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Stark J. Ч Web Publishing with PHP and FileMaker 9
Stark J. Ч Web Publishing with PHP and FileMaker 9

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Ќазвание: Web Publishing with PHP and FileMaker 9

јвтор: Stark J.


Whether you are a FileMaker developer who is new to web publishing, a web developer who is new to FileMaker, or a complete beginner looking to put your data online, this book is for you.

In Part I, you learn the basics of how web publishing works and how to write your own HTML and PHP. In Part II, you learn how to build a FileMaker database and install and configure the FileMaker Server to host the database. In Part III, you learn how to put it all together to create web pages that talk to your database and allow people to view the data and, if you like, modify it. Throughout the book, publishing a FileMaker Product Catalog to the web is used as an example. Each chapter builds on the previous chapter. When you are done, you will have a working website!

Detailed information on how toЕ

Master web publishing
Read and write basic HTML
Read and write basic PHP
Build a FileMaker database
Install and configure FileMaker Server
Publish your FileMaker data to the web
Work with portals and container fields
Repurpose your FileMaker layouts on the web

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—татус предметного указател€: √отов указатель с номерами страниц

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√од издани€: 2007

 оличество страниц: 264

ƒобавлена в каталог: 30.12.2007

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ѕредметный указатель
!= (non-equality operator), PHP conditional structures      36
$ (dollar signs), PHP variables      33
$_FILES superglobal array      184 219
$_GET superglobal array      44Ч45
$_POST superglobal array      45
$_REQUEST superglobal array      125
$_SERVER superglobal array      196
& (ampersands), concatenation operator      187
& (ampersands), query strings      29
+ (plus sign), in hrefs      102
. (period), PHP concatenation operator      34
.= (concatenation operator)      99
.html file extension      9
.php file extension      15
; (semicolons), in PHP      33
<> (angle brackets)      19
<a> tag      22
<body> tag      20
<br> tag      23
<form> tag      28Ч29
<h#> tag      21
<head> tag      20
<hr> tag      21
<html> tag      19
<img> tag      20Ч21
<input> tag      28Ч29
<p> tag      22
<table> tag      25Ч26
<td> tag      26
<th> tag      25
<title> tag      19Ч20
<tr> tag      25
= (equal sign), assignment operator      34 228
== (double equal sign), equivalency operator      228
== (double equal sign), PHP conditional structures      35
=> (fat arrow), PHP array delimiter      37
? (question mark), query strings      29
absolute paths      21Ч22
Accounts (FileMaker)      61Ч64
Action attribute (<form> tag)      29
Add Fields to Portal dialog box      143
add( ) method      235
AddError( ) method      236
AddFindCriterion( ) method      235Ч236
Addresses      See domain names; IP addresses; URLs
AddSortRule( ) method      102Ч103 235
Admin account      62
Admin Console Administration: Clients page      74
Admin Console Administration: Databases page      75
Admin Console Administration: Schedules page      75Ч76
Admin Console Overview page      72Ч73
Admin Console Welcome dialog box      73
Altering FileMaker data      115. See also editing
Altering FileMaker data, creating records      115Ч121
Altering FileMaker data, deleting records      121Ч127 164Ч166
Altering FileMaker data, editing records      127Ч135 161Ч164
Ampersands (&), concatenation operator      187
Ampersands (&), query strings      29
Anchor tags      22
and operator      101
angle brackets (<>)      19
Apache      11
Apache Web Server, error logs      229
Apache, PHP and      15
Apache, Web Root Directory      12
APIs (application programming interfaces), for XML      94
Array keys, in PHP      37
Array operator ([ ]), in PHP      36
arrays, associative arrays      38Ч39
Arrays, in PHP      36Ч38
arrays, looping through      41Ч44
Arrays, multidimensional arrays      39 41
assignment operator (=)      34 228
Associative arrays, in PHP      38Ч39
Attributes (HTML)      20
Auto-enter options for fields, setting      53Ч55
Automated tasks, scheduling      75
Backend servers      See databases
backing up databases      76
Backslash (\), PHP escape character      43
block elements      23
Browse mode      60
