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Taylor E.F. Ч Exploring Black Holes: Introduction to General Relativity
Taylor E.F. Ч Exploring Black Holes: Introduction to General Relativity

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Ќазвание: Exploring Black Holes: Introduction to General Relativity

јвтор: Taylor E.F.


Authored by Oersted Medal winner Edwin Taylor and foremost relativist John Archibald Wheeler, this unique book offers a concise, directed examination of general relativity and black holes. Its goal is to provide tools that motivate students to become active participants in carrying out their own investigations about curved spacetime near Earth and black holes. To that end, the book uses calculus and algebra, rather than tensors, to make general relativity accessible to second- and third-year students. Five chapters introduce basic theory and seven projects guide readers in the analysis of major applications.

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√од издани€: 2003

 оличество страниц: 352

ƒобавлена в каталог: 07.03.2009

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ѕредметный указатель
$E_{rest} = mc^{2}$      1-11
Aberration of light      5-26Ч30
Accelerating expansion of Universe      G-20
Acceleration, gravitational      2-46 3-31 B-19Ч21
Acceleration, tidal      1-14Ч16 2-6Ч7 2-32 B-18Ч21 5-2
Accretion disk      F-2 F-4 F-25
Advanced civilization, defined      F-25
Aging      1-5Ч7 3-4
Aging, Principle of      see "Principle of Extremal Aging"
Alice in Wonderland      1-1 B-1
Andromeda galaxy      1-4
Angle, azimuthal      2-16
Angular momentum, derived from Extremal Aging      4-2Ч5
Angular momentum, from shell velocity      4-22
Angular momentum, of object in Kerr geometry      F-13
Angular momentum, of spinning black hole      F-2
Angular momentum, parameters      F-2
Angular momentum, properties of      4-5Ч8
Aphelion      4-26 C-3
Apple, Newton's      2-5
Astronaut, interview      B-1
Astronaut, stretching      2-6 2-46 B-18Ч21
Azimuthal angle $\varphi$      2-16
Background radiation, cosmic      G-21
Baked on the shell?      5-27
Balloon of various dimensions      G-2Ч6
Beacon      3-10Ч12 5-35Ч37
Big Bang, Project G seeing      G-17Ч19
Black hole, area never decreases      2-48
Black hole, dilute      2-46
Black hole, dropping in on      3-30
Black hole, energy conversion using      3-29Ч30
Black hole, escape from      2-4 4-7 4-21
Black hole, extracting energy from      F-20Ч24 F-28Ч29
Black hole, extreme angular momentum      F-5Ч7
Black hole, measuring distance from      5-33
Black hole, more about (box)      3-3
Black hole, no escape from      3-19Ч23 B-13Ч16
Black hole, Reissner Ч Nordstroem      F-31
Black hole, science inside      B-3
Black hole, shadow of      5-33
Black hole, temperature of      5-27 5-37
Black hole, time travel using      4-32
Black hole, turning around using      4-32Ч33
Blue shift, gravitational      2-13 2-30
Blunder of my life, biggest      G-1 G-11
Boltzmann's constant      5-27
Bookkeeper Kerr      F-8Ч11
Bookkeeper Schwarzschild      2-34Ч38
Boyer Ч Lindquist coordinates      F-2Ч3 F-19
Carroll, Lewis, quote      B-1
Cauchy horizon      F-5 F-30
Centrifugal pseudo force      4-13
Chandrasekhar, S., quote      F-1
Chesapeake Bay, general relativity over      2-47
Circular orbits      see "Orbit circular"
Clay pigeon      3-6
Clock, far-away      2-27Ч30 F-3
Clock, personal far-away      2-29
Clock, recording      1-18
Clock, reference      1-17
Clock, synchronize      1-17 2-27 2-29 A-4 G-7 G-10Ч11
Closed Universe      G-6 G-7Ч12 G-15Ч21
Conv, subscript meaning "in conventional units"      1-13 GL-1
Coordinate radius      see "Reduced circumference"
Coordinate systems      2-31Ч38 B-4 F-2
Copernicus, Nicolaus      2-8
Corona      E-2
Cosmic background radiation      G-21
Cosmic rays, super      1-22
Cosmic red shift      G-18
Cosmological principle      G-1Ч2
Cover, explanation of      D-12Ч17
Critical value of mass, $M_{crit}$      G-13Ч14
Crunch of Universe      G-7Ч12
Crunch, time to arrive at      3-21Ч22
Curvature factor      2-21
Curvature of spacetime      1-16 2-3 2-6Ч7
Curvature of universe      G-13Ч15
Cycloid      G-8Ч12
Dark matter      D-11
Diamond necklace      D-16Ч17
Dickinson, Emily, quotes      4-1 5-1
