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Mouroulis P., MacDonald J. Ч Geometrical optics and optical design
Mouroulis P., MacDonald J. Ч Geometrical optics and optical design

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Ќазвание: Geometrical optics and optical design

јвторы: Mouroulis P., MacDonald J.


This book is an up to date, introductory treatment of geometrical optics, from the point of view of the future optics practitioner. The principles of gaussian optics and first-order layout and design are emphasized, based on the tracing of two paraxial rays and the associated optical invariant. The radiometry of lens systems is seen to rest on the same concepts. Third order aberration theory is developed in detail. Complete examples of third order design are provided, together with software tools that allow the reader to follow the examples in detail, or to develop other examples independently. Throughout the book, the understanding of fundamental principles is given preference over the mere following of recipes. Several problems at the end of each chapter allow the student to practice and extend the concepts taught. In addition to Gaussian optics and aberrations, the basic principles of several types of optical instruments and components are treated, including gradient index and diffractive optics. A complete yet simple treatment of gaussian beams is included, that is also based on two paraxial rays and the optical invariant. The book concludes with an outline of the optical design process and solved design problems.

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√од издани€: 1996

 оличество страниц: 354

ƒобавлена в каталог: 01.06.2005

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ѕредметный указатель
Abbe illumination      150
Abbe value      190 192
Aberration(s)      188Ч293
Aberration(s), and stop position      257Ч60 341Ч348
Aberration(s), angular      245
Aberration(s), balancing of      276
Aberration(s), calculation of primary      227Ч244
Aberration(s), central      246Ч255
Aberration(s), field      208
Aberration(s), longitudinal      218Ч220
Aberration(s), of plane parallel plate or prism      242Ч243
Aberration(s), of spherical mirror      243Ч244
Aberration(s), of thin lens      246Ч60
Aberration(s), point imaging      208
Aberration(s), polynomial      204Ч207
Aberration(s), pupil      282Ч283
Aberration(s), ray      199Ч203
Aberration(s), Seidel      227Ч244
Aberration(s), shape-dependent      250Ч253
Aberration(s), shape-independent      246Ч247
Aberration(s), third order      207Ч218
Aberration(s), tolerances      220Ч221
Aberration(s), total      272Ч276
Aberration(s), transverse ray      199Ч203 212Ч218
Aberration(s), types      207Ч212
Accommodation      152 155
Accommodation, resting state of      155
Achromatic doublet      194Ч195 272Ч275 327Ч331
Acuity, visual      155
Afocal system      77
Air, refractive index      6Ч7
Anamorphic factor      165
Anamorphic systems      165Ч168
Anastigmat (Cooke triplet)      260 267Ч268
Angle critical      10
Angle of incidence      8 318 320
Angle of reflection      8
Angle of refraction      8Ч9 318 320
Angular aberration      245
Angular magnification      138Ч139
Aperture      95. See also Lens size
Aperture stop      95
Aperture, numerical      97
Aperture, relative      99
Aplanatic condition      235
Aplanatic meniscus      235
Aplanatic surface      235
Apochromatic lens      196
Aspheric surfaces      148Ч150 287Ч289 318Ч319
Aspheric surfaces, conic sections      318Ч19
Aspheric surfaces, in illumination systems      148Ч150
Astigmatism      209 216 220.
Astigmatism, and field curvature      241Ч242
Astigmatism, spot diagram      217
Astigmatism, wavefront shape      210
Autocollimation      91
Back focal length      78Ч79
Beam expander, laser      141Ч142 247Ч248 309Ч311
Beam waist      301 303Ч314
Beam, Gaussian      See Gaussian beams
Bending, effect on aberrations      248Ч253 341
Best focus      214Ч216 322
Binary optics      183Ч185
