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Zimmerman J. Ч Web Marketing For Dummies
Zimmerman J. Ч Web Marketing For Dummies

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Ќазвание: Web Marketing For Dummies

јвтор: Zimmerman J.


Launching a Web site for your product or service does not automatically ensure sales success. This book provides the know-how for creating a solid Web marketing plan, including how to build a site that draws and keeps visitors. Then add proven strategies like search engine optimization and link campaigns, and measure your results. Successful Web marketing techniques Ч all within your budget

Discover how to

* Make your site search engine friendly
* Close a sale on your site
* Drive traffic to your site
* Create an online marketing plan
* Take advantage of guerilla marketing
* Maximize your marketing dollars

язык: en

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√од издани€: 2007

 оличество страниц: 408

ƒобавлена в каталог: 30.12.2007

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ѕредметный указатель
.mobi domain      314
2 clicks to buy      105Ч106
301 redirect      56
404 Page Not Found error message      55Ч56
80/20 rule      180
A/B testing      188
Above the fold, pay per click ad and placement      257
Above the fold, placing product      97
Above the fold, staying      71
Accessibility issues      85
Accounting, setting up      319Ч320
Achieving internal needs      25
ACT! contact management software      196
Active voice      71
Activity, tracking      320Ч322
Add to Cart button      105
Advertising      See also banner advertising; paid advertising; pay per click (PPC) ad
Advertising, allowing customer to create      146 350Ч351
Advertising, expandable ad      286
Advertising, generating revenue through      25
Advertising, house ad      287
Advertising, immersive      58
Advertising, including URL in      207
Advertising, interstitial ad      286
Advertising, market share of spending by medium      281Ч282
Advertising, online classified      294Ч296
Advertising, pay per click ad compared to      255
Advertising, word of mouth      143Ч144
Advertising.com Self-Service option      287
Aerotek Web site      24
Affiliate program, description of      215
Affiliate program, options for      216Ч217
Affiliate program, questions for      217Ч218
Affiliate program, resources for      216
Affiliate program, starting      218
Agreement, signing with professional      336
AHANews.com Web site      164
AIDA techniques      64Ч65
Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML)      354
Alexa.com Web site      236
AllBusiness.com, blog      132 133
AllBusiness.com, Web site      341
ALT tag      243
Amazon.com, Associates program      215
Amazon.com, Web site      99 111
American Dietetic Association press release      166
American Meadows Web site      278Ч280
AMP Concerts      160Ч161 162
Analytics, conversion rate      331Ч333
Analytics, description of      319
Analytics, diagnosing conversion rate problems      331Ч333
Analytics, identifying parameters to measure      322Ч329
Analytics, importance of      366
Analytics, interpreting sales statistics      329Ч330
Analytics, page statistics      370
Analytics, resources for      320Ч321
Analytics, reviewing      371
Analytics, sales      329Ч330
Analytics, statistical packages, free      321Ч322
Anchor paragraph      71
Anypay      108
AOL call script      352
Apache Mod Rewrite      229
Application      See also software
Application interactive      354
Application, PO (purchase order)      93Ч94
ArtByUs.com blog      293
Assembly storefront      114
Assessing structure of site      65Ч66
Asynchronous communication      129
Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (Ajax)      354
Attention of visitor, catching      56Ч57 64
Audience for podcasting      308
Audience, conversion rate      331
Audience, for press release      165
Audience, for RSS      303
Audience, target, online compared to offline      28
Automatically updating content      126Ч128
Autoresponder message      179Ч180
Award sites, submitting to      140Ч141
B2B (business-to-business), definition of      19
B2B (business-to-business), frequency of newsletter from      194
B2B (business-to-business), guerrilla marketing      153Ч154
B2B (business-to-business), selling, with online store      93Ч94
B2B (business-to-business), social networks      161
B2B (business-to-business), Web education methods      304 305
B2C (business-to-consumer), definition of      19
B2C (business-to-consumer), frequency of newsletter from      194
B2C (business-to-consumer), Webcast      304Ч305
Back office problems      366
Banner advertising, agency, using      287Ч288
Banner advertising, cost of      286Ч287
Banner advertising, evaluating results of      291
Banner advertising, multimedia      292Ч293
Banner advertising, overview of      281 282Ч286
Banner advertising, placement of      288Ч289
Banner advertising, type, size, and position of      289Ч291
Banner advertising, using      286
Banner exchange program      286
Banner, internal      137Ч138
BannerCo-Op.com Web site      286
Benchmarks, break-even point      14
Benchmarks, cost of customer acquisition      13Ч14
Benchmarks, list of      13
Benchmarks, return on investment      15
Benefits of site, selling to visitor      59Ч60
Best practices for newsletter      192Ч193
Best practices, following      347
BestConnectionJewelry.com Web site      83
Bestsellers      100
Better Business Bureau      109 139 347
Bizrate.com Web site      140
Black-hat techniques      244
Blog for building online community      132Ч134
Blog for marketing      156Ч159
Blog, banner advertising      292 293
Blurb, packaged      180Ч181
Bookmarking site      12
Bookmarking software      136
BossTin Web site      43 44
Bounce rate      186
Branding company or product      24
Branding with logos and favicons      68 70
Break-even point, computing      14
Brevity      72
Broadband access      297 298 353
brochureware      23
Browser identification      324Ч325
Browser-use statistics      82Ч83
BrowserHawk software      82
budget      364
Bulk e-mail, sending      183Ч184
Bullet list      72
Bulletin board      130Ч131
Burger King Subservient Chicken Web site      146 147
Business card sites      23
Business fundamentals, conversion rate      332Ч333
Business fundamentals, importance of      9
Business fundamentals, reviewing      349Ч350