Differentials, sloppy use of      2-20
Disney Epcot Center      2-10
Distance, determines geometry      2-1Ч3
Distance, frame distance      1-1Ч2
Distance, proper      1-3Ч5
Diving candidate      B-1Ч3
Diving frequency shift      B-25
Donut, Einstein      D-12Ч15
Doppler effect      2-13 5-26 G-18
Drip frame      B-4 B-26
Edge, over the      3-19Ч23
Effective potential, for light      5-10Ч13 5-33
Effective potential, for orbit of Mercury      C-6Ч7
Effective potential, in Newtonian mechanics      4-11Ч14
Effective potential, in Schwarzschild spacetime      4-14Ч20
Eggbeater oscillations      B-5
Einstein field equations      2-20
Einstein Ring      5-21 5-24Ч25 D-9Ч11
Einstein, Albert, "biggest blunder of my life,"      G-1 G-11
Einstein, Albert, "Did you doubt it?"      D-1
Einstein, Albert, "invented" curved spacetime      4-9
Einstein, Albert, quotes      1-1 2-1 2-4 2-20 3-1 B-10 E-1
Elevator safety      1-14
Embedding diagrams      2-25Ч26
Empire State Building      1-14
Energy, conversion using black hole      3-29Ч30
Energy, derived from extremal aging      1-7Ч12 3-6Ч10 4-2Ч5 F-13
Energy, energy-mass conversion      1-22
Energy, extracting energy from Kerr black hole      F-20Ч24 F-28Ч29
Energy, from shell velocity      4-22
Energy, in Kerr spacetime      F-13
Energy, in Schwarzschild spacetime      3-6Ч10
Energy, in special relativity      1-7Ч12
Energy, measured at infinity      3-10Ч11
Energy, measured by shell observer      3-17Ч19
Energy, negative energy      F-20Ч24 F-28Ч29
Energy, Newton approximates plunging energy      3-33
Energy, of a clock bolted to a spherical shell      3-12
Energy, of a particle falling from rest at infinity      3-12
Energy, production by a quasar      5-35 F-4 F-24Ч27
Energy, rest      1-11
entropy      2-48
Epcot Center, Disney      2-10
Ephemendes      C-2
Ephemeris Time      2-28
Equatorial plane      2-15Ч16 F-2 F-7
Ergosphere      F-7Ч8 F-20Ч24 F-28Ч29
Escape velocity      2-22
Event      1-2 2-1Ч3
Event horizon      see "Horizon"
Extremal Aging      see "Principle of Extremal Aging"
Extreme Kerr black hole      F-5Ч7
Falling from rest at infinity      3-12Ч17
Far-away clock, personal      2-29
Far-away observer      1-18 see
Far-away time      2-19 2-27Ч30 F-3
Field equations      2-20
Final view      B-22Ч25 5-27Ч30
Flash, headlight      B-14Ч16
Flash, synchronizing      1-17
Flash, taillight      B-14Ч17
Flat spacetime      1-5 2-4Ч7
Flat spacetime, limits of      1-14Ч16 2-5Ч7 2-27
Flat spacetime, metric for      1-2Ч5 2-17Ч18
Flat Universe      G-6 G-12Ч15
Frame distance      1-2
Frame dragging      F-7Ч10 F-13Ч16
Frame time      1-2
Frame, drip frame      B-4
Frame, hail frame      B-5
Frame, inertial      see "Free-float frame"
Frame, rain frame      B-4Ч6
Free-float frame, in curved spacetime      2-4Ч7 2-31Ч33
Free-float frame, in special relativity      1-1 1-14Ч16
Frequency shift      B-25 5-34Ч37
Frozen star      3-23 see
Fuller, Buckminster      2-8
Galilei, Galileo, quote      G-21
General relativity      1-1 1-16
General relativity over Chesapeake Bay      2-47Ч48
General relativity, readings in      R-1Ч4
Geodesic      2-4Ч5 3-4
Geometric units      1-2 2-13 4-3 F-2 F-31
Geometry determined by "distances"      2-1Ч3
glossaries      GL-1Ч7
Gravitation      1-14Ч16 2-5
Gravitational acceleration      2-46Ч47 3-31Ч32 B-19Ч21
Gravitational blue shift      2-13 2-30
Gravitational constant G      2-13
Gravitational radius (not used in this book)      2-21
Gravitational red shift      2-12Ч13 2-30 2-45 5-34
Hail frame      B-5 B-26
Harmonic oscillator, linear      C-3Ч8
Hawking radiation      2-4 5-27
Hawking temperature      5-27 5-37
Hawking, Stephen, quotes      2-24 F-3
Headlight flash      B-14Ч16
Hilbert, David      2-30
Horizon      2-21 F-4Ч5
Horizon, alarm for spaceship      3-32
Horizon, as a one-way barrier      3-19Ч23 B-13Ч16 5-33 F-4Ч5
Horizon, Cauchy horizon      F-5 F-30
Horizon, crossing the      3-19Ч23 5-33
Horizon, measuring radius inside      B-8
Horizon, Newton predicts      2-22
Horizon, one-way motion inside      3-20 B-13Ч16 F-15
Horizon, origin of term      R-2
Horizon, trajectories of particle inside      B-21Ч22
Horizon-to-crunch time for hurled particle      3-25
Horizon-to-crunch time for light      B-16Ч19
