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Beissinger J., Pless V. — The Cryptoclub: Using Mathematics to Make and Break Secret Codes
Beissinger J., Pless V. — The Cryptoclub: Using Mathematics to Make and Break Secret Codes

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Название: The Cryptoclub: Using Mathematics to Make and Break Secret Codes

Авторы: Beissinger J., Pless V.


oin the Cryptokids as they apply basic mathematics to make and break secret codes. This book has many hands-on activities that have been tested in both classrooms and informal settings. Classic coding methods are discussed, such as Caesar, substitution, Vigenère, and multiplicative ciphers as well as the modern RSA. Math topics covered include: - Addition and Subtraction with, negative numbers, decimals, and percentages - Factorization - Modular Arithmetic - Exponentiation - Prime Numbers - Frequency Analysis.

The Cryptoclub presents a number of different systems of encryption and methods of breaking them. Each type of cipher is presented in detail and exercises are included allowing students to apply the techniques presented. The Cryptoclub also includes short descriptions of famous examples of secret codes, including the Beale Ciphers, the Zimmerman telegram, and the German Enigma cipher.

The accompanying workbook provides students with problems related to each section to help them master the concepts introduced throughout the book. A PDF version is available at no charge from the publishers.

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Год издания: 2006

Количество страниц: 199

Добавлена в каталог: 08.05.2008

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Предметный указатель
24-hour clock      105
Adleman, Leonard      176 193
Affine ciphers      145—151
Affine ciphers, cracking      148—150
Affine ciphers, decrypting      147
Affine ciphers, definition      145
Affine ciphers, key      145
Algorithm      21
ATBASH      152
Beale Ciphers      18—19
Caesar ciphers, cracking      21—25
Caesar ciphers, definition      4
Caesar ciphers, with numbers      10
Captain Kidd      39
Captain Midnight      7
Cicadas      83
Cipher strip      9
Cipher Tag      5 15 60 138
Cipher wheel      6
Cipher wheel, tips for using      6
ciphers      see “Names of individual ciphers”
Ciphers, definition      4
Ciphertext      4
Civil War, American      61
Clock arithmetic      see “Modular arithmetic”
Cocks, Clifford      193
Code-O-Graph      7
COLOSSUS      143
Common factor      see “Factor”
Composite number      76
Congruent      11
Congruent mod n      108 (see also “Modular arithmetic”)
Cryptography      3
Dancing Men      33
decrypting      4
Diffie, Whitfield      175 193
Divisibility, rules for      78—79
Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan      33
Ellis, James      193
encrypting      4
Enigma cipher      142—143
Equivalent      11
Equivalent mod n      108 (see also “Modular arithmetic”)
Exponents      80 167—171
Factor      75
Factor tree      76
Factor, common      82
Factor, greatest common      82
Factoring      75—83
Findley, Josh      165
frequencies      35—39
Frequencies of letters in English, alphabetical      41
Frequencies of letters in English, by frequency      39
Frequencies, definition      36
Frequencies, relative frequency      36
Frequency analysis, tips      48
Germaine, Sophie      163
GIMPS      see “Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search”
Goldbach conjecture      164
Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search      164 165
Greatest common factor      see “Factor”
Hellman, Martin      193
Holmes, Sherlock      33
International standard book number      see “ISBN”
Inverses      133—142
Inverses, modular      135 137—138 183—187
Inverses, multiplicative      135 183
ISBN      121—122
Jefferson, Thomas      73 187
Key      21
Key, good and bad      see “Multiplicative ciphers”
Key, public and private      see “RSA cipher”
Keyword ciphers      29—32
Keyword ciphers, definition      30
Keyword ciphers, key letter      30
Keyword ciphers, keyword      30
leap years      120
Letter frequencies      see “Frequencies”
Lewis and Clark      73 88—89
Linear equivalences, solving      148—150
Little Orphan Annie      7
Livingston, Robert A.      187
Madison, James      187
Mary Queen of Scots      50
Mersenne numbers      162
Mersenne numbers, primes      163
military time      see “24-hour clock”
Modular arithmetic      103—111
Modular arithmetic, applications of      115—122
Modular arithmetic, calendar applications of      119
Modular arithmetic, definition      107
Modular arithmetic, reduce mod n      109
Modulus      107
Multiple      75
Multiplicative ciphers      125—131
Multiplicative ciphers, bad key      127
Multiplicative ciphers, cracking      138—142
Multiplicative ciphers, decrypting      133—142
Multiplicative ciphers, good key      127 129
Navajo Code Talkers      26
negative numbers      12—15
Nowak, Martin      165
one-time pad      98—99
Pass the Hat      9
Passwords      131 172
Plaintext      4
Poe, Edgar Allen      39
Powers      see “Exponents”
Prime factorization      76
Prime numbers      76 155—165
Prime numbers, counting      161
Prime numbers, definition      76
Prime numbers, Mersenne primes      163
Prime numbers, Sophie Germaine primes      163
Prime numbers, testing shortcut      157
Prime numbers, twin primes      162
Public-key cryptography      176 (see also “RSA cipher”)
Public-key cryptography, British role      193
Reciprocal      135
Rejewski, Marian      143
Relative frequency      see “Frequencies”
Relatively prime      128
Remainders, using a calculator to find      117—118
Rivest, Ronald      176 193
RSA cipher      155 175—181 189—193
RSA cipher, decrypting      180—181
RSA cipher, decryption key      180
RSA cipher, definition      176
RSA cipher, encrypting      178—179
RSA cipher, encryption key      177
RSA cipher, sending messages      189—193
Secret code      3
Shamir, Adi      176 193
Shift cipher      see “Caesar ciphers”
Sieve of Eratosthenes      159
substitution ciphers      29—50
Substitution ciphers, cracking      41—50
Substitution ciphers, definition      29
The Mod Game      111
Turing, Alan      143
VENONA      99
Vigenere cipher      53—99
Vigenere cipher, cracking with known keylength      63—73
Vigenere cipher, cracking with unknown keylength      85—96
Vigenere cipher, decrypting      57—60
Vigenere cipher, definition      55
Vigenere cipher, keyword      55
Vigenere cipher, with numbers      60
Vigenere square      58—59
Waltmann, George      165
Williamson, Malcolm      193
World War I      112
World War II      26 142—143
Zimmermann telegram      112—113
“The Gold Bug”      39
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