Browsers, error reporting to      223Ч224
CGI      See scripts
ClearFindCriteria( ) method      235Ч236
ClearSortRules( ) method      235
Clients, administration of      74
closing tags      19 33
Code injection      221
Comments, in PHP      33
Commit( ) method      153 237
Comparison operators, in PHP      36
Concatenation operators, & (ampersand)      187
Concatenation operators, . (period)      34
Concatenation operators, .= (period-equal)      99
Conditional structures, in PHP      35Ч36
Configuring FileMaker Server      71Ч76
Configuring FileMaker Server, configuration options      68Ч69
Connection information, security issues      221Ч223
Connection limitations, Instant Web Publishing (IWP)      93
connection objects      98
Constants, defining      96Ч97
Container fields, adding to databases      168Ч169
Container fields, embedding images in      167Ч175
Container fields, inserting data into      170Ч171
Content, in HTML tags      19
CreateRecord( ) method      234
Cross-site scripting attacks (XSS)      219Ч221
Data Entry Only privilege set      63Ч64
Database requests, minimizing      215
database server      68
Database Server, uploading to      77Ч80
Database Settings page (PHP Site Assistant)      82
databases      15Ч16. See also FileMaker files
Databases, administration of      75
databases, backing up      76
Databases, container fields, adding      168Ч169
Databases, related tables, adding      138Ч139
Databases, related tables, adding related records      144Ч146
Databases, related tables, altering related records in portals      156Ч161
Databases, related tables, creating portals      141Ч144
Databases, related tables, creating related records      150Ч155
Databases, related tables, creating relationships      139Ч141
Databases, related tables, viewing portals      146Ч150
Databases, uploading      77Ч80
Databases, URL fields, adding      176
Date field type, checking for      198
Default values for fields, setting      53Ч55
Defining constants      96Ч97
delete( ) method      127 166 237
deleting records      59 121Ч127
Deleting related records      164Ч166
Deleting related records in portals      156Ч161
Deployment Assistant      71Ч72
DescribeLocalValidationRules( ) method      236
DescribeValidationRule( ) method      236
DescribeValidationRules( ) method      236
Detail view example (updating websites via layouts)      202Ч209
documents (HTML)      See also web pages
Documents (HTML), creating      8Ч9
Documents (HTML), uploading to web servers      12
Dollar signs ($), PHP variables      33
Domain names      See also URLs
Domain names, in URLs      13
Domain names, IP addresses compared      9
Domain names, linking to IP addresses      11
domain names, obtaining      9Ч10
Double equal sign (==), equivalency operator      228
Double equal sign (==), PHP conditional structures      35
Double quotes (У Ф), PHP string manipulation      34
Downloading PHP      31Ч32
Downloading trial version of FileMaker Pro      49
Drill down links, creating      107Ч109
Drill down pages, creating      110Ч112
dynamic Web pages      14Ч15
echo command      33 174
Edit Account dialog box      62
Edit Privilege Set dialog box      63
editing      See also altering FileMaker data
Editing records      59 127Ч135
Editing related records      161Ч162 164
Editing related records in portals      156Ч161
Elements (HTML)      19
Elements (HTML), block versus inline      23
else statement      35Ч36
elseif statement      35Ч36
Embedding images in container fields      167Ч175
Equal sign (=), as assignment operator      34 228
Equivalency operator (==)      35 228
Error handling      225Ч226
Error handling, error logs, list of      228Ч229
Error handling, FileMaker errors      226Ч227
Error handling, PHP errors      227Ч228
Error handling, record locking and      229Ч230
Error handling, security issues      223Ч224
Error logs, list of      228Ч229
Escape character (\), in PHP      43
execute( ) method      98 135 235
Extensible markup language (XML)      93Ч94
Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations (XSLT)      94
Fat arrow (=>), PHP array delimiter      37
Field types, checking      198Ч199
Field types, Number      52
Field types, Text      52
Field types, Timestamp      53
Fields      49
Fields on layouts, minimizing      213Ч214
Fields, Auto-enter options, setting      53Ч55
Fields, creating      51Ч53
Fields, ID fields, setting up      55Ч58
Fields, stacking order, setting      192
Fields, table fields versus layout fields      58