Binoculars      139 163
Bravais points      89
Camera      5 79 97 163 238
Camera, obscura      5
Camera, pinhole      5 101
Camera, SLR      163
Canonical coordinates      203 285
Cardinal points      84
Cartesian oval      150
Cassegrain mirror      79
Chief ray      106 285
Chromatic aberration, calculation of      191 236
Chromatic aberration, longitudinal      191 236.
Chromatic aberration, longitudinal, of a surface      236
Chromatic aberration, longitudinal, of a system      236
Chromatic aberration, longitudinal, of a thin lens      191 247
Chromatic aberration, longitudinal, tolerance      221
Chromatic aberration, transverse      191Ч204 236.
Chromatic aberration, transverse, calculation of      193 236
Chromatic aberration, transverse, of a surface      236
Chromatic aberration, transverse, of a system      236
Chromatic aberration, transverse, of a thin lens      193 247
Chromatic aberration, transverse, tolerance      221
Chromatic resolving power      175
Coma      209 230 252.
Coma, calculation of      230
Coma, spot diagram      215Ч16
Coma, wavefront shape      209
Condenser      128 145 148 255
Confocal parameter      302
Conicoid of revolution      287 318
Conjugate parameter      249
Constant deviation      20
Constringence      190
Contour projector      150
Conventions, sign      39
Cooke triplet      104 267Ч269
Cosine-fourth law      130Ч131
Critical angle      10 158
Crown glass      191 253Ч254
Curvature      See also Astigmatism
Curvature of field      210 241Ч242
Curvature, Petzval      231
Cylindrical lenses      165Ч167
Defocus longitudinal      208 214 216 322
Defocus longitudinal, transverse      207 215 324
Depth of field      100
Depth of focus      100Ч104
Diaphragm      See Stop
Diffraction      4
Diffraction efficiency      175 177 181 183
Diffraction grating      173Ч176
Diffraction, and Gaussian beams      300Ч303
Diffraction, Bragg      177
Diffraction, limited system      200
Diffraction, resolution limit due to      140
Diffractive optics      173Ч185
Dioptre      42 59
Direction cosine      169 222 318
Direction cosine, optical      294
dispersion      7 189
Dispersion, anomalous      188
Dispersion, partial      196
Dispersion, prism      189Ч190
Dispersive power      189
Displacement by a plate      21 159Ч160
Distortion      211. See also Aberrations
Distortion, barrel      211
Distortion, calculation of      230
Distortion, fractional      221 240
Distortion, pincushion      211 240
Doublet, achromatic      194
Doublet, aplanatic      253 273 327
Doublet, apochromatic      198
Doublet, corrected      253 273 327
Dove prism      161Ч162
Eccentricity parameter      257
Effective focal length      See Equivalent focal length
Emittance, radiant or luminous      122
Empty magnification      144
Enlarger lens      147
Entrance pupil      95Ч97 106Ч107 284
Episcope      147
Equivalent focal length      27 47 75
Exit pupil      95Ч97 106Ч107 284
Exit pupil of Keplenan telescope      105 139
Exitance, radiant or luminous      122
eye      151Ч157
Eye relief      139
Eye, accommodation of      152 155
Eye, acuity of      155Ч156
Eye, anatomy of      151Ч152
Eye, contrast sensitivity of      156Ч157
Eye, emmetropic      34 155
Eye, geometrical parameters      152Ч153
Eye, model of      152Ч53
Eye, retinal illuminance      152Ч155
Eyepiece      139
Eyepiece, Huygens      195
Fermat's principle      10Ч13
Field curvature      210 221 239Ч240. Curvature
Field curvature, sagittal      241
Field curvature, tangential      241
Field flattener      234 269
Field lens      139 234
Field stop      97 105
Figuring      288
Finite ray      199 317
First order design      See Gaussian predesign
Flint glass      191 198 253Ч254 273
Flux, luminous      119
Focal length of a general system      73Ч75
Focal length of a mirror      43
Focal length of a surface      42
Focal length of thick lens      82
Focal length of thin lens      46Ч47
Focal length, back      78 172
Focal length, effective      See equivalent
Focal length, equivalent      27 47 75
