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Hock R., Grossman D. Ч The Traveler's Web: An Extreme Searcher Guide to Travel Resources on the Internet
Hock R., Grossman D. Ч The Traveler's Web: An Extreme Searcher Guide to Travel Resources on the Internet

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Ќазвание: The Traveler's Web: An Extreme Searcher Guide to Travel Resources on the Internet

јвторы: Hock R., Grossman D.


According to a survey by the Travel Industry Association, 74 percent of all frequent travelers use the Internet to research, plan, and/or purchase travel services. But how do travelers remain up-to-date with new sites as well as hone the efficiency of their searches? This source presents a vast range of online travel-sites as well as savvy search tips and techniques that are designed to help readers improve the travel-planning process and journeys to follow. Readers will learn how to make the most of the Web for leisure and business travel, from planning and reservations to countless ways the Internet can enhance the experience of destinations and cultures around the world. This comprehensive guide is supported by a webpage featuring links to recommended websites along with periodic updates by the author.

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√од издани€: 2007

 оличество страниц: 432

ƒобавлена в каталог: 31.12.2007

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10k Vacation Rentals      229Ч230
24 Hour Museum      345
50plus Expeditions      306
AAA Fuel Price Finder      159
AadvarkTravel.net      8 9
AARP (American Association of Retired Persons)      305Ч306 313
About.com, Adventure Travel      255
About.com, Barge Cruises      192
About.com, Bed & Breakfasts      220 251
About.com, Business Travel      298Ч299
About.com, cruise webcams      196
About.com, Cruises      171Ч172 190Ч191 196
About.com, French language      335
About.com, Italian language      335
About.com, Japanese language      335
About.com, Kayak and      106
About.com, Learn Hebrew Online      335
About.com, River Cruise Lines      192
About.com, sailing ships      193Ч194
About.com, Senior Travel      307
About.com, Spanish language      335
About.com, Travel      13 45Ч46
About.com, Travel Blogs      67
About.com, Travel with Kids      294Ч295 313
About.com, windjammers      193Ч194
ABYZ News Links      327Ч329
Access-Able Travel Source      310Ч311
Accommodations      199Ч234
Accommodations through AreaGuides.net      55
Accommodations, B&Bs      218Ч223
Accommodations, background information      200Ч201
Accommodations, cottages      222Ч223
Accommodations, hostels      225Ч226
Accommodations, luxury level      224Ч225
Accommodations, online resources      5
Accommodations, resorts      226Ч228
Accommodations, trading homes      230Ч232
Accommodations, vacation rentals      228Ч230
Accommodations, УspecialtyФ hotels      232Ч234
ACIS.com      277
ACSI Eurocampings      150
Active pursuits      see also specific activities
Active pursuits through Expedia      92
Active pursuits, cruises and      188Ч196
Active pursuits, GORP      263Ч266
Active pursuits, information on Frommer's      34
Adventure travel      254Ч263
Adventure travel, discussion groups      284Ч285
Adventure travel, ElderTreks      305
Adventure travel, forums      284Ч285
Adventure travel, online resources      5Ч6
Advisories      29. see also alerts
Age/aging, discounts and      82
Age/aging, senior travel      232 303Ч307
Age/aging, traveling with infants      84
Age/aging, Travelocity features      84
Agritour      233
Airline Codes Web Site      365
AirlineNumbers.com      117
Airlines      see also flights
Airlines sites      115Ч117
Airlines, reservations      28 35Ч36
Airport information      359Ч365
Alaska Inside Passage Cruises      191
Alerts through Expedia      93
Alerts through Travelocity      88
Alerts, health and safety      367Ч371
All-Hotels      204
AllConferences.com      347Ч348
Alpine Ascents International      260Ч262
Amadeus      107Ч108
Amateur Traveler Podcast      66
America Out of Doors      269
America's Byways      137Ч138
American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) Expeditions      279
American Revolution      138
Amtrak      131Ч133 132
Amtrak Unlimited      133
Amtrak Unlimited Forums      165
AND syntax      31
AOL, Kayak and      106
AreaGuides.net      53 55Ч56
ARTFL Project      337 339
Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel      3
Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel Online      63
ASE (Accommodation Search Engine)      206Ч207
Ask.com      356
ATMS      356Ч357
Attractions      34 57Ч59
Audible.com      65
Australia      51 56Ч57
Auto Europe      143
B&Bs (bed & breakfasts)      218Ч223
BabyCenter      295
Backroads      270Ч271
Barges      4Ч5 191Ч193
Barges in Europe      192
BBC Country Profiles      319
BBC Languages      333Ч334
BBC News      329Ч330
Bed & Breakfast Inns ONLINE      221
BedandBreakfast.com      220
BetterBidding.com      217
Bidding sites, car rentals      144
Bidding sites, forums      217
Bidding sites, hotels      213 215 217
Bidding sites, reservations      108Ч115
BiddingForTravel.com      115
BISNIS (Business Information Service for the Newly Independent States)      322
Black Flag Cafe      263 284Ч285
Blogs      66Ч67
Bluelist      29
Boats, online resources      4Ч5. see also cruises
Bonjour!      335Ч336
Boolean syntax      31Ч32
Bradmans      299Ч302 301
Britain on Track      130
BritRail      130
Brittany Ferries      162
Browsing, searching versus      13 15Ч17
Budget Travel      28
BugBog      346Ч347
bulletin boards      see Message Boards
Burning Man Festival      29
Business travel      88 298Ч303 373Ч375.
Businesses, locating      218
Byways.org      137Ч138
Campgrounds      148Ч149 271Ч272
camping      165 268Ч274
