understanding CGI      370Ч372
CGI (Common Gateway Interface), uploading files      386Ч388
CGI (Common Gateway Interface), using cookies      388Ч392
CGI handler      407 415
cgi interface      387
cgi library      380
CGI module      371 373 383 385 386 412Ч413
cgi-bin directory      349 370 373
cgi.escape()      383 413
cgi.FieldStorage()      380
CGIHTTPServer      349Ч350 370
cgilib.escape()      385
cgitb module      372
CGIXMLRPCRequestHandler      365Ч367
Character references, translating      132Ч133
Character set, ASCII      181
Chat class      488
Chat server exercise, threaded      457
Chatfactory class      488
Checksum      5
chldhandler()      427
CLASSPATH variable      300
cleanse()      139
client/server networking      3Ч18
client/server networking, Ethernet      9
client/server networking, networking in Python      9Ч16
client/server networking, networking in Python, high-level interface      15Ч16
client/server networking, networking in Python, low-level interface      10Ч15
client/server networking, overview      3
client/server networking, physical transports      9
client/server networking, TCP basics      3Ч6
client/server networking, TCP basics, addressing      4
client/server networking, TCP basics, reliability      4Ч5
client/server networking, TCP basics, routing      5
client/server networking, TCP basics, security      6
client/server networking, user datagram protocol      7Ч8
client/server networking, using client/server model      6Ч7
client_address variable      352
close()      19 42 43 88 218 422 484
closeout()      475
cn (common name) attribute      335
CNAME record      76 79 82
Cnverified variable      335
Codecs module      194
Column names      314
Command channel      276
commands, executing      301Ч302
commands, repeating      305Ч310
Commands, repeating, executemany()      307Ч310
Commands, repeating, parameter styles      305Ч307
Comment objects      150
commit()      302Ч303 304 305 310
Common Gateway Interface      see "CGI (Common Gateway Interface)"
common name (cn) attribute      335
Common object request broker architecture (CORBA)      159
comp.lang.python newsgroup      399
Composing e-mail      see "e-mail composition and decoding"
Compromised server      324
Condition object      466
configure script      395
connect()      21 26 32 33 35 52 54 68
connecting      297Ч301
Connecting, Jython zxJDBC      299Ч301
connecting, MySQL      299
Connecting, POP (Post Office Protocol)      212Ч214
Connecting, PostgreSQL      298
Connection object      331
Connection reset by peer message      441
connectionLost()      488
connectionMade()      227 231 488
Content types (MIME)      181
Content-Disposition header (MIME)      183 184 186
Content-Length header (MIME)      123
Content-Type header      372
Content-Type line (MIME)      184
Context object      331
continue statement      41 42
Conversation debugging (SMTP)      199Ч202
Cookie module      389
cookie.output()      392
Cookies, CGI      388Ч392
Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)      178
copy()      270
CORBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture)      159
CR-LF character      268
create()      270
Cross-site scripting attack      383
Cursor object      301Ч302
cwd()      278 290
Daemon log file      60
Data channel      276
Data command      202
Data item      386
Database clients      295Ч320
Database clients, connecting      297Ч301
Database clients, connecting, Jython zxJDBC      299Ч301
Database clients, connecting, MySQL      299
Database clients, connecting, PostgreSQL      298
Database clients, executing commands      301Ч302
Database clients, overview      295
Database clients, reading metadata      313Ч316
Database clients, reading metadata, counting rows      313Ч314
Database clients, reading metadata, retrieving data as dictionaries      315Ч316
Database clients, repeating commands      305Ч310
Database clients, repeating commands, executemany()      307Ч310
Database clients, repeating commands, parameter styles      305Ч307
Database clients, retrieving data      310Ч313
Database clients, retrieving data, using fetchall()      310Ч311
Database clients, retrieving data, using fetchmany()      311Ч312
Database clients, retrieving data, using fetchone()      312Ч313
Database clients, SQL and networking      295
Database clients, SQL in python      296Ч297
Database clients, transactions      302Ч305
Database clients, transactions, hiding changes until finished      303Ч305
Database clients, transactions, performance implications of transactions      303
Database clients, using data types      317Ч319
dataReceived()      474 488
datasock.close()      283
Date header (MIME)      173 178 180
Date string      179
Date()      317
Date-ID headers      174Ч175
DateFromTicks()      317
db parameter      299
DB-API specification      296Ч297 300 305 306 310 317
dbh (database handle)      297
Debian GNU/Linux      77
decode()      194
Decoding e-mail      see "e-mail composition and decoding"
Def gethostname(ipaddr)      73Ч74
Deferred from list()      238
Deferred object      227 228 230 231 234
DeferredList object      248 259 260
delClient()      488
DELE command      218
dele()      218
delete()      270 293
deletemessages()      255
Deleting folders      293
deleting messages      218Ч221 252Ч255
Deletion attacks      323
Description variable      313
Dgram socket type      49
Dgram type      47
DHCP      77
dictfetchal()      316
dictfetchone()      316
Dictionaries, retrieving data as      315Ч316
dir()      284 285 288 290
directories      see "Folders"
Directory section      399
DirEntry class      288 290 292
DirScanner class      288 292
Dispatching requests (mod_python)      402Ч404
dispCookie()      391
displayinfo()      260
dlist list      248
DNS (Domain Name System)      21 65Ч85
DNS (Domain Name System), DiscoverNameServers()      77
DNS (Domain Name System), making DNS queries      65Ч66
DNS (Domain Name System), overview      65
DNS (Domain Name System), Request()      77
DNS (Domain Name System), using operating system lookup services      66Ч75
DNS (Domain Name System), using operating system lookup services, obtaining information about your environment      74Ч75
DNS (Domain Name System), using operating system lookup services, performing basic lookups      66Ч70
DNS (Domain Name System), using operating system lookup services, performing reverse lookups      70Ч74
DNS (Domain Name System), using PyDNS for advanced lookups      76Ч85
DNS (Domain Name System), using PyDNS for advanced lookups, DNS records      76Ч77
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