File extensions of uploaded files, checking      219
File extensions, .html      9
File extensions, .php      15
File Options dialog box      65
File options, updating      65
File validation      218Ч219
FileMaker API for PHP      See FileMaker.php
FileMaker data, altering      115
FileMaker data, altering, creating records      115Ч121
FileMaker data, altering, deleting records      121Ч127 164Ч166
FileMaker data, altering, editing records      127Ч135 161Ч164
FileMaker data, viewing      95
FileMaker data, viewing, creating drill down links      107Ч109
FileMaker data, viewing, creating drill down pages      110Ч112
FileMaker data, viewing, finding records      103Ч107
FileMaker data, viewing, retrieving all records      95Ч100
FileMaker data, viewing, sorting records      100Ч103
FileMaker errors, handling      226Ч227
FileMaker files, accounts and privileges      61Ч64
FileMaker files, creating      50Ч51
FileMaker files, file options, updating      65
FileMaker files, tables      49
FileMaker files, tables, fields      See fields
FileMaker files, tables, layouts      See layouts
FileMaker files, tables, records      See records
FileMaker files, tables, renaming      51
FileMaker Hosting Providers      67
FileMaker layouts, creating      57 59
FileMaker layouts, fields on, minimizing      213Ч214
FileMaker layouts, portals, altering related records in      156Ч161
FileMaker layouts, portals, creating      141Ч144
FileMaker layouts, portals, creating related records in      150Ч155
FileMaker layouts, portals, viewing data      146Ч150
FileMaker layouts, result layouts, specifying      214
FileMaker layouts, stacking order of fields, setting      192
FileMaker layouts, status area      59
FileMaker layouts, updating websites via      189Ч190
FileMaker layouts, updating websites via, Detail view example      202Ч209
FileMaker layouts, updating websites via, List view example      190Ч202
FileMaker Pro, downloading trial version      49
FileMaker Quick Start dialog box      50
FileMaker Server Advanced      15Ч16
FileMaker Server, configuring      71Ч76
FileMaker Server, databases, uploading      77Ч80
FileMaker Server, installing      69Ч70
FileMaker Server, machine configuration options      68Ч69
FileMaker Server, testing installation      77
FileMaker( ) method      234
FileMaker.php      94
FileMaker.php, API reference      231Ч238
FileMaker.php, including      97
Files      See FileMaker files
Filtering incoming data      217Ч221
Find mode      60
Find requests in List view example (updating websites via layouts)      197Ч199
Find requests, result layouts, specifying      214
Finding records      59Ч61 103Ч107
Fmapp extended privilege      75
FMS      See FileMaker Server
foreach loops      41Ч44
foreign keys      139
Form handling, in PHP      44Ч46
Full Access privilege set      63
GET array, POST array versus      126Ч127
get method      44Ч45
GetAPIVersion( ) method      234
GetContainerData( ) method      174 234
GetDatabase( ) method      237
GetErrors( ) method      236
GetErrorString( ) method      236
GetFetchCount( ) method      238
getField( ) method      99 111 148 220 237Ч238
GetFieldAsTimestamp( ) method      237
getFields( ) method      196Ч197 207 237Ч238
GetFieldUnencoded( ) method      220 237
GetFirstRecord( ) method      238
GetFoundCount( ) method      200
GetFoundSetCount( ) method      238
GetLastRecord( ) method      238
GetLayout( ) method      196 234 236Ч238
GetLocalValidationRules( ) method      236
getMessage( ) method      236
GetMinServerVersion( ) method      234
GetModificationId( ) method      230 237
getName( ) method      197 236Ч238
getParent( ) method      237
GetProperties( ) method      234
getProperty( ) method      234
GetRange( ) method      235Ч236
GetRecordById( ) method      111 148 163 165 185 234
GetRecordID( ) method      109 159 185 238
GetRecords( ) method      99 200 238
GetRelatedSet( ) method      208 237Ч238
GetRelatedSets( ) method      206Ч207 237Ч238
GetRelatedSetsFilters( ) method      235Ч236
GetRepetitionCount( ) method      236
GetResult( ) method      198 236
GetStyleType( ) method      236
GetTableRecordCount( ) method      199 238
GetType( ) method      236
GetValidationMask( ) method      236
GetValueList( ) method      237
GetValueLists( ) method      237
Granting PHP connection privileges      63
Guest account      61
HasValidationRule( ) method      237
Headings, HTML tags      21
Hidden input type      126
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