Camping-Canada.com      273
CampingFrance.com      274
Canada, Camping-Canada.com      273
Canada, Keep Exploring      49Ч50
Canada, Parks Canada      268
Canada, rail travel      133Ч134
Canada, Rand McNally maps      155 157
Canada, Travel Alberta      139Ч140
Canada-Keep Exploring      49Ч50
Canadian Rockies      273Ч274
Cancellation policies      80 112
Car rental companies      145
Caravan Club      149
Caravans      see recreational vehicles (RVs)
CARS      see also maps; road travel
Cars through Expedia      92
Cars through Orbitz      97
Cars, fuel prices      159
Cars, international driving permits      160
Cars, LongTermParking.com      365
Cars, rentals      140Ч145
Cars, road trips      136Ч161
Cars, through Travelocity      87
Cars, travel resources      4
Casterbridge      278
Castles on the Web      232Ч233
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)      368Ч369 370
CHA Educational Tours      278
CheapTickets      100Ч101 209
Chicago Tribune (online)      60Ч61
China, China National Tourist Office      51
China, river cruises      192 193
China, TravelChinaGuide.com      57
Chinese-English Dictionary      339
CIA World Factbook      319
City Guides, FrommerТs      33
City GuidesЧoverview      52Ч57
City-eating      242
Classic Train Journeys      135
CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association)      189Ч190 190
Clothing sizes      358
CNN Business Traveler      302
CNN.com International      330
Coffman, Linda      174
Columbus Guides      see World Travel Guide
Come Back Alive      284Ч285
Communities      see discussion groups; forums; message boards
Comparison shopping sites      101Ч108
Concierge.com      62
Conde Nast Traveler      62
Conferences      346Ч348
Connected Traveler      65Ч66 322
Corporate travel      88 89 93.
Costs on Lonely Planet      28
Costs, comparisons of      79 91 98 187Ч188
Costs, coupons      91
Costs, discounts      81Ч82
Costs, early bookings      81
Costs, fees and      82
Costs, flexibility and      80
Costs, hotels      215Ч217
Costs, package prices      82
Costs, Saturday night stays      81
Costs, taxes and      82
Costs, Travelocity-FareWatcher      87
Cottage Guide      222Ч223
Cottages      222Ч223
Council for National Parks      267Ч268
Country guides      318Ч322
Country Walkers      274
coupons      91. see also discounts
Cruise Addicts      196 197Ч198 198
CruiseCompete.com      187Ч188
CruiseDiva.com      174
CruiseMates      169Ч171 170 189
CruisePage.com      172Ч174 197
Cruises      167Ч198
Cruises through CheapTickets      101
Cruises through Expedia      92
Cruises through Orbitz      97
Cruises through Travelocity      87
Cruises, cost comparisons      187Ч188
Cruises, day-long      195Ч196
Cruises, discussion groups      197Ч198
Cruises, forums      197Ч198
Cruises, guides      169Ч174
Cruises, information on Frommer's      35Ч36
Cruises, kinds of      168
Cruises, last-minute packages      184Ч186
Cruises, luxury level      179 195
Cruises, major cruise lines      186Ч188
Cruises, online resources      4Ч5
Cruises, reservation sites      174Ч186
Cruises, sailing ships      193Ч195
Cruises, search criteria      176
Cruises, smaller lines      189
Cruises, smaller ships      188Ч196
Cruises, specialty ships      188Ч196
Cruises, theme-style      189
Cruises, travel agency sites      196
Cruises, webcams      196
Cruises, World Travel Guide      43
Cuisine International      247Ч248
Cuisines, resources on      342Ч343
Currency information      355Ч356
Custom Classic Vacations      89
Cybercafe Search Engine      372
Cybercafe.com      372
Cybercafes      371Ч373
CyberRentals      229
Dan Youra Ferry Guide      161Ч162
Dates, flexibility on      84
Day cruises      195Ч196
Deals      see also bidding sites; discounts; last-minute packages
Deals Newsletter, Frommer's      36
Destination Marketing Association International (DMAI)      49
Dictionaries      336Ч340
Die Bahn      128
Digital Podcast      65
Dine.com      238Ч239
dining      see also food and wine tours; restaurants
Dining, information on Frommer's      32Ч33
Dining, online resources      5
Disability Travel and Recreation Resources      311
Disabled travelers      310Ч312
Discounts      81Ч82 213 215
discussion groups      see also forums; message boards
Discussion groups for adventure travel      284Ч285
Discussion groups for flyers      121Ч122
Discussion groups for road trips      164
Discussion groups for special groups      312Ч314
Discussion groups for train travel      164
Discussion groups on hotels      250Ч251
Discussion groups on restaurants      250Ч251
Discussion groups, about countries      348Ч349
Discussion groups, about cruises      197Ч198
Discussion groups, about cultures      348Ч349
Discussion groups, travel      67Ч73
Distinguished Restaurants of North America (DIRoNA)      241Ч242
Dude ranches      262
Early bookings      81
Earth River Expeditions      262
Earthwatch Institute      282
Educational travel      5Ч6 275Ч283
EF Educational Tours      278
EINnews      331
Elderhostel      281 303Ч305 304
ElderTreks      305
Electrical connections      375
Embassy of the Russian Federation      342 343
Encarta      318
Encyclopedias, online      316Ч318
England      139. see also road travel
Epicurious      241 251
Epinions.com      73
ETrav Educational Travel America      278
Eurail      127
Europe      see also specific countries
Europe, Barge cruises in      192
Europe, road maps      151
Europe, road trips      139Ч140
Europe, train timetables      127
Europe, train travel      125Ч127
Eurotunnel      162
Executive Planet      299 300 314
Expedia, accounts      93
Expedia, car rentals      142
Expedia, Cruises      180Ч182 181
Expedia, Fare Comparisons      91
Expedia, Hotels      209 211 212
Expedia, main page      90
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