Business news sites      352
Business plan, preparing      17Ч19
Business Plans Kit For Dummies, 2nd Edition (Peterson, Jaret, and Schenck)      18
Business profile, preparing      19
Business social network      161
Business-to-Business      See B2B
Business-to-customer      See B2C
Buyer      120 184.
Call to action in pay per click ad      269
Call to action, conversion rate      88Ч89
Call to action, description of      87
Call to action, using in text      360
Campaign, marketing, banner advertising      291
Campaign, marketing, criteria for      12
Campaign, marketing, inbound link      168Ч176 361 365Ч366
Campaign, marketing, pay per click advertising      259Ч261
Campaign, marketing, text messaging      312Ч313
CAN-SPAM Act, newsletter      188
CAN-SPAM Act, preexisting business relationship      196
CAN-SPAM Act, unsubscribe option      187
CAN-SPAM Act, Web site      177
Canada      212
Catalog, product      92 96
Catster.com Web site      135
Cell phone, unsolicited text messaging to      312
Change, importance of      366
Channel cannibalization      32 94
Chat room for building online community      130Ч132 146
Chat room for marketing      154Ч156
Chat room, children      345
Chat room, netiquette for      156
Check stand      92
Checker Auto Parts Web site      68 69
Checking references      46
Checking spelling and grammar      72Ч73
CheetahMail Web site      70
Cherry Moon Farms Web site      89
Children's Online Privacy Protection Act      344Ч345
click-through rate (CTR)      184 187Ч188 260
Click-to-Call (Google)      275
Clickstream tracking      327
ClickZ Web site      29
Cloaked page      236
CMS (Content Management System)      79Ч80
Collecting new name for e-mail address list      197Ч198
Collectors Guide Web site      81Ч82
Color meaning      68
Communication about shipping policies      112
Communication with customer      108Ч109
Communication, styles of, in online community      129Ч130
Community event, participating in      206Ч207
Community, building online, blogs and wikis      132Ч134
Community, building online, commitment to      129
Community, building online, communication styles      129Ч130
Community, building online, guestbooks      135
Community, building online, message boards and chat rooms      130Ч132
Community, building online, overview of      128Ч129
Community, building online, social networking      135Ч136
Community, building online, software      136Ч137
Community, building online, Terms of Use agreement      342
Company, branding      24
Competitor, keeping up with      353
Competitor, naming      30
Concept, branding with logos and favicons      68 70
Concept, creating      67
Concept, definition of      65
Concept, marketing communications principles, applying to design      67Ч68
ConstantContact.com Web site      143 190 191
Content      See also updating content
Content ad partner      258Ч259
Content copyright      338
Content Management System (CMS)      79Ч80
Content, definition of      65
Content, developing      70Ч71
Content, font, choosing      74
Content, marketing copy, writing      71Ч74
Content, picture, telling story with      74Ч76
Content, rich media, using      76Ч78
contest      143 300
Contract, signing with professional      336
Conversion rate, definition of      260
Conversion rate, diagnosing problems with      331Ч333
Conversion rate, increasing      33
Conversion rate, tracking      88 324
Conversion tracking      265
Converting shopper to buyer, 2 clicks to buy      105Ч106
Converting shopper to buyer, fulfilling order      110Ч111
Converting shopper to buyer, payment options, offering      107Ч108
Converting shopper to buyer, product search engine      104Ч105
Converting shopper to buyer, supporting customers      108Ч110
Cookie      109Ч110
Copy, writing      71Ч74
Copyright protection      336Ч339
Cost of banner advertising      286Ч287
Cost of customer acquisition      13Ч14
Cost of development and promotion      364
Cost of goods      14
Cost of sales      14
Cost per click      See pay per click (PPC) ad
Cost per thousand impressions (CPM), banner ads      257 286Ч287
Cost per thousand impressions (CPM), definition of      260
Cost per thousand impressions (CPM), Google AdSense program      275
Cost tracking      319
Country statistics      325
Coupon      142
Crawler      226
Credit card transaction, processing      107
Crime, reporting      347
Criteria for campaign      12
Cross-sales      99
CTR (click-through rate)      184 187Ч188 260
Custom 404 redirect      55
Custom e-commerce solution      114
Customer      See also converting shopper to buyer
Customer service, providing through information      23
Customer, feedback from      350Ч352
Customer, finding new      11
Customer, focusing on      9 365
Customer, rating from      140
Customer, reaching online      10
Customer, retaining      219
Customer, supporting      108Ч110
Customer, testimonial from      138Ч139 360
Cyberinsurance      347
CyberSource Web site      347
C|Net Web site      351
DalmoWorks Web site      223
Data card      200
Data transmission speed      353Ч354
Date reminder service      101
Day of week of visit statistic      324
Decoration, definition of      65 85
Decoration, stylebook for      86
Deep linking      343
Defining target market      27Ч29
Del.icio.us Web site      12
Demographic segmentation      28
Demographics for rich media use      353
Demographics of buyers      120 184
Demographics of podcast audience      308
Demographics of RSS audience      303
Demographics of vlog viewers/producers      299
Demographics of wireless subscribers      311
Design      See also content; navigation
Design, branding with logos and favicons      68 70
Design, concept, creating      67
Design, marketing communications principles, applying to      67Ч68
Design, reviewing      368Ч369
Design, Web site resources for      87
Designer/developer, banner ad      283
Designer/developer, deciding on      41Ч42
Designer/developer, nonprofessional      42
Designer/developer, professional      45Ч47
Designer/developer, RFP      64
Designer/developer, selecting      113
Designer/developer, techniques for onsite marketing      123
Designer/developer, working with      51
Desire, creating      64
developer      See designer/developer
Development timeline, establishing      51
Diagnosing problem with site      331Ч333 367Ч368
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