Horizon-to-crunch time for particle dropped from rest at infinity      3-21Ч22
Horizon-to-crunch time for particle dropped from rest on a shell      3-21 3-31
Hurling stone into black hole      3-25
Hurling stone into black hole, shell energy of      3-28Ч29
Hyperradius of the universe      G-4Ч5
Hypersphere      G-4
Iceberg      2-1
Impact parameter b      B-23 B-25 4-6 5-6 D-3Ч5 D-9Ч10
Inertial frame      see "Free-float frame"
Insertion problem      B-26
Interferometry, very long baseline (VLBI)      D-9
Interval, spacelike      1-4 2-19
Interval, timelike      1-2 2-19
Invariant      1-3
Invariant, mass      1-13
Invariant, proper distance      1-3Ч5
Invariant, wristwatch time      1-3
Irreducible mass      F-24Ч25
Kepler's laws of planetary motion      4-31
Kerr bookkeeper      F-8Ч11
Kerr Ч Newman geometry      3-3
Krufe-edge orbit      4-8Ч10 4-19 5-12Ч14
Latticework of clocks      1-17 2-38
Light cone, forward      B-14Ч15
Light cone, in rain coordinates      B-15
Light cone, radial trajectories of      B-16Ч19
Light sphere      5-15Ч16 5-33
Light, alternative speeds      5-2Ч5 5-7Ч9
Light, effective potential for      5-10Ч13 5-33
Light, energy of in final view      B-24
Light, faster than, inside horizon?      B-6Ч12
Light, forecasting trajectory of      5-9Ч10
Light, frequency shift      5-34 see "Blue "Cosmic "Doppler
Light, motion of, in Kerr geometry      F-10Ч12
Light, orbiting      5-5Ч8
Light, pressure of      1-23
Light, radial trajectories of, in Schwarzschild spacetime      B-16Ч18
Light, Schwarzschild maps of motion      see "Schwarzschild map"
Light, shell observer measures light speed unity      5-4Ч5
Linear harmonic oscillator      C-3Ч8
Local free-float frame      1-14Ч16 2-4Ч7
MACHO      D-11
Magnitude, stellar      G-20
Marx, Groucho, quotes      2-45 4-2
Mass in relativity      1-12Ч13
Mass in units of length      2-13Ч15
Mass parameter of the Universe      G-8
Mass parameter of the Universe, critical value      G-13Ч15
Mass, irreducible      F-24Ч25
Mass, mass-energy conversion      1-22
Mass, no change with velocity      1-13
Mass, of astronomical objects      2-16
Mass, test particle      1-13
Mass-inflation singularity      B-5 F-5
Masses of some astronomical objects      2-16
Massive compact halo objects (MACHOs)      D-11
Merciful ending?      B-18Ч21
Metric as micrometer      2-32
Metric for flat spacetime      1-2 1-4
Metric for model Universe      G-6Ч7
Metric for rain frame      B-12Ч14
Metric in polar coordinates      2-17
Metric, Kerr Ч Newman      3-3
Metric, on spherical shell      2-33
Metric, Reissner Ч Nordstroem      F-30Ч31
Metric, Schwarzschild      2-19Ч24
Microlensing      D-11Ч12
Micrometer, metric as      2-32
Misner, Charles, quotes      4-2 G-1
Mixmaster singularity      B-5
Momentum in special relativity      1-12
Momentum, derivation      1-23
Moon, distance to      E-6
Motion, constants of angular momentum near nonrotating black hole      4-4
Motion, constants of energy and angular momentum near extreme rotating black hole      F-13
Motion, constants of energy in special relativity      1-11
Motion, constants of energy near non-rotating black hole      3-9
Motion, constants of momentum in special relativity      1-12
Negative energy      F-20Ч24 F-28Ч29
Neutron star, acceleration of gravity at surface of      3-32
Neutron star, deflection of light by      D-8
Neutron star, kinetic energy hitting      3-28
Neutron star, pulsar      F-1
Newcomb, Simon      C-2
Newman spacetime      3-3
Newton's apple      2-5
Newton, approximates plunging energy      3-33
Newton, circular orbits      4-30Ч31
Newton, gravitation theory      2-13
Newton, predicts deflection of starlight by Sun      D-1Ч3
Newton, predicts horizon of black hole      2-22
Newton, quotes      4-2 4-26
Observer, far-away      1-18 2-35 2-38 F-3
Observer, in special relativity      1-16Ч18
Observer, Schwarzschild      2-35
Occultation      D-8
Open Universe      G-6 G-12Ч15
Orbit, circular      4-20 4-25 4-28Ч32
Orbit, computing      4-9 F-30
Orbit, forecasting      4-8 4-23
Orbit, knife-edge      4-8Ч10 4-19 5-12Ч14
Orbit, Newtonian      4-30Ч31 C-4Ч6
Orbiting light      5-5Ч8
Orbiting particles      F-30
Oscillator, linear harmonic      C-3Ч8
Ouch time      2-4Ч6 B-18Ч21
Paradox, twin      1-5
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