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Heindorf L., Shapiro L.B. — Nearly Projective Boolean Algebras
Heindorf L., Shapiro L.B. — Nearly Projective Boolean Algebras

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Название: Nearly Projective Boolean Algebras

Авторы: Heindorf L., Shapiro L.B.


The book is a fairly complete and up-to-date survey of projectivity and its generalizations in the class of Boolean algebras. Although algebra adds its own methods and questions, many of the results presented were first proved by topologists in the more general setting of (not necessarily zero-dimensional) compact spaces.
An appendix demonstrates the application of advanced set-theoretic methods to the field.
The intended readers are Boolean and universal algebraists. The book will also be useful for general topologists wanting to learn about kappa-metrizable spaces and related classes. The text is practically self-contained but assumes experience with the basic concepts and techniques of Boolean algebras.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Математика/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

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Год издания: 1994

Количество страниц: 220

Добавлена в каталог: 30.06.2008

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Предметный указатель
$\kappa$-metric      64
$\kappa$-metrizable      64
$\pi$-character      53
$\pi$-homogeneity      114
$\pi$-spectrum      116
$\pi$-weight      53
Absorbing family of sets      11
Adequateness      7
Axiom R      189
Bicommutative diagram      97
Bockstein separation property      45
Boolean algebra, $L_{\infty\kappa}$-free      191
Boolean algebra, $L_{\infty\kappa}$-projective      191
Boolean algebra, $\sigma$-filtered      103
Boolean algebra, ${\kappa}$-projectively filtered      183
Boolean algebra, dyadic      194
Boolean algebra, projective      22
Boolean algebra, rc-filtered      42
Boolean algebra, regularly filtered      140
Boolean algebra, subrcf      57
Boolean algebra, weakly projective      115
Boolean algebras, adequate classes of      7
Bounded quantification      171
Caliber      53
Cardinal, large enough      177
CCC      19
Character of Algebra      53
Character of filter      53
Closed family of sets      11
Club      11
Co-completeness of Boolean algebras      113
Co-completeness of embeddings      114
Cohen algebra      111
Commutative family of subalgebras      100
Completion of boolean algebra      112
Dense, one set in the other      53
Directed index set      13
Disjoint complement      18
Embedding      9
Embedding, $\pi$-weight of      86
Embedding, $\sigma-$      20
Embedding, dense      21
Embedding, projective      31
Embedding, regular      19
Embedding, relatively complete      14
Embedding, twisted      151
Embedding, weakly projective      128
Embedding, weight of      32
Exponential      78
Extension, free      26
Filtration      13
Filtration, $\sigma$-complete      13
Filtration, $\sigma-$      22
Filtration, ${\kappa}$-projective      183
Filtration, ramified      13
Filtration, regular      22
Filtration, well-ordered      13
Finite intersection property      53
Fixed-point skeleton      14
Fleissner's Axiom R      189
Formula, absolute over structure      170
Formula, restricted      171
Freese/Nation property      40
Freese/Nation property, strong      106
Freese/Nation property, weak      100
functor      69
Functor, continuous      70
Functor, preserves a property      69
Functor, reflects a property      69
Functor, strongly preserves property      71
Homogeneous Stone space      60
Homomorphism, $\leq$-invertible      48
Homomorphism, $\perp$-invertible      48
Homomorphism, approximately invertible      105
Homomorphism, lifting of      112
Ideal, regular      19
Ideal, regularization of      19
Independence of subalgebras      25
Joinand      9
Lower projection      15
Meetand      9
Product, free      9
Product, weak      51
Projection      15
Rc-skeleton, rc-filtration      22
Scepin's Theorem      30
Set, transitive      166
Sigma-embedding      20
Sikorski's Extension Criterion      10
Sikorski's Extension Theorem      112
Sirota's Lemma      30
Skeleton      12
Skeleton over a subalgebra      32
Skeleton, $\sigma-$      22
Skeleton, additive      12
Skeleton, regular      22
Skolem Functions      169
Skolem hull of X      169
Standard filtration of free BA      28
Subalgebra, generated subalgebra      9
Subalgebra, regular      19
Subalgebras, commute over subalgebra      98
Subalgebras, independent      25
Substructure, $V_{\omega 1}$-like      180
Substructure, elementary      168
Superextension      72
Symmetric square      90
Transitive closure of X      166
Transitive set      166
Upper projection      15
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