Focal length, front      79
Focal length, measurement of      60 83Ч85 91Ч92
Focus, depth of      100Ч104
Focus, shift of      322
Fraunhofer doublet      254 273Ч275
Fresnel lens      147 182
Fresnel zones      180Ч183
Galilean telescope      138
Gauss doublet      254 273Ч276
Gaussian beams      300Ч315
Gaussian beams, divergence      302
Gaussian beams, equations of      301Ч302
Gaussian beams, ray tracing      311Ч314
Gaussian constants      295 298
Gaussian predesign      52 88 115Ч118 264Ч266
Geometrical optics, basic postulates      15
Geometrical wavefront      4 200
Glass chart      192
Gradient index optics      168Ч173
Gradient index optics, ray tracing equations      171
Gradient index optics, refractive index profile      169Ч171
Grating, blazed      175
Grating, diffraction      173Ч175
Grating, holographic      176
Grating, ruled      173Ч74
Grating, sinusoidal      156Ч157
GRIN lens or rod      168 172 315
GRIN lens or rod, pitch of      172
Head up display      178
Holographic optical elements      176Ч183
Huygens eyepiece      195
Huygens principle      7
Hyperfocal distance      101
Hyperopia (hypermetropia)      34
Illuminance      122
Illuminance, from a large source      131Ч132
Illuminance, of an image      126
Illuminance, typical levels of      124
Illumination      128 130
Illumination systems      144 148
Illumination, bright field      144
Illumination, critical      150
Illumination, dark field      144Ч146
Illumination, Kohler      145
Image space      27 75
Image, congruent      158
Image, enantiomorphic      158
Image, orientation of reflected      158Ч159
Image, real      29
Image, virtual      29
Index of refraction      6
Index of refraction, air      6Ч7
Index of refraction, glass      192
Index of refraction, hyperbolic profile      171
Index of refraction, parabolic profile      169Ч171
Information capacity      141
Instrument myopia      155
Intensity, radiant or luminous      122
Inverse square law      13
Irradiance      122
Irradiance from a large source      131
Irradiance of an image      126
K-prism      161
Kinoform      182
Lagrange invariant      See Optical invariant
Lambertian source      122Ч125
Laser beam (Gaussian)      See Gaussian beams
Laser beam (Gaussian), beam expander      141Ч142 309Ч311
Laser diode      167
Lateral chromatic aberration      See Chromatic aberration transverse
Lateral color      See Chromatic aberration transverse
Least time, principle of      See Fermat's principle
Lens aperture      95
Lens, Fresnel      147 182
Lens, size of      108
Lens, thick      82 272
Lens, thin      27 44 246 306
Longitudinal aberration      218
Longitudinal chromatic aberration      See Chromatic aberration longitudinal
Longitudinal color      See Chromatic aberration longitudinal
Longitudinal magnification      57 77
Lumen      119 122
Luminance      122
Luminance of a distant source      132
Luminance of an serial image      127
Luminosity, visual      119
Magnification      50
Magnification parameter      248Ч249
Magnification, angular      138Ч139
Magnification, empty      144
Magnification, lateral      See transverse
Magnification, longitudinal      57 77
Magnification, pupil      103
Magnification, transverse      50 57
Magnification, useful      144 185
Magnification, visual      55
Magnifier      54Ч56
Magnifying power (microscope)      142
Malus and Dupin, theorem of      13
Mangin mirror      48
Matrix optics      294Ч299
Matrix, ABCD      295
Matrix, conjugate      296
Matrix, system      295
Maxwellian view      153
Meniscus      30Ч31
Meniscus, aplanatic      234Ч235
Merit function      280
Microscope, compound      142Ч146
Microscope, confocal      145Ч146
Microscope, illumination systems      144Ч146
Microscope, magnification of      143
Microscope, objective      143Ч144
Microscope, simple      54Ч56 142
Minimum deviation      23
Mirror, aberrations of spherical      243
Mirror, curved      31Ч33
Mirror, focal